We Broke into Spy Hacker Safe House to find E3 Laptop! (Game Master Battle Royale in real life)

Matt and Rebecca
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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo are trapped after they broke into the Spy Hacker Apartment overnight to get the E3 Laptop.
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After a battle royale in real life Matt, Rebecca and Daniel escape the hacker quadrant. It turns into a chase when they jump on a motorcycle. After they lose them Rebecca remembers they need to throw a dart at a map for the next location. Matt lands on the Apple store and they all start searching for the missing laptop to stop E3 and get back their website. They chose the wrong location and now you decide using instagram the Colonel mustards safe house. When they get there the front door is unlocked and they are able to break in using no ninja spy gadgets. Why was this mysteriously open? Inside they found his jacket and a video message from the red hood. The game master warned us about this. After searching the apartment matt discovered it using his detective skills at the same time the quadrant arrived. They get into a quick battle royale and lost the laptop. Do you think we’ll be able to stop E3 and find the final missing hacker laptop? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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14 Jun 2019

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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca Mês atrás
So happy we found the best hiding spot for this hide and seek challenge!
Shakira Cattan
Shakira Cattan 11 dias atrás
Bella Dewey o
Shakira Cattan
Shakira Cattan 11 dias atrás
I’m going on my birthday today and I’ll see you soon love ya girl haha love you sweet girl hope your birthday was a nice one
Hennessy Torres
Hennessy Torres 25 dias atrás
Omg can't wait to see it
Lailah Camacho
Lailah Camacho Mês atrás
Matt, Rebecca there was a quadrant member in the iphone store
Jk fortnite gameplay I stream on twitch too
Great idea guys Rebecca keep being strong Matt's cheating on u
zella stockdale
zella stockdale 15 horas atrás
najilah11 Dia atrás
1-5 1-6 = 15th and 16th E3
Gabriela Larios
Gabriela Larios Dia atrás
I remember that
K. Max
K. Max Dia atrás
The red hood is a girl with brown hair or reddish brown hair
Leandro Seda
Leandro Seda 4 dias atrás
I phone
Dominick Townsend
Dominick Townsend 5 dias atrás
And a iphone7to
Dominick Townsend
Dominick Townsend 5 dias atrás
I have a LG
Jack Kisselburg
Jack Kisselburg 5 dias atrás
I have a iPhone
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 6 dias atrás
yes thats truth
Kariana Balboa
Kariana Balboa 6 dias atrás
Beau Cates
Beau Cates 6 dias atrás
I’m Kerch to Qatar there is a puzzle piece in and on it it says the floor
E The saint
E The saint 7 dias atrás
Apple all the way
Blaire Rose
Blaire Rose 8 dias atrás
i remember that
Victoria Leach
Victoria Leach 9 dias atrás
I got android
Olivia Calvillo
Olivia Calvillo 10 dias atrás
Madison Melton
Madison Melton 10 dias atrás
I saw a 4 on the puzzle piece in Kurt's video
John McClurg
John McClurg 10 dias atrás
I hav a huawei
puppy lover 123 oo
puppy lover 123 oo 10 dias atrás
I seen all of the twilight movies
Gia Naudt
Gia Naudt 10 dias atrás
Gia Naudt
Gia Naudt 10 dias atrás
What did Matt see
Gia Naudt
Gia Naudt 10 dias atrás
I saw someone
Play With Gogo
Play With Gogo 11 dias atrás
You did lev your backpack at his plas wen he was hiptntime
Ariana Reyes
Ariana Reyes 11 dias atrás
Code for black box is 648 I think
Ariana Reyes
Ariana Reyes 11 dias atrás
You used 15 16 at the red hood mansion
Ariana Reyes
Ariana Reyes 11 dias atrás
I remember that
puppy lover 123 oo
puppy lover 123 oo 11 dias atrás
I have a android
Maurisa Tousi
Maurisa Tousi 12 dias atrás
Do not get all the laptops it’s a trap
Maria QH
Maria QH 12 dias atrás
I love the twilight movie 🎥 if you like it make this blue ⬇️
KaeLynn Hilmes
KaeLynn Hilmes 12 dias atrás
I have an iPhone
Josselin Andrade
Josselin Andrade 12 dias atrás
How many qwadrits did you see
Anand Naidu
Anand Naidu 13 dias atrás
My favourite ice cream is gummy drops
Danielle Hernandez
Danielle Hernandez 13 dias atrás
April Timbery
April Timbery 13 dias atrás
I have a Apple
shanonjansen1 14 dias atrás
hey rebecca can i PLZ have a shout out
Stefanie Forte
Stefanie Forte 14 dias atrás
I have been watching these videos nonstop
YT Soccer
YT Soccer 15 dias atrás
Jamie Bauch
Jamie Bauch 15 dias atrás
Pme is the last code
lime cream
lime cream 16 dias atrás
cian Tierney
cian Tierney 16 dias atrás
I have an Android huawei
Omari Griffin
Omari Griffin 17 dias atrás
IPhone 👀📱
Colleen 17 dias atrás
Rocky road as in rocky and flip?
Diana Tavarez
Diana Tavarez 18 dias atrás
1-5 1-6 June is the date of E3
Justin Watson
Justin Watson 18 dias atrás
Matt your book bag is in the room at carts home
Eric Evangelista
Eric Evangelista 19 dias atrás
My favorite ice cream is chocolate ice cream
Eric Evangelista
Eric Evangelista 19 dias atrás
Go to the lazer
Eric Evangelista
Eric Evangelista 19 dias atrás
I dont remember ?
Danmarys Arciniegas
Danmarys Arciniegas 19 dias atrás
i remember that
Rooroo Duffy
Rooroo Duffy 19 dias atrás
The number 4 was on his guitar
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