Voyager 2 Discovers Wall of Fire at Solar System's Edge

Anton Petrov
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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the reports of what Voyager 2 discovered as it left the solar system and the discovery of physical barrier at the edge of the solar system.
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11 Nov 2019



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Comentários 8 659
just some guy with a melon addiction
Imagine giving Aliens our most expensive disc ever Aliens:COOL LET'S GO VISIT THIS HIP PLANET earth 2029:i identify as an alien chicken Aliens:racists
Patrick Burwell
Patrick Burwell 4 horas atrás
30k - 50k Kelvin. Uh, HOW did the Voyager spacecraft SURVIVE?
Patrick Burwell
Patrick Burwell 4 horas atrás
How hot is the plasma in intersteller space?
Ferdinand Vardas
Ferdinand Vardas 11 horas atrás
You must be excited about the formal admission by the US military in Kct 2019 of UFOs/Aliens have been visiting us all along. Cmdr David Fravor had been 'doing the rounds' of US morning shows/talk shows & news broadcasts for months already about his 2004 'Tic Tac' UFO chase - which was actually a fleet but the pilots were just focusing on an individual ship. Fravor also states that Bob Lazar has been telling the truth all along. All this is really non news as at least 4 countries have admitted to the fact of UFOs already. So it looks like although we're at least 100yrs behind the UFO technology - unless there's some earlier breakthrough, we'll be passing Voyager in our travels & may be able to retrieve that pesky gold disc in due process. Elon Musk is already making a business as a space garbo.
Jmax 16 horas atrás
Bro the universe is a battle royale
bukovinian 23 horas atrás
Interstellar, not even intergalactic, dang even speed of light is slow for intergalactic travels.
Greg Reilly
Greg Reilly Dia atrás
Wow, so the Solar System has an atmosphere too. That's wild!
Charlie Alexander
We are a program running We found the literal firewall
the real Brad Dawson
Does this make anyone else feel claustrophobic?
Risto D.
Risto D. Dia atrás
I have a polaroid sx 70 alpha that still works
Nd Sempai
Nd Sempai Dia atrás
Can the presence of heliosphere be a filter for the fermi paradox ?
is the sheath telling us it is eroding? if it does, we are cooked; add one to the doomsday theory list.
Patricia Themaras
Patricia Themaras 2 dias atrás
I'm still confused...if we have a firewall surrounding our solar system, then how did that dead alien ship the Omuamua come through and into our solar system? What would be the purpose of this firewall?
Kane Citicani
Kane Citicani 20 horas atrás
Patricia Themaras the omuamua? What alien ship bro?
apumasterp 3 dias atrás
I wish Nancy was on voyager!
apumasterp 3 dias atrás
It’s a plasma field that surrounds all solar systems. Also the heliosphere concept of our solar system was proven by both voyagers when they say the orbit of the large planets which would be impossible in our accepted belief of the solar system.
Beetlesiri 3 dias atrás
People are ignorant. He is surprised that the detector works after 40 years and that the Voyager still works after over 40 years. It is because they weren't made like shit. Everything breaks nowadays because it is designed to so you have to go and buy another or pay for them to repair them every 3-5 years. So everyone is suprised when stuff works for longer than a few years. An easy example is the lightbulb Edison made is still working now as far as I know.
redtroika 3 dias atrás
Can you post proof?
HumansRstupid 3 dias atrás
I have to say, all your vids looks just like a gathering of non sense bs and CGI. Funny how globetards ALWAYS use CGI earth, CGI satellite, CGI space, CGI galaxy, CGI this, CGI that, CGI for everyone's! Happy CGI day!! YAY
Ray Drouillard
Ray Drouillard 3 dias atrás
I remembered when the Voyager craft were launched, and when we first found out that Jupiter had more than twelve moons. You were looking for something that was still working after all those years. My parents have a bunch of stuff that go back decades. The first thing I thought of was the Kitchen-Aid mixer that Mom still uses. Dad still has a Macintosh stereo and a pair of Bozak speakers that are running strong. And many of his tools are older than he is. I have an old 1973 Yaesu FT101EX ham radio that still works well.
MisterSeal 3 dias atrás
Can't wait for the interstellar space DLC to come out
Dmitry Shevkoplyas
Dmitry Shevkoplyas 3 dias atrás
fascinating! thank you, Антон!
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 4 dias atrás
It's actually Plasma.. according to many scientist
Nxght 4 dias atrás
this is like hitting an invisible wall in a video game that creatures (the voyagers in this case) can pass through but you can’t
Mycalling621 5 dias atrás
It’s like the out of bounds of life
Leighton Julye
Leighton Julye 5 dias atrás
Why can not see this Fire from earth! plus why does this fire exist!
Bill D. in Iowa
Bill D. in Iowa 5 dias atrás
"Send more Chuck Berry."
Galvanaut71 5 dias atrás
Nice one.
Metal Memes for Naked Reptilians
Man, those aliens are so turned off by us they had to set up a giant wall of fire. Someone send them hentai on a Voyager 3, that'll bring them around.
john public citizen
john public citizen 6 dias atrás
Wow let's just lead aliens to our planet I mean they could be friendly or they could eat our children and enslave us . Then again eh idc let the world fall idc
Feanor Oxalis
Feanor Oxalis 6 dias atrás
Deflector shields required to pass.
rick Fischer
rick Fischer 6 dias atrás
Humans ourselves will probably retrieve these probes after we become an interstellar species. Oh wait, I forgot civilization will end in twelve years. Never mind!
Galvanaut71 5 dias atrás
V'GER will return.
John Santos
John Santos 6 dias atrás
Normand Guerin
Normand Guerin 6 dias atrás
So annoying to listen to
antwan1357 6 dias atrás
On a serious note , reminds me of a old science fiction radio story. In this story man takes a spaceship to the edge of the solar system , only to find a impenetrable invisible wall. In true old science fiction horror style your never given an explanation as to why. Then the question is asked. What created such a barrier , and is it to keep us from getting out , or to prevent something else from getting in?
King205 6 dias atrás
Where are the papers he said were linked below
Happydayssir 6 dias atrás
So does it mean we can’t leave our solar system not like we can at this time
Threshold 4 dias atrás just means we need to take the extra radiation and effects into consideration when designing our craft.
Allan Samaha
Allan Samaha 6 dias atrás
A plasma barrier
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez 7 dias atrás
We’re surrounded by that barrier because we’re a test In our own little sandbox. The higher beings just watching kinda like ark if u know the video game lol
Richard Tortolini
Richard Tortolini 7 dias atrás
The don’t exist..... sorry man
FakeSoap 7 dias atrás
Vwap Trader2019
Vwap Trader2019 7 dias atrás
We need to get through that firewall...for Harambe!
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