Wale - Chillin ft. Lady Gaga

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Music video by Wale performing Chillin. BRvid view counts pre-VEVO: 2,840,853. (C) 2009 Allido/Interscope Records


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26 Nov 2009



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ngr3gorius Hora atrás
Lady Gaga has never looked better
Osiel Camarillo
Osiel Camarillo 8 horas atrás
Kik onmydisneg
Alessandro Gomesdelima
Alessandro Gomesdelima 16 horas atrás
Tempest87 17 horas atrás
I remember being super confused and let down by this single back when it dropped. I was super into Mixtape GoGo Wale. I was like wtf is this?! It’s funny this was recommended to me.
Jair Ortega
Jair Ortega 19 horas atrás
Ni siquiera sabía que existía este vídeo con Lady Gaga jajaja
Illhitu Dia atrás
He looks like he’s made of plasticine
Sam Attar
Sam Attar Dia atrás
Wait what
Trin McLovin
Trin McLovin Dia atrás
I found this song yay
Highflyer Dia atrás
Why BRvid.... Why.....
Jaime Lima
Jaime Lima Dia atrás
Jeronimo 2 dias atrás
Imagine filming a music video with a beginner pop star and she late turns out to be LADY FUCKING GAGA.
Gaga Germanotta
Gaga Germanotta 2 dias atrás
+3k in one day 11,928,083/11,931,852/11,935,737
Kevyn Karson
Kevyn Karson 2 dias atrás
he didn’t have a big budget for this project and GaGa was paid in credits, also coming up with most of her behavior in the background scenes
Alejandro Gavriel Martinez
what the fuck? his name is pronounced *wall* *aye*
Rio Cc
Rio Cc 2 dias atrás
Why is this is my recommend, I don’t mind but why. Tho I remember when this just came out tho. FIRST feature LADY GAGA hahahahahahahaha
Esdraslucciola 18
Esdraslucciola 18 3 dias atrás
q porra é essa?
Paloma Seguette
Paloma Seguette 3 dias atrás
Well. 4 dias atrás
It's like a throwback to high school when I was still discovering Lady Gaga and slowly calling myself little monster.
Mark Gitura
Mark Gitura 4 dias atrás
the year is 2019...
Kyle G
Kyle G 4 dias atrás
I love Kanye West and M.I.A. 😍
J 4 dias atrás
how many rappers got a song with lady gaga????
Aramis Merino
Aramis Merino 4 dias atrás
No ma!!! 2019!! Y recomendada!! Buenísima! 🤙🏽
Ragga Chat
Ragga Chat 4 dias atrás
Look we were all rich ok? My hole crip team were loaded. Sorry
ubernoobly 4 dias atrás
2009 was so fucking weird
Phelipe 5 dias atrás
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez 5 dias atrás
BRvid literally recommends this in 2019 I never knew this existed 😂
Illest Visionz
Illest Visionz 5 dias atrás
Damn I remember actually licking this song....
Devin 5 dias atrás
I didn’t even know this existed 💀
rad xavier
rad xavier 6 dias atrás
i know this song from my old karaoke machine back in 2010, the machine had a bunch of random music videos and this was one of them
Evo The Artist
Evo The Artist 6 dias atrás
Attention Deficit Album was one of the coldest and most slept on classics to ever bless ears and it was so far ahead of its time.
strawberryvines 6 dias atrás
I was just thinking about this song lol this collab was iconic and heavily slept on
Jermaine Ho
Jermaine Ho 6 dias atrás
I never heard this song, rare to see her being featured act.
Lenny Vercruyce
Lenny Vercruyce 7 dias atrás
what is this lmfaoooo
Gustavo Goikoetxea
Gustavo Goikoetxea 7 dias atrás
Why does Gaga look like she just stepped out of wet seal?
R Andrade
R Andrade 7 dias atrás
ComeAtMeBro 7 dias atrás
Tiago Lima
Tiago Lima 7 dias atrás
Saudades dessa época 😶❤
jungllekook 7 dias atrás
How have I never seen this
tha1Gemini24 8 dias atrás
Here that’s crazy.....
KingCai72 8 dias atrás
I miss the lyrical, individualistic Wale
mohammed jama
mohammed jama 8 dias atrás
The song Wale introduced himself to everyone including me. Never disappointed since 🔥🔥
John Smith
John Smith 8 dias atrás
Wow, black series gorgeous
East Fun
East Fun 8 dias atrás
Lady Gaga serving fashion Angel with a lil Alaska Thunderfuck tease
IL62 M
IL62 M 8 dias atrás
gaga seems like a fraud these days
Excuse me ummm I love you
BRvid: Recommends this 9 years later Everybody in the comments: WhY aRe ThEy rEcOMeNding ThiS iN 2o19?
Paola Burgos
Paola Burgos 9 dias atrás
Recomendaciones jaja
lonlon58 9 dias atrás
I learned literally today that it's Gaga not M.I.A. in this song
Charts JvChonte
Charts JvChonte 9 dias atrás
M. K. Ultra Kid
M. K. Ultra Kid 9 dias atrás
I live in PG 👀
baddi3 10 dias atrás
Here from Step Up 3💚💚
Ferney Espinosa
Ferney Espinosa 11 dias atrás
Creo que donde Gaga colabore otra vez con un rapero de Moda sería un éxito total porque ahora Gaga es muy famosa. Uuff sería espectacular..😍😍😍❤❤❤
Pillsinmyshoes 11 dias atrás
Back when gaga has a penis
Krissy 12 dias atrás
I remember this came out in 2010/2011 era before Wale really hit it big-big. Was a huge fan of this one and still am. Listened to it everyday on my walk through the city on my apple 🍎 gadget. That tiny silver thing like 3x3”. I swear technology is moving so fast.
Alien From Hell
Alien From Hell 12 dias atrás
Moad Sano
Moad Sano 13 dias atrás
Gaga tingz😍
Yaneth Acocal
Yaneth Acocal 13 dias atrás
Alguien en español ?
A M 14 dias atrás
Tom Brady
set rex
set rex 14 dias atrás
After Tom brady
Nathan Portelli
Nathan Portelli 14 dias atrás
TB12 sent me here LETS GO!!!
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva 14 dias atrás
Tom Brady brought me here
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