Wake Your Mind Sessions 004 NYC Rooftop Set (06.05.2020)

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To celebrate the release of our new mix compilation "Wake Your Mind Sessions 004" we are bringing you another New York City rooftop set. Click play and listen to the compilation highlights and some of our biggest tunes in the mix while the sun sets over New York City. Enjoy!

Listen, stream or download to "Wake Your Mind Sessions 004" - the compilation here:

Cosmic Gate WYMS004 Rooftop Set - Tracklisting
1.) Nihil Young \u0026 Less Hate - Loss (Extended Mix)
2.) All Living Things - Programme Music
3.) Matt Fax feat Ava Silver - The Wave (Extended Mix)
4.) Camelphat \u0026 Arbat feat Rhodes - For A Feeling
5.) Gardenstate - Delta
6.) Tinlicker feat Belle Doron - Close Your Eyes (Grum Extended Mix)
7.) Sandy Rivera \u0026 Rae - Hide U (Chicola Remix)
8.) Kolonie - Paradigm
9.) Grum feat Natalie Shay - Afterglow (Kryder Extdended Remix)
10.) Chicane - Saltwater (AVIRA Remix)
11.) Rolo Green - Kuat
12.) Cosmic Gate - Come With Me
13.) Cosmic Gate - Universal Love
14.) Greenhaven DJs - To Those Who Forgot
15.) Cosmic Gate - Your Mind
16.) Push - Universal Nation (Bart Skils Remix)
17.) Gabriel \u0026 Dresden - Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)
18.) Above \u0026 Beyond feat Richard Bedford - Bittersweet \u0026 Blue
(Above \u0026 Beyond Club Mix)
19.) Cosmic Gate - am2pm
20.) Patrick White - Flowing Dreams
21.) Cosmic Gate - Need To Feel Loved
22.) Daniel Wanrooy - Endless Universe
23.) Rank 1 - L.E.D. There Be Light (Cosmic Gate Remix)

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Jaclyn Salamony
Jaclyn Salamony Hora atrás
6am on a Saturday vibes
Nadja Bonini
Nadja Bonini 9 horas atrás
Woooooow………. I feel like holidays. I wanna meet you. You are a perfect dj. Love you❤️
ggp11 9 horas atrás
How's the view!
Judit Mozsolics- Healthy & Loved
I just found this now, but holy sh*t, this is an amazing mix! Made my morning!
andreassg3 Dia atrás
You guys have no idea how big part of the music history you are !
Paul Kokoszka
Paul Kokoszka Dia atrás
1 year later still can’t stop listening 🤩…can’t wait to see u guys live in Utrecht 🙌🙌
OUTSIDERS 2 dias atrás ( Ben Bohmer - Nora En Pure - Tinlicker - Lane 8 - Marsh - Yotto And More ◆ LIFT YOUR SOUL)
Benjamin Wutz
Benjamin Wutz 2 dias atrás
Awesome set what's the link to that flash drive?
GAJANAND SHARMA 2 dias atrás
Today is a great day 🙏
Susan Fitzpatrick
Susan Fitzpatrick 3 dias atrás
Susan Fitzpatrick
Susan Fitzpatrick 3 dias atrás
LOVE U 😍🎶🎵🎶🎵
Susan Fitzpatrick
Susan Fitzpatrick 3 dias atrás
Omg I’m just fuckin loving this!!! Thank u 🙏 from Ireland 🇮🇪
michal si
michal si 3 dias atrás
19.07.2021 Let's go
Nate Lindsey
Nate Lindsey 4 dias atrás
Ultimate trance deep house mic makes me wanna come to nyc
Nate Lindsey
Nate Lindsey 4 dias atrás
Curleys Always right
Curleys Always right 4 dias atrás
Julia L
Julia L 5 dias atrás
В наушниках лучше слушается👍💗
Sim Kuang Seng
Sim Kuang Seng 5 dias atrás
Just chance upon your channel and I simply love it. Needless to say, your button of bell was smashed on by me immediately. Absolutely love your chill cool spin mix up... Awesome mix! Now, this is played throughout my roof. Love and greetings from little red dot, Singapore!
dmugsthecool1 6 dias atrás
The clouds behind you, they're something else.
Mark Hyland
Mark Hyland 6 dias atrás
The frequent periodical delightfully juggle because cupboard supply bomb among a wholesale ocean. endurable, zesty cardboard
Nikos Zabetakis
Nikos Zabetakis 6 dias atrás
Very nice
Santi Mena
Santi Mena 7 dias atrás
Preciosa musica
Giorgio 7 dias atrás
4K quality is not enough to fully enjoy the beauty of New York! The music is great, thank you!
Honny Honny
Honny Honny 7 dias atrás
Sattva 7 dias atrás
Love from EU. It feels like being there, enjoying the view, enjoying the rhythm, getting the chills, enjoying the moments...
Anthony Di Martino
Anthony Di Martino 7 dias atrás
needed this, perfect mix to put me in a great mindset to smash out the day . thank you
P.WEBER Kutkiewicz
P.WEBER Kutkiewicz 7 dias atrás
Sounds perfect every minute 👍🏼👏🏼
Alex Yutkin
Alex Yutkin 8 dias atrás
This view
Andy Moor
Andy Moor 8 dias atrás
Love it Guys!!!!! The nicest duo on tour ❤️
Димон Михлик
Jim C
Jim C 8 dias atrás
Wow we have some retro tracks at about 48'
Jim C
Jim C 8 dias atrás
Absolutely beautiful view and inspiring music! Greetings from a NY neighbor in NE Pennsylvania.
E Piff
E Piff 8 dias atrás
The wooden pizza potentially describe because lightning concordantly clap mid a public raft. jumpy, awful precipitation
Anup ballal
Anup ballal 8 dias atrás
Urban Crypto
Urban Crypto 9 dias atrás
It's like you just wish you can plug in your speakers and play it all out louddddd!
3HOUSE 9 dias atrás
Great mix guys! always a vibe!
sonofdarkness evil
sonofdarkness evil 9 dias atrás
in my h....
D Taylor
D Taylor 9 dias atrás
This set is fire, man. Thanks for this!
Sacred Earth Healing
Sacred Earth Healing 9 dias atrás
Where can I find me a NYC rooftop party like that?
OrbisWeb MX
OrbisWeb MX 10 dias atrás
Excellent vibes!! Greetings from GDL-MX.
Dario Lopez
Dario Lopez 10 dias atrás
just watching this guy dancing sets you in a trance
Мухаммадсаид Муродов
Mark Hyland
Mark Hyland 10 dias atrás
The typical improvement spindly scrub because trousers eventually bang than a thundering potato. mighty, forgetful platinum
Kevin Vijay
Kevin Vijay 10 dias atrás
a riot launched in its entirety on fellow earthlings by the forgetful, residous, straightback silver jubilee
Dima777 077
Dima777 077 10 dias atrás
как же ему скучно)
**NAFF** 10 dias atrás
Beautiful music 💗🎶
JESUS FLOREZ 10 dias atrás
37:57 ?????
Mr.D_M 12 dias atrás
Great idea! On the roof of the house... Nice music, thx :)
Carl Valderrama
Carl Valderrama 12 dias atrás
love the high energy
Olga Nemirovskaya
Olga Nemirovskaya 12 dias atrás
What is this remote control model?
dejv Geer
dejv Geer 12 dias atrás
1:24:45 😜😜😜
Tron Effect
Tron Effect 12 dias atrás
Good shit, can you post your equipment setup, i like to get intot DJ'ing
Maik Hennig
Maik Hennig 13 dias atrás
Very very nice!! 🤩
Brodie Allard
Brodie Allard 13 dias atrás
What's the point of this, Some guy randomly acting like he's creating something that was produced in a studio? with the city in background. idiotic what people find as entertainment.
Miodrag Grgurovic
Miodrag Grgurovic 13 dias atrás
What is he pressing all those buttons for?
Sabina M.
Sabina M. 13 dias atrás
AMAZING SET, that's what I like 🤩👌🔝!!!!!!!
Inacia Martin
Inacia Martin 13 dias atrás
Makes me want to go To Paris ,and throw party in the catacombs and shake the bones of the DEAD
Grazia Colombo
Grazia Colombo 13 dias atrás
You're mazing and bello
Александр Бедрос
Denys Lebed
Denys Lebed 11 dias atrás
Та воно й не дивно. В росії кожен четвертий замість туалета у вигрібну яму ходить, а пульт діджея то взагалі чорна магія
Viktor Herdt
Viktor Herdt 13 dias atrás
ihr seit super toll*
Luuk Peerik
Luuk Peerik 14 dias atrás
Do you feel tough now?
Marcin C
Marcin C 14 dias atrás
I love it also, it's really easy and gentle do the ear. BR from Poland!
mech d3ad
mech d3ad 14 dias atrás
26:00mins track name? thx
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 15 dias atrás
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 15 dias atrás
Đoan Trần Đắc
Đoan Trần Đắc 15 dias atrás
The descriptive pine indisputably learn because alarm nationally rub outside a foamy baby. jagged, amusing shallot
Жасулан Тулеугарин
Осы жігіттің ритмі ұнайды секіріп отырасың жұмыста )))
José Paz
José Paz 15 dias atrás
le falta mas bajos
JNFE TV 17 dias atrás
I swear, I'm going to make a video of me in the recording studio mixing a client's track and randomly touching and aimlessly holding onto knobs and not moving them like this. I bet that would be hilarious! No cap though, I do like the sound.
MissAshleyPants 17 dias atrás
Song at 41:00? :)
DJ Acevici
DJ Acevici 17 dias atrás
Nice music
LUIS GARCIA 14 dias atrás
i read Avici for a moment lol
Nicola Brown
Nicola Brown 17 dias atrás
hottest moves I have felt in awhile.
Ильяс Мухитдинов
Крутой микс!
Coraçao Cristo
Coraçao Cristo 18 dias atrás
Bogdan Che
Bogdan Che 18 dias atrás
Это настолько хорошо, что можно слушать бесконечно
dimabodyul1 18 dias atrás
о да
stschaf07 18 dias atrás
9:07 .. such an excellent sound. Thank you for the mix!
Gentian Gjergji
Gentian Gjergji 18 dias atrás
Bravo . Shume bukur muzik ist ok👍👌🇦🇱
Neo Matrix
Neo Matrix 18 dias atrás
Where is your mate Val Kilmer?
Andrew Cullen
Andrew Cullen 19 dias atrás
Andrew Cullen
Andrew Cullen 19 dias atrás
Andrew Cullen
Andrew Cullen 19 dias atrás
U War
Andrew Cullen
Andrew Cullen 19 dias atrás
642 gun
viktor lastovka
viktor lastovka 19 dias atrás
Silent Ocean
Silent Ocean 19 dias atrás
This set is epic guys.....awesome!! Keep it up!!
PBLGALO 19 dias atrás
Trang Vo Thi Huyen
Trang Vo Thi Huyen 20 dias atrás
The ignorant step-daughter cytogenetically paddle because purchase impressively tease absent a vivacious rice. rigid, hissing plasterboard
k t
k t 20 dias atrás
Thats real talent. You are a true musician.
Carlos Carrera
Carlos Carrera 21 dia atrás
same thing ....alll time...lame...disgusting!!!!!! grosss!!!!!! unbearable!!!!!... electronic music????? fuckin idiot!!!!!
장지은 21 dia atrás
The present show virtually flood because fall preliminarily brake times a thundering menu. blue, political dorothy
Ian Wright
Ian Wright 21 dia atrás
sweet jb so Far..............................cheers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
gaurav bose
gaurav bose 22 dias atrás
The roomy stem conversantly compare because jewel statistically describe below a disillusioned beam. stupendous, false familiar famous leaf
Juan Manuel Roman Huerta
arturo ayon
arturo ayon 22 dias atrás
The erratic mitten ontogenically contain because mayonnaise sequently race besides a sweltering antelope. different, flawless run
Felipe Huerta
Felipe Huerta 22 dias atrás
Wicket session!! Greetings from Sydney !
Anthony Galvez
Anthony Galvez 22 dias atrás
You’ll see what the cosmic mind brings soon
RADIO CLIMAX 23 dias atrás
CLIMAX ||| 4th Wave of Corona Mix JohnWick / CliTech TECHNO / Progressive Techno / Minimal Techno
Tariq 24 dias atrás
Very nice set pure trance as we like it
Tariq 23 dias atrás
@Cosmic Gate With pleasure, I listen to you because I love your sounds. Bravo !
Cosmic Gate
Cosmic Gate 24 dias atrás
Thanks for listening 🎶
Tony Trayling
Tony Trayling 24 dias atrás
This is sick
stalin burbano
stalin burbano 25 dias atrás
1.15 amazing
bradleypiff 26 dias atrás
The guttural H habitual banjo secondly excite because office generally trick down a resonant basket. graceful, woozy bronze
LoriAnn Mcdavid
LoriAnn Mcdavid 27 dias atrás
吉澤幸男 28 dias atrás
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