We Broke into Spy Hacker Safe House to find E3 Laptop! (Game Master Battle Royale in real life)

Matt and Rebecca
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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo are trapped after they broke into the Spy Hacker Apartment overnight to get the E3 Laptop.
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After a battle royale in real life Matt, Rebecca and Daniel escape the hacker quadrant. It turns into a chase when they jump on a motorcycle. After they lose them Rebecca remembers they need to throw a dart at a map for the next location. Matt lands on the Apple store and they all start searching for the missing laptop to stop E3 and get back their website. They chose the wrong location and now you decide using instagram the Colonel mustards safe house. When they get there the front door is unlocked and they are able to break in using no ninja spy gadgets. Why was this mysteriously open? Inside they found his jacket and a video message from the red hood. The game master warned us about this. After searching the apartment matt discovered it using his detective skills at the same time the quadrant arrived. They get into a quick battle royale and lost the laptop. Do you think we’ll be able to stop E3 and find the final missing hacker laptop? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for in 2019!
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14 Jun 2019



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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca 7 meses atrás
So happy we found the best hiding spot for this hide and seek challenge!
Dinogirl2228 p
Dinogirl2228 p Mês atrás
Hi mat and Rebecca u are my 2 favorite you tuber and since u asked what phone the game master network have i have a Microsoft phone
Naomi Archer
Naomi Archer 2 meses atrás
paola olvera
paola olvera 2 meses atrás
Ana Bertha plañsññsñs
MrKhaledov 2 meses atrás
Isabella Freeman
Isabella Freeman 3 meses atrás
My favorite ice cream is strawberry, vanilla, chocolate
Queen Squad
Queen Squad 21 hora atrás
Victoria Robles
Victoria Robles 3 dias atrás
langi Langi
langi Langi 3 dias atrás
Chocolate chip cookies
langi Langi
langi Langi 3 dias atrás
I phone 11
langi Langi
langi Langi 3 dias atrás
Just kidding
Batool Alsaleem
Batool Alsaleem 4 dias atrás
1-5-16 and which are the e3dates Like if you notice 481516
Ruth Caruana
Ruth Caruana 9 dias atrás
langi Langi
langi Langi 9 dias atrás
I love your tik tok
Sabrina Ahmed
Sabrina Ahmed 10 dias atrás
I have a iPhone
Ben Lemmon
Ben Lemmon 10 dias atrás
Can I please have a iPhone because I can't afford one
Cora Rosten
Cora Rosten 11 dias atrás
i phone 11 por max
Vanessa Banc
Vanessa Banc 11 dias atrás
I have a iPhone Love u
Ffion Clanfield
Ffion Clanfield 12 dias atrás
I have a Huawei 6 dose that count as an android?
Atziry Cazarez
Atziry Cazarez 12 dias atrás
Maylin Middlebrook
Maylin Middlebrook 13 dias atrás
Did you see the
Tracianne Scatchard
Tracianne Scatchard 14 dias atrás
Jamie doughty
Jamie doughty 14 dias atrás
i phone 7
hana ahmed
hana ahmed 15 dias atrás
15 and 16 were the day for E3
Olecia Howard
Olecia Howard 18 dias atrás
Hey you know what
Chad wild clay
Chad wild clay 18 dias atrás
Alexis Brooke
Alexis Brooke 18 dias atrás
Alexis Brooke
Alexis Brooke 18 dias atrás
Sarah Swearingen
Sarah Swearingen 19 dias atrás
Hannah Marchildon
Hannah Marchildon 23 dias atrás
aquatic300 23 dias atrás
its 648
Serenity & Dad Leggat
Serenity & Dad Leggat 24 dias atrás
When you was talking to us on the camera a quadrant member behind you also one of the movies that Daniel was looking at one of them was called red
Heaven adams
Heaven adams 26 dias atrás
Yes Red moovy
Jennifer Gray
Jennifer Gray 27 dias atrás
iPhone 6
Sarah Allahham
Sarah Allahham 27 dias atrás
I havé an iPad and iPhone
Razeenah Hendricks
Razeenah Hendricks Mês atrás
Razeenah Hendricks
Razeenah Hendricks Mês atrás
I remember that
Josh Degenstein
Josh Degenstein Mês atrás
Christopher Dennis
Christopher Dennis Mês atrás
This is how many people love mat and rebeca
Charne Garbers
Charne Garbers Mês atrás
1516 remember
Mad Dog
Mad Dog Mês atrás
I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+
Hailey Brown
Hailey Brown Mês atrás
I have a iPad
Hailey Brown
Hailey Brown Mês atrás
I remember that
Stella Foreman
Stella Foreman Mês atrás
1516 could be the code for the black box
Saige's American Girls
I have a Android.
x.Cookie.x ••••
I have a tablet android Guys how would I have an iphone if i'm 5
Samantha Masini
Samantha Masini Mês atrás
iPhone 8_plus
Mohd Daniel Adha Noor Azam
My favorite ice cream flavour is chocolate and vanila
Patrick Crawford
Patrick Crawford Mês atrás
I have an IPhone
Maleeka Obaidi
Maleeka Obaidi Mês atrás
I am in love with twilight well at least EDWARD CULLEN!
Bananas are awesome
Briniya Hailey
Briniya Hailey Mês atrás
1516 was the code You used To get into The red Hood's mansion LIKE So Matt and Rebecca can see 👍
Edward Dijkhoff
Edward Dijkhoff Mês atrás
Molly’s Kittens
Molly’s Kittens Mês atrás
when you were talking to the camera the quadrant was behind you
Valerie Canchola
Valerie Canchola Mês atrás
I remember that
Yessica Rivera
Yessica Rivera Mês atrás
Teresa Winter
Teresa Winter Mês atrás
Phoebe Archer
Phoebe Archer Mês atrás
648 is in the song that Matt did
Binto Mayow
Binto Mayow Mês atrás
Roosevelt Groomes
Roosevelt Groomes Mês atrás
The code is 2019
Roosevelt Groomes
Roosevelt Groomes Mês atrás
I am really happy for you and i like your video they are really really cool too.
Roosevelt Groomes
Roosevelt Groomes Mês atrás
I am happy too
julie azua
julie azua Mês atrás
I don't know the movie twilight
julie azua
julie azua Mês atrás
I have a lphone
Pavithra Prakash
Pavithra Prakash 2 meses atrás
I think you should play the RED movie.
Jorge Barragan
Jorge Barragan 2 meses atrás
I have a samsung
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