We’ve Cracked The Companions' Biggest Mystery 

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Whiterun's Skyforge is said to be imbued with an ancient magic, predating both man and mer... But what supernatural forces could be behind such a strange device? Today we investigate one of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim's greatest and most unexplained mysteries.


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25 Nov 2022



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@TheEpicNate315 Anos atrás
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days.
@GentlemanSkelli Anos atrás
@Rip_LilTimmy Anos atrás
@GentlemanSkelli Anos atrás
@@Rip_LilTimmy no offense but those comments are annoying asf and you’re not even first ;-;
Hey Nate is there a connection to the lunar forge and sky forge??? It's so close to Whiterun
@JohnnyGibbons Anos atrás
RAID? Come on, man; you're better than shilling that crap.
@TheEpicNate315 Anos atrás
Feels good to be back :)
@Alibium Anos atrás
Feels good to have you back
@GentlemanSkelli Anos atrás
We love you nate!
@batcountry4268 Anos atrás
You have been missed. Most thorough and captivating Skyrim that exists. Personal opinion,… but I’m right..
@SquirrelKilnBTS Anos atrás
Love to have a channel I can always immediately watch the videos of when they pop up.
@RickySama240 Anos atrás
Welcome Back Nate!~ Great job on the Skyrim Iceberg series!🤩😆
@courtaerial Anos atrás
11 years later and here I am, still learning about Skyrim. No matter how many hours I have put into this game, Nate never fails to give you a new tale in the world of the elder scrolls!
@ChickenJoe-tq6xd Anos atrás
I feel like imma be in the retirement home at 80 and then see a new Nate video and that he discovered a new Skyrim mystery
@malignusrex3968 Anos atrás
You're not the only one.
@fburzaco Anos atrás
ditto! =D
@SinForTheSaint Anos atrás
​@@ChickenJoe-tq6xd truth
@cormcm7 6 meses atrás
@@malignusrex3968 yrryr
@sharkbite436 Anos atrás
Here's a tiny detail some might have missed. If you go east of Ivarstead to Snapleg Cave there is a coven of witches, hags and a hagraven keeping an spriggan in a cage. Release the spriggan and it will kill the hag and hagraven. Follow it out of the cave, it will lead you to Eldergleam Sanctuary and dying shortly before making it back to its home.
I didn't know that. I usally clear the way for the captured spriggan before realising it. Why would this creature die when it get home? That is odd but if that is what the game developers choosed to do then so be it. Personally I would prefer some form of gratitude making this one into a non hostile spriggan living in the sanctuary.
@peepeepoopoo6053 Anos atrás
has that always been a thing? bc i’ve played skyrim since day one and only saw this for the first time the other day. but my game glitched, and that spriggan is permanently alive in my game at the end spot
@user-qv1gc1vn7o Anos atrás
sadly i killed everything on the way
@tric5122 Anos atrás
@@peepeepoopoo6053 ya it's always been that way, but it's not really an area that gets treaded on every playthrough, you have to be adventurous and not apt to fast travel
@okupant880 Anos atrás
@@michaelpettersson4919 if you escort the guy from whiterun, you get a dapling not sap and the spriggans dont become hostile.
@SalientPrime Anos atrás
Skyforge in lore: 💪 Skyforge in game: 👶
@benwilliams3539 Anos atrás
I would note the nord story just mentions the bird statue, not that there was a forge attached to it from the start. They may have built it there due to the special nature of the bird statue.
@jlighthammer6080 Anos atrás
Yep, I was thinking this exact thing. It never once says a forge is there, just the statue. Large detail to overlook.
@Thor-Orion Anos atrás
Then where did the flaming eyes come from?
@jlighthammer6080 Anos atrás
@@Thor-Orion .....magic, obviously.
@benwilliams3539 Anos atrás
@@Thor-Orion I assume the magic but we can only guess. And you could sti'll be right and me wrong, but I feel if there was indeed a forge attached right at the start it's a pretty unique thing to not mention in the early accounts and instead refer to it just as a statue without mentioning it. But who knows.
@drdca8263 Anos atrás
So would the statue be powering the forge somehow?
@BlueBeluga Anos atrás
It's the hottest forge, and the only forge that won't hurt you if you jump into it. 10/10 game design.
@crispin-freeman Anos atrás
Honestly this further supports the theory that the Skyforge is Kyne's. There's a long running theory that the Dragonborn is actually a Shezarrine, a mortal reincarnation of Shore. Imo, it makes sense that the Kyne's forge wouldn't hurt someone who's a fragment of her partner.
@Mythki11er 9 meses atrás
Of all the things to gripe about
@hmnhntr 6 meses atrás
I mean, I feel like that's on flavor for a primal magic forge. Means you can work with hotter metal without getting hurt
@devinnall2284 Mês atrás
Aetherium Forge - "Am I a joke to you?"
@Im-Not-a-Dog Anos atrás
I believe that The Skyforge and the Selkie Statue are some of the last few remnants of the Wandering Elnofey's early religion. I believe the animals/cryptids depicted by the statues are the earliest totemic depictions of the Aedra, in specific, I think the Skyforge depicts a representation of Kyne while the Selkie is of Dibella. If this theory is correct, when the Wandering Elnofey became Men and moved to Atmora they would have brought the tradition of representing the gods as animal totems with them, which would them be brought back to Tamriel with several of the early Nede groups.
@theULTIMATElife50 Anos atrás
I theorize the Nordic Totems help depict the greater story of the conflict between Shor, the fox and moon, and Auri-el/Magnus, both symbolized with the eagle and sun. In that the all of the events of the game that the Thalmor play a part in are mirrored in the actions that Auri-el took against Shor. Auri-el usurped the power and name of Akatosh, the dragon, similar to the Thalmor who puppet the Empire against the Stormcloaks.
@raph3699 Anos atrás
I don’t remember a selkie statue in skyrim. Is my memory failing me ?
@Im-Not-a-Dog Anos atrás
@@raph3699 its from Oblivion. Its another of the statues from before history, and it depicts a creature that isnt found anywhere on known Nirn.
@raph3699 Anos atrás
@@Im-Not-a-Dog alright. Thanks for your insight.
@badluck5647 Anos atrás
Maybe the Ehlnofey didn't have humanoid shapes during the Dawn era. The Aedra probably could freely choose their shapes like the Daedra Princes can, and the Aedra only choose to appear like their followers in later eras instead of animal shapes. The Reachmen worship the Aspects of Hircine which are very similar to the Atmoran animal totems. This might be a connection from back before the Wandering Ehlnofey split into the Atmorans, Nedes, and Yokudans.
@richardproper8682 Anos atrás
Also worth noting, in addition to just having a hawk as her "Symbol", the Khajiiti interpretation of Kyne, Khynarthi's form is actually that of a great bird, the Island of Khynarthi's Roost being named for being the one place she rested, in the boughs of the great tree on the island, in her first flight around the world.
I always wondered why they never officially made Skyforge Armor.
@JustaThing Anos atrás
I think the Wolf Armor is technically skyforge steel or am I wrong
@kingt0295 Anos atrás
The cool looking steel nordic armour is the official one to me
@mickgovernor Anos atrás
ancient nord armor is skyforge steel armor methinks
@jeffdroog Anos atrás
Bethesda couldn't be bothered to even fix basic game ruining bugs,and you expect them to include an armor for EVERYTHING? get real man,they're waiting for someone to make a mod for them for free.Theyre lazy as fuck.
@pink-flower. 7 meses atrás
​@@mickgovernorisn't it made of quicksilver though or am i miss remembering
@davidspinks7541 Anos atrás
My man's disappear for months at a time to 'consult the archives ' and always comes back with bangers. Well done.
@jtjames79 Anos atrás
Mind blown. That's stupid thing has been bothering me since I first started playing the game, shortly after release. It's nice to know the nords have the same attitude about it that I do. If it scares the elves, good.
@davidspinks7541 Anos atrás
Never mind the ability to "power up" by being used as a pyre for great heros, and the connection to Kynareth, I also believe Akatosh (Auriel and patron to the Snow Elves) was the main perpetrator in the shattering of Lorkhan (Shor, Kynareths husband to the Nords).
@VERGILGASM Anos atrás
And when Skyrim fans needed him the most, he returned. THE. LEGEND. IS. BACK!
@Simonris Anos atrás
He was gone for 2 weeks
@randomloser3215 Anos atrás
@@Simonris worst 2 weeks of my life
@VERGILGASM Anos atrás
@@randomloser3215 Indeed
@jeffdroog Anos atrás
Ah,I see you're a fan of recycled content.This guy has the most click bait titles.He literally doesn't solve any mystery,and doesn't include any information he hadn't already included in his previous videos on the matter.He is running out of shit to talk about,and using raid as a sponsor really sells the whole "going out of business" vibe.
@Simonris Anos atrás
@@jeffdroog 💀
@CassieJo Anos atrás
This completely makes sense, especially everything about Whiterun screaming Kyne being their patron goddess. I mean, yes, there is a Shrine to Talos and a crazy priest screaming at the top of his lungs the love that Talos gives to all mankind...but that is the exception in Whiterun, the heart of Skyrim. From the Temple of Kynareth, to the names of the city's districts, to the fact that even Balgruuf himself references Kynareth in a protective prayer to the Dragonborn as he/she takes off on Odahviing's back to Skuldafn...everything in Whiterun is for Kyne/Kynareth. So it even makes sense that the Skyforge was hers, as well. Also, I love the fact that Whiterun and Dragonsreach was based on Edoras from Lord of the Rings. Whiterun Hold feels so very much like Rohan. And the Horselords of the Riddermark would be proud to see that Whiterun's symbol is of their beloved equine friends. Also, in old Pagan societies, the color yellow, which is the color of Whiterun guard uniforms and their shields, was the color of air in elemental magic. Simple perfection. Everything fits together so succinctly.
@Alibium Anos atrás
Another well-forged video by the blacksmith known as Nate! Not even skyrforge steel can beat this one!
@sou2983 Anos atrás
This video is like Skyforge Ebony.
You got a heart from Nate. Congrats
@Rebrn-bk5em Anos atrás
Nate does get to the cloud district often unlike us
@roninsghost108 Anos atrás
Wait. You can get skyforge ebony? When in oblivion did this happen
@DuDoCech Anos atrás
A wordsmith with a superb voice.
@coralinealgae Anos atrás
Never underestimate the depths of Elder Scrolls lore. A-MA-ZING piece of detective work.
@SToNeOwNz Anos atrás
A good amount of the depth seems to be inspired by The Silmarillion. Of course they are distinct. A good read if you find this interesting.
@TooLateForIeago Anos atrás
9:00 It's pretty clear to me that Atmora suffered glaciation. The Companions' induction references the "days of the distant green summers," and "Atmora" itself translates to "elder wood."
@brianroberts783 Anos atrás
It's also mentioned in several in game sources that Atmora is frozen, and there are references to the Nords leaving because of advancing ice.
@TooLateForIeago Anos atrás
@@brianroberts783 And I'm pretty sure the ice age is advancing. The glaciers in on the north side of the Yorgrim mountains are rolling *over* the ruins there. Saarthal and Alftand would have to have been built prior to the ice formations for that to happen!
@@TooLateForIeago The question is, is it a proper ice age in a glaciation cycle, or just the end of a little warm bump. Like the holocene climatic optimum that ended around 500 years ago. Like the end of the medieval warm period (when norsemen settled greenland, which is now pretty much frozen) followed by the little ice age. Or considering he time scale of the lore even something like the younger dryas.
@ianalopez Anos atrás
I'm looking forward to the full hour video of Kyne and the other gods. I've been playing this game for 10 years and I still learn something new
@car9472 Anos atrás
Same. It’s so crazy how a 10+ year old game still has so much content left to offer
@wruzzer Anos atrás
@@car9472 not really content, but hidden story. pretty sure every quest has been completed already.
@ernieduran6589 Anos atrás
This is perhaps, in my opinion your best video. You took a lot of information that gets scattered throughout the game and arranged it to make a very entertaining video with a compelling and theory on a subject that originally I wasn’t all that interested in. Great job.
@blindknight6623 Anos atrás
A good video as always nate. My curiosity has me now though. "If" the skyforge is used to represent the hawk goddess kyne. What of the underforge whom has unknown origins also, but is currently being used as the companions site for their blood rituals for the "curse of lycanthropy" but, the circle members describe the area of the underforge as an ancient place attuned with the moon and lord hircine. But, that is what they say in the companions. If we take into account the lore of lorkhan (shor) he is split into two moons masser and secunda. Lunar forge and underforge are both attuned to the moon. Whilst the skyforge is attuned to well the sky.? Idk just always found it very interesting.
@wren7195 Anos atrás
Beautiful thought and insight for a blind knight my friend. Also, Kyne is a deity closely linked with the wilds and the natural world, whereas Hircine seems to represent the more beastly and bloodthirsty side of nature, and as a Daedra is almost in direct conflict with Kyne/"her version of wildness." It's possible that the Lunar Forge and the Underforge were both originally tuned to the Bodies of Lorkhan and mirrored the Sky of Kyne (One moon further away, the other opposite/beneath the Skyforge)... but were later usurped by Hircine and/or his followers. Perhaps they sought to desecrate such a shrine to Kyne and her spouse, but incapable of destroying such a relic as the Skyforge they could only pervert the Underforge. Indeed, as the lycanthropy was introduced to the Companions by the witches who were direct followers of Hircine, it's possible that was done on purpose to corrupt the shrine of their rival deity. What better way than to trick the Companions into being forced to follow/adapt to Hircine's vision of the Wilds, right beneath the shadow of the great bird itself. Pleasure to meet and speak with you friend. Be safe and well
@jamesmayle3787 Anos atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read at least Genesis Mathew and one book of the Bible you chose yourself in your lifetime. Combining the personal reading with doing the inner work Jesus Christ taught are key. Start with forgiveness, parents are easiest, they’ve loved you. It all starts in the heart. Genuinely open up. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life. Break down before him and ask for forgiveness. Please trust me,
@willieschick7315 9 meses atrás
@@jamesmayle3787 bro shut up
@dekay1428 Anos atrás
The "Murdered to death" man himself has returned when the world needed him most P.S Your the youtuber that got me into Elder Scrolls and Skyrim in the last 2 years and thank you so much for that.
@rps9339 Anos atrás
BRvid users on their way to comment "When the world needed him most, he returned" two weeks after the last video
@TwistedAlphonso1 Anos atrás
@Fallout3131 Anos atrás
@@rps9339 loool true 😂
@Jun-Kyard Anos atrás
@@rps9339 reddit memes are a fucking disease
@trexinator998 Anos atrás
You gotta be too young, or just decades behind the praises and/or just one of those people who hate popular things for the fact they’re popular, (I am one of those on a minute level) but the elder scrolls 4 oblivion has had over 2000 hours of my life, on 2 consoles, and Skyrim has around 600 on 1, but good on ya lad for not dismissing it for the simple fact you were late pulling up to the party, enjoy the fuck out of it man, nothing will ever be the same in these games as the first time I promise you that, you’ll be begging to be able to play it for the first time again for the rest of your life🤘😊
@Natsirt666 Anos atrás
Weird question, but would you consider doing a series of short videos where you read all the books found within the world of The Elder Scrolls? Like an audio-book version for Skyrim, "Skydible", IYKWIM...
@jamesmayle3787 Anos atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read at least Genesis Mathew and one book of the Bible you chose yourself in your lifetime. Combining the personal reading with doing the inner work Jesus Christ taught are key. Start with forgiveness, parents are easiest, they’ve loved you. It all starts in the heart. Genuinely open up. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life. Break down before him and ask for forgiveness. Please trust me,
@chypearce8457 Anos atrás
Skydible sounds awesome
@rainynight02 Anos atrás
@@jamesmayle3787 Your comment has no place here. Stop trying to force your beliefs onto others.
Gopher did a complete reading of all the books of Skyrim. He is an excellent youtuber; Skyrim fan and has a great voice.
@chypearce8457 Anos atrás
@@Joe_Joe_The_HvacMan Thank you for the info! I will definitely check him out
@VenomSteak Anos atrás
I just wanted to say, it's so good to have you back and making content again. Skyrim is my comfort game, as close to a home in a video game as I've ever had. You're helping keep that world alive for me, and I appreciate you for that, a lot. Thank you.
@Shaheem89 Anos atrás
Funny, in czech language werewolf is vlkodlak, leader of companions is Kodlak. Of course in most of the slavic languages is it also similar, but in czech is it the closest word. It comes from ancient slavic form vъlkodlakъ (wolf skin) Coincidence? I don't think so :D
@CoolMaisa Anos atrás
Well that's damn cool! B)
@360Roko Anos atrás
Yeah its Vukodlak in Croatian as well. Vuk - wolf dlak - hair/fur. Pretty sure Farkas and Vilkas also mean wolf in some other language. Edit: i checked it out, Farkas is wolf in Hungarian and Vilkas is wolf in lithuanian
@peterbakai5614 9 meses atrás
There is a companion named farkas and it translates to wolf in hungarian too btw
@Sprite_cranberry01 6 meses atrás
@@360Roko I was about to say that. I'm Hungarian and the first time I played the game all those years ago I really liked that detail.
@Noobzlikeu 2 meses atrás
Vilkas and Farkas are Lithuanian and Hungarian respectively for 'wolf'. Fun little tidbit. Basically, every member of the Circle is somehow referencing the fact that they're werewolves.
@kurai0kami541 Anos atrás
I know this video isn't part of the "10 tiny details" series, but I just noticed something while walking through Solitude and I'm not sure if you've covered it yet. When walking near the sewer caps, you can actually hear what sounds like water running through pipes. After playing this game for years, it's amazing the things you can still find! (I am playing on the Anniversary Edition)
@kinnellian Anos atrás
Saints and Seducers CC content... nuff said 😁👍
@lotusjewell9984 Anos atrás
Supposedly a mysterious winter overtook Atmora. Freezing the land and causing the nords to migrate south to Skyrim. Now that is a mystery that needs to be solved. What caused Atmora to freeze?
@willieschick7315 9 meses atrás
Real question is anyone living there now?
@jamesmiles6484 9 meses atrás
To be clear, the glaciation of atmora is most likely a reference to fimbulwinter.
@Siggorillo 5 meses atrás
I mean... ice ages aren't a huge mystery unless we have a reason to believe it came about because of some mythic event. That would for sure be influenced by fimbulwinter, which in turn probably was inspired in real life from the small ice age during the migration period.
@badluck5647 Anos atrás
*Thanks for the shout out* The referenced comment: The Skyforge was created during the Dawn War by Hircine and Kyne (The Hawk) to equip Lorkhan and the Wandering Ehlnofey against Auri-El and the Old Ehlnofey. After the death of Lorkhan, there was a schism between the Wandering Ehlnofey with the proto-Nedes going to the Reach with Hircine and the proto-Nords going to Atmora with Kyne. The Skyforge remains behind as a relic of a forgotten alliance. Evidence of the Hircine/Kyne alliance: *The Skyforge of the Hawk (Kyne) and the Underforge of Hircine share an ancient site that the descendents of Old Ehlnofey feared into the Merethic era. *In Khajii tales, Hircine allies himself with Khenarthi (alongside Azurah) to slay the elven god Y'ffer. *Both the Nords and Reachmen consider themselves followers of Shor/Lorkh -- even if they don't acknowledge one another. *Kyne's chosen son is Morihaus, a man-beast. This would be strange as minotaurs have been shown to be followers of Hircine. Maybe Minotaurs have an ancient connection between both Kyne and Hircine?
@sassmos Anos atrás
Minotaurs, sons of Kyne, follow Hircine... Oh yeah, they are literally children of Kyne and Hircine
@badluck5647 Anos atrás
​@@sassmos How is literally is the parentage of minotaurs? Are Hircine and Kyne simply the minotaurs' creators or mentors? Or did Hircine impregnate Shor's widow?
@chrishutchins9384 Anos atrás
Also in some lore Kyne breathed life into man at the throat of the world, which would make man natives to Skyrim. Edit: also do you have sources? I would love to read up on it.
@badluck5647 Anos atrás
@@chrishutchins9384 There is plenty to criticize for ESO's MMO elements, but their lore additions are pretty interesting. I would recommend looking up on Elder Scrolls wikis: *Great Spirits of the Reach *Spirits of Amun-dro
@chrishutchins9384 Anos atrás
@@badluck5647 Thanks, will do
@Callisto_Arcas Anos atrás
Another amazing commentary! I look forward to the one hour deep dive. Thank you for all of the work you put into the production of your videos!
@fandomrecipes1195 Anos atrás
Such an incredible game series. Kirkbride and the other lore writers are masters. Glad you're back to helping us explore this amazing series.
@notabene9804 Anos atrás
Bro, the graphics for maps and showing people's movement across tamriel is a much needed feature of all of Elder Scrolls LoreTube; big leap forward man!
@trevorturner6921 Anos atrás
I love that you still have so much passion for this game, hope you keep enjoying making content and diving deep into Skyrims lore👍
@nemosthebandit Anos atrás
This Lore alone would make for an incredible game. Those mods are beyond impressive. They make Skyrim look like a renaissance painting, it’s beautiful.
@kayascroggins5512 Anos atrás
Your videos are like my bedtime stories. I rewatch old ones almost every night before bed. They relax me and make me happy. Thank you for all you do!
@LoyaLGhee Anos atrás
i do the same thing. epic nate and fudge muppet
@dusk194 Anos atrás
I listen him to fall asleep. I can’t sleep otherwise XD
Sammee i fall asleep to these vids alot !
@DelbelOfTheVoid Anos atrás
This is a great idea. I might start doing this!
@jamesmayle3787 Anos atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read at least Genesis Mathew and one book of the Bible you chose yourself in your lifetime. Combining the personal reading with doing the inner work Jesus Christ taught are key. Start with forgiveness, parents are easiest, they’ve loved you. It all starts in the heart. Genuinely open up. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life. Break down before him and ask for forgiveness. Please trust me,
@Apollos-rest Anos atrás
Dude i am seriously at a low point in life rn but seeing you still posting after your break comforted me for some reason Thank you
@dudeadonaiski Anos atrás
No wonder the snow elves were afraid of the Forge. The Forge was Kyne's side meaning it was wanderer elnohfey territory making the old elnohfey descendants (elves) fear it now
@blakev.4540 Anos atrás
Yes. The elves were afraid of the hawk, kyne. An enemy of their ancestors, the old elnhofey.
@@kingofstrangeness7014 To summarize - The Ehlnofey were at the bottom of the totem pole of the gods (to the point that names of individual Ehlnofey are no longer known except to Druids or other worshippers of local nature spirits) that created Nirn (the Aedra, or ancestors), and became temporary, having to either merge with the world to survive or live on through their children. The Wandering Ehlnofey are the ancestors of men and giants, called such because they had to *wander* the surface of Nirn before finding Aldmeris, home of the Old Ehlnofey, ancestors of elves and Khajiit (that's another story, but tl;dr Wood Elves are more closely related to Khajiit than they are to the High Elves or any other elven races). The Wandering Ehlnofey thought that they would be welcomed back with open arms by their brethren, as the races had still not split that much at this point. For whatever reason, whether because the Old Ehlnofey blamed Shor, High King of the Wandering Ehlnofey, for them becoming temporary, or because the Wandering Ehlnofey had forgotten many customs and looked disgusting, the Old Ehlnofey rejected them from Aldmeris. This started a war that goes by many names, my favorite of which is the War of Manifest Metaphors. Many of the lands which once existed on Nirn sunk during this war. The elven death god Xarxes was likely adopted as the mannish death god Orkey during this time. The end stages of this war resulted in the betrayal of Shor by the elven gods and the removal of His Heart, along with Kyne gathering the Wandering Ehlnofey to the Throat of the World in order to stabilize their forms. Entering fan speculation - the mannish gods and the elven gods would have both had places of power in this terrible war, with the Skyforge and the Lunar Forge being places of power for the mannish gods. The Snow Elves feared the Skyforge because it was a place of power for enemy gods, specifically Kyne, a terrible wind that had likely destroyed many of their ancestors. I hope that clears it up, at least somewhat. Ask as many questions as you like, if it didn't clear it up. Much of this lore comes from either "The Monomyth" or "The Anuad."
@anut8733 Anos atrás
Me who uses Altmer race, wield the Wuuthrad and also crafting at the Skyforge: 😐
@SillyGooseTV Anos atrás
@@jagnestormskull3178 could we argue that the giants we see may be the only ones who may know the true origins of the skyforge?
@Vidhur Anos atrás
22:07 to 22:22 Eorlund isn't the only one, if the Dovahkiin uses the Skyforge to craft any of the steel weapons Eorlund sells as Skyforge steel version (this excludes a few), they will be Skyforge steel versions. It's a pretty nice touch.
@SynthLizard8 Anos atrás
I always hated how I was forced to turn in to a werewolf, it not only messes with my character's head-cannon, it also effects my playstyle. I generally like playing as a wholesome priesty boy that dabbles in healing spells, not turn in to a blood-thirsty beast, also, the Silver Hand would of been a cool faction to join and having a silver weapon would be drippy AF.
@TheDevilbound Anos atrás
@SynthLizard8 Anos atrás
​@@TheDevilbound I'm pretty sure it's not spelt with a asterix ether.
@MrAlphaBeck Anos atrás
@@SynthLizard8 an*
@SynthLizard8 Anos atrás
@@MrAlphaBeck Nice try but 'A' and 'An' is based on pronunciation, not context. For example: "A event" vs "An event" insinuating I could be referring to one of many events vs a specific event among many, both are synonymous and they are just both different flavours referring to the same context.
@Xinderkan Anos atrás
The amount of times I come back to Skyrim, reach that part of the quest and realise, oh poop, I forgot the no werewolf mod, 1 moment my dear companions *warps reality*
@MidasMakeItRain Anos atrás
That would also explain why silent moon camp looks like a burial mound entrance, since shor is dead.
@badluck5647 Anos atrás
I feel like the Hircine connection with the Underforge was too easily dismissed. The moon is also a sign of Hircine, and the ancient Underforge seems too connected with werewolf rituals to be a coincidence. For crying out loud, there are ritual blood-chalices built into the ground! The Khajiit and Reachmen version of the Ehlnofey War highlights the possible connection between Lorkhan, Kynn, and Hircine. The Khajiit myth says Hircine and Kyne allied to defeat a corrupted Y'ffer, while the Reachmen believe Hircine took the mantle of Lorkhan after his fall during the Ehlnofey war. This could mean that Hircine was allied with the Wandering Ehlnofey before Lorkhan's defeat, so therfore Hircine could have contributed his power to the forges.
@ericsegura4977 Anos atrás
If you look at all the stuff in the underforge it looks like its less worked into the structure and more stuff that could have been placed there at any point. Even the alters that you place the wolf totems on could easily be mistaken for seats
@Vladimir_Kv Anos atrás
There should be no connection of the Skyforge with Hircine apart from some stupid Companions selling their souls to Daedra and then building a hole in a rock near their Hall. Underforge was not a part of the Skyforge, it was simply a hidey hole build by and for werepeople to skulk in.
@@badluck5647 I'd say yes. Hircine's deal had the companions carve out a stone area beneath the Skyforge. Then Hircine's power manifested in the blood chalice thing appearing in the center. Or the Nords carved it too and Hircine blessed it. The whole darned ritual might be powered by leeching off the Skyforge.
@badluck5647 Anos atrás
@@kyltredragmire4939 You are going with secret construction site with no body noticing tons of stone rubble being removed from a historical landmark by people who no experience building anything? You think makes more sense than an ancient site having a an ancient compartment?
@@badluck5647 I guess I just don't see why it has to be secret. Who in Whiterun is going to stop the companions? They don't have to explain why the project is being done. Even if it was secret, in the real world huge excavation projects happened in secret all the time. The Vatican, Westminister palace, even Washington DC all have vast networks of tunnels that are basically unknown to the commoner. The youtuber Collin Furze dug a huge tunnel last year and kept it completely secret until his first video on it came out. He's just one British guy. If he can do that, I can't see why elite soldiers can't dig one little stone room.
@mikewang2118 Anos atrás
I have to say that this is one of the best Skyrim review channels I have seen, loved your videos! Always something to learn about Skyrim!Great to see that Skyrim community is still going strong even after all these years :)
@kazdean Anos atrás
It has been years since I played Skyrim but I have a vague recollection that the moon forge works when both moons are visible in the sky.
@pewpew1972 Anos atrás
Me over here: the dwarves are awfully quiet about this forge and also Zenithar...he's always mention around Kyne. And that a lot of merchants,miners,blacksmith and etc associates with him. Plus, He's kind of the blacksmith of the Aedra.
@TangoKittyOmicron Anos atrás
The theory I've always had is that you have the Lunar Forge which crafts weapons that gain abilities under a full moon, and then you have the Skyforge (which might represent the sun) that creates a stronger steel, and although I haven't been able to prove it, I feel like Skyforge weapons accept and enhance burning enchantments (targets burn/targets on fire take more damage), and Lunar weapons seem to enhance Absorb Health/Stamina/Magica enchantments, as well as give a few more seconds to use soul trap. What's more, we have within this world werewolves created by Hircine,, and vampires by Molag Bal. Vampires are particularly weak to fire and sunlight, and werewolves are weak to draining poisons/spells. Another interesting bit of lore is that about every 1,000 years, Hircine returns to the "earth" so to speak to have a massive hunt, where both people and animals become the prey. Now, if I were a rival of Hircine's, I may want to balance the playing field because during those hunts, his followers are very powerful in their werewolf form, and their prey would barely stand a chance fighting against them. Also if I were a rival Daedric prince, I probably wouldn't be happy if I saw another prince obtaining and holding onto more power and glory than I have, and therefore I might provide the people with a means of balancing the odds. Therefore Vampires who frequent the night would be working the Lunar Forge to make weapons against werewolves, and during the day werewolves would be making weapons against the vampires.
@VotEtoPizdets Anos atrás
As usual, i wish i could like this video more than once. This deserves something special. Welcome back from your Hiatus. Weve been patiently waiting for this video to drop. You never disappoint, my friend.
You can get the Lunar forge enchantment by disenchanting a lunar forge weapon. This enchantment can be applied like any other enchantment afterwards.
@GrndAdmiralThrawn Anos atrás
Also, it’s not Absorb Health. It’s Fire Damage.
@reddagger3602 Anos atrás
I wonder if that’s an oversight, for it seems that shouldn’t be.
@DeoSiege Anos atrás
Yeah my boy is getting lazy
@classydays43 Anos atrás
@@DeoSiege the book does say that it has an absorb health effect though. That's an oversight on the developer's part.
@shanejay9539 Anos atrás
@@classydays43 some boi got lazy*
@xXWyTeBreaDXx Anos atrás
Man I love these lore videos you do. They are laid out so well I just can’t stop watching.
@neonvivec8576 Anos atrás
This has to be my favourite mystery you've covered, absolutely great work bro!
@samtaylor7762 Anos atrás
Nate, that was a great video! The Lunar Forge may need to be used during a full-moon to get the enchantment applied to the weapons. I'll have to test the theory.
@bdizzle3014 Anos atrás
I was always bummed that they didn't do something with that. I think it would have been so awesome to have each forge add a different enhancement specific to either weapon or traits. The Lunar Forge could add a magic ability only active during a full moon and even more magical during a blood moon. Ahhh, could've been real cool.
@bjmaguire6269 Anos atrás
Interesting that Mer and Men both seems to worship the same Gods now. At least the High Elves do, hence the religious conflict in Skyrim. Given the hints that the Dark Elves tend to worship Diedra. I would say that indicates the High Elves and Dark Elves probably split from each other after the defeat of the ancestors of the Mer. With the High Elves adopting the Gods of the victors, and the Dark Elves remaining true to the Old Gods. Interesting to speculate. Thank you so much for another great thoughtful and thought provoking production!
@TheoRae8289 Anos atrás
Actually I think that's canon. The Dark Elves look the way they do because of Daedric tampering (IIRC it was a punishment for crossing Azura) and were originally High Elves.
@alphasword5541 Anos atrás
look up the Chimer. OR just play Morrowind.
@kifretro Anos atrás
im so happy you still post. i have these binge months where i just watch all your videos especially fallout 4 ones.
@Alibium Anos atrás
This really was a banger Nate! Enjoyed every nanosecond of it! It also makes me so happy to read through all the comments and see all of the nice things people say to you, you totally deserve it mate!
@Alibium Anos atrás
@seanwhitehall4652 Anos atrás
I was sad when Euroland Greymane died in my play though. Came for smithing training one day and he was gone. Warmaiden lady Adrianne Avenicci confirmed it.
@kingt0295 Anos atrás
She got rid of competition
@PlayerFORgamev Anos atrás
How did he die 😂 Dragon got him or what
@unoriginalhazard Anos atrás
@@PlayerFORgamevmore than likely it was a dragon, it’s rare for a NPC that only stays within one city to die by any other means lol
@maxinac Anos atrás
@@PlayerFORgamev does he only die after you lift the curse? He did dedicate a good portion of his life to that... worried real hard about where he'd go when he'd die. Maybe he finally was just at peace, and let go.
@PlayerFORgamev Anos atrás
@@maxinac We are talking about Euroland Greymane not the Kodlak Harbinger ;D Dude from the Skyforge
@crisper1614 Anos atrás
Really enjoying your videos as I’ve just rediscovered Skyrim after many years. And finding a BRvidr making new content is refreshing. Thanks!
@CPC-uz7cb Anos atrás
Love the videos. Thank you Man, with the wealth of videos you’ve made and all the game knowledge you have along with all of the research you’ve done into the lore and game files, you could make a massive number of mods. Would be amazing to be able to further explore many of these mysteries you describe in your videos.
@itsoledan Anos atrás
started playing this game at 17 or so.... im 28 finally getting back into it. these videos make me want to do nothing but go home and explore skyrim for hours. Keep it up man.
@JustMe-iw3ev Anos atrás
I've played hundreds of hours of Skyrim since its release and only in this video did I realize, the Companions's mead hall was built out of their overturned ship. It's amazing how many new nuggets of lore are still out there to be found.
@gamerboy6787 Anos atrás
Me too. I never made that connection myself either. I'd look at the roof of the building and wouldn't think twice of it.
@jlighthammer6080 Anos atrás
Ya gotta read the books, bud lol
@Kadoogan83 Anos atrás
Same here. I've never played any of the previous elder scrolls games, so a lot of the lore is lost on me. By reading the books in skyrim (and skyrim only) Ive pieced together, and understand the basics, like the different territories, races, and some events, both current and historical. But the companion's mead hall is one (of many I'm sure) that I was completely unaware of. And it was hiding in plain sight too, lol.
@matthewplizga1920 Anos atrás
Cmon boys we gotta use our god given eyes
@rustyhowe3907 Anos atrás
@@matthewplizga1920 Ikr? I spotted it as soon as I entered Whiterun the first time, and I'm half blind lol.
@nathanwhite64 Anos atrás
More importantly, did you know that Adrianne Avenicci of Warmaiden's has been making copies of Eorlund Greymane's weapons? They're Skyforgeries!
@jamesmayle3787 Anos atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read at least Genesis Mathew and one book of the Bible you chose yourself in your lifetime. Combining the personal reading with doing the inner work Jesus Christ taught are key. Start with forgiveness, parents are easiest, they’ve loved you. It all starts in the heart. Genuinely open up. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life. Break down before him and ask for forgiveness. Please trust me
@woahablankman570 9 meses atrás
​@@jamesmayle3787 Their pun wasn't that bad.
@hmnhntr 6 meses atrás
​@@jamesmayle3787No. Cut out the spam, it's unsightly
@JustaThing Anos atrás
Been waiting for a chance to watch this all month It's always great when Nate gets time to make a video, miss ya
@ishytamephoenix Anos atrás
I've been missing these videos so much man glad your back!
Love to see this one is trending!! Thank you for this content, I love learning about this game!
@gamervet4760 3 meses atrás
Nate, your videos are like crack to me. Every time I play Skyrim, I always have you in mind. You always add more to the game, and I always binge watch your material for both Skyrim and Fallout. Thank you.
@blankdistortion6936 6 meses atrás
Nate, whether you read this or not hearing your voice back to skyrim not only fills the child inside me again to learn but it made me realize the time that went by. for what it’s worth i will watch your channel till you publicly hang it up or unfortunate events occur. you’ve been apart of my life for so long please never leave.
@venkelos6996 Anos atrás
I like some of the interesting forges of Skyrim, and how they try to differ themselves from each other. We have the Sky Forge, and the Lunar Forge. I think it's Riften that had a forge that uses fire salts, and channels the power of Atronachs, sort of, to heat its own steel. Neat elements of world-building in a game with such a big world! 😊
@badluck5647 Anos atrás
ESO also added the Bloodroot Forge on the Skyrim-Hammerfell border.
@Darth_Supaku Anos atrás
also a callback or confirmation to this line 5:12
@KyleJordanGaming Anos atrás
Also that super funky Dwemer joint that was fueled by *souls* or something. That was a good one.
@shanerodgers234 8 meses atrás
I am loving all this lore you have been filling in so many gaps for me I've been left wondering about for years. Absolute great content sir
@kevinmancebo3762 Anos atrás
Hey man I just recently started watching your videos and I’m actually really hooked it’s so interesting how you break down all these mysteries and secret things! I would love to see more Fallout 4 content if there is any you haven’t already covered 👍🏽
I missed your content so much when you took a break I’m so happy to see you uploading again. Can’t explain the joy of seeing these notifications!
@Hvn1957 Anos atrás
Nicely done! It makes total sense, and opens up even more paths for role playing! Thank you.
@MrCroquinho 2 meses atrás
I have enjoyed Skyrim for a long time, and after completing the main storyline, and numerous side quests, I leave the game for a time. Then, I get the urge to begin again, and choose something different, like the race, or character, and start a new game again. It is amazing how different things can turn out. I too, had known about this forge, but never had I put so many clues together like Nate has. What a fascinating video, and I thank you, Nate, for doing it. Knowing some backgrounds on the adventures, further allows me to feel as though I am right there, inside the game. Wow, so well made by Bethesda, and I am glad to know there are others who enjoy it like I do, but I am happy there are those who delve in to it further, helping those like me understand more, making for a better experience.
@4RedJohn Anos atrás
21:13 "Perhaps because Kodlak was the first Companion leader in centuries to have been freed from the curse, the Forge accepted him in a way that it hadn't for other recent leaders." - Unlikely, considering he says this line even if you don't free Kodlak's spirit.
@Sam-lu3zy Anos atrás
thats bethesda though, i think thats a dialogue mistake by them
@TheeWeebster Anos atrás
@@Sam-lu3zy I'm partial to believe it'd be a mistake. Or it's just their way of simultaneously giving you an idea as to why it has its power, as well as one of multiple rewards for reaching the end companions quest line.
@theclockspider Anos atrás
I think it's on Nate here--you can only free Kodlak's spirit *after* he dies. He most likely just had a powerful soul, or perhaps the Skyforge is strengthened by human sacrifice.
@johnvazakas970 Anos atrás
@@theclockspider I would say that one is on his writers to be fair
@vidiad Anos atrás
Mouth and belly
@fordprefect813 9 dias atrás
I've been watching Nate so long that he's got Raid Shadow Legends commercials now 😂 So proud of you!
@Cantcount. Anos atrás
Nate I have had surgery and through all my pain I smile once more because of you.
Dude thoose videos are so good im litterally waiting all the time for you to upload the next one. Absolutly great vid...
@bopeton Anos atrás
Sometimes these things are tenuous or flakey but pretty sure you nailed this one, especially considering that bit from Songs of the Return.
@bobbybowen1448 Anos atrás
Man I love these videos, i watch them on my drive home from work and the long ones are definitely the best! Great content man
Your posts always make my day...
@TheEpicNate315_- Anos atrás
Thanks för watching ánd the feedback 👍 Congratulations you have been selected Fôr the ongoing PS5 Giveaway, Tèlegram only to claim your prize 🎁❤️
@payableondeath7 Anos atrás
I love this channel. Listening to you break down Elder Scrolls lore is mesmerizing to me, even though I have only ever played and beaten Skyrim.
@jeffmanbrawler Anos atrás
Hey, Nate thank your for making these videos my dude!
@poggerwhite Anos atrás
These long form videos are amazing. Love them!
@willg437 Anos atrás
epic nate you are everything. thank you so much for your content! i love elder scrolls lore and your videos have such good flow and are very comprehensive.
@concretephill8509 11 meses atrás
*Nate:* "Open a Black Briar Reserve.." *Honningbrew Meadery:* "Listen here you little Sh*t..."
@WoWhistorian Anos atrás
I stumbled upon your channel a few months ago and immediately loved it, but was worried/sad because your upload dates made it seem like you had, or were in the process of, abandoning the channel. I subscribed regardless, in hopes I was wrong. I'm so happy to see you still uploading. You do a fantastic job with these videos, and you deserve every bit of success you've earned, and so much more.
@nulikka6967 Anos atrás
He had a lot of irl issues that got in the way, and made it so he couldn't upload videos. But he's, thankfully, gotten through most of those. I'm glad he was able to come back to this! Missed his in depth analysis of all the random bits of skyrim lol.
@WoWhistorian Anos atrás
@@nulikka6967 Aww, that's unfortunate but I'm really glad he's been able to make progress on those issues and start coming back to BRvid. Hopefully everything continues going well for him going forward!
@jamesmayle3787 Anos atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read at least Genesis Mathew and one book of the Bible you chose yourself in your lifetime. Combining the personal reading with doing the inner work Jesus Christ taught are key. Start with forgiveness, parents are easiest, they’ve loved you. It all starts in the heart. Genuinely open up. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life. Break down before him and ask for forgiveness. Please trust me,
@fliesatdawn 7 meses atrás
Loved this. Thanks for posting it.
@manz7860 Anos atrás
I wish there was a quest to side with the silver hand and wipe out the companions who have become corrupted by Hircine
Every faction should have that option to join their enemy and destroy them
@killer-ll4pn Anos atrás
@Lyu-Phy Anos atrás
There is a mod for this, Long live Skyrim modding!
@manz7860 Anos atrás
@@Lyu-Phy majority of quest mods are bunk imo.
@D-Rock420 Anos atrás
​@@manz7860 indeed. While I think mods for personal play are fine, it only effects your gameplay, have at it. It's the fkrs that do it online that made me stop doing online gaming.
@clearface6227 Anos atrás
Your vids always make me hop again on the game. Great job on narration and explaining everything. Keep up the good work. I hope Bethesda will provide you with whole new arsenal of lore in the future so you can keep doing these vids.
@MotBot419 Anos atrás
Would you be able to a video on the visual mods you use in your videos? It’s nice seeing a game as old as Skyrim look so good
@terrancenolan6832 Anos atrás
Love this video. I think you nailed it Nate.
@joshfennell2257 Anos atrás
Really appreciate the slower narration, Nate. I feel like you’re really living in the topic and taking your time with it. Thank you.
@jamesmayle3787 Anos atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read at least Genesis Mathew and one book of the Bible you chose yourself in your lifetime. Combining the personal reading with doing the inner work Jesus Christ taught are key. Start with forgiveness, parents are easiest, they’ve loved you. It all starts in the heart. Genuinely open up. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life. Break down before him and ask for forgiveness. Please trust me,
@moivlr Anos atrás
Hii Nate I love your content and how you approach the mysteries, I think it has something to do with your voice. It isn't chaotic and I love it. Keep up the amazing work and love your content
@HeroLionHeart68 Anos atrás
Glad to see ya back friend,And im just in Awe after all of this info.
@drb00fenshmirtz49 Anos atrás
It’s amazing having you back my man
@ChickenJoe-tq6xd Anos atrás
Whenever I think that we have explored the whole Skyrim universe, nope Nate comes out and tells me something I never knew, another great video!!
@martynaredka883 Anos atrás
Loved the vid! Glad you're back ^^
@jeremy1860 Anos atrás
A lot of the time, it feels like the developers of these games didn't actually come up with an answer for any of these questions. Like they just put in this cool feature, allowed there to be a mystery to it, and just sat back and watched while the fandom speculated for years about it 😅
@janeenschultz8502 Anos atrás
Someone on the staff must be a D&D DM. lol
@@janeenschultz8502 Well, funny enough, that's how the entire franchise was started. Homebrew D&D.
@badluck5647 Anos atrás
Bethesda developers have actually admitted to doing this.
@janeenschultz8502 Anos atrás
@@badluck5647 Can recognize it as a fellow DM.
@jamesmayle3787 Anos atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read at least Genesis Mathew and one book of the Bible you chose yourself in your lifetime. Combining the personal reading with doing the inner work Jesus Christ taught are key. Start with forgiveness, parents are easiest, they’ve loved you. It all starts in the heart. Genuinely open up. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life. Break down before him and ask for forgiveness. Please trust me,
@dreamsagaofficial Anos atrás
Welcome back! Love this channel :)
@ebonysquib9503 Anos atrás
great video! if it's not too much trouble, what mods do you use? your footage (i assume its yours anyways) looks great!
@OG_Casual_Tryhard Anos atrás
I'm like, 99% sure you can craft skyforged steel and lunar equipment at their respective forges. I remember thinking I was some sort of super detective when I figured out the lunar lore. This was... a decade ago? I'll have to dig out the 360 and have a look, see if I can find what I'm talking about. Idk of I even still have the save
@benjaminhancock2747 11 meses atrás
17:10 skjor: you still need to prove yourself whelp Nate: menacingly unsheathes sword
Nate, for maybe another Unique Items video you should cover the Diadem of the Savant circlet, I never knew it existed until now, you can find it at the wood chopping block outside Froki's shack, it just a standard circlet but the enchantment is as far as I know unique with 'Spells in all schools of magic cost less magicka to cast.'
@prestonallen663 Anos atrás
Thats actually obtained from a place in the labyrinthian after a puzzle and a fight with a daedra who's carrying it but i have no idea lorewise how or why it exists there
@samdupre1731 Anos atrás
While it is supposed to be unique, you can get two of them, one in the end of Shalidor's Maze, and one outside of Froki's shack. The one outside of Froki's shack is supposed to be some other kind of diadem, but an error in the game's code causes the Diadem of the Savant to appear instead.
@MoltenUprisingMK Anos atrás
I'm glad you're taking a break from the Iceberg thing. And believe me, I love hearing about the Companions and the Skyforge.
@beefybeanboy9743 5 meses atrás
Bruh I’m new to Nates channel. And I’m loving it right now! Great thing to wake up to, as well as sleep to
@catluv6750 Anos atrás
Nate you are the best Skyrim BRvidr by far thank you for your content
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