VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)

Corridor Crew
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Zach King's zestiest CGi magic moments!
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12 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
Digital Wolf RC
Digital Wolf RC 2 horas atrás
you guys should record tunez
Shreyansh Raj
Shreyansh Raj 6 horas atrás
They broke that tv after some time with nerf bullets..🤣
lordrazorfoot 12 horas atrás
What's the Instrument they are playing at 15:20?
Faisal Xpro
Faisal Xpro 13 horas atrás
Zach is an alien and everything is real
Wang Isabelle
Wang Isabelle 16 horas atrás
WoW i didn’t expect him to Zach to be so chill!!
Jayden Playz123
Jayden Playz123 Dia atrás
David hassle hoff
Samhil Jamadar
Samhil Jamadar Dia atrás
Kgf movie...pls
Adam Odens
Adam Odens Dia atrás
Please react to Monty Oum
Master B
Master B Dia atrás
Lol go to time 14:48 14:52 in the back round you could see someone he’s like dang it their recording
Anthony Goimco
Anthony Goimco 2 dias atrás
12:25 what is that sound
Bob the Small dog
Bob the Small dog 2 dias atrás
I watched that loop like 100 times Lol 😂
Saharsha Adhikari
Saharsha Adhikari 2 dias atrás
the alarm scared me
Eddie Carranza
Eddie Carranza 2 dias atrás
I understand how Zach does it
Brick King
Brick King 2 dias atrás
Coffee Man: The Mini Movie
Beo Wulf
Beo Wulf 3 dias atrás
This technique of Chaplin they used is Stil the best if done right.
only257 3 dias atrás
Great 👍
Resolve King
Resolve King 4 dias atrás
watch the sun it just moves fter sme tym
guymee 4 dias atrás
Projection mapping, there was never a ladder, a guy ran in a small stepladder for Zach
sajan kc
sajan kc 4 dias atrás
Corridor crew is jealous of Zach look at their faces
Alex 4 dias atrás
Ádám Vörös
Ádám Vörös 5 dias atrás
You should do an episode with captain disillusion
Chicken Scrip Kids
Chicken Scrip Kids 6 dias atrás
they ladder was painted the color of the building but zack just spray painted it??
Suar Suar
Suar Suar 6 dias atrás
Is jack really sitting there??
Karl G2
Karl G2 6 dias atrás
1:14 ohw what kind of VFX expert are you
Divy Jetani
Divy Jetani 6 dias atrás
4:07 Zach's shadow on the wall is.....not match (watch it carefully)""""******
HOWTOFADE [HTF] 6 dias atrás
Idk if corridor crew are real or cgi
NITESH NAIK 7 dias atrás
08:03 Joey was right hand twin exist
Daniel Duggan
Daniel Duggan 7 dias atrás
The ladder was painted on the wall after u got the shot of climbing a real ladder?
AQAMJEET CHEEMA 7 dias atrás
Sophia Sánchez
Sophia Sánchez 7 dias atrás
The point is that he is amazing🤩
MBG-TECH 7 dias atrás
Liam PATTERSON 7 dias atrás
About the ladder there was always a ladder so there’s only one cut
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 8 dias atrás
I just got an ad for Zaxby’s 😂
The3 muscabros
The3 muscabros 8 dias atrás
When he said hey there was no ladder
The3 muscabros
The3 muscabros 8 dias atrás
He had a real latter
Mr. Obtuse
Mr. Obtuse 9 dias atrás
What’s that metal instrument at the end?
Shannon Nelson
Shannon Nelson 9 dias atrás
What the hell is that drum thing called???? I want one.
Make 1
Make 1 10 dias atrás
The ladder one is really hard to guess
Jorge Alduncin
Jorge Alduncin 10 dias atrás
the ladder one there is match cut of zach king with rotoscope after painting the ladder, you can see through his legs how the stair is crooked within the wall angle and after he goes in front of it the crooked part of the ladder is corrected as the shot with real ladder comes in so is a match shot with rotoscope to correct it, later on when the cop comes in , they didn't use a shot with the painted ladder, that is the actual ladder they just rotoscoped the policeman on top of it
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt 10 dias atrás
i’d say he is a vfx magician
PushPenPro 10 dias atrás
What instrument is that???
Z Hkim
Z Hkim 10 dias atrás
maybe u should react this youtuber form malaysia
Moush 10 dias atrás
◑.◑ *cooooooool*
Yummy Minty
Yummy Minty 11 dias atrás
Shootatime FX you should do one of these with him
Torin Miner
Torin Miner 11 dias atrás
For the sub part what was the black dot when they switched it out
Danielle Hyde
Danielle Hyde 11 dias atrás
When I saw this I figured the key to a main transition was at about 4:15. The red rattle can top is the marker for the ladder to line up with the fx ladder and the cut is at 4:16. They film the security guard running twice. One with the real ladder, one without and put them together. At 4:16 there are issues with lighting/shadows with the guards feet and it doesn't match the other shadows in the shot. Plus Zach "loses" the cap to the red paint in his hand at 4:12.
Itzthat_weeb 12 dias atrás
Plot twist: there was nothing on Niko's paper
Zach is the king of vfx.. ........big fan......😁
C.H.K.N TENDERS 15 dias atrás
Jehoia Chin Cabalhin
Jehoia Chin Cabalhin 15 dias atrás
9:35 this is a Doraemon Reference. For those who don't know Doraemon, it's 80-90s anime about a Robot Cat from the future who helps his new master/friend in his everyday problems. Watch that anime, it's fun.
Jehoia Chin Cabalhin
Jehoia Chin Cabalhin 15 dias atrás
9:35 this is a Doraemon Reference. For those who don't know Doraemon, it's 80-90s anime about a Robot Cat from the future who helps his new master/friend in his everyday problems. Watch that anime, it's fun.
Johnpaul Wolf
Johnpaul Wolf 16 dias atrás
he was pulled up by a winch???
Yalon Carter
Yalon Carter 16 dias atrás
My guess is that he sold his soul to vfx Satan ...
Amirhameed Amirjalali
Amirhameed Amirjalali 16 dias atrás
You guys should bring cggeek!
Möönlxght 17 dias atrás
I watched this for 43 times
Gel Canaria
Gel Canaria 17 dias atrás
Zach is the king!
Brabbit 17 dias atrás
simple but tedious...genius
Edivel Sandoval
Edivel Sandoval 17 dias atrás
Jasper 17 dias atrás
I think there are cuts around 50 seconds and 1 minute and 1 second then the ladder suddenly stops vibrating and to get to the roof you just climbed the roof with a ladder and hang on the edge and in the part where you color the heart is done for the piece that you paint the ladder just as the piece where you crawl on the roof
Anthrax Anthrax
Anthrax Anthrax 18 dias atrás
I'm guessing practical and visual effects, lots of elbow grease and love.
Rowena Antazo
Rowena Antazo 18 dias atrás
i think you jast creat it in a cuputer
Allen Kramer
Allen Kramer 19 dias atrás
I like the way you know how you filmed zach Kings magic vines. 😃👌👍
Christian Payao
Christian Payao 19 dias atrás
Oops 2020
Christian Payao
Christian Payao 19 dias atrás
Wow a guy in the backround of the starting of the video wow watching in 202
Tj Smith
Tj Smith 19 dias atrás
i wish time travel existed
Victor Flash
Victor Flash 19 dias atrás
The ladder trick was done by having a real black ladder have a blotch of white paint and right after he climbed up the ladder they had to paint the ladder really realistic and that was how he has done the trick
Felix Woxen
Felix Woxen 20 dias atrás
I'm at a time when you are so much for a long way in which a man with my family and friends of friends with a few weeks and months and it will take the bus driver just got to go out with the best way for me I was in my room for a long way in which a long day ahead with its in a while and it will take the bus driver just got home and I don't know why I'm still waiting for the first time in the morning
everyonedust 20 dias atrás
Its not cgi
AYUN G.R 20 dias atrás
No! Its portal game
KrypTube 20 dias atrás
I Really Love How Vfx Is Made
Carolin Kelch
Carolin Kelch 21 dia atrás
I think the ladder is practical and is missing the part that is getting sprayed
Carolin Kelch
Carolin Kelch 21 dia atrás
How does Zach King make the money to produce these if they are all on BRvid for free..? Can't be all sponsored
Cobra Jay
Cobra Jay 19 dias atrás
His videos are all monetized and he gets million+ view videos frequently, 1 million views= $1000
TooDamn Tall
TooDamn Tall 21 dia atrás
Can you guys react to annihilation!!
metalstift 21 dia atrás
What is the instrument called they used in the sponsor segment?
Sohan Shetty
Sohan Shetty 22 dias atrás
i like how the actual magic is in the editing
Evelina Simon
Evelina Simon 23 dias atrás
12:54 09:14 05:19
Breanne Duke
Breanne Duke 23 dias atrás
04:12 16:16 07:47
Jd Hrf
Jd Hrf 23 dias atrás
His eye color is so nice
Daniel Grove Photo
Daniel Grove Photo 23 dias atrás
This was awesome thanks for making this one! All us VFX nerds always want to know how these were done.
blackwhattack 23 dias atrás
Dear Zachary, My outmost respect goes to your craft. Here is my Theory, my Zack Theory. First cut happens when you bend over, the ladder is put in. I believe the camera has been placed on some tripod contraption for the second cut, there's fake camera shake, and you're rotoscoped feet are being flown away. Please lord give me a sign if I'm right or not. Please
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