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The Gummi Bears "...take pride in knowing, they'll fight for what's right, in whatever they do..." and so do WE! Join us in this little kitchen adventure as we replace the unnecessary (and quite gross) byproduct that is gelatin with plant-based agar powder. These yummy treats will make you bounce here and there and everywhere. Ok. We'll stop now.
Here's the gummy bear mold we used, and also check out the other shapes you can make: bear mold
INGREDIENTS and price breakdown:
¼ cup fruit purée or ½ cup fruit juice (varies, approx. less than $2.00)
2 tbs agave ≈$0.50
2 tsp agar powder ≈$1.00
1 tsp bourbon vanilla extract ≈$0.21
1 vitamin C packet ≈$0.33
TOTAL COST: approx. $4.04
Makes more than 100 vegan gummy bears
1) Purée your favorite fruit and run through a colander strainer.
2) Heat on med-low and add the water, agave, vanilla extract, vitamin C packet (optional), and very slowly incorporate the agar powder.
3) Remove from heat as soon as the mixture begins to thicken, and with a dropper or spoon, carefully fill the mold.
4) These set pretty quickly, so leave them in the fridge for 5-10 minutes, and presto!
1) A Brief History of Gummy Bears:
2) What You Didn't Know About Gelatin May Hurt You:
(You would think with so many rules and warnings, you would just...avoid it?)
3) Grisly video showing how gelatin is REALLY made is putting people off their gummy bears (and cola bottles, marshmallows and ice creams):
4) Top 10 Vitamin C Foods. Dr. Axe Food is Medicine.
5) Dr. McDougall Gets Fired from the Obesity Medical Conference, Webinar 03/31/16 (full video):
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23 Mar 2017



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Comentários 182
Mr Eth
Mr Eth 13 horas atrás
Trying the mango today!! Can’t wait!
Elena Beckford
Elena Beckford 4 dias atrás
Thanks for sharing this recipe. I will try it and see how it comes out! Keep it up 😊
Nykole Sather
Nykole Sather 5 dias atrás
You had me till the preaching started.
Those Annoying Vegans
Those Annoying Vegans 5 dias atrás
What did we "have"? And what preaching are you referring to?
Mr Eth
Mr Eth 7 dias atrás
Great vid guys and great recipe!
Kayla Garcia
Kayla Garcia 15 dias atrás
Can you use pectin?
slowfire2 22 dias atrás
Stressful speedup of video. Would like to have it made slower
MrOhehir Mês atrás
Gelatine is used so that it’s chewy just wondering what texture these are? Chewy? Soft? Does it compare? Cheers
Elsa Teclemariam
Elsa Teclemariam Mês atrás
Love you guys 👍👍👍👏👏👏💕💕💕
the realest ever
the realest ever Mês atrás
doesnt eating it in the bear shape make it non vegan
Violeta Clementina Benavides Jiménes
I’m vegan because of you!!!
atlsong byrd
atlsong byrd Mês atrás
😭😭😭 you're drunk off that Gummy Bear Juice
Devina Lacy
Devina Lacy 2 meses atrás
How long would you say the gummies last?
Those Annoying Vegans
Those Annoying Vegans 2 meses atrás
We're not sure, it's been so long since we made them! In the fridge, they probably last a week or two? We always eat what we make so quickly, though, haha!
Sophie Henderson
Sophie Henderson 2 meses atrás
I have a question.. I’m not actually vegan but I want to make my own gummy bears and was wondering does agar make a firmer chew? I don’t really want my batch to be too soft and jelly-sh. Although I’m not vegan I’d be happy to choose an option that avoids unnecessary use of animal products. But that aside, Im mainly looking for a firmer candy.
kennedy jenkins
kennedy jenkins 2 meses atrás
I'm not a vegan, so maybe I'm missing something, but how are we herbivores and not omnivores. Because last time I checked, humans have herbivoric (pretty sure it's not a word lol) and carnivorous teeth. Why not eat both meat a vegetables? And if people are worried about their health when eating meat, just portion out how much they eat, and that includes meat, vegetables/fruits, dairy(or dairy replacements), and your grains. Also, I don't think veganism is bad, but I also don't think humans are herbivores because of the teeth we have in our mouth.
R B 3 meses atrás
I love that you were singing the Gummy bears song! 80s-90s cartoons were amazing!
Jae Kay
Jae Kay 4 meses atrás
How long do these last..?
wordreet 2 meses atrás
Jae Kay Most likely about five minutes!!!!!!!! 😋
charathcutestory 4 meses atrás
12:00 what happened to you guys engaging respectfully? You just spread your views to the detriment of everyone who still has normal beliefs and diets. Live and let live
Yadhu Mahato
Yadhu Mahato 5 meses atrás
Can I use sugar powder in substitute of Agave?
Those Annoying Vegans
Those Annoying Vegans 5 meses atrás
Hi Yadhu! Most likely not, given that agave is a syrup and sugar powder is a powder, so it may not work (we've never done it that way, however). Perhaps maple syrup could be an option for replacing agave? Thanks for watching and asking! 🌱✌️
charathcutestory 5 meses atrás
8:38 = 8:45
Judy b
Judy b 5 meses atrás
Thanks for the video, how long does it last outside the fridge?
toby Golding
toby Golding 5 meses atrás
but think about old old days living off the land i don't believe oranges existed but i will google that..we should eat as they did 1000z of yrs ago
toby Golding
toby Golding 5 meses atrás
u are annoying scared to go vegan now
plauditecives 5 meses atrás
That vitamin C idea is great. Would never have thought of that.
Keyon 6 meses atrás
Throw away the sarcasm and the ignorant gestures.
Those Annoying Vegans
Those Annoying Vegans 6 meses atrás
Hi Keyon! While we understand that sarcasm is a part of our delivery style, which of our gestures are "ignorant"? Thanks for watching!
david jones
david jones 6 meses atrás
This is totally wrong
Rebel Beauty
Rebel Beauty 7 meses atrás
New sub here 🤗 how long can I keep these gummies before they go bad and due I have to keep them in the refrigerator?
Ana Carolina Orlandin
Ana Carolina Orlandin 8 meses atrás
Hey guys, the recipe seems to be delicius!! I bought agar flakes instead of the powder cuz I couldn't find the powder... Does it makes any difference?
Those Annoying Vegans
Those Annoying Vegans 7 meses atrás
Hi Ana! Thank you for trying our recipe! We’ve actually never used agar flakes, so when can’t say one way or another. It seems reasonable that you could grind the flakes into a powder, but we’ve never done that. Did you already try it? How did they turn out?
Ezekiel James
Ezekiel James 8 meses atrás
Thankful you guys showed me how to make my favorite candy vegan
puntsize 8 meses atrás
Agar tastes like ass
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson 8 meses atrás
just wanted to know how to make these gummies, not feel bad about myself...
Noemi Bravo
Noemi Bravo 9 meses atrás
What is the shelf life of these??
Nellie7777777 9 meses atrás
This is so Rad!
ashwini bapat
ashwini bapat 9 meses atrás
Hi, I tried making it but they didn't turn out chewy. What do you think might have gone wrong? Also I have the same brand agar powder as you have. The instructions on that bottle says 1/2 teaspoon agar powder for 1/2 cup water. Do I need to cut down agar powder to 1/2 teaspoon from 2 teaspoons?
ashwini bapat
ashwini bapat 8 meses atrás
Can you please reply
ashwini bapat
ashwini bapat 9 meses atrás
@Those Annoying Vegans I am vegetarian so I really don't know how swedish fish texture is. But the gummy bears I made when chewed gets separated in mouth very easily and not chewier at all, not like Annie's gummy bear so I think I did something wrong. So are you saying the heat should be very low and not medium? And I boiled it, should I turn off the heat before Boiliing point? What should be the consistency? I didn't use citric acid
Those Annoying Vegans
Those Annoying Vegans 9 meses atrás
Hi ashwini, they're not going to turn out gummy like the gummy bears we're used to. That's the collagen from all the cow and pig hooves and skins -.- They'll have more of a "swedish fish" texture, much like the Annie's brand of bunny gummies. You can experiment using different measurements of agar powder. We found that it's super important to use low heat and stir consistently too! Recipes are always evolving, so we might touch on this one again in the future and see if we can make them gummier somehow! <3 Did you end up using citric acid?
Luaay E
Luaay E 9 meses atrás
Terrific! I was lazy to make one myself so I ordered ones from Amazon for 26 bux
Raven Rayne Winter
Raven Rayne Winter 10 meses atrás
They look sooooooo delicious! Definitely going to try this.
Nancy Zarour
Nancy Zarour 11 meses atrás
Wow!!!! Love it im gonna try it for my kids😁❤❤❤
Cassi Howard
Cassi Howard 11 meses atrás
My children thank you!
Jmaz 11 meses atrás
I loved this video honestly but you both are hilarious even if you aren’t trying and the guy looks and sounds like a smug asshole
Al R
Al R Anos atrás
Why vanilla? Taste like normal gummies with that?
Al R
Al R Anos atrás
Hi, can I change the agave for honey?
Anita x
Anita x Anos atrás
I liked the video strictly because of the Gummy bears and Pinwheel theme song reference.
Tuyet Nguyen
Tuyet Nguyen Anos atrás
Loved the video making these for someone who can't eat pork or most fish
China Gorospe
China Gorospe Anos atrás
the part where you pour the mixture into the mold is soo satisfying!
Lee Jay Robertson
Lee Jay Robertson Anos atrás
You guys are adorable and so sweet!!!! The all natural way ☺️✨🌱✨ Thank you for spreading your joy with the world ✨💖🌈 you deserve all the success coming to you, BIIIIIIIIG!!!!!!!💥
Edwina Vesa
Edwina Vesa Anos atrás
You guys are such a beautiful and lovely couple!! 😍😁
Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson Anos atrás
Great looking recipe! I have raw coconut sugar instead of agave. Is the conversion rate 1:1? If not, can you tell me what the conversion is please?
Maygan Phynix
Maygan Phynix Anos atrás
I also thought you guys had more subscribers then you do. you guys are wonderful!
Goofey ButReal
Goofey ButReal Anos atrás
Dr. McDougall is awesome. Thanks for the video. I’ll make these in my gummy worm mold for a healthy vegan worms-in-dirt chocolate pudding cups.
Maya Shah
Maya Shah Anos atrás
Great video! Do you think we can sub stevia powder for agave?
Wacky Crafts
Wacky Crafts Anos atrás
That’s so cool I’m also a vegan 🌱 I can’t wait to try making it 😊
Vika FitlifeTV
Vika FitlifeTV Anos atrás
This is great , but still gelatin it’s great for your bones so I will stick to it :), I’m not vegan 😁🤗
Luisa Gomez
Luisa Gomez Anos atrás
Regards from Mexico!🙋‍♀️
Luisa Gomez
Luisa Gomez Anos atrás
Very well done guys !
Scuba Diva
Scuba Diva Anos atrás
Please comment on the following link: A Scottish friend claims full-fat dairy isn't bad for you at all-according to a Science journal! Everything you know is wrong!
Rachel Albanese
Rachel Albanese Anos atrás
How do you store the gummies? What's the shelf life?
Kiana Nicole
Kiana Nicole Anos atrás
Can't wait to see your channel grow! I really enjoyed this video and your demeanor; very cute, funny, and informative! keep it up xo
Angelina Scroppo
Angelina Scroppo Anos atrás
The sarcasm is so funny thanks guys
sarala chandak
sarala chandak Anos atrás
How many days it is good in fridge?
Goodness In Every Bite
How many can you eat in one sitting?
sarala chandak
sarala chandak Anos atrás
What is means agave ? Can in India get it? What is called in India? Please say.
Those Annoying Vegans
Hi sarala chandak, agave is a syrup that is made from the agave plant. To our knowledge, it's just called agave.
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