Valorant Tips And Tricks Sent By You - Part 27

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29 Mai 2022



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Catalyst Black is going to be the best battleground shooter of 2022 on mobile. Don’t miss out on all the fun - download it here!
I remember when you commented on my double rank up video to diamond. Because of your tips I managed to get immortal with neon so thank you very much man.
One more tip: to mark the same place on map on different elevations (heaven and hell or a site fracture), you should be on the same hight as well.
I have to thank you so much, i started with valorant on 01/30/2022 and just played normal for now, then i discovered you and with all your tips and tricks i went from iron 3 to gold 1 in 2 acts. Keep going!
Great video! Even though I don’t play valorant now I still love your content because of your good gameplay and nice personality (and maybe your voice) keep doing content!
when i was messing around in a custom i found the same line up for
Hey lowlander yesterday I saw the full lobby using your tips and trick on heaven thanks for making vids like this that actually helps us improve at the game
As always love to lowlander on making these tips and tricks
Tip: If you have "use your abilities 0/100" as your weekly quest,
i love it when he says "easy peasy my friend"
Here’s one thing I didn’t know: You can quick cast Fade’s Q and C by pressing the keys the second time.
mrlowlander i dont know if you already know this but if you go to the range and you use neons ult on the practice button in shooting test long enough a bright white light will appear on it
At haven you can place your sage wall on the second stair thing on a main and you can look through the window above the door/gate (at
It was sad when Super Evil Megacorp moved away from Vainglory to Catalyst Black, because Vainglory was by far the best mobile game of all time, far far ahead of its time. It was my childhood :(
are we going to talk about how at
I have a good tip. if your slowed by a sage slow or chamber slow and there's a small lip you have to jump over like hooka on bind you can crouch jump to get onto it.
As a very new player, these are very helpful.
hey man if there is another video of this theme, please do time marks with the agent and the map, good video :)
I Broke The Unwritten Rules Of Valorant
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