Violent George Floyd protests at CNN Center unfold live on TV

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CNN's Nick Valencia reports live from inside the CNN Center in Atlanta where demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd have turned violent.
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29 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
clinicalfish Hora atrás
gets shot with rubber, takes a tazer, keeps smashhing dat boy
Yoboy Poptart
Yoboy Poptart Hora atrás
It’s one thing that the police killed a person but it’s such a exaggeration the people are doing
DippingWithThe RevolvingShotty
The same ones bringing up MLk were cheering when when he was killed, or wanted to erase his memory/ holiday. Don't get mad, I'm only telling the truth. 🤷🏿‍♂️
Inferno Craves
Inferno Craves Hora atrás
Who else saw the girl throw the rock and miss lol
Jeramy Jay
Jeramy Jay Hora atrás
CNN is the enemy I hope you all get what you deserve for pushing for this violent divide in our country.
Steve H
Steve H Hora atrás
Tear gas is highly flammable they're sighs are on fire.
ecasx Hora atrás
why they at cnn that's easy they want to be on the news
Dd C
Dd C Hora atrás
I was exiting the supermarket yesterday, when these two black guys behind me shouted “HEY! Y’ALL GOT CORONAVIRUS!!!” and ran to their car. I should also mention I’m Asian and my whole family works in the medical field. The whole week I felt anger about what happened to George Floyd, don’t know anymore. #racerelationsinamerica2020
Raphael V
Raphael V Hora atrás
I love how the guy isn't even wearing the stupid mask. JUST TAKE IT OFF AND GET IT OUT OFF THE WAY
Nelson Draken
Nelson Draken Hora atrás
Please police use the bulletgum and hit
supernalbjj Hora atrás
tell the truth, hahahahahah cnn is the cause of this , all the race baiting has made this happen. according to CNN it wasnt a innocent man killed by a cop, it was a black man killed by a white cop.. play stupid games and this is what happens. the left eats its self.
Dmitry S
Dmitry S Hora atrás
Being a mouthpiece for leftist garbage did not save them from the wrath of the mob.
npc 117
npc 117 Hora atrás
Funny how cnn said these guys are peaceful protesters
jon doe
jon doe Hora atrás
CNN deserves this.
Vicky Guevarra
Vicky Guevarra Hora atrás
Where is Superman and Batman. Those people want to make chaos a nd break property. You can protest decency. Not with this rebellious act...
Rey Mañosa
Rey Mañosa Hora atrás
George floyd death is a recipe for disaster people dont have jobs because of pandemic.
Aleks Kus
Aleks Kus Hora atrás
Launching some sort of projectile... appears to be a water bottle 🙄
thebullybuffalo Hora atrás
"Officers need to be trained better" Uhh or black children need to be trained better because of rampant fatherlessness. It's like he's talking about himself. Look at him there with no shirt with his pants on the ground, in the middle of a riot, at night, getting a criminal record. Who needs to be trained? George's death was wrong. Protests are legitimate. Rioting is not. This is not a wise response. This is what undisciplined adult children or flat out criminals do. RIP Floyd. The officers' guilty verdicts couldn't come soon enough.
Alfred Mcardle
Alfred Mcardle Hora atrás
Two wrongs don’t make it wright !!!
Marbeth Joy Fara-on
America need Batman and Green Arrow.
Lilgoat 228
Lilgoat 228 Hora atrás
Detroit become human is real
CD Hora atrás
cody claxton
cody claxton Hora atrás
3:30 he said we are "trying to tell the truth" if yall didnt make this mess it wouldnt be here. What happened to real news?? Why do yall have to try and make division between right and left, black and white.
busybody1 Hora atrás
Remember when people stayed home because of a virus?? 😷
Max Goldberg
Max Goldberg Hora atrás
Look your "hero" George Floyd criminal history, white Usa wake up
Prodak Black
Prodak Black Hora atrás
Don’t be surprise if you find out that CNN set this whole shit up!
thegrandfinale2 Hora atrás
These protesters are totally in the wrong and have destroyed my neighborhood in L.A. CNN, you helped instigate this by years of fake news and I have no sympathy for you.
busybody1 Hora atrás
Wow those rioters look dehydrated, maybe they can run down at Target and... Never mind
Ima Legend503
Ima Legend503 Hora atrás
It’s sad to see this like police only doing they jobs there’s only some bad ones. The looting is messed up honestly the looters are just as bad as the cop who killed George
Emilee Ward
Emilee Ward Hora atrás
I agree things need to change but answering violence with violence is going to get more people killed.
Ferris Stallone
Ferris Stallone Hora atrás
I don’t see social distancing
Max Goldberg
Max Goldberg Hora atrás
Look your "hero" George Floyd criminal history, white Usa wake up
Eric Velasquez
Eric Velasquez Hora atrás
Anyone notice that it’s only cities that have been Democrat led for DECADES that are burning? This will have ZERO effect on Trump getting re-elected.
Lance Hora atrás
The police officers need to protect themselves and the citizens. Just because a few bad cops commited a crime doesn't mean the rest of the police and citizens should have to tolerate the criminal acts of all these bad people.
True That
True That Hora atrás
The police deal with this type of violence every night, now The chickens are coming home to roost. Right in CNN headquarters I love it
Chas Spencer
Chas Spencer Hora atrás
all bullshit
chefdan87 Hora atrás
Fake news should never feel safe in this country.
Bieber miss
Bieber miss Hora atrás
they are protesting for freedom. great
Marty Ford
Marty Ford Hora atrás
The guy with the skate board looks like Bernard from megamind
Max Goldberg
Max Goldberg Hora atrás
Look your "hero" George Floyd criminal history, white Usa wake up
Cristian Coicheci
Cristian Coicheci Hora atrás
Covid-19: "man, what about me!?!?"
Deth_ Dealer
Deth_ Dealer Hora atrás
CNN a anchor sensationalizing the shit outta this.
Rosalina's Awesome!
These poor officers... these people are being unreasonable...CNN did nothing..
Lei Tooomzz
Lei Tooomzz Hora atrás
Protesters protest. Rioters riot.
Lemuel Reyes
Lemuel Reyes Hora atrás
2020 is happening because we didn't save the aliens from area 51
Ratcoon Hora atrás
They need rubber pellet mines that shoot like 20 feet wide
玫瑰与你 Hora atrás
We Just Said
We Just Said Hora atrás
Why dont they use a fire hose to cool them down ?
Pathogen Apex
Pathogen Apex Hora atrás
How much longer until lethal force is authorised
610CJ Hora atrás
Trying to tell the truth lol 😂
Jimmy Walden
Jimmy Walden Hora atrás
Theese are not protesters, they aren't looking for Justice. They just see a chance to loot and destroy. They should have the military move in with live rounds not stun guns and take are cities back. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated and should not have been allowed to go this far. Yes the cops done wrong but thg his kind of behavior doesn't make up for it, only makes it worse.
jj Hampton
jj Hampton Hora atrás
they got you to report real news i guess you guys have figured it out that they are tired of your self driven directive?
God condemn TRUMPERICA
the state has no more power ...
HANBANG ZOU Hora atrás
Just one day after they made joint statement to condemn about Chinese government interference with HongKong that’s a good demonstration
zed 502
zed 502 Hora atrás
Morons at cnn dont know the difference between a firework and a flash bang.
chris richard
chris richard Hora atrás
cuomo the idiot. Like the rioters would not follow him up the stairs ....
CYBERCEL Hora atrás
PROTEST FOR ALL PEOPLE, women & children, indigenous, disabled, those who have no access to human right.
Cito mp
Cito mp Hora atrás
CNN's own chickens came home to roost?
Dale Dawson
Dale Dawson Hora atrás
Sandroinorge Hora atrás
I support the protest, but why the looting and fires?
Adriblocks Le Blocky Blocko
8:14 did I just see a man resisting a tazer and taking it off...?
Cece Ruben
Cece Ruben Hora atrás
Stuck to his shirt not skin
ElfinMadness Hora atrás
You’re not reporting anything real! Only drama! They want a forum for their sentiments. This is over ridiculous.
Julie Dillon
Julie Dillon Hora atrás
What's going on American,??
HCui Hora atrás
hongkong support your protest.
Windsor & Epstein Babysitting Services
This is the progressive society CNN wants and supports.
Am Will
Am Will Hora atrás
oh yea, remember how CNN supported the rioters in HK? now the riot is coming back to you, keep supporting the riots, and enjoy :)
Flo cro
Flo cro Hora atrás
It's funny how the white guys are the most aggressive
baige642 Hora atrás
It is suggested that Americans learn from Hong Kong's demonstration model.
Billeboy 03
Billeboy 03 Hora atrás
Thanks CNN, you'll go down in history as a news outlet who was so one-sided in it's opinion of law enforcement that you actually managed to fan the flames of racial divide.
Cherry God's eye
Cherry God's eye Hora atrás
I like how trevor noah put it the social contract is broken and so it doesnt make sense to keep up the facade. When you see how that white lady called the police knowing full well the black guy in the park would be arrested or killed regardless of the situation and her knowledge to weaponise it. Racism is alive just that people hide it thats all.
Joe majarucon
Joe majarucon Hora atrás
What was that at 3:45 ? A cop?!?
Salah Bensassi
Salah Bensassi Hora atrás
because news are the most thing that shares racist like with muslims
Andreas Kastrup
Andreas Kastrup Hora atrás
Why are they protesting? Because CNN doesnt cover the true facts about corona? Just FYI more people have died in 2018 from regular flu and 99% of people infected only gets mild to zero symptoms. Australia, France, New Zealand, Vietnam and more wants an investigation on China on whether it was made in a lab in Wuhan or not. But China has responded with cutting off all Trade with those countries if they choose to make an investigation
2020 gonna be wild
2020 gonna be wild Hora atrás
And all born under the same flag, but not the same right it seems
Omar Vlogs YT
Omar Vlogs YT Hora atrás
The broken building reminds me of a call of duty play station scene
George Cubie
George Cubie Hora atrás
Its clearly we are not alone just check out the guy who's tryin to break the glass! On the front lines!!
Colgan Hora atrás
2020. Australia burns, China has an outbreak that lockdowns the world and the US finally breaks over the death of a unarmed man. This is one weird way to start the decade.
Dornell Blanks
Dornell Blanks Hora atrás
But at the end of the day they are upset they can't sit here and act like the protesters don't have a right to be upset but burning down buisness is too far and see my thing is this everybody is making themselves look like animals and im not siding with the police or anything but all im saying is burning down buisness is not gonna make the situation any better
Zachary Combs
Zachary Combs Hora atrás
Bruh, those officers did nothing.
i want fuit gummie i want fuit gummie
they’ve been doing nothing but violence, one even caused a pregnant woman to have a miscarriage
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