Warhammer 3 Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - EVERYTHING IS BROKEN AGAIN!!!! 

The Spiffing Brit
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Welcome to Total War Warhammer 3! The new grand strategy / real time strategy release from Creative Assembly! The game is very fun and of course like all brand new release it is full of overpowered units that will break any top 10 tier list and copious exploits that will give you infinite money and immortal units that cannot be stopped! Ahh I love new releases :) Today I will be showcasing the fun that is a warhammer 3 wood elf campaign! There are 3 Major exploits getting shown off in todays video! Infinite money, infinite magic and infinite heroes that are immortal and unstoppable. Get ready for god mode and absolutely unfair broken gameplay exploits!
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
So sit back relax and enjoy this Warhammer 3 multiplayer exploit challenge! How on earth can one english bugger beat Warhammer Chaos Armies with the power of overpowered free magic with no winds of magic cost!!
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Warhammer 3 Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - EVERYTHING IS BROKEN AGAIN !!!!
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30 Set 2022



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@andrewmcmillan229 Anos atrás
Brit: "Woodelves are just reskinned elf units" Woodelves who came out before any other elves: "...and I took that personally"
@Lordsnes Anos atrás
Hey, lore wise Wood Elves in Warhammer are not "first" they are the descendants of the High Elves after the great war against the Dwarfs who didnt went back to Ulthuan.
@marcelx2x137 Anos atrás
DLC and game wise they came out first, cuz high and dark elves were relesead as vanilla units in WH2
@EvilDoresh Anos atrás
@@marcelx2x137 And that's mostly 'cause only Wood Elves are around in the actual Old World portion of the Warhammer map
@Tyler-sy7jo Anos atrás
@@marcelx2x137 Considering a large portion of the unit rosters are pulled straight from the tabletop armies (iirc anyway), even if high elves and dark elves weren't in Total Warhammer 1, the wood elf roster was still largely pulled from a tabletop roster that feels like its high elves but slightly different with less clothes/armour as well as 100% more trees, deer and wardancing.
@@Tyler-sy7jo I don't understand why people see elves with "less clothes and more trees, deer and wardancing" and think that's not cool. Apparently we don't listen to the same music.
@beanie7965 Anos atrás
Spiff troubleshooting at the begining of the stream has the exact same vibe as when you have to call the IT guy when working at a mid-level company. Working hard to fix things but not feeling to need to sound 'professional', audible clicking and rhetorical questions. Love Spiff's personality.
@nathanthomas8718 Anos atrás
@lukemorgan6166 Anos atrás
Cringe fanboy
@antonkrieg3708 Anos atrás
Who hurt you? Lmao
@kingsteel2972 Anos atrás
Spif: is it laggy? The game: sending every frame per post
@randolpheldon Anos atrás
In terms of broken campaigns, do you think you'll try a Helman Gorst campaign? Being able to steamroll the map with dirt cheap, undying armies seems perfectly balanced.
@Scottmw14 Anos atrás
That's exactly what puts me off whenever I see these gorgeous new graphics cards and other hardware components - it doesn't matter what you have or how much you've spent when the game isn't optimised! Learned that the hard way, buying a 3080 for Cyberpunk's release...
@ravinraven6913 Anos atrás
huh? your sentences seem a bit disjointed, are you saying watching a nice game like this that isn't optimized puts you off? when you say That's exactly what gets you, that usually means what he just said and he said a lot in 2 hours, so I am reaching here....I know that's how I feel about most bethesda games. I would never play if it wasn't for the mod community making it playable, those potato faces my god, those potato faces
@benferris6472 9 meses atrás
@@ravinraven6913 hes saying this games arent optomized no matter what pc you have, even if you have some of the best hardware it still wont run well.
@Dragongaga 4 meses atrás
No idea what you're talking about, Cyberpunk was running fine on my 2070. Maybe you shouldn't just focus on the numbers on the box and buy hardware that's actually good
@hardbrocklife 4 meses atrás
@@Dragongaga but Cyberpunk is also a trash game, so...
@Dragongaga 4 meses atrás
@@hardbrocklife It's not, but that's not the point. This is about people wasting money on hardware they don't need and can't even use properly
@shapuku1674 Anos atrás
Taking the time to level up all these Bobs man you're a legend
Spiff - "You wouldn't shoot at a dragon that's ruuuude" Marvelous
@alithanar8 Anos atrás
Jealousy of elves does not become you spiff, not our fault we are better than everyone else
It was a good day when spiff changed Bobs name to my suggestion bob the butcher thank you spiff it made my day😊
@Drigger00100 Anos atrás
Legend of TotalWar already covered this a couple of weeks ago
@caleb1657 Anos atrás
Still waiting on that cooking stream Spiff. Thanks for the fun Warhammer video!
Yeah, cooking is also perfectly balanced. I would love to see an exploit
@lukemorgan6166 Anos atrás
@bathroomlew983 Anos atrás
Wood Elves are the best yer bastard! I'm still waiting for them to repair Drycha's main quest battle!
@Tyler-sy7jo Anos atrás
In terms of the AI going on a massive spree of declaring multiple wars on you in Warhammer. I can't confirm its the case, but it would make sense of my experiences with the game if the AI takes how many wars a person is currently in into account when it is determining whether its "declare war value" is positive or negative. So if you have someone declare war on you, that may push another faction over the edge and decide to declare war, then you have another and another etc etc until everyone is at war with you. I've definitely started taking whatever non-aggression pacts I can get because what little diplo hit I may get with other factions for having that pact is easily overwritten by the value of not having to fight a war in each cardinal direction all at once.
@sonofangron2969 Anos atrás
Seeing that even Spiff has lagging issues makes me feel better about the jank in my own game… 😌
@BrainSlugs83 Anos atrás
Unlimited memory didn't 100% work, it still kept locking up. To fix the lagging, you could try turning on vsync. The game was probably running too well, and rendering more frames than the encoder could keep up with. Vsync will limit the game to your monitor's refresh rate.
@VitalVampyr Anos atrás
Does the game not have a framerate limit setting? Using vsync to limit the framerate seems like a hack.
@MeowMeow-ul4su Anos atrás
@@VitalVampyr its not you can get big graphic tears and framerate distancing if your monitor is not inline with your card.
@Astroman10 9 meses atrás
VSync wouldn’t help with streaming lag .... Also never use VSync ... You are stacking the information to your display while the commands of your keyboard and mouse are being received instantaneously. Meaning you creating latency when there was none. Either you will have ignored commands or what you are seeing is seconds behind what you are doing ...
@BrainSlugs83 9 meses atrás
@@Astroman10 frames behind. Not seconds. 😅 Also, as a professional developer, I disagree. Again, it lowers the load on the hardware, so you're not doing a bunch of useless work.
@Dragongaga 4 meses atrás
@@Astroman10 None of that is true. At 60fps you can't even react that fast for it to make a difference, especially if your framerate is hovering slightly above 60. Besides your actual framerate is still limited by your display. If your game is running faster than your display, it doesn't do anything for performance. Vsync is almost always better
@talonleuco Anos atrás
The multiple Bobs thing got me because of a book series I read recently about a human consciousness being loaded into a Von Neumann probe, and the guy's name is Bob, and there end up being a shitload of Bobs. I think the series is called the Bobiverse. Great series.
@Charlys787 Anos atrás
If your volley of kurnous reach 10 charges due additional loaded Sisters of Twilight, your hawk riders get unstoppable.
@unrefined2591 Anos atrás
Holy crap, stumbled upon this in autoplay, your voice sounds different in streams than in vids lol. not a huge difference but was wondering who i was watching :D love your vids
Legend be like : "pff, amateur".
@yamochanchan Anos atrás
Well... the Hero/Lors duplication Bug is well known actually. Not that new either 😅 You can copy a lot of other things too like Taurox for example. However the copied legendary Lords are not immortal. (just to let you know)
more warhammer 3 please this game pleases me greatly
@Theror_76 9 meses atrás
I lover the Metal Gear music in the background XD.
It is now my goal to make sure spiff names a character Glugmir in every stream of this game
@caleb1657 Anos atrás
And thus, Glugmir was forever remembered dearly in the hearts of all. Rest in Peace Glugmir...
@@caleb1657 Glugmir will always live on in our hearts
@datpudding5338 Anos atrás
Username checks out
@MajorWinnie Anos atrás
everyone take on the cause!!!
@user-zo2gr8sz5y Anos atrás
Good bean
@bobt2094 Anos atrás
It's always an honour to have my name mentioned in a spiffing Brit video 🤣
@ADHD_40K Anos atrás
Todbringer actually means Death bringer. So he is indeed as badass as he is in battles.
@demoulius1529 Anos atrás
Damn you Spif! Your video makes me want to play total Warhammer again! D:
@vonraesyr7349 Anos atrás
Spiff out here RPing a dawi that can't tell the difference between elves.
@saltefan5925 Anos atrás
Spiff slandering the best elves and calling them boring when they can unleash infinite gods!
@SWISS-1337 Anos atrás
IT Senior Engineer here. Get another PC to do streaming, video capture etc, 2 PC Setups are the common settings for streaming.
@LeonardoIV Anos atrás
I've watched you for a long time m8, but now I use long videos like this to take up my time while I grind out new worlds in rs3 & osrs lol ty
@Azanar Anos atrás
now spiff if you want to get that Challenge taken care of there is someone in skyrim who could just keep reanimating you every 200 seconds to keep you going.
@dillywhack2879 Anos atrás
I actually am finishing a campaign with this faction, did not expect to see this faction for the exploit xD
@adinix2000 Anos atrás
Something else that may help with the warhammer 3 video issues. I have to power limit my video card (15% reduction seems to do the trick) For whatever reason the game demands everything your card has regardless. With the artificial limitation I get massive temperature reduction on my card with no perceivable change to the performance. With such a powerful card it may be getting needlessly hot since the game asks for more than it needs.
@EvilDoresh Anos atrás
There's something weird going on with these games. I still don't get why they don't have a FPS limiter, for example.
I put a 60 fps cap on it in nvidia settings and got a similar massive reduction.
@Dragongaga 4 meses atrás
That's not the game's fault, it's the graphics card's fault. Especially the 3080 sometimes goes up over 2 times the maximum power rating it says on the box. If you google 3080 power spikes, you get multiple accounts of cards pulling over 1000W despite having a 350W rating
@Deathwalker01st Anos atrás
Sorry i missed the stream , lost internet for a week ! Good Tea :-)
@ryand5436 Anos atrás
Wood elves are second most fun to play behind Skaven..... Spiff you've blasphemed the wood elves, and I will not stand for this. Your king drinks coffee!
@joncarter3761 Anos atrás
You can save the sisters of Twilight too and have multiple, given they give a global bonus to specific troops it gets pretty broken, pretty quickly.
@Valliecane Anos atrás
...He literally mentions this in the video.
@shaurmiath6719 11 meses atrás
Me, experienced Dark Elf player, watching Spiff's unstoppable strategy roll up on Morathi: Hmm. That's a lot of Dark Shards. I'm interested to see how his strategy holds up. Battle Start: Hmmm, he's focusing the melees. Interesting strategy. I'd pick off the Shards first, personally Spiff: NONONONONO- Me: Yeeeeah. Spiff: Dark Shards are extremely powerful armor piercing ranged units- Me: Yeah, they are. All in all, well-handled, though.
@ironbloodxiii Anos atrás
The first time I heard Spiff slip up on language 😂
@MrConna6 Anos atrás
Surely dwarves must come up at some point? Ive been spamming blasting chargers to protect my irondrakes and they don’t even see combat, the screen goes to fire and everything routs a few feet in front of them
@gamithemighty5932 Anos atrás
I like How it's Called the "Cult of Pleasure"
@danielwindler7404 Anos atrás
a solution I found for the game lag is if you have multiple hard drives/ssd. such as internal and external you need to install the game on the primary internal. the limit for some is internal cable bandwidth. the SATA being faster then just USB external
@Dragongaga 4 meses atrás
who plays games from an external harddrive in this day and age, when you can get 2tb nvme drives for a handfull of peanuts
@mrjammyboi6870 Anos atrás
I drank yorkshire tea now i feel like in flying and i also need someone to buy me total war warhammer 3
@thomprs90 Anos atrás
Would this be possible with Gor-Rok and Kroak since he gets Kroak at the start of the game?
@msolomonii9825 Anos atrás
BEHOLD!, the POWER of the TEA! (or as the ancient alchemists referred to it the elixir vitae)
@nickporter4279 2 meses atrás
Not sure I understood the exploit fully, so just checking: - How were you able to find the gold to buy *three* imported heroes in 20 turns? - How is the one-import restriction circumvented, is it purely just by renaming the characters in their original campaign?
@griggitz487 Anos atrás
Never forget that Florida also gave the world Boba!!!!
@countpig7860 Anos atrás
Tea for the tea god
@adampratt6078 Anos atrás
Scones for the scone throne!
@countpig7860 Anos atrás
@@adampratt6078 For the empire
@gliscameria Anos atrás
Have you tried optimizing your memory or clicking buttons?
@vulkrongaming7336 Anos atrás
Looks like I came just in time for the stream to end
@saltefan5925 Anos atrás
It was a pleasure to unveil this monster and unleash it upon the world. Glad you all enjoyed the carnage!
@bensoncheung2801 Anos atrás
do you like grindcore
Wait can this be done with lords too? If so then you could theoretically get infinite armies of tomb kings before you even upgrade your max army size.
@angl0ni488 Anos atrás
bop boop eep boop peep oop op boop im not a robot
@fxitfastah Anos atrás
oO that name...I used that for ages for my elf, sounds really elvish but with a (Dutch)twist Ellendeling
@blaat44 Anos atrás
There are also Skaven with names like 'Schurft' or Lizardmen 'Potteke'vet '. Really annoying but luckily they can be modded out.
@Gormathius Anos atrás
1:20:05 We need this as a new AoS character. Aeriel, Sister of Thing.
@killerkia741 Anos atrás
i never thought id hear him say f*ck but here we are and im happy lmao
@davidbrennan660 Anos atrás
I bet Spiff even broke the magazine White Dwarf back in the day..... everything must broken.
@jasoncampbell5518 Anos atrás
I personally would not live in Florida because of hurricanes and tornados. But its always warm ,it is surrounded buy beaches , has amazing fishing and produces 70 % of the world's supply of Orange juice . Which I love to drink. So it's not all bad !
@SirTayluh Anos atrás
I definitely want to see this but with lord kroak
@volijay1019 Anos atrás
Can you do this with Ghoritch? Should be super easy with turn 3 tier 3 hellpit exploit
@-MacCloud- 11 meses atrás
What even is a Wood Elf. It’s either an elaborate carving or a pointy eared prat, sitting in a tree, pretending it’s superior to everyone else- the latter is just an indoor cat on its first day outside.
@lmao7183 Anos atrás
Can't you use the hero saving trick to massively boost your economy as well?
@drizzen714 Anos atrás
Unsure if you'll see this, but something I've been wondering. With a history of exploiting, and the lulzsec logo as your picture. Were you in the past a hacktivist?
@the_maker1841 Anos atrás
Well good think Spiffy is getting the tea PC
@howardbarton2975 Anos atrás
For the love of Yorkshire tea I would like to see you break Octopath Traveler. I know it’s a little older, but I think it would be fun to see.
@howardbarton2975 Anos atrás
@@GIVEAWAY............ I’m not sure what this means, but I’m heartened to know my voice was at least heard.
@thecrazyastrogirl Anos atrás
*Give your map a good ol wiggle*
@arnathos2788 Anos atrás
So, to save people some trouble, I haven't gotten this to work for Goritch, Vlad/Isabella or the Agrund Ancestor dwarfs. Haven't tried Coeddil yet though.
@BrokenwingsA21 Anos atrás
so there is no way for the vampire counts ?
@jasonmatson7861 Anos atrás
I can overlook your contempt for the glorious coffee in light of your remaining awesomeness. :D
@forgettable8300 Anos atrás
Any chance you can do a mount and blade vid?
@nilesduthes7922 Anos atrás
I still remember the first time I exploited a game I believe it was GTA v story mode and I'll use a suitcase glitch I gave you 25k practically every minute if done correctly if you messed up a bit it would take about 3 minutes still a lot of money and I basically use this money early on in the story to max out my ammo and attachments on weapons and to always make sure I'd go into a fight with body armor so yeah I was pretty much untouchable and the second game I ever exploited was either metal gear solid rising or it was Minecraft Good times nowadays though I rarely do that because I'm more of a Challenger nowadays meaning I want my games to be as challenging and fun as difficult which is a weird balance because I don't allow myself to do any grinding but at the same time I don't make anything easier on myself it's weird but it works
@maximvs3834 Anos atrás
Licking your screen and hoping it tastes like butter 😂
14:53 Spiff really out there saying that streamers and the homeless aren't people and nobody calling him out smh
@brosephbroman7564 Anos atrás
Wish they'd make a 3rd person or FPS/RPG of Warhammer. The lore is good and all I see are these top-down view games.
@Count.Saruman Anos atrás
They already did. It's called Vermintide.
@Thisandthat8908 Anos atrás
Sadly Warhammer Online is more or less dead. That had some really good ideas. There is also Vermintide 1&2. But that's multiplayer only and frustratingly difficult.
@Stataze Anos atrás
I stopped drinking alcohol and tea have filled the gap.
@trizick5379 Anos atrás
There's an oxyotl cheese for zero recruitment cost on units
@hugivachit6441 Anos atrás
You should do a vid on Tera invictus
You should do something obscene and play the Perfectly Balanced South Park: The Fractured But Whole
@jambalaa4546 10 meses atrás
The major question that arises: Can you save Ariel with the "Sword of Kaine" equipped and dupe it that way?
@DerQuoi 9 meses atrás
items dont get saved, only levels, traits and skill points
I appoligise sir Spiff but im drinking coffee
@m3divh Anos atrás
If you think this is Overpowered, Try out a Zombie Doomstack as Herman Ghorst. They cost 0 to upkeep and about 18 to buy. They have Ward 15 Physical ward 20 magic ward 20... Get bonus to armour attack movement and deffense faction wide and a bonus to healing received for up to 1 250 000 healing received PER unit of zombies... Combine it with a Death engine, and they are immortal. It is so stupidly powerful that Putting Herman Gorst with a death Engine and surrounding them with zombies even works in multiplayer. Only an army that specializes in sniping big Entities to take out the engine is enough to destroy them... It is so stupidly powerful that it can take out a other Doomstacks. Or even a Hellfire cannon Doomstack which should outperform it due to movement speed range AND the fact it deals Magical damage. In addition to all of this Herman causes units to deal Poison, this means they can damage any enemy and also Debuf their damage movement and more even further... Oh and of course this is Faction wide -____- Skaven nuke is no enough damage to take out a full stack of these monsters and that means, since they can heal over a million damage, that NOT EVEN THAT works on them. It only has one disadvantage, the game does not know how to calculate a Stack of zombies properly so it will think you should loose most fights... This means two things. First, most armies will attack your armies out right because they will think they can destroy your armies and second is that autobattling will often tell you that you will loose... You wont.
@jprockafella9012 Anos atrás
Love it spiff
@thatoneweirdo8914 Anos atrás
Alright. I want you to pull of the most insane exploit of all; An exploit for screen time on iPhones
@Tom-ahawk Anos atrás
Lol, man I must be a total bummer. I love woodelves the most and can't stand vampire coast.
@chronosschiron 9 meses atrás
hippy faction burning forests lol
@wowsparta Anos atrás
So your Ariel has gained such great magic she now summons other universe's versions of herself?
@mtvjacknife816 Anos atrás
@thespiffingbrit You should do a eternal empires campaign!
@thesimmertron2685 Anos atrás
It's so balanced it needs 2 hours haha
@gunterandersson Mês atrás
spiff when i go to sleep: here is another delightful exploit for city skylines! spiff when i wake up in the morning to his stream vod: watch as i absolutely destroy this game and the devs cry live on stream
@Nightis81 Anos atrás
What are those metal songs used in this video?
@saltefan5925 11 meses atrás
Seems to be mostly music from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and Devil May Cry 5
@123FireSnake Anos atrás
now i wanna do a herd of koleks or skarbrands, they already solo armies as is :D
@saltefan5925 Anos atrás
you can't. the bug only works for late-stage WH2 DLC and FLC lords and heroes
@123FireSnake Anos atrás
@@saltefan5925 huh, sooo army full of brass bulls?
@saltefan5925 Anos atrás
@@123FireSnake You can get 4 of them I guess
@ElGoogKO Anos atrás
what do rats use to shoot at bobs? rattling guns bwahahaha
@coccoom9675 Anos atrás
Sir, I must, due to the recent explosion in popularity of the game; that you make another cyberpunk 2077 video.
@slayer1833 Anos atrás
Spiff, I hate to say it but 2 PCs is the way for streaming.
The word "battle" implies the possibility of resistance
@Willibab 23 dias atrás
This is why I cant get into WH3 and its not my pc either :P It actually runs great most of the time and its not a frames issue. But my gpu randomly overheats at random intvervals. Its mostly 30-50 degrees even on campaign map but then suddenly 90+. Never happens at times you'd expect either and usually never while doing the same thing. Not had this issue in any other game.
@danielgrad6576 Anos atrás
Doomstack of Vlads OMG!
@saltefan5925 Anos atrás
It does not work. Only unique characters from Twisted and Twilight, Silence and the Fury, and their accompanying FLCs are subject to this bug. Ariel, Throt, Ghorich, Taurox, Thorek, etc.
@Gormathius Anos atrás
1:16:28 Oh that's perfectly feasible. Just do an AFK stream, easy. AFK streaming is perfectly balanced for streaming length competitions, afterall.
@therakshasan8547 Anos atrás
Remember 'The Repetitive ME ' from Doc. Who ? You have the Repetitive Arial . Question : If a tree falls in the woods , and no one is there to hear it does it make a Noise/Sound ? That questions requires 2 answers 1) No . People made the concept of Noise , there fore if no human is there to hear it then no Noise occurred . 2) Yes . Sound exists regardless if nothing is recording the event [ other than trees , and they are not talking because they are in morning .] .
@PyroMarshall Anos atrás
@AllahIsntReal Anos atrás
me playing on my $500 laptop with all settings on ultra , with 12gb memory 🤔 why do i need to upgrade now seeing the best stats lol
@IronKingSquash Anos atrás
Curios on the metal gear rising music
@Astroman10 9 meses atrás
CA saw the lag at the earlier parts of this stream and decided to add it as a permanent feature in the game with Update 3.0 ...
Warhammer 3 is Broken
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