Valorant Tips And Tricks Sent By You - Part 27 

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From developer Super Evil Megacorp, Catalyst Black is bringing action-packed gameplay and insane graphics to all mobile phones as the latest team-based battleground shooter-check it out here! #CatalystBlack. Thanks to Catalyst Black for sponsoring the video!
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Another valorant tricks video! In this video I show tips and tricks that my viewers sent to me. These tricks will be with all agents and maps in Valorant. For more valorant tips and tricks, check out my channel!


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29 Mai 2022



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@MrLowlander Anos atrás
Catalyst Black is going to be the best battleground shooter of 2022 on mobile. Don’t miss out on all the fun - download it here! #ad
@Daniel-mt6zi Anos atrás
@phrog8226 Anos atrás
hello hello :D
@gudschidt6796 Anos atrás
SEMC should've just revived Vainglory. Way better than catalyst black tbh
@ghostzz. Anos atrás
I remember when you commented on my double rank up video to diamond. Because of your tips I managed to get immortal with neon so thank you very much man.
@amvdude9052 Anos atrás
Can you give me the link
@VR00100 Anos atrás
Stop using neon, go radiant, neon and phx as of now are trash
@ghostzz. Anos atrás
@@VR00100 phoenix is a troll, but Neon is decent after buffs I think
@VR00100 Anos atrás
@@ghostzz. neon outside of Breeze is pretty bad, you really can't run in smaller maps without making a crap ton of noise In Breeze being able to rotate fast is pretty beneficial
@VitalisProd Anos atrás
One more tip: to mark the same place on map on different elevations (heaven and hell or a site fracture), you should be on the same hight as well. For example: if you want to ping highground on a fracture, stand on drop, if want to mark the same spot, bul lower (default behind the screen), stand at dish, or on site, or ct spawn.
@Gozieaaa Anos atrás
Bruh ur comment got copied by a free valo point scam bot :/ I reported it though
@Dank3r Anos atrás
I have to thank you so much, i started with valorant on 01/30/2022 and just played normal for now, then i discovered you and with all your tips and tricks i went from iron 3 to gold 1 in 2 acts. Keep going!
@CedoVal Anos atrás
Great video! Even though I don’t play valorant now I still love your content because of your good gameplay and nice personality (and maybe your voice) keep doing content!
@abhishekjain1822 Anos atrás
damn bro watched the video is 3 minutes?????
@CedoVal Anos atrás
@@abhishekjain1822 what you mean?
@abhishekjain1822 Anos atrás
@@CedoVal vid was sent 5 mins ago and u commented 2 mins ago saying nice video
@notmrbeast110 Anos atrás
@@abhishekjain1822 Caught in 4k lol
@CedoVal Anos atrás
@@abhishekjain1822 bro your profile photo is red so should we really trust you?
@Insane00_ Anos atrás
The operator shot at 3:43 is not Tatos, it is mine, he took it off of my reddit account or my discord. The people who gasped in the video are my friends
@Insane00_ Anos atrás
The clip is literally on my channel uploaded several weeks ago
Put some respect on Insanes name 😤
@cigen7851 Anos atrás
Hey lowlander yesterday I saw the full lobby using your tips and trick on heaven thanks for making vids like this that actually helps us improve at the game
@togywogy Anos atrás
when i was messing around in a custom i found the same line up for 5:10 but a better and easier spot to do it from if see the tiles of the roof at 5:15 aim in-between them while you line up with the box at the lowest point at 5:18 and it should land
@tomvanbalkom1671 Anos atrás
At 3:04, raze isn't actually standing in the open, his sage walled showers so he was safe
@snipingbanana8083 Anos atrás
Yeah, also I used that trick for the last 6 months and its annoying to deal w and now ppl r gonna know it
Tip: If you have "use your abilities 0/100" as your weekly quest, 1.Pick Killjoy 2.Throw your nanoswarm and pick them back up during the buy phase 3.Repeat until completed With this trick you can finish the quest within one match
@Doggo5492 Anos atrás
Ohhhhhhh nice
@nez3317 Anos atrás
As always love to lowlander on making these tips and tricks
@masonsteven5018 Anos atrás
mrlowlander i dont know if you already know this but if you go to the range and you use neons ult on the practice button in shooting test long enough a bright white light will appear on it
@Winter_r Anos atrás
hey man if there is another video of this theme, please do time marks with the agent and the map, good video :)
Reason why I always watch mrlowlander because he never clickbait us my friends
@RezzyBezzy Anos atrás
As a very new player, these are very helpful. Thanks.
@adude2927 Anos atrás
It was sad when Super Evil Megacorp moved away from Vainglory to Catalyst Black, because Vainglory was by far the best mobile game of all time, far far ahead of its time. It was my childhood :(
@JoshDoes Anos atrás
If you like it just play league of legends bigger and better pc version
@Crit_Piss Anos atrás
you can throw raze's blast pack at boombot and it can boost boombot or made more damage when detected a player if timed right.
@RiotGamesINDIA Anos atrás
Here’s one thing I didn’t know: You can quick cast Fade’s Q and C by pressing the keys the second time.
@maxfawcett143 Anos atrás
This is actually really useful, thanks
@chuckhaller3842 Anos atrás
No...they are still equip abilities. This doesnt work. Not sure if you understand what quickcast means.
@RiotGamesINDIA Anos atrás
@@chuckhaller3842 They are casting abilities. Not sure if you understand equip abilities like chamber’s cypher’s KJ’s trap/Molly
@twinblades1234 Anos atrás
i love it when he says "easy peasy my friend"
@takashi2103 Anos atrás
I have a good tip. if your slowed by a sage slow or chamber slow and there's a small lip you have to jump over like hooka on bind you can crouch jump to get onto it.
5:40 i pushed through main and the enemy sage messed up the wall and placed it directly on the bit and it created a one way and got an easy kill. just a small warning
@merkylol Anos atrás
My favorite youtuber right here. He got me into Valorant, and now im switching my channel to Valorant.
@fan4chilldude31 Anos atrás
If anyone is confused "CT-Spawn" means "Defender Side-Spawn"
@smxisejf4964 Anos atrás
Hi mrlowlander i really enjoy your videos please post more thank you
@NotCombustion Anos atrás
Currently 3:30 am for me, so will watch when i wake up! Thanks for the tips!
@wipi963 Anos atrás
are we going to talk about how at 2:40 all of his shots miss?
@eadenly Anos atrás
he did hit some, the other guy probably turned on Invulnerability or some sort
@dec1085 Anos atrás
The other guy was invincible
@andyiscominn8407 Anos atrás
main characters when they got caught:
@st0rm930 Anos atrás
Hey Mr lowlander , can you please make kayo updated lineups , i know you made such a video but pearl is added and split is removed so i need new lineup video ( RIP split , you will be missed )
@stellarsolstice Anos atrás
Unrelated to the tips, but I'm glad SEMC goes with a different strategy with Catalyst Black. If any of you played Vainglory before, you know how rare it is for them to advertise, let alone sponsor. Seeing a Catalyst Black sponsor, here of all places, makes me hopeful that someday VG will return. Anyway, great video Mr. Lowlander!!
@MineSomeCraftPoo Anos atrás
vainglory was so good
@mileszennielle Anos atrás
Do you know u can make fade ability land earlier if you tap that ability twice
@fropogu282 Anos atrás
Even with all these tips and tricks, hardstuck in gold haha. nice video
u havent even watched the video. the video came out 1 min ago?
@@helmerchristophersen4383 so what? He's probably referring to his videos IN general
Cool tip for all those Kill Joy users, if she says "Ha it would be funny if I died" while you're defusing that means it's too late to defuse. Also, don't question how I know this.
@kicks-jk8he Anos atrás
your tips help me a lot thank you :)
@Zen-yk3it Anos atrás
Nice as always your helping me rank up lol
Not sure how many people know this, but as cypher you can put your cam on most staircases
@baskevenaar8280 Anos atrás
I know a better version of the sage wall on breeze. at 3:53 you are more covered and its directly above an angle people are likely to clear, so their crosshair will be off.
@micsfn Anos atrás
Goed gedaan man dit helpt echt!
@yanailevy8208 Anos atrás
I do play val and I have improved so much thank u!
@cyber_playz22 Anos atrás
Razes satchles can actually move other agents dead bodies i saw it once when i died from someone and then raze satchled
@samuyu Anos atrás
i really hope that valorant mobile comes out, as i dont have a pc and really got into valorant content
@btngana2077 Anos atrás
that operator flick was really nice
@b1hanggirl Anos atrás
That clip was stolen sadly, the actual user, username Insane displayed after the kill, is my best friend and he is Insane with his op flicks
@matk5087 Anos atrás
Damn first 5 seconds of video is so smooth gameplay, im playing on mid end pc, around 250-300 fps and my game feels choppy as hell, after second bullet my recoil goes crazy. here 10 bullets in point wtf.
@VitalisProd Anos atrás
Mb you should change your monitor to high refresh rate or turn on vertical sinchronithation
@sarahdumby Anos atrás
250-300 is way more than enough
@dec1085 Anos atrás
It's probably your internet
@matk5087 Anos atrás
I think so, but it's confusing my ping is around 8-10, zero packet loss. At weekend i will do test at friends house with diffrent ISP
@shildi_hd Anos atrás
every video is nice and i learned many Things from you Thank you
@assault3928 Anos atrás
Ur gameplay look so smooth and clean
I just love your voicelines...really i wanna love this.... i don't watch your videos more than i hear your voicelines
@pezi2077 Anos atrás
Mr Lowlander can you try the Yoru to Diamond series again. Wood be nice
@samalamadam1078 Anos atrás
Thank you alot for using my trick! (I'm the omen one, and yes you said it right)
@DXGames Anos atrás
1:36 lol it seems that guy could even revive his KAY/O without a satchel at all xD
@u-thix2436 Anos atrás
Tbf Kay O is safer now atleast
@shiberu_7s Anos atrás
the kayo is safe from long
once i attached satchel to enemy kayo which was shut down in ultimate when his team member came to reboot him i got kill lol
2:02 What did we ever do to you to tell us such mean things, MrLowlander?
@Desperajoe Anos atrás
2:52 the good ending
@jannaths8954 10 meses atrás
Hell - underground Heaven - upper ground
@siiilenxnz Anos atrás
7:10: this setup is not going to work since you can jump over the tripwire if you hop onto the ledge next to the wall. This means that the enemy gets a free lurk and you are baiting your whole team basically
@dineljaya4260 Anos atrás
The setup is not for the flank from A. It is for flanks when u are pushing A.
@err0rWasTaken Anos atrás
@@dineljaya4260 ^^
@notrainplayz8691 Anos atrás
3:20 part is a planting place where i thought it wouldnt work because i didnt got a chance to plant there in a real game
7:30 is it me or at one point we cypher mains tried to create effective one ways for a and C site of haven?
@Must.Excelerate Anos atrás
Bro im not trying to be that guy, but I remember you at 24k subs, congrats dude you grew so much
@Bubu-of7zm Anos atrás
another day when mr lowlander uploads tips and tricks
Last Omen LineUp EPIC ; )
Keep up the good work dude because of u i am diamong now :)
@gladi8416 Anos atrás
Can't wait for valorant mobile🥰💕
@Destote Anos atrás
Yep, as an avid mobile player and hardstuck iron 1 on pc, I can't wait for Valorant Mobile. Watch me, I'll do great! Aiming for iron 2 so I can peak in the same rank as pc lmaooo
@xeronomy1115 Anos atrás
You can put a satchel on a boombot maybe even a sova arrow
@alteral3957 Anos atrás
i think its cool how you sound like pewdiepie, if youve been a fan of pewds u know he uses like many voice for trolling purposes and mrlowlander your voice is one of em, i just think its cool and funny
@KANS_ Anos atrás
always aim for the head on smokes that are a one way. NOT the legs!!
@gcplays3126 Anos atrás
I loved apex mobile and the way it was a solid mobile fps. Valor ant mobile is going to be the best
@m00s197 Anos atrás
Its kinda funny that atleast 50% of the tricks only work below plat
@zeddo_yt8007 Anos atrás
i love this keep the good contect up
@randomchad9088 Anos atrás
The moment i heard "SuperEvilMegacorps"..... It gave me flashbacks of one of the Greatest Mobile game ever, which ended in a tragedy.... Vainglory....
@darthbob42 Anos atrás
they seem to be advertising more than vainglory, so it'll probably be able to last more
@SedyyBeats Anos atrás
@revelcw Anos atrás
I might not hate Rito after all. They might be working on Val mobile instead of a Replay System.
Thanks!I love this!
@dorijanpuljic2984 Anos atrás
Hello Mr Lowlander I see you know a lot about the game so I wanted to ask do you know how to solve payment error for valorant points ?
@ixian3614 Anos atrás
2:00 lowlander hates his fans confirmed
@mastork5453 Anos atrás
Bro you've grown so much
@dhruvatikhe3730 Anos atrás
The second last omen tp trick on icebox. Which skin did he have?
@dec1085 Anos atrás
@jxyden3041 Anos atrás
2:03 That had me laughing 💀
@toakzy Anos atrás
The sponsor game is not really fun , I tried it if u got the same weapon like ur enemy but they got more upgrade on it u just lost
@user-rs9sp3vr3x 2 meses atrás
2:02 the way he said “go to hell”💀💀💀😭
@grandowlz3456 Anos atrás
You can wallspam sage walls.
@Geckur0 Anos atrás
i really dont get why you would be banned for "abusing" a bug. if its in the game, it is free to use as far as im concerned. if they didnt want us to use these bugs to our advantage, they should fix them so they arent in the game. imagine getting banned because the devs are sloppy or lazy.
i like that he is promoting using phones during classes xd
Bro if Valorant is willing to make a mobile game whats stopping them from putting it on console so I can play with my homies who refuse to get a gaming computer
@dec1085 Anos atrás
It would take a while to make and probably wouldn't work that well
@hat6766 Anos atrás
tip: you can smoke sova recon arrow and its not gonna track you
@xiao8295 Anos atrás
i skipped school for this vid. It better be a banger
@ltcray2381 Anos atrás
L man
@yeoyeoking Anos atrás
Never forget: Vainglory✊🏼
@infinity1633 Anos atrás
ill try the catalyst black
@FunUnitCatKill Anos atrás
2:03 Me to AFKers after Pistol round
@butterflytr3077 Anos atrás
3:58 I always use this myself
@senalweerasekara Anos atrás
2:17 always headshot.
@reynold5106 Anos atrás
Could u do a road to diamond sova series ? :)
@b19parthmagdum97 Anos atrás
The bind fade wiffed so hard lamoooo
@blueberry5997 Anos atrás
“In the post plant, go to hell” - Lowlander
4:36 I was using it for the whole time XD
@gold3n365 Anos atrás
2:03 “In the post-plant go to Hell” what was that Emardo
For me the title is "tips that you will totally forgot when in real game"
@kazuhohayanari Anos atrás
3:44 my guy flick so hard than the slap of a mom's slipper
@saifblox2483 Anos atrás
2:02 the go to hell... edit: With the postplant, "In the postplant go to hell"
@farzifshayan7052 Anos atrás
Bro make a video about Jett tips and tricks, how to be a Jett main, radient push. Pls.
@dec1085 Anos atrás
I'm pretty sure he already did Jett to diamond
@oshikatomio3001 Anos atrás
Where do we submit our own tricks?
@Cryptixzzz Anos atrás
5:28 now i dont think im the only one who thought the same thing
@najmaht.a.1314 Anos atrás
@srirams2016 Anos atrás
Astra's "uSeLess iNdiViduAl" at 4:56 caught me off guard lol why was she talkin abt herself? 🤣
@dec1085 Anos atrás
She says that when she gets a kill
@dec1085 Anos atrás
She says that when she gets a kill
@therandoms1533 Anos atrás
is it just me or did Martin92 just freakin' tracked that guy's head suspiciously? @3:04
@dec1085 Anos atrás
No it was just a normal flick
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