VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

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The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!
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15 Jun 2019



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Comentários 15 339
OrhanDaLegend ,
OrhanDaLegend , 10 horas atrás
react to transformers vfx
microwave 12 horas atrás
Please review LOTR!!! Legolas, Gandalf and Saruman, maybe the Ents??
TheFaderwhore 16 horas atrás
Darth Maul was confirmed alive in the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series.
Nathaniel Racer
Nathaniel Racer 17 horas atrás
Do a lord of the rings reaction!!!!
MrUnFunny 19 horas atrás
I kinda want to see the Inception Paris Scene on this channel
ghostbusterdal1 20 horas atrás
10:25, do your research before you b*tch about sh*t you dont know
Esvin Barrientos
Esvin Barrientos Dia atrás
Clone Wars TV show is cannon and that did the same Solo did
Hurricane_Anthony Does stuff
React to harry potter scenes
Steve Ward
Steve Ward 2 dias atrás
I dont mean to be rude but show us your VFX
Henry Smith
Henry Smith 2 dias atrás
Solo didn’t bring maul back don’t talk about things you don’t know.
Billy Johnson
Billy Johnson Dia atrás
They know a shit ton more then you.
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson 2 dias atrás
It is Jamie 👍🏻 and Yoda is worse in the newer films
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 4 dias atrás
The boulder explodes before the pod hits it because of the speed of travel of the pod. These pods are traveling past the sound barrier, at 700-900 kph, which would cause physical effects to the surrounding environment.
Dovley Hutchinson
Dovley Hutchinson 4 dias atrás
Maul was brought back in clone wars
zassi12 4 dias atrás
i always loved jar-jar i was so sad that he never got a main role ever again
Billy Johnson
Billy Johnson Dia atrás
He should burn
Sumit Poudel
Sumit Poudel 4 dias atrás
React on the scene of thor:ragnarok when he comes with lightning all over was sooo littt🔥🔥🔥🔥
Greg Wise
Greg Wise 4 dias atrás
The people who criticize the Prequel Trilogy because of its CGI can blow it out their ass. It was that time period where visual effects were becoming up to date. Look at Saving Private Ryan, which came out a year before Episode I. That movie's CGI was very heavy. In fact almost as heavy and still highly praised.. Look at 300, which came out two years after Episode III. That movie also had CGI that was little heavier and still got praised big time.
LSSJ Gaming
LSSJ Gaming 4 dias atrás
0:14 General Kenobi!!!
Brian Fanning
Brian Fanning 4 dias atrás
Since you guys did an episode on Bollywood movies, you should do an episode on Japanese Super Sentai series the ones that we get as Power Rangers or even any of the Kamen Rider stuff
David Ortiz
David Ortiz 5 dias atrás
Ong bak 2 fight scene!
Maximilian Brückner
Maximilian Brückner 5 dias atrás
I love how they act like all the other media that literally explained how Maul is still alive like Clone Wars, Rebels and that one comic with a name I can't remember never existed. I mean come on, that existed for years already, how did you not know about that and why would you complain about the Solo twist without even researching?
jihanj 5 dias atrás
I want to see you react to the Special Editions of the original trilogy (circa 1997 or so?) including the new Mos Eisley scene, Cloud City scene, etc.
That Person
That Person 5 dias atrás
>Reacting to the Prequels. >Not a single Episode 3 scene. *Execute order 66.*
lazyzombie 215
lazyzombie 215 5 dias atrás
During some of the fight scenes they were using wood sticks and they kept hitting them to hard that white dust flies everywhere
TheUbernaut 6 dias atrás
"Actually, Clone Wars revealed Darth Maul is Alive" Um, no. The comics did before the animated series 🤣
ghostbusterdal1 20 horas atrás
That doesn't sound right but ok
Innocent Butler
Innocent Butler 6 dias atrás
The only reason they put that pointless maul scene in solo was becuase they didnt want to make the first star wars movie ever without a lightsaber. Stupid pointless scene, much like all the disney star wars
Ethan Kyle
Ethan Kyle 6 dias atrás
Nothing about grievous's CGI?
Terra Zetzz
Terra Zetzz 7 dias atrás
What about Episode 3? You guys didn't react to the CGI in Revenge of the Sith! We need "VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi Part 2"!
Balaga 7 dias atrás
Evil Dead 2, please. Kinda a stretch, but it would be fun.
Asad Kothawala
Asad Kothawala 7 dias atrás
You guys should really do a "fix star wars vfx" type video. That would be amazing
raj kumar
raj kumar 7 dias atrás
wil u react for 2.0 tamil movie cgi works....kinda curious to get to know how they do the giant bird with cellphones
Rumit dhamecha
Rumit dhamecha 7 dias atrás
Remington Warren
Remington Warren 7 dias atrás
React to the good place graphics. Good day sirs
Steven L.
Steven L. 8 dias atrás
What ear buds does the guy on the left have?
Steven L.
Steven L. 8 dias atrás
I'm terrible with names lol
3:32 No fully CG main characters before? I'm probably not the first one to point it out, but "Casper" came out four years before Phantom Menace.
DeaDpool 9 dias atrás
Do Indias first super hero shaktiman
no i
no i 9 dias atrás
GOT visual effects!
BIOlogically ToXiouS
BIOlogically ToXiouS 9 dias atrás
Maul returns with robot legs in the clone wars cartoon and fights Darth Sidious and Obi-Wan. Duh.
Sifiso Maseko
Sifiso Maseko 9 dias atrás
Guys can you please do Deadpool 2. There's off about the Jaggernod
jesus prada
jesus prada 10 dias atrás
Every Michael bay movie ever
Aza G
Aza G 10 dias atrás
Band of brothers by hbo check it out plz
Aza G
Aza G 10 dias atrás
Band of brothers by hbo check it out plz
Aza G
Aza G 10 dias atrás
Band of brothers by hbo check it out plz
Aza G
Aza G 10 dias atrás
Band of brothers by hbo check it out plz
Dumb Crambo
Dumb Crambo 10 dias atrás
Matthew Fry
Matthew Fry 10 dias atrás
Fun fact, not a single clone trooper was real in the prequels. All of them were CGI
Nick 11 dias atrás
Who else touched their shoulders?
haritha sreedhar
haritha sreedhar 11 dias atrás
React to Bahubali
Sharknado please
Maxi Brambor
Maxi Brambor 12 dias atrás
Could someone explain me the difference between bluescreen and greenscreen?
Luca Embshoff
Luca Embshoff 10 dias atrás
Blue Screen was used with "older" cameras that filmed everything on a plastic film. They used Blue Screen because you were able to blend it out using some kind of blending method. Green Screen is used with digital (today's) cameras as green is the complementary color to Skin Color. (I think that is how it works)
Toober Das
Toober Das 12 dias atrás
Deadpool movie vfx
Vicious Zeus
Vicious Zeus 12 dias atrás
the prequels are much better than the new movies
RuffleRaven INC
RuffleRaven INC 12 dias atrás
10:23 Solo didn’t really retcon Darth Maul’s death in that cheesy fashion. The Clone Wars did, a long with an actually fire story arch about what he did after losing his Sith status, including a duel with Sidious.
Prasad Suryavanshi
Prasad Suryavanshi 13 dias atrás
Please do one on Harry Potter movies and Fantastic creatures movies
James Greeny
James Greeny 13 dias atrás
Just looking for the maul comments
Emanuele Bolli
Emanuele Bolli 13 dias atrás
Qui Gon Jpg
kamal bisht
kamal bisht 13 dias atrás
You guys are shit.
Peter Gogola
Peter Gogola 13 dias atrás
Final Fantasy The Spirit Within
Vikash Sasikumar
Vikash Sasikumar 13 dias atrás
Do the CW, The Flash
Hezekiah richie
Hezekiah richie 14 dias atrás
Check out Telugu movies action scence Especially Mr.Nandamuri Balakrishna Movies You'll love it 😄😄 LoL
Dank Utarinex
Dank Utarinex 14 dias atrás
React to District 9!
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