Van Life vs. Bus Life 24hr Swap - ft. Kara and Nate

Raya and Louis
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Check out Kara and Nate's Video in our Bus! -
Kara and Nate
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We swapped our school bus tiny home (skoolie) with Kara and Nate's converted sprinter van for 24 hours!
Bus Life vs Van Life
Which did we prefer in the end?
And which would you choose?


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We're Raya and Louis. After taking a break from traveling full time, we have embarked on our greatest adventure yet. We moved into a converted school bus and are doing one last epic tour of the U.S. before we drive all the way down to our land that we just purchased in an eco community in Costa Rica. Subscribe to follow our journey!

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20 Jun 2021



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Comentários 0
Maine Seltos
Maine Seltos 2 dias atrás
Found your channel after Kara and Nate. You guys are fabulous! The bus is an awesome home!
Katie Marchand
Katie Marchand 3 dias atrás
I chose van because being able to drive it easily is the most important thing for me!! And I’m gonna be by myself so I don’t need as much space
victoria otinda
victoria otinda 5 dias atrás
Kara and nate :cassuly driving the bus with bikes on the back Me: 😶
Phan Chi Nam
Phan Chi Nam 5 dias atrás
The new slice histologically charge because competition preclinically program off a shivering vibraphone. threatening, quizzical turkey
Tasha baker
Tasha baker 6 dias atrás
Came here immediately after watching Kara and Nate's video
Susan Shaver
Susan Shaver 6 dias atrás
What a fun adventure for the 4 of you exchanging living vehicles for the night. Laughing hilariously at French Fry in the Van - I was holding my breath that he not pee or poo. Didn't think about shedding. So funny to have to back into the bathroom to fully open the drawer, yup, really tight:)The SheeWee with hose out the bottom of the van cracked me up! Are you going to put one in? Oh my, the view about the back of the van!!! I agree, I wouldn't want to be making and unmaking the bed to have a table. You are right, your bus is more like a home:). Wow I can't decide. To stay in one place for a long time - the bus, but to travel, the van. Exciting that you will be taking the bus to Costa Rica:)
Colton the Kid
Colton the Kid 7 dias atrás
brandon 8 dias atrás
i saw you guys filming this
♡Lavin Hamid♡
♡Lavin Hamid♡ 8 dias atrás
Hi SMiLES 9 dias atrás
I came from Kara and Nate’s channel. I think this is a great way to get ppl’s perspectives on the transitions of van vs bus life. This is so entertaining to watch. Although I love Kara and Nate, I feel your home is much more functional than theirs. I love your cute little home and you folks humbling and positive attitude about the swap. I’m a new subscriber now ;) Hopefully we’ll see more swaps in the future!!
Shirlese Mari Roldan
Shirlese Mari Roldan 9 dias atrás
But the prob is Kara and Nates video is only 23 somethin like that but Raya and Louis is longer so I like this one better haha sorry Kara and Nate
Sophia Schlenoff
Sophia Schlenoff 9 dias atrás
I make that dessert ALL the time
Miranda MacDonald
Miranda MacDonald 10 dias atrás
Where is this campsite at? I wanna camp with goats
Rebecca Albrecht
Rebecca Albrecht 10 dias atrás
Grace Broadley
Grace Broadley 11 dias atrás
Is Louis British
hondero2552 11 dias atrás
I've gone down this rabbit holes of these types of videos.....and it's just so cool!
Travis Martin
Travis Martin 11 dias atrás
It's one way how to run that big old bus you could have a electric motor and then you could have some kind of generator running electric motor have solar panels on top. Make it much more efficient because all the trains that run is diesel electric.
Rylee Hall
Rylee Hall 11 dias atrás
narot ornelas
narot ornelas 12 dias atrás
narot ornelas
narot ornelas 12 dias atrás
am 8 and i always want to live in a bus
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 13 dias atrás
@27:00 lol
Marilyn 13 dias atrás
can we have the recipe for the vegan mushroom mince meat
Molly Nee
Molly Nee 13 dias atrás
I came right from Kara and Nate! I love the swap!
Da Brainless Bros
Da Brainless Bros 14 dias atrás
Just get a motor home
Javy Coffee
Javy Coffee 14 dias atrás
Those alpacas were so cute 😭😭 wouldn't be able to say goodbye to them.
Dave Southwell
Dave Southwell 14 dias atrás
Joe Dean
Joe Dean 14 dias atrás
I choose van cause its comfy
Deb Kennedy
Deb Kennedy 15 dias atrás
ofwgkta MOK
ofwgkta MOK 15 dias atrás
I used to watch fun for Louis all the time , didn’t know you had this channel !
Noa Martínez
Noa Martínez 16 dias atrás
OMG this is so, so, so amazing. I get this addiction a month ago and I can't se me doing another things JAJA
Debbie Sanderson
Debbie Sanderson 16 dias atrás
I’ve come and subscribed from watching you on Kara and Nates’ BRvid channel xx
Grace Clark
Grace Clark 16 dias atrás
Who else watched Kara and Nate’s version then came here to see the other one
Renata Caster
Renata Caster 16 dias atrás
I love your videos
daniel tay
daniel tay 16 dias atrás
They already broke the door before
Boston Yeager
Boston Yeager 16 dias atrás
I would buy a 12ft box truck if I was buying a vehicle to live out of and build a house
Vivian Goodwin
Vivian Goodwin 16 dias atrás
Emma Smith
Emma Smith 17 dias atrás
I love your dress
eden davidson
eden davidson 17 dias atrás
i was here right after kara and nate's vids! this was the best exchange i've seen 🤍
Nick Faulkner
Nick Faulkner 17 dias atrás
Acacia Allen
Acacia Allen 17 dias atrás
Ava Privratsky
Ava Privratsky 17 dias atrás
Louis little smile when he was driving made me smile. And raya is soooooooo pretty
Samuel’s Adventures
Samuel’s Adventures 17 dias atrás
I would choose the bus, just because more usable space; like space for a work area, my Xbox and tv, and and a table to eat at
Mr and Mrs Living Life
Mr and Mrs Living Life 17 dias atrás
Kitchen knives? 😂😂 We need to bring Louis up to speed being Murican 🤣🤣
khaled K
khaled K 18 dias atrás
I love your bus btw !!!
khaled K
khaled K 18 dias atrás
Came here after watching kara and Nate !!!!
Hinata’s missing height
😂✋️ The self defense knife was my favorite part of the whole video
Trini M Orea
Trini M Orea 18 dias atrás
Awesome, guys!!! #travel #vanlife #buslife #rv #tinyhome #tinyhomes #life #rayaandlouis #karaandnate #funforlouis #rayawashere #twentyfourhour #swap #vanlifevsbuslife #wetraded #trading
Henry Martinez
Henry Martinez 18 dias atrás
Very informative, guys! Thanks for uploading. #travel #vanlife #buslife #rv #tinyhome #tinyhomes #life #rayaandlouis #karaandnate #funforlouis #rayawashere #twentyfourhour #swap #vanlifevsbuslife #wetraded #trading
🖤 18 dias atrás
I feel like the kitchen area ruined the van experience for her more than anything.
Carter Sorensen
Carter Sorensen 18 dias atrás
Kara and nate played Mario kart in your bed 😄
Liam Timour
Liam Timour 18 dias atrás
I would shoes the van because i like adventures and you can make it really cosey
Emily G
Emily G 19 dias atrás
Raya and Louis, I feel like you would be a bit more comfortable if you started over, with like a charter bus (or a bus with higher ceiling) and converted it to an electric vehicle. Also, too much of the stuff in your bus moves around while driving and I think seatbelts are required.
Linnea Köykkä
Linnea Köykkä 19 dias atrás
Doraemon Minh
Doraemon Minh 19 dias atrás
Are they Kara and Nate? And they also make videos like you!
Mooshmello 19 dias atrás
85 degrees ameture we British people pass out at 34
Ruby Baker
Ruby Baker 18 dias atrás
My life as Uma
My life as Uma 19 dias atrás
I love goats and llama's. Nice video :)
Rohith H
Rohith H 13 dias atrás
@My life as Uma I am a indian that's why I asked and uma means Goddess parvati's another name and Uma is not a moon
My life as Uma
My life as Uma 13 dias atrás
It's and Indian moon goddess I am pretty sure
Rohith H
Rohith H 14 dias atrás
Uma means?
Riley E
Riley E 19 dias atrás
I would chose bus just because it has more space and I like to take long showers😁
Hannah Tran
Hannah Tran 19 dias atrás
Who else instantly watched Kara and Nates vid after dis
Dawn NJ
Dawn NJ 20 dias atrás
If i was living full time i agree the bus a vise versa if road tripping the van. This was a great video cause I really want to do this 1day. So glad I watched👍👍👍
PYSCHO GAMES 20 dias atrás
Dawn NJ
Dawn NJ 20 dias atrás
Hello from the Mateys channel. Loved your bus.
Phoenix Gamer
Phoenix Gamer 20 dias atrás
Man I remember watching this guy 5 years ago eating spiders an foxes
Y33T K1NG 20 dias atrás
Love the vids hope I can become a youtube just likes yous
Brooklyn gaming
Brooklyn gaming 20 dias atrás
I agree with the bus
-I  A M  H U M A N-
-I A M H U M A N- 20 dias atrás
French fry is so cute!
Emma_astro 20 dias atrás
I subscribed to you guys after I found you on Kara and Nate. Love you guys
Mawmaw D
Mawmaw D 20 dias atrás
Y’all need to de- ice your freezer.
Harper Bannister
Harper Bannister 20 dias atrás
They broke your frige
friends plays
friends plays 21 dia atrás
You guys actually didn't break the door lol
Thomas Labrusciano
Thomas Labrusciano 21 dia atrás
U watched Kara and Nate and came to watch this to see there pov
B711-HD 21 dia atrás
Came here after watching there video ya pop up too on my recommendation
Casper and berry the cute Lil birds
The shower and toilet together its so tiny howdo they live in that
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright 21 dia atrás
U guys love goats
Juju Fruit608
Juju Fruit608 21 dia atrás
French fry is so funny
Julia and Macy has fun and also wild taco girl
No Van definitely give the bus
Abbie Roblox
Abbie Roblox 21 dia atrás
I love rays eyebrows
Frank Rupp
Frank Rupp 21 dia atrás
Who else thinks they should get a baby goat?
M3GA 21 dia atrás
Wow watching your video after like a few years now. Used to watch every video then.
Juliana Rodriguez
Juliana Rodriguez 21 dia atrás
A bus cause it is really bigger and so much room
heihot 22 dias atrás
French fries for dinner 🙄
heihot 22 dias atrás
The goats had a trampoline😁😂
SabBuilds 22 dias atrás
Do you guys need to pay the bills in your bus? Or the van?
Selina Nguyễn - Kinh Nghiệm Trồng Rau Sạch
cuộc sóng vui quá ạ
Apoorva NK
Apoorva NK 22 dias atrás
You guys are amazing!!❤️❤️❤️
JadenTru 22 dias atrás
how much for that French fry 😳
Landyn Struebing me
Landyn Struebing me 22 dias atrás
Definitely a bus
David Lee
David Lee 22 dias atrás
Came right after watching Kara and Nate!
STP 24
STP 24 22 dias atrás
Here before 100k family
English Rose
English Rose 22 dias atrás
Came here from Kara and Nate’s channel. The bus definitely feels more like a home. LOVE (!!!!) the tile in the bathroom. So gorgeous!
ecyrb llihnroht
ecyrb llihnroht 22 dias atrás
lol they broke the door before you got the van and they broke your fridge lol
Navey Jonesy
Navey Jonesy 22 dias atrás
They should’ve swapped wives too.
Fortnite edits
Fortnite edits 22 dias atrás
You guys are a great couple
Jim Polles
Jim Polles 22 dias atrás
I’m just let you know that door is already broken
Apex_skyblaz323 22 dias atrás
they broke the van door you guys didn’t break it
Carl Morrison
Carl Morrison 22 dias atrás
I lava you guys
ABL Trampoline
ABL Trampoline 22 dias atrás
Bus because there’s a lot more space
Kelsi Lewis
Kelsi Lewis 23 dias atrás
zine Barkley
zine Barkley 23 dias atrás
i would be in the bus it look better inside
Koala Girl
Koala Girl 23 dias atrás
Who else came here after watching Kara and Nate's vid.
• L A T T E •
• L A T T E • 23 dias atrás
This experience looks so fun I was in your bus though.
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