visiting our childhood apt in south central! 

Elsy Guevara
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See you guys in my next bideooo!


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23 Jan 2023



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@crystallyvette Anos atrás
The fact that you grew up in my hood and your driving around it now after doing big things and not forgetting where you came from! I admire you!
@elsy_guevara Anos atrás
Thank you sm love 😭🫶🏼
@bangtan4342 5 meses atrás
@lesliegodinez7737 Anos atrás
I love how elsy mentioned their neighbor helped them and she gave back to her she’s so humble
@stacey8372 Anos atrás
She probably drank because she was in her feelings about her old apartment 🥹 she was remembering the struggle that she felt raising all her kids and knows y’all came a long way and she did so good proud of all you!
@JBABRB Anos atrás
Elsy, you came a long way from needing a little frozen microphone to hear you in the vlogs to you being loud now lol 😂😂😂 & thank you for sharing a big part of your childhood. It really does make you super grateful. And your mom was so cute saying hi to the camera
@elsy_guevara Anos atrás
You see me??🤣🤣 a new womannn lmaoo. But thank you sm for supporting and watching 🥹🫶🏼❤️
@JBABRB Anos atrás
@@elsy_guevara Ahh thank you so much for liking my comment and responding ❤️😭🥺I've been a supporter for a long time now but don't always comment.
@leslysoto6540 Anos atrás
I absolutely love you. Your honesty about your roots without being embarrassed.
@larosie6937 Anos atrás
Ahhhh not Elsy saying OUR like it’s still hers 😂😂 OUR kitchen, OUR cabinets 😂
@Itza_R992 Anos atrás
I think she only said that because it used to be theirs not trying to be mean
@elsy_guevara Anos atrás
LMAOOOO me still thinking I live there 😩😩🥺
@parkdaniel3980 Anos atrás
Damn yall are both fine 🙂
@efrieson87 Anos atrás
Omgggg I love and your family $jrmz32
@jenniferlopez7927 Anos atrás
The whole video was my favorite❤Being able to see where you and your family grew up. You are so nice to be able to go back and help a childhood friend, that’s so beautiful! Continue being the sweet person you are, you are literally an inspiration 🙏🏽 much love from a fellow cipota 🇸🇻💗
@elsy_guevara Anos atrás
Thank you sm love!! I really appreciate it 😭😩🫶🏼💗💗💗
@lindarivas8874 Anos atrás
Aww Elsy you literally brought back so many memories for me.. I went to both John Muir and Manual arts. Class of 2010… it’s always nice to come back and visit the place that created us.
@elsy_guevara Anos atrás
I had a lot of friends who also went to John Muir! How was it??🥳
@lindarivas8874 Anos atrás
@@elsy_guevara like any middle school in 2006. Lit school dances, fights and having cup of noodles during lunch. Good old times.
@raquelaguirre1291 Anos atrás
Trip down memory lane! Always the best to relive certain childhood memories ♥️
Girl you did it again, you inspire me! Your daughter is so lucky to have you as her mother. Keep being yourself never change and stay humble ❤️ my favorite part was when you went back to bless your neighbor, man 😢. Never forget where you came from 🫶🏽
@lettygarcia2520 Anos atrás
A lot of the times influencers are just glad to be out of the hood and forget where they come from . This just shows the humbleness with elsy and her family ❣️ APPRECIATE how caring you are and giving back . 14:13 “we were the poorest” & saying “I want to drive back and give back . I LOOOOVE !!!!😫 admire you more and more Everytime ! $ LETTYGARCIAAA
@vaness415 Anos atrás
So nice to see where you grew up and sweet of you for giving back!
@lupehernandez9388 Anos atrás
Yes Queen ELSY keep being humble and remember everyone who helped you out 🥹💜
@leslienavarro2586 Anos atrás
I loved the whole video because I can only imagine what went through your moms mind when she came to visit knowing she did everything on her own to raise you and your siblings and to where she’s at now ! ❤️ & how you girls turned out so successful!
@leslienavarro2586 Anos atrás
@christinej9080 Anos atrás
You come from "the struggle" but your destination is nothing but blessings. God really is giving you double for your trouble and you deserve it!!! You have such a good heart and baby E gets to see what a strong woman you are. She's going to be strong as well♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🏻🙏🏻
@charliejujubee133 Anos atrás
I legit died when Elsy says “I would need a legitimate reason to be looking for him!” 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂
@FASHIONGAL89 Anos atrás
Lmao I remember that Kool aid! That was my breakfast even when I was late, AND still went to the little store that's on the side where the Burger stand is to get my hot cheetos 🤣🤣..oh the memories🥲 ...that was so nice of you to give back to your old neighbor 😭😭🥰 still go to that tams/Tom's burger on Florence whenever I'm out there this video..memory lane for sure👌❤️
@dashingkaty Anos atrás
Oh my God I cried this entire video! I grew up on 41st St. across the street from elementary. I also went to Foshay learning center! I remember the dances in recess they were $.50 they were the shit! Oh my God the memories I loved it! Thanks for posting this!
@Angel.02.93 Anos atrás
So happy for you and your family, for how far you all have come!! 🥹❤❤❤
Love how humble you are and how you always represent south central .
@sandiil9279 Anos atrás
Thank you so much for sharing your childhood memories with us. I admire your humbleness and the love you have for your family 😊❤
@aprilcorona5809 Anos atrás
I'm here for it🥰 Love that you've come such a long way but remember your roots! You're such an amazing person and mama, an inspiration! Love you Elsy💜
Omg thank you elsy for always representing south centra LA 🥹 I also attended foshay and those dances felt like you were at the club 😂 La Flor Blanca is my favorite Salvadorian restaurant from this day! And I always go to salon next door been going there since I was little. May God bless you always for always giving back to the community 🫶🏼
@elsy_guevara Anos atrás
Yes ofc!! Always will 🫶🏼 & omg yes those pupusas are fire 😻
What a nice place, just all the memories you guys have. Elani will like this tour. This is a blessing.
Els I forever love you girl! Your so humble and loving! I really do wish you so much happiness babe you deserve it and more. Your authenticity really pull on my heart strings! 🤍
This one about to be a emotional one excited and here for it we love you guys so much 💕
@brigee9269 Anos atrás
When I heard Florence I’m like the Toms Jr!! Omg my all time childhood favorite spot. Their FRIES! 🤤 that taste is like a core memory ! 😋 I’ve been trying to stop by that spot for ever now . Who remembers their anniversary specials 0.50¢ drinks? Burger? With the sky beam lights … sigh 🥲
@jassurzua2440 Anos atrás
Ahhhhhh! I cried 🥲 I was raised in LA too but I moved to a whole new State at 18 and Haven’t really gone back since so this definitely hit home 🫶🏻❤️❤️ I love this video and how humble you and your family are!
@EyleneRamirez Anos atrás
Ehlani is starting to look alot like your mom or idk if it just meeeee🙂 It soooo crazy seeing where you guys grow up and where y’all are at now. I know you guys are so proud of how many accomplishment you guys done 💖💖 Wishing you many blessings for this year 2023 for you and your family❤ $Eyleneee
@elsy_guevara Anos atrás
Yesss I see it a little as well lol! Thank you sm love!! Wishing you nothing but the best for 2023!!🎉❤️
@savanahortega8648 Anos atrás
Its so refreshing to watch you Elsy, thank you for posting.
So amazing what you are doing Elsy despite all you have been through you keep pushing through and having such a beautiful pure heart ❤️ May God keep blessing you to bless others ❤
@bettymoran2439 Anos atrás
Elsy is soooooo humble🥰 I also went to Foshay😱 Y que viva El Salvador 🇸🇻
@monicasanchez2208 Anos atrás
This took me back to when I was little because I was also raised in South Central ❤ it’s always nice to go back and see the place that shaped you into who you are.
@Glitzyshinez Anos atrás
Your makeup is On point!! 👩‍🍳
Literally so happy to see you happy ! It really amazes me how loving and genuine you are 💗
@DassahMariee Anos atrás
That was so sweet of you to help your old neighbor❤
@BG-uc3dn Anos atrás
Such a beautiful moment to look back and reminisce on the old times and relive those memories. Even those times were hard for you guys had each other.❤️ You have such a beautiful family the fact that you all worked so hard to get where your at is amazing and inspiring 🥺🫶🏾 You’re so blessed that your mom gets to see you guys do big things. she looks so happy and proud 🥺 you came along way elsy and the fact that you are outspoken is beautiful and honestly I think it’s because now you have a daughter and have to be her voice , keep doing you and whoever’s reading this remember to keep your head up because bad times don’t last forever ❤️ $xPriincess
@emelyyy326 Anos atrás
This brings back sooo many memories, my eyes watered I am so proud of you Elsyy and your family ❤ love you always …
This video makes my heart so happy for you .. proud of your accomplishments girl u deserve all you successes..❤
@haninghan526 Anos atrás
Heyyyy elsyyy happppy Ur back girll!♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️
Goshhhh! I remember your old apartment we use to get ready before going to school in Hollywood 🤣 so many memories ! And the donut shop 😩 supper cool that you came back and came out to visit your family and blessed a mommy 💖
@estellaramirez4408 7 meses atrás
“Y’all got money nowwwww” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@valadezjane14 Anos atrás
Awww this is why I love you guys because you guys are so humble 🥺💖💖💖💖
@densiechung4427 Anos atrás
i love how humble you are 🥹
@marianes9763 Anos atrás
How excited to see this video because I went to Manual Arts too of course I'm way older than you 😆 but it was really emotional for me. Thank you! God bless you and Patty for what yall did for your neighbor 🙏🏻
@KoKo-cf6zs Anos atrás
Loves this!!! I think it's so cool to go back and cherish where you came from! I think it makes you appreciate where are you now more! ! ! Probably one of my favorite blogs for sure! 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼
I know those schools, & those malls!!! I still call it the fox hills mall, and go there all the time. This video is so cool! Happy new year Elsy! God Bless you, and your family
@evelynsantos3603 Anos atrás
Love how we are both from south central & omg I can’t believe we actually went to foshay together I was just a year older lol but I love how humble you are elsy! Going back & giving back to your neighbor as well 💓
@marymendez2366 Anos atrás
My favorite part was everything, God bless you Elsy. Happy New Year!
Ahhhh the memories! You was my middle school bestie fr fr. Got my first tattoo at Pattie’s boyfriend house at 12 years old!!! Omg the Foshay dances. 🥲 I love this video. Love you!!!! 💕💕💕💕
@SulmaStayWoke Anos atrás
So Real, So Raw. This is so dope!!!!!
Omg!! Watching this video brings back so many drunk memories with Pattie in the apartment 😂 them party days too! So many funny memories, Good times. And your mom, my hairspray. She was always such a sweetheart. I remember the time I got soo drunk and pattie told me to walk normal because your mom was awake. And I felt like I was walking like a zombie 😂 she told me to take a shower because I was so drunk 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
@Hana-pl2bk Anos atrás
Can we appreciate how good she looks ?!😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨❤️❤️ Ps sending lots of love all the way from Italy 💕💕💕
@naomiperez6046 Anos atrás
LOVED THIS VIDEO. Thank you for sharing with us❤
@avefam3223 Anos atrás
Mama Francis it’s nice to remember and say where you came from Elsy was so sweet helping your old neighbor 🙏 your mom is so pretty like this vlog god bless in all you do🙏😍💕
@btardoja0117 Anos atrás
Elsy is the manuel arts queen lol jk love the videos keep up the good work...
@vivianmateo4078 Anos atrás
Hey Elsy It’s always Amazing to see and relive the way You Experience everything again is Awesome ❤️😀🙌🏼❤️
@suzannefallin6715 Anos atrás
That was so cool! It’s awesome to go down memory lane! Thank you for sharing that with us! That was really just so heart warming to go back and give your neighbor money and you didn’t record. Because it wasn’t meant to be for views it was from the heart
@lesleyestradaa Anos atrás
Baby E looks just like you when you were little!!💗🥰
@felipagomez7335 Anos atrás
Wow that's so amazing for you to give back like that ❤️ and with good intentions.
@Giiselle.a Anos atrás
oh my gaaah i pass by la flor blanca & 24hr laundry mat everyday! on my way to work. it’s crazy how far you’ve gone, you deserve it all ❤. whenever you feel like life is getting hard, don’t worry it’ll get easier within time❤️.
@nicholaswong5086 Anos atrás
You must have had beautiful recollections of your old apartment 🙋🏻‍♂️🥺😢😭🥹🙌🏻❤💖🩷
@karenvsta4606 Anos atrás
I love this 💕💕 I was watching your video on my tv and my man was like man idk who she is but she’s so humble & dead ass love that about you
@itss.jazmin Anos atrás
I love that no matter how blessed you guys are🙏🏻 you still remember of the ones who helped you in hard times and now your helping them❤️ also how you guys respect that what you give them is between you guys, not social media👍🏻
@adrianna3032 Anos atrás
I always look forward to see your videos ❤
@xosusy 11 meses atrás
Such a beautiful soul and family ✨️🖤
@SM-bv7wh Anos atrás
I loooove real videos like this! BRvidrs need to be real like this. None of that fancy shit like literally just filming and showing real moments
@carolcheese8 Anos atrás
You should do a P2 checking the attic for old items. That would be fun and memorable! 🥰🥰🥰🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
@samanthaochoa4388 Anos atrás
1st here ! Can't wait to watch the whole video ! happy new year !
@brenda198729 Anos atrás
You brought me so much memories from John Muir to the donut shop to the best memories ever made manual arts. Lol thanks for this video
@kianaalexis5730 Anos atrás
Ehlani you look like mommy babbyyyy 😂💕 she looks just like elsy in the thumbnail too! Love this video and bringing it back to your childhood 🥹💗
@elchinoantrax3774 Anos atrás
This hood reminds me of when I first came into the states when I was 11 years old I just to live in a old house during winter the cold just to come inside from Avery where the floor was messed up we where like 4 people staying in a small room freezing 2 gas heaters and we still were freezing this was in north Texas 🙏🏻 stay humble always Elsy ❤️
@Sweetcandy152 Anos atrás
Elsy your bideos are the best, I enjoy them so much!💗🌿💐🌸
@andrearamirez1626 Anos atrás
This video gave me goosebumps manual arts day yoo! Ugh I miss highschool Hahaha the fights at the donut shop 😂😂😂😂
Omgg Elsy I’ve been watching your videos since when you started with Alo & I also grow up here in South Central . The best thing in this video is that you have a great heart ❤️ and the most thing I can’t not believe is that you came cross with my mom in the video with a Pink & Purple ice cream truck .. I work with her sometimes but I helped her paint 🎨 can’t believe you caught it on your video ..
@Saii.a Anos atrás
Love how far you’ve come Elsy . I remember how camera shy you were and now look at you THE CONFIDENCE ! ❤ Sending lots of love ! $SairaAndradee
@andrearamirez1626 Anos atrás
Them partys where LIT 🔥 😂😂😂
@Jorge-yg4nn Anos atrás
I feel like I’m watching a documentary, something I would definitely love to watch!❤
Happy new year’s beautiful wishing u and baby happiness good health more blessings and success ❤❤❤ god bless you and your baby girl
@imexisting11111 Anos atrás
@andrearamirez1626 Anos atrás
Dam amazing to see you go back and give back and just look back. 🥺♥️
@reynarobles5750 Anos atrás
Foshay has leveled up! I remember you from Manual days
@raysquiggz Anos atrás
Okay now I wanna know how her first love looked like 💀
@judithcoello7768 Anos atrás
Love this I do this with my husband a lot we drive by our old hood and remember when we were younger feels good and sad cuz years are flying by 😢
@liileutogi7934 Anos atrás
You've come such a long way girl your amazing
@grizzysanchez9178 Anos atrás
You made me miss south central 😢more than ever! So proud of you!! I miss taking the 105 to the Crenshaw mall on the weekends lol 🫶🏻
@stellagatica7922 Anos atrás
elsy you are so beautiful girl !! thats what always comes to my mind when i start your watching your vlogs !! i cant wait for part 2 when you take baby pablo when shes older ! thank you for the cruise to south central 💕 StellaGatica$
@faith_God Anos atrás
God bless you and your baby ❤️
@bestdressedliz Anos atrás
I love that you were able to go back to memory lane ❤
@nicholaswong5086 Anos atrás
Elsy you and sisters are beautiful 🙋🏻‍♂️🙌🏻❤
@dianaavila4658 Anos atrás
Ahhh elsy ! We grew up in the same neighborhood 😭😭 I went to John Muir and there was also a donut shop we would go to before school and the tams across the street 😭 I ALWAYS go back to my hood, girl you need to go to the alameda swap meet too it’s a must when I go 😭 I was in tears watching your video, I’m Mexican/Salvadorian so you ever want food recommendations I gotchuuu 🫶🏼 love you !
@marismo9986 Anos atrás
Love that ur humble 🤗much love from Dallas Txx 🤠🤗💕💃
@diary0fjen_ Anos atrás
take a shot every time Elsy says “this year” in the intro 😂❤ *shiiiii i am drunk lol jk
Loveeee this SCLA vlog ❤
LMAO your mom is such a vibe.
@lesliepantoja9325 Anos atrás
Love how open you are with showing us your life. It's a beautiful thing to see and hear how you grew up and give us a some insight on what it was like growing up for you. The struggles that you and your family went through definitely show how strong it made you all and that you will do anything to give the best for Ehlani to have special memories growing up as well. 🥰 $Leslieale7
@mrojas0889 Anos atrás
Wow you guys really started from the bottom. Congrats to you ladies 🤗👏 todo se puede!!
Not me forgetting I saw you around school when I attended manual an also Barlon is crazy how your now an influencer 💕 god bless you 😇
@carladuran4846 Anos atrás
The feelings that you get visiting old places that mean a lot is so beautiful 💕💕💕
nostalgia ❤
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