WE ADOPTED MY DOG'S DAD!!!!! (like literally moose's real dad) 

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8 Out 2022



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Comentários : 960   
@maddiemurphy9252 Anos atrás
Thank you to Diggy for providing my serotonin for the day
@iJustine Anos atrás
@lexihensler Anos atrás
CRYING💛💛💛💛 this is so awesome!!!!
@katiesmovies Anos atrás
Very glad you're going to give this senior boy the best golden years in the entire world. Senior dogs are the best, and so many people don't give them a shot. I can't imagine trying to find a home for a senior from the bully breeds, so you taking Diggy into a home that knows how to handle anything he can throw at you might have quite literally saved his life.
@spiritofheather Anos atrás
I just stupid grinned my entire way through this video! That dog was made for your family. I'm so happy for all of you! Congrats on your new furbaby! 🐾
@anaarenas8746 Anos atrás
Tell me why I'm literally sobbing. So happy for Moose!! Congratulations 😭
Jeremy’s smile in the last clip is adorable! Diggy has a new best bud 🤍🤍
@Meghan_Murray Anos atrás
The fact that Diggy is showing his belly being with you and Jeremy for a short time show how great you two are as parents❤ He fits perfectly into your family and I can see how much you love him already🥰
@MeredithHagan Anos atrás
They’re so sweet together!
@hannahshofner2736 Anos atrás
Two dogs was a great decision for us. A lot of people say it’s so much more work but I’m so happy we did. Our Aussie and part Aussie both needed each other for support and much needed energy release. I can’t imagine not having 2 dogs. So happy for you guys and the 2 pups.
This is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen this year. Moose’s literal dad just happens to need a home, and happens to perfectly fit in the family right away. I also can’t handle how adorably sweet this is. 😍😭😍
@jerbear77 Anos atrás
Diggy instantly knew he would be safe and happy because he sees how happy and healthy his son is because of you guys 🥲
@Kim.Bandit.Sinbad Anos atrás
This vlog could've been 23 hours and 58 minutes and I would have watched every second of it!! So happy for the father and son reunion and how lucky Diggy is to be welcomed into your warm and loving family.💖To see how happy and comfortable Diggy and Moose are and to know how much they are loved fills my heart with so much happiness!! Thank you for such a heartwarming vlog!!🐾🐶🐶🥰
@ashleygranger5555 Anos atrás
So much joy and happiness. They need to scheduled a family photo shoot asap. I’m also ready to see all the doggy park content now
My dog does the "pur" thing too. It's so adorable. I'm excited for Diggy's first Advent calendar! ❤️
@jasminechacon7993 Anos atrás
Love that you got a senior dog. He’s so cute, congrats ❤️
@Galaxyy_Dee Anos atrás
This video was literally 23 minutes of serotonin and happy tears from seeing moose meet his dad and by the look of it they know they’re related 🥹😭🫶
@bryannabass116 Anos atrás
This is the most exciting thing ever!!! What a sweet family reunion 💛🐾
@madisonscott7474 Anos atrás
Thank you SO MUCH Diggy, Moose, Lauren and Jeremy for bringing us this joy. I am literally so happy watching this.
@katemorey2121 Anos atrás
Jeremy’s genuine happiness and excitement made me sooo happy!! he looks so excited!!!