Voyager 2 Discovers Wall of Fire at Solar System's Edge

Anton Petrov
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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the reports of what Voyager 2 discovered as it left the solar system and the discovery of physical barrier at the edge of the solar system.
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11 Nov 2019



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Comentários 80
BigDawg Cleveland
BigDawg Cleveland 5 horas atrás
Maybe the edges of the "Lake of Fire"? Mentioned in the Bible? God's creation is way beyond the limited minds of us earthlings. WAY above our knowledge, intellect, intelligence, it would be like comparing the mind of man to lets say a fish. ha ha
Matt J
Matt J 6 horas atrás
I dont believe any of this bullshit. The earth is flat. Wake up!
Knowledge Speaks Wisdom Listens!
WOW!...that's sooooo boring!!!
Heads Mess
Heads Mess 9 horas atrás
Somewhere a career advisor is shaking his head in disbelief... "i wanna be an analyser for voyagerII data!☺
Jessica Opal
Jessica Opal 10 horas atrás
Like I didn't want to die enough already 😔
jerryandersmiththe3rd 10 horas atrás
Why would anyone BELIEVE this??! 😭😭🤣🤣🤣
James R Cole II
James R Cole II 12 horas atrás
first off you can not say that. when both Voyager 1 and 2 were sent up the first statement on how long it would take to make it outside of our system would take over 100 years. it did it in 40 + years. we do not know what is outside of the heliopause. just outside could be a planet. just on the other side of the Oort cloud could be the first signs of life. we don't know. if you are going to be in the field, you must accept all ideals. just like one of mine I have and have had for a very long time. what if, the heliosphere does the same as a planet. what if there is a giant star that the heliosphere orbits around like earth does with the sun. it would also explain why the sun does what it does every 11 years. here is what I mean. Most astronomers seem to think that all planets sit in the same goldilocks zone. no, they do not. it depends on the sun in the solar system. if the sun is hotter than our sun, the zone will be further out. if it is colder than our sun it will be closer. each planet lives and dies just like all life. so even mercury could of look like earth a few million of years. we don't know. that is why we explore. my ideals could be wrong, they could also be right. you have to look at all details. most of the space can be explained by just looking around here on earth. the heliosphere could be just like a big planet circling its sun. it could just be a vacuum that moves that we got stuck in as we pass through. many of ideals, many of things to think about. we all need to say it could be a lot more than it is or that's what it is. we get it wrong too many times it like crying wolf. after a while, no one will listen.
sparkynm156 13 horas atrás
This is what should be talked about throughout the days, real news , something without an agenda, educational , A Wonderful Person , who makes our Lives Better from him just having Been..
Joseph F
Joseph F 14 horas atrás
hit the bell because he described the crane-like attachment
VocalEdgeTV 14 horas atrás
I love your voice.
Memitim 15 horas atrás
I reckon you could send a Honda C90 to pluto and back and it would still run :D
zZbaylessZz 19 horas atrás
"f*CK science class" *gets this recommended* "ohhh, yes go on"
les goss
les goss 20 horas atrás
You can make up any fairy tale you wish cause no one will be able to disprove it. Personally, I believe there is a great pool of cherry jell-o at the edge of the universe.
strangerhythm 21 hora atrás
For what its worth, I have been using the same alarm clock since 1987 (GE electric clock radio)
Jyral Nadreth
Jyral Nadreth 22 horas atrás
Voyager Probes are awesome
Rick Beam is always right
Lmao 😂 space !! Stupid.
Mike Sanchez
Mike Sanchez Dia atrás
Wonder if newer voyagers will be set out with better stuff newer tech and all mabye faster lol
NoX2Dream Odie
NoX2Dream Odie Dia atrás
This could be the Great Filter that we must overcome to advance.
Isaac Price
Isaac Price Dia atrás
So, what I gathered lol...The heliosheath reacts much the same way as metal when its heated and cooled, it contracts and expands. So the sheath reacts with the active periods of our sun, thats interesting. So this should tell us a few things ( I'm only in 7:57 of the video) 1) said the Voyager probe left the solar system and detected these anomalies. 2) So if we received information back from the probe that quickly, is our solar system as large as what we thought. 3) Let's face it in order to transmit we would have to match the wave length of the surrounding space, which in einstein's theory of relativity in a spacial frame says that space distorts basically all wavelengths hence wave length shift. Any astronomer will tell you the wavelength will actually stretch shift from say red to blue. I know that's imagining.
here's my opinion
I'd rather live an earthly 100 years and die and go to heaven. Than to live an eternity as a human in space lmao.
Roger Brown
Roger Brown Dia atrás
I have a Panasonic electric pencil sharpener that is as old as the probes and still works.
Glenn Magnussen
Glenn Magnussen Dia atrás
The Bible says, God is a wall of fire protecting us from our enemies. Anyone who passed through it will be consumed.
Erik Wiggers
Erik Wiggers Dia atrás
No no, if you can bend light, de distance become shorter. And a blackhole will take you to another solarsystem, within a flash😂😂
smegskull Dia atrás
Wow. My magnovox run 1 is older than voyager 1... Cool.
Jonathan Short
Jonathan Short Dia atrás
Aien:Commander we found a golden disk on an unknown alien devise. Comander:What do it's markings mean. Alien: Sir no idea sir.
Kassandra Odessa
Kassandra Odessa Dia atrás
The shield q put up to protect the galactic core
Hermaeus Mora
Hermaeus Mora Dia atrás
Almost as if we're... In a Bubble.
Katherine Butz
Katherine Butz Dia atrás
Burning fire wow isn't this interesting, isn't this the way the earth going to be destroyed wow I hope everyone knows and loves and accepts Jesus Christ for their Savior Jesus Christ coming back, repent ask him for forgiveness be ready You know it's going to happen
Work Phone4
Work Phone4 Dia atrás
KimJongWins Dia atrás
Imagine if it was stopping more than just radiation..... creatures in the void
Loki Nakor
Loki Nakor Dia atrás
Maybe we should just figure out how to train tardigrades so they could pilot the space vehicles and make a return voyage lol
Loki Nakor
Loki Nakor Dia atrás
Computers in space... I guess overheating probably isn't a problem. LMAO
Bill Demich
Bill Demich Dia atrás
People still think these are flying around "space" transmitting signals back to earth so Anton can tell you about it? Wow.
Ken Tague
Ken Tague Dia atrás
I just want to know what type of atom we make up, and are we part of a living cell or an inanimate object...
BigmacSmallFries 2 dias atrás
the flat earth people now are now flat solar systemers cause there is a wall of fire
João de Carvalho
João de Carvalho 2 dias atrás
NASA calls their astronauts explorers. The Voyagers are explorers. Juno is an explorer. Their astronauts are more like entertainers.
roshie brothers
roshie brothers 2 dias atrás
No wonder we are still in a simulation they can’t break the fire wall
thrasherbuddy1 2 dias atrás
My 30gig video Ipod still works😁
Colin Hart
Colin Hart 2 dias atrás
I wonder if the gold disc contains sounds of one of our most familiar traits?... war. Let's hope not
Highgonejhin 2 dias atrás
Wow great video, getting harder and harder to find videos that teach me new basic concepts of space, heliosphere is cool to learn about
Clay thomas
Clay thomas 2 dias atrás
Does any real educated people actually believe what NASA says anymore ?
James Dennis
James Dennis 2 dias atrás
What is a black hole? Is it an actual hole in space or is it just a planet so dark because its gravity so dense?
Black Broly
Black Broly 2 dias atrás
I love your content but your voice is so boring
Dick Brazen
Dick Brazen 2 dias atrás
Holy shit does that suggest that the entire galaxy and maybe universe might be magnetically aligned?
forrest gump V
forrest gump V 2 dias atrás
I presume it burned up then, or you are spreading BS.
Charles Mcwhirter
Charles Mcwhirter 2 dias atrás
Just Me
Just Me 2 dias atrás
So...Hell is on the outer edge of Heaven. Would that be like the slum areas of a big city?
Ken P
Ken P 2 dias atrás
The Great Barrier - That's why God needs a Star Ship
Zorni 2 dias atrás
Prison Planet? Or maybe no material life should ever leave their system?
CharlesM1957 2 dias atrás
Hmm ... I'm wonderful. He doesn't know me very well. I appreciate the compliment just the same.
Shane Powers
Shane Powers 3 dias atrás
The firewall may be made from the radiation that it protects us from.
William Farber
William Farber 3 dias atrás
Hilarious. Voyager 2 is in a museum. Do people really believe these ridiculous stories-iPhones shut down hiking in the desert and still lose signals in various places, but this 70’s tech can survive everything and communicate billions and billions of miles away decades after their planned life. Bullshit.
YahsGurL7 3 dias atrás
Omg firewalls are real !!!!
Michael Lange
Michael Lange 3 dias atrás
light years boy; time really does fly
Mike M.S.
Mike M.S. 3 dias atrás
Anton, Being a Physicist myself I really appreciate your channel and work. Truly remarkable. Keep it going.
Arbiter Of Reason
Arbiter Of Reason 3 dias atrás
Even if something found the golden disc, They'd never be able to use it to find earth.
Alton Weston
Alton Weston 3 dias atrás
Nothing can come in nothing can get out
Alton Weston
Alton Weston 3 dias atrás
It's not a good ideal to tell others were you are especially if there intentions are hostile
As Above So Below
As Above So Below 3 dias atrás
Back in the day, things really were made to last
D2DAJIZZELLE 3 dias atrás
Whats producing the oxygen to fuel the fire? Maybe there's a fuckoff big tree at the edge of the solar system aswell
LeoxSevered 3 dias atrás
Wouldnt that golden record be hopelessly irradiated for hundreds of years
Marko Cassidy
Marko Cassidy 3 dias atrás
Really! A firewall in space? There is no space! Find the truth people! All scientist are science fiction writers.
Ja Ve
Ja Ve 3 dias atrás
So there might be something like this outside the galaxy
Michael Mullin
Michael Mullin 3 dias atrás
Just found this channel. Really enjoyed it!
awesomeatronik 3 dias atrás
Not gonna lie thought this was going to be about star trek.
sabin97 3 dias atrás
not to be a nitpicky asshole, but shouldnt that be a fire shell instead of a firewall?
Sean Gust
Sean Gust 3 dias atrás
Ooooooookkkkk? Giant fire walls are commonplace but God isn’t among the scientific community. What happened to not having oxygen in space.. I think we all know what fire requires to burn lol
Random Xenomorph With Wifi
*Fun Fact:* Blind Willie Johnson made a song called "Dark was the night". It was song about loneliness, as he died when he was 40, blind, homeless, alone and in poverty in the remains of his burnt down home. His song is on the Golden Disk, on voyager 1. All alone... in space.
Alec Fleming
Alec Fleming 18 horas atrás
It was chosen, because if you observe the raw facts of average life, you'll find this pattern repeated over and over again. He was one of the world's first best song writers of the modern age. He really captured the essence of our life, as men/man.
Emmanuel Bernard
Emmanuel Bernard 3 dias atrás
The solar system is flat
49ccMoped World
49ccMoped World 3 dias atrás
I got an organiser, sort of a smart calculator and agenda in-one from the eighties with 3k memory... It still works hahah
Randy HUTCHINSON 3 dias atrás
Hello wonderful Anton this is person
Emma Peel
Emma Peel 3 dias atrás
Interestingly I hate math, but love science, and I’ve just discovered your page. So now I’m going to listen to your soothing Saganesque voice, cool hyperrealistic videos, and enjoy science at a level I don’t completely understand, but enjoy anyway💜
Paul Smuts
Paul Smuts 3 dias atrás
Paul Hetherington
Paul Hetherington 4 dias atrás
The sun burns-- in a no, oxygen system? It's another kind, of fire! HEDZCHERX-- He is, this revelation--interior out from. Greek-- speaks of, a man! Hetero-- Yes! Sun=heteronx. 98degF!
Noneya Biz
Noneya Biz 4 dias atrás
Yay for CGI, it brings a lie to life! Uni = One Verse = A spoken sentence Nice video with a nice host.
Teri Ross
Teri Ross 4 dias atrás
Sorry, ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! Wake the fu?k up!!! 42 years and not one but two spaceships are still working, untouched by anyone or anything for 4 decades!!! Really??? Really??? HILARIOUS!!!! 🤪
Dadpool Cpt Dadpool
Dadpool Cpt Dadpool 4 dias atrás
Oh S**T ! its Ming the Merciless :P
GlassyJasses _
GlassyJasses _ 4 dias atrás
This was a nice video
bad-atty-2d 4 dias atrás
cant get a cel to work 300 miles without a land based repeater but can send a micro burst from 42 years ago and get it and a great Jpeg image ,,,fn FALSE
Floyd Thompson
Floyd Thompson 4 dias atrás
He is lying to you people. There is nothing out there . Y’all believe all there bs no matter what .
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