Vortex Legends GRAND FINALS - Zoo (Batman) vs Chavo (Finn) MultiVersus Tournament 

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Offline Multiversus Tournament
Venue: Vortex Reborn
Address: 156 Meriden Rd Waterbury, CT 06705 -- Watch live at / ajax_hq


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20 Jul 2022



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@KalmAM Anos atrás
Dude this game is not even out of the beta and it’s already one of the most fun games to play and watch.
@Arcullius Anos atrás
Not 2v2s💀
@AJAXHQ Anos atrás
@@Arcullius we will be doing both
@Laguna_Blues Anos atrás
This poor guy hasn't discovered smash yet, 1 like 1 prayer.
@redsun7223 Anos atrás
@@Laguna_Blues Both can be good
@Player-jh4ko Anos atrás
@@Laguna_Blues Umm you do realize people can like other fighting games other than Smash. Also how do you even know that this person haven't even heard of Smash bros before?
@frankhunter8703 Anos atrás
I love how they say nerf Batman when he is one of the most balanced in the roster yet finn has been busted since the technical tests
@Dylbuilds Anos atrás
Bro Finn is my main so I’m hoping they don’t nerf
@theobishop5835 Anos atrás
Batman and Finn are both broken, there is a reason nearly 1/3 of the 1v1 leaderboard is all Batman
@derphanlol3634 Anos atrás
@@theobishop5835 Batman’s not busted, he’s got a good combo game but he struggles to kill almost to a ridiculous degree. As for Finn…well I can’t make an opinion on him, I haven’t even fought him online more than once. The REAL busted characters are Jake and Taz
@theobishop5835 Anos atrás
@@derphanlol3634 if you think he struggles to kill I genuinely think u must be low rank, he can gimp so easily and zone when off stage with his batarang, also with weakness stacks it makes it incredibly easy to kill with up sig, and cuz his dair has so much force it’s an insane gimp tool
@theobishop5835 Anos atrás
@@derphanlol3634 also on the jake and taz, taz isn’t that great except for the tornado which is really not hard to counter, and jake really isn’t that great you probably just don’t understand how to punish his sairs and side sigs
@sotruem8 Anos atrás
finn is so damn op it's ridiculous. every finn's special moves are good, not to mention his tp and he can move while charging his attacks
@eattrees9413 Anos atrás
@@exetone Nah. He's actually insane. Even top player's tier lists are putting him at top 3
@beidousimp1639 Anos atrás
Bugs is more broken than that
@sotruem8 Anos atrás
@@beidousimp1639 true
@TC7-Thecomplex7 Anos atrás
Anime swordsman smh
@derphanlol3634 Anos atrás
@@beidousimp1639 Try Taz and Jake
@koldobika_ Anos atrás
High damage, huge hit boxes, low risk, heaviest assassin in the game, multiple projectile deflection/blocking, insanely small punish windows, melee attacks with the longest reach in the game, unlimited speed and defence increases per stock, teleportation (please note that Arya’s dagger has a cooldown and disappears after a few seconds), most of his moves auto combo with ease and one of the highest kill potentials with any move. Definitely Finn is very OP and he doesn’t have a single bad move
@sirchris6047 Anos atrás
No projectile is an issue in 2s, gotta remember this game is balanced for 2v2
@muzzypwnyou Anos atrás
Yea Finn is legit such a problem. very low skill floor/ceiling with him
@carvelwalker9774 Anos atrás
I agree kind sir 5
@2sonicdx Anos atrás
@@muzzypwnyou the whole game is like that lmao no way people can take this game seriously
@attackontyrus7318 Anos atrás
The way batman came running out of the smoke at 7:48 🤣
@yousefqasrawi2073 Anos atrás
Reminds of how Robert Pattinson ran in the Batman after punching commissioner Gordon 😂
@robertowolf2463 Anos atrás
@araven7741 Anos atrás
I know finn’s pov was Terrifying
@attackontyrus7318 Anos atrás
@@yousefqasrawi2073 😂
@czikkanhardt4750 Anos atrás
When I saw him come out like that, I said, "Finn! RUN!"
@hugzzz5695 Anos atrás
I remember playing smash as a kid and being able to play a game that reminds me of that without being a copy, with cool heroes and for free ! Really enjoyable ! Can't wait to see more Warner"s heroes :)
@MrMister681 Anos atrás
I'm surprised he never used Finn's buy/shop move, I expected it to be what defines the character. I guess it's more useful for 2v2, especially since you have less opportunities to buy during a 1v1.
@ConnardYulie Anos atrás
He did though? Boots of speed. You can tell cause of the wind effect.
@JoshDoes Anos atrás
Hard to have time to buy safely in a 1v1 against other pros
@sipp8741 Anos atrás
@@JoshDoes yeah you basically just have to give up offstage pressure or spam buy boots of speed
@pescator Anos atrás
the more money u have the more damage the bag swing does, so maybe its because of that
@alternateaqua Anos atrás
1:30 That was a insane transition lmao. Great commentary
@vic987 Anos atrás
Watching Finn for the first time and I can already tell this character is busted. His moves had no recovery time and he's fast as hell.
@swivft60 Anos atrás
Well batman is more busted
@trkrownn Anos atrás
@@swivft60 no he isnt
@timbolimbo4968 Anos atrás
@@trkrownn yes he is
@GhostedGamer Anos atrás
@@timbolimbo4968 not even close to being as busted as finn
@Madchemist002 Anos atrás
@@swivft60 You've just been commenting that batman is op on almost every single comment chain. The thing with batman is that the player has to work to be effective, Finn is just too easy to pull crazy combos and damage off with.
@VADORANT Anos atrás
you can see counter play for batarang by chavo, destroying, reflecting, avoiding batarangs, throwing the gem to trade.
@AJAXHQ Anos atrás
He has fought me and Zoo alot he knows the issue and how to solve it
@VADORANT Anos atrás
@@AJAXHQ yea i feel a lot of ppl complaining about batarang too early, just need time an MU knowledge. in closed alpha he was consensus weakest char so not many players played him therefore ppl didn't get good practice against batman a week or two ppl should figure out to dodge, destroy, reflect, counter pick, use perks to negate batarng. just my 2 cents
@@VADORANT how does he throw the orb so far and fast, everytime i try my finn just tosses it to his feet
@8minato Anos atrás
As a bat main Finn is my worst match up so far his range is insane and always hits me first.
@skzxox6900 Anos atrás
i think finn is everyone’s worst match up i cant event contest decent finn players with jake who has range 🥲
@koldobika_ Anos atrás
Nobody outranges Finn, nor even projectile characters. It’s absurd
@8minato Anos atrás
@@koldobika_ yea he had way to much speed and range it’s to much and his charge attacks do like 10 percent
@xanander4693 Anos atrás
The game is still pretty new so I’m not sure what youre dealing with is a mu thing or just the fact the meta is barely developed.
@user-sx4qu4dz9z Anos atrás
@@skzxox6900 Jesus man Finn and Jake combo is crazy
@RichyTheLegit Anos atrás
People sleep on Ayra because they think she's just a ground character. She's considered an expert character because she's literally the top tier juggler, if you know how to use her. -Dagger them -melee floor to air combo -up special attack (if hit, Ayra will automatically zoom to them) -follow up with up or down air combo -Now zoom to Dagger for additional/final damge *Always a 45 hp drain if done properly* -House Of Wolves
@tyrekepadgett8426 Anos atrás
she is soooo slept on, super difficult to play but once you figure it out you're unstoppable
@WholesomeCureShow Anos atrás
More tournaments please, this game is hella fun
@AJAXHQ Anos atrás
We have side event today and full weekly starting 2morrow for both 1v1s and 2v2s
@Rocketshoes Anos atrás
@@AJAXHQ nice
@wyrmbuster Anos atrás
I like the amount of support this game has from fans and company. I really hope it does well from here on out. Because just like standard fighting games have multiple popular fighting titles I think platform fighters should have multiple popular titles. WB may be shit at making movies but the marketing on their games are pretty goated.
@shawcampbell6326 Anos atrás
bro tell me how games are already this exciting AND visually easy to understand?
@AJAXHQ Anos atrás
It's an incredible game already I love the potential future here
@drdepression4605 Anos atrás
Visually easy to understand??? You must play brawlhalla cuz both games look like a mashfest to me
@@drdepression4605 Brawlhalla is deffo easy to understand at first glance. It's not easy to figure how HOW moves are done in that game just by watching a couple of times but it's simple to follow. I agree this game is a bit hard to watch tho. In the sense that a lot of times I don't know what's going on
@Bongetta Anos atrás
Because this is MULTIVERSUS!
@TheSackersLounge Anos atrás
@@dreamcastdazia4753 this isn’t brawlhalla
@armandoc2584 Anos atrás
Finn is so broken lol that Batman was playing his ass off
@ThereIsNoSpoon678 Anos atrás
And I thought Smash was an insane cross over game. Now we got Batman fighting Finn the Human.
@nigelcrits Anos atrás
Unfortunately nintendo is trash these days. They need to open their ecosphere.
@_sick5_481 Anos atrás
I’m suprised people agreed on a tournament already we need some balances for some of these characters
Which characters?
@destroyugi Anos atrás
@@dagingerbreadman70 batman
@tjknight Anos atrás
Literally the most balanced fighting game I've played lol
@_sick5_481 Anos atrás
@@tjknight must not play a lot then
@_sick5_481 Anos atrás
@@dagingerbreadman70 right now iron giants cannon ball, taz tornado, shaggy side kick, some people are saying Batman . I don’t care what sweat says their balanced the game isn’t fully balanced rn
@eviltom8783 Anos atrás
I really enjoyed the commentary. Good job guys!
@trkrownn Anos atrás
bro Finn is ridiculous, like if u don't think he needs a nerf ur trippin big time 💀
@montanamaxx3824 Anos atrás
@GhostedGamer Anos atrás
@cisco8237 Anos atrás
Facts he is so broken you can’t dodge his attacks for nothing they got too much priority even over tank class characters
@GhostedGamer Anos atrás
@@cisco8237 fr
@TwiejkVR Anos atrás
"what a read" the man is litterly doing the up special whenever batman is within 2000 meters radius. finn is able to pull you in from another country.
@mykephoon5836 Anos atrás
First time seeing comp play. I had no idea you could catch your teleport as Finn
@savvyvii1377 Anos atrás
This is my first time watching high level gameplay and before I saw this I felt like this game felt way to floaty but watching this vid doesn’t make the game actually look that floaty Also thinking about the way a platform fighter feels makes me think about how god-like Rivals of Aether 2 will feel
@batsparentsdied Anos atrás
"High level" the game just came out lmao just because you put someone on a platform don't make it high level lmao
@MrBatsYT Anos atrás
@@batsparentsdied Hey genius, there's a leaderboard! I'm close to the top of it! Top 700 in 1v1s top 2k in duos, top 60 Iron Giant.
@@MrBatsYT I promise you nobody is impressed
@MrBatsYT Anos atrás
@@ioffendedyoudidnti4784 It's not about impressing people, it's about views and interaction ;) thanks for playing Nobody cares about anything.
@dillyboyq4426 Anos atrás
LeBron comes out tomorrow & man this game could be something special! Already so much fun without having ranked yet!
@321tiempo3 Anos atrás
So you are telling me that i can beat the sht out Lebron. It's time to get this game
@finr0y Anos atrás
you guys i played as ultra instinct uncle shaggy and killed lebron multiple times yesterday this game is something different
@@321tiempo3 I’m getting this game just so I can dunk on all with with LeGoat
@WolfOfCenterSt Anos atrás
@@finr0y change your color to purple and play as god of destruction shaggy lol
@jxan_yt3471 Anos atrás
This game was very satisfying for me when the batman won the game that was insane
@sashimiwolf Anos atrás
Being able to catch people in those side special through bait and keeping distance to just go in for great side combos off edge or above stage with Finn is something beautiful. It reminds me of what I always wanted Link from smash to be. Along being from one of the best cartoons to exist (one of I say), I will use him even if he was nerfed to the ground.
If Finn's frames are going to be this crazy he should be the lightest character in the game.
@TheMonkeydela Anos atrás
I'm liking Finn, still very lost at lvl 8 but the mashing is getting more focused.
@boookythegod Anos atrás
Up+Special is the spin backpack Side+Special is a shoulder dash Down+Special on ground is the store And Down+Special in air throws the orb you can press side+special to teleport to
@ViIgax Anos atrás
Pretty awesome game. I’m maining Bats since I’m a huge fan of him.
@theogpadilla9932 Anos atrás
same lol
@skycalvo451 Anos atrás
TNice tutorials was honestly so helpful. I’ve been working around soft, whether it be church, singing in a band, or theatre for most of my life so tNice tutorials
@vipersvenom2145 Anos atrás
So I was thinking damn he’s good… He’s playing Finn
@olaola945 11 meses atrás
Finn es de los personajes más rotos, casi todos sus ataques rompen armadura y es un matón que puede romper proyectiles, teletransportarse y aventar algunos proyectiles, además de que deja cargados algunos ataques que te pueden tirar hacia arriba o hacia abajo Batman solo tiene un batarang, una bomba adhesiva, una bomba de humo y un gancho, lo que si ayuda es que es rápido y puede planear
@pokejam1165 Anos atrás
My boy Chavo dominating!
@callmeo5104 Anos atrás
Let me telll y’all if you haven’t played this, this game is seriously fun
@ronaaron5844 Anos atrás
but u have to get good at it first this gane is so easy to suck at
@capolean2902 Anos atrás
@@ronaaron5844 lol it wasn’t for me i think the game would be easy for anyone if they pick it up especially since all characters are unlocked in training and u can run custom games wit friends
@Im_SSJay Anos atrás
@@ronaaron5844 nah, especially if you come from smash/brawlhalla, its very easy Just kinda annoying with things
@JoshDoes Anos atrás
@Ron Aaron lmaoo not really
@plebbers8799 Anos atrás
@@capolean2902 As soon as you start winning games at level 4 you get paired against level 15
@dglaboratory1134 Anos atrás
Could you guys show the perks that the players use when they're fighting?
@thundertrps4905 Anos atrás
2vs2 might be weird to watch, but damnnn 3 stocks 1vs1 on Multiversus is cool to watch !
@LITGOD824 Anos atrás
2v2 is the actual way the game is intended to be played though, it’s super fun
@loudmein6591 Anos atrás
Zoo choked so hard the second game. Why would you go towards the wall that is literally one of the only ways he could have lost that
@JoshDoes Anos atrás
Yeah he totally droned out .
@sealed_fate2186 Anos atrás
zoo made such a huge clutch
@MaximumCarter Anos atrás
Just played this for a few hours with some friends and we had a blast!
@vrcage5755 Anos atrás
Finn is too honest
@TheZexal Anos atrás
God I hope they add Marceline to this game. Or even any other Adventure Time rep
@TheZexal Anos atrás
@@scrollingthru45 that line up would be so fire but we'll probably never get it sadly. Huntress Wizard would be so sick
@TheZexal Anos atrás
@@scrollingthru45 dude don't give me this much hope lol. I'm happy enough that Finn is this much fun to play
@majesticmo5048 Anos atrás
@@TheZexal while we are at it, gimme some regular show and gumball characters as well. Can't have adventure time without the other two
@MaximumCarter Anos atrás
@@majesticmo5048 I was just gonna say this... I need Regular Show plz 🙏
@xaefronto3954 Anos atrás
I’m not gonna lie this game is cool and the characters are unique because you wouldn’t typically see them and the gameplay looks smooth but it still feels too much like smash bros🤕🤷🏾‍♂️
@NXIV__1 Anos atrás
Wait this is what I like a game that becomes straight competitive
@SmilePecoSmile Anos atrás
Their movement is crazy. I gotta grind.
0:44 epic Finn combo
@rk9515 Anos atrás
How are people moving this well in-game and these combos geeze.
@AJAXHQ Anos atrás
We have been playing since Alpha Test 1
@FerousFolly Anos atrás
first tourney and grands is a reverse 3-0 watching this game is gonna be good
@joshuaortega7460 Anos atrás
This is such a fun matchup
@quinndepatten4442 Anos atrás
The game feel is cartoonish. Its floaty, yet very snappy and dynamic. Very different to smash or nick in that regard. First time watching high level gameplay. I really want to get my hands on it now. I just wish i could get it on switch.
@abrogaming5976 Anos atrás
It really reminds me of smash 4, but it takes elements from all the big platform fighters
@JoshDoes Anos atrás
Better on PC and other stronger consoles. Finally smoother online connection unlike smash bros
@abrogaming5976 Anos atrás
@@JoshDoes def. The online is on par with rivals of aether before rivals had rollback.
@bmallen87 Anos atrás
Did anyone catch which skills are equipped for Finn?
@GigachadII Anos atrás
Man this reminds me so much of brawlhalla I remember seeing pros play on a really similar map
@Solidsnake724 Anos atrás
I love this game. They nailed the characters designs and animations.
@dirty56ace Anos atrás
I've been debating whether or not to buy this game , it looks fun & for the most part all there of course besides new characters.
@GoroMode Anos atrás
The game is free to play!
@vegeta2998 Anos atrás
@@GoroMode I cannot find it free. I see it in psn but for a price on it
@GoroMode Anos atrás
@@vegeta2998 You have been checking the founder packs. Those only cost money, the base game has a ps4&ps5 version for free since last night as the open beta has now started.
@zo0m524 Anos atrás
Its a free game
@dirty56ace Anos atrás
@@GoroMode Thank you , I downloaded it a couple days ago just haven't really played. I did some practice on hard to get the hang of it before I throw myself in with the sharks , lol.
@MrEt894 Anos atrás
Zoo looks like a Batman player and Chavo looks like a Finn player lmao
@Mega-mangX Anos atrás
Batman player read wrong and missed a lot of opportunities. Finn is def great. I think if Batman had a bit more hitbox in his toolkit he would be a beast.
@ConnardYulie Anos atrás
He just needs better kill confirm moves. His uppercut is the only good kill confirm.a
@swivft60 Anos atrás
No he needs nerfs if u play 1v1s in this game u will know batman is the most unskilled broken character in the game
@jaimealvarez1623 Anos atrás
@@swivft60 no jajaj
@oslrlss8666 Anos atrás
@@swivft60 bro you are going comment to comment seething about batman
@swivft60 Anos atrás
@@oslrlss8666 ye lol at the time i had lost to a batman and I was really pissed haha
@r9ue Anos atrás
I played some Finn players online and they play so unga 😭. This man Finn was everywhere. i was fighting for my life tryna win (I did win but i got stomped my first stock every time)
@arnoldjones2435 Anos atrás
There’s tournaments already!? I need to step my game up with Arya.
The crowd goes wild
@yochanan2661 Anos atrás
Bro I sware I have not lost a game with Finn dude is just to op fr fr
@btw.brandonnn4678 Anos atrás
how did he throw finn’s gem teleport so far
@pawlstothewall Anos atrás
You just catch and throw the gem the moment it comes out. Press down special, then attack to catch the gem before it starts moving away, then throw it by aiming in the direction you want to throw then press attack.
@tauvolantian398 Anos atrás
As a Batman player I can say that Finn is the worst matchup for him, he negates most of his setups.
@ages9105 Anos atrás
Really? I was struggling to get in on Batman because of his porjectiles and he could close the distance on me with his grappling. As long as I can get in and constantly apply pressure, I can keep him from doing that
@JV3500 Anos atrás
@@ages9105 Batman struggles against Finn bc Finn outranges him with his sword, also his air up special makes Batman have to be more careful since he’s constantly in the air too, plus Finn has crazy movement and you can just dodge Batman when he tries to grapple in, also Finn’s side special and booty armor choice in his shop can block the batarangs
@SolidSnake240 Anos atrás
I guess I haven't fought any really good Finn players cuz I thrashed every one I've fought so far.
@ages9105 Anos atrás
@@SolidSnake240 I usually just agro any Batman player so he can't use his projectiles on me. It really effective but I can't say for sure since majority of my Batman incounters I'm usually laggying
@tauvolantian398 Anos atrás
Grapple is literally the easiest thing to dodge in the game and is highly punishable, I never use it in neutral. Most of his attacks come out faster and with more range than batmans as well.
@mistersandman94 Anos atrás
i hope they go the dota route and make everyone really strong
@JoshDoes Anos atrás
I think I legitimately could have competed and won in this
@rosestrohm7986 Anos atrás
I hope singles isn't gonna be the dominating format in competitive. This game was designed for doubles and it really shows. Some characters kinda suck in singles like reindog, when they're a lot better in doubles
@user-sx4qu4dz9z Anos atrás
Def won’t. There’s actual merit in playing with Duos, stacking perks and coop abilities are great for those who enjoy doing their part in a team
@GGFOTN Anos atrás
I hope so too but to me 1v1 is easier to manage and set up so we'll probably only see 1v1
@flamingcat1101 Anos atrás
Reindog is probably the best support if you know how he works
@Janon743 Anos atrás
Eh, I think doubles is a selling point of the game but 1v1 is still just as important, note how some characters seem more geared towards 1s like Batman
@7dogguy Anos atrás
this game needs more hitstun holyshit you can airdodge out of anything
@lordr0ma301 Anos atrás
Finn carries so hard
@johnmaco Anos atrás
5:53 Nice hitbox
@lAristides Anos atrás
Batman against Finn is not a bad match
@jaggerscott9621 Anos atrás
This game is 🔥
@gguniverse3115 Anos atrás
Dude Jesus man the game isn’t even out yet and their already this good? Already tourneys????
@davidloza9316 Anos atrás
H9nestly this is the first game where I actually think I could beat the pros, aside from void
@Ro-Ghost Anos atrás
i doubt it but i like your enthusiasm
@future8601 Anos atrás
That Batman is a monster
@tyrenfox504 Anos atrás
Love that small tourney
@AJAXHQ Anos atrás
Only gonna grow bigger Got about 10 new players locally who are interested already this will be a very strong scene
@Furiac. Anos atrás
Locals already is so sick to see. I hope my smash locals are down to do a smash and a MVS bracket
@AJAXHQ Anos atrás
@@Furiac. I hope so and looking forward to seeing the competition it builds
@ekno3205 Anos atrás
How does the Finn throw the gem so quickly ?
@pawlstothewall Anos atrás
Down special > Instant Catch with attack button > Throw. It's really easy to do.
@ekno3205 Anos atrás
@@pawlstothewall ok thank you I knew you could grab and throw it but he does it so quickly that I couldn’t tell
@jolenecoda Anos atrás
This is so goooood!
@petetc5872 Anos atrás
15:12 gasps of true fear
@p_szn1883 Anos atrás
Dang my guy chavo got reversed swept even though they kept it close
@ggloitergg Anos atrás
Fin is so free thats crazy gonna unlock him and bugs bunny soon
@roninamok2477 Anos atrás
finn needs major nerfs to his hitboxes and recovery frames
@shun8104 Anos atrás
I know game was designed for 2v2 but I hope 1v1 will be a relevant format.
@DizzyHempstead516 Anos atrás
Im still mad they nerfed my boy tazz lol they have to have more characters this game is fun just wish i knew which perks to use
I knew this day would come
@solarbotv2789 Anos atrás
This game is so fun Rn I’m a hard Harley main I haven’t played anything else😭so idk but Harley is mad fun
@NitroVsWorld Anos atrás
This is like Brawlhalla and Smash Bros in one
@nacho__063 Anos atrás
with awesome characters loved by everyone
@groudon2006 Anos atrás
So far Finn Taz and Iron Giant are probably the cheapest characters to main, you just press buttons and they pretty get away with anything
@judahwhiddon4245 Anos atrás
Don’t forget Superman bro
@GhostedGamer Anos atrás
@@judahwhiddon4245 you must be new if you think superman is broken lol
@chasewilliams5048 Anos atrás
I love how all the setups in the back are just smash ultimate LOL way to support your favorite smash game
@retierashia Anos atrás
Batman and Finn are my favs
@dalynnbanks713 Anos atrás
How are there so many pro/ great players and the game only been out for like two weeks I’m good at the game myself I feel like I should be up there too lol
@kasp3r_anon309 Anos atrás
Shit was intense 😂
@topperformer1201 Anos atrás
They gotta add Mordecai and rigby with some moves of death
@tsukune2910 Anos atrás
This game needs more hitstun
Yeah was kind of hopping higher level play would look more focused than what I see online but its still pretty new. Still dont really love how often people can just dash out of strings, hopefully it becomes more fun to watch and play and not feel so awkward, feels really hard to know youre going to stay in advantage state if you attack someone for long.
@nuibaba280 Anos atrás
Not at all. More hitstun would be broken in doubles.
@tsukune2910 Anos atrás
@@nuibaba280 doubles is not going to make this game last lol. All the interest is in 1v1 even tho the devs are pushing for doubles.
@nuibaba280 Anos atrás
@@tsukune2910 Yeah it will because there ARE people focusing on doubles and doubles is actually fun in this game. And the big tourneys for MVS are using doubles. Doubles is regarded as the game's strong suit and it's balanced around 2s and 2s only. You'll just have to suck it up.
@tsukune2910 Anos atrás
@@nuibaba280 you literally under a tournament of 1v1’s most other BRvid tournaments is 1v1 besides a few doubles that are mostly under this channel . People are making tier lists and most of them if not all specifically talk about where the characters place in a 1v1 setting. There have been MANY platform fighters and all of them have team battle support but the community STILL focuses on 1v1. There are so many guides on characters and combo guides all focusing on a 1v1 setting, People are already saying doubles looks way to chaotic to look at and it’s these comments under most vids. This game will lean more into the 1v1 like EVERY fighter. There is ONE big tournament coming up and that’s evo and that’s sponsored and conducted by the makers of the game and that’s why it’s doubles but most of the actual player base is speaking on singles while at the same time saying doubles Is hard to look at which is a death sentence for a spectator sport like fighting games. There are people below THIS video saying it’s hard to look at. You can like something and share some criticism lol. This game would look more fluid if it had more hitstun so you can have a longer advantage and disadvantage state and not dodge out of everything. I LIKE THIS GAME and I do really well in it but for the sake of looking more fluid and In control it needs more hitstun or this will be considered more a party game then smash ever was lol.
@solastrr1795 Anos atrás
Why does finn uses "Thats flameable doc!" as a perk?
@brandenr5937 Anos atrás
I absolutely love how these tournaments aren’t toxic like the neckbeard smash ones where they all screen and rage. These guys seem so chill
@AJAXHQ Anos atrás
We are all friends here that's why. Our community is about the grind and sure we talk shit but nothing personal. End of day just having fun.
@alkin4389 Anos atrás
Love it. Ssbm might have to go ftp
@dgayle2348 Anos atrás
I need that Yipes commentary tbh
@niftyjojoo1858 Anos atrás
Finn is so OP Batman is such a better player but Finn is OP
@andilex01 Anos atrás
I don't think these characters were designed for 1v1 tournies...
The need to nerf Finn alittle but same with Superman’s grab they need cooldown
@MEGAMAHN Anos atrás
these are very great characters in the game but I gotta say finn has better defenses against batman but if played with the right combo batman will have a huge advantage against him.
@Shaboops Anos atrás
Waterbury? I could have just driven over and seen this, there's like never any big events in CT.
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