Using Reverse Psychology To Get ANYTHING You Want

Amyy Woahh
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20 Nov 2021



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Comentários 6 201
TimeBucks Mês atrás
I’m amazed on how she can do that in public
Uncle Shoe
Uncle Shoe 4 horas atrás
*Me in the background....* Another day, another million TikTok videos...
Cas 9 horas atrás
Wanting internet "fame" makes people do dumb shit
ionie tennyson
ionie tennyson 2 dias atrás
@rm p FMF
Desox 4 dias atrás
Amazed? Don’t you mean pity? Look at all the normal people watching this clown as they walk by. This Gen z Generation needs to find productive hobbies and not social media
Juan Israel
Juan Israel 5 dias atrás
@basketballaholic _ you'd be surprised how many grown adults act like children off the camera
~Lynx~ 15 dias atrás
"I'm gonna use reverse psychology" *proceeds to not use reverse psychology*
Jen Graybill
Jen Graybill 7 horas atrás
Her saying that was
kumi m
kumi m 16 dias atrás
I’m amazed that she felt this was worth making
Fabrício Magalhães
Fabrício Magalhães 2 dias atrás
@Big Daddy I didn’t even see the views before your comment 😂 This shit have 48 million views???? My god what is happening whit your generation
Mary Marash
Mary Marash 3 dias atrás
Ur just hating
Glaxiiッ 4 dias atrás
Elise Petrie
Elise Petrie 5 dias atrás
I know right
Aistis Rymonis
Aistis Rymonis 5 dias atrás
People nowadays have too much time on their hands
BIG_J_123 17 dias atrás
My forgivness for thanos grows each day watching cringe stuff like this
Jorjish Nurmani
Jorjish Nurmani 3 horas atrás
No bro Thanos is not right but Ultron is right to destroy humanity
Mike 10 dias atrás
They would be the ones to live lol
Zachary Honachi
Zachary Honachi 10 dias atrás
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich 19 dias atrás
Reverse psychology: "In actuality" She just lied to her.
Denharo Francis
Denharo Francis 3 dias atrás
Yea I was waiting on the reverse psychology to kick in
skylar spencer
skylar spencer 14 dias atrás
@shahrunizashahir I I love you
skylar spencer
skylar spencer 14 dias atrás
@jowils22to the same place as you were going with me you got a new job for me to be there for you were going on a trip for you guys we were going to be there for your birthday 🎉 and I love you ❤️❤️🎁❤️❤️🎁❤️❤️🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁❤️❤️❤️🎁🎁🎁🎁❤️❤️🎁❤️
Fire caribou
Fire caribou 18 dias atrás
I love your videos
shahrunizashahir 18 dias atrás
no no no, its not lying
Random_Gurl Mês atrás
The fact that she is soooooo confident to shout “I DON’T LIKE TODAY!” In public.
Vitae Essentia
Vitae Essentia 16 dias atrás
@SimpleSock fuck everyone else they're all content while you are miserable and quiet, but the minute you stand out in some significant way it's disdain. 🖕🤬🖕
Ulfah Gunawan
Ulfah Gunawan 23 dias atrás
wkwkwk i think so
sanie nualda
sanie nualda 23 dias atrás
@Willow beauty 🌸 zbzz
Jermaine Pugh
Jermaine Pugh 27 dias atrás
Every body is repeating over and over again the word public
Caroline Connolly
Caroline Connolly Mês atrás
Also “I’m a burrito”
Bub279 17 dias atrás
The fact that she yelled “I don’t like today!” In public is crazy
The Robot
The Robot 7 dias atrás
Well, its was everybody else is thinking
Skyz Flxshy
Skyz Flxshy 18 dias atrás
Amy: **yells in the mall** Everyone walking past her: *what is she doing??🤨*
Demonskii JW
Demonskii JW 15 dias atrás
Elias Gonzalez
Elias Gonzalez 5 dias atrás
I have 3 points to make 1- how is that even reverse psychology?? 2- who was the person that told her it was a good sketch?? Remember people, telling the thruth its necessary and its not always hurtfull as long as you say it in a good way, 3- how did she even managed to record it on public? 😂
Lucy Stewart
Lucy Stewart Dia atrás
I do this all the time with my siblings lol
Bribe Mês atrás
The fact that they didn't look up where there's bubble gum machines that are in every single color and a pink one
flubba wubbadubba
flubba wubbadubba 6 dias atrás
Don't think she actually wanted any specific colour, just wanted to make a video. And look a tit in the mall
DevZech Mês atrás
LoLz Mês atrás
my immigrant butt just had a seizure
Maria Carrillo
Maria Carrillo Mês atrás
@Captain Scott 0.o
someone Mês atrás
@B u fr? They said that they can look up bc there are bubble gum machines in every colour
Nirupma Pathak
Nirupma Pathak 11 dias atrás
I wouldn't have fallen for this because I know my elder sister will never be this good to me 😂😂😂
Amanda Young
Amanda Young 23 dias atrás
I have watched several different videos of hers and I just don’t get how or why so many people find of this funny? Or relatable? To each their own I use.
Simran Gupta
Simran Gupta 4 dias atrás
I like how people be calling manipulation as reverse psychology 🎈
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Willow beauty 🌸
Willow beauty 🌸 Mês atrás
I love how she can be herself no matter what and she never gets embarrassed in public. Love you Amy
Willow beauty 🌸
Willow beauty 🌸 Mês atrás
@God has l e f t Pfft as if you're the boss, I can comment all I like, its the best way to annoy you
God has l e f t
God has l e f t Mês atrás
@Willow beauty 🌸 and also it’s called the BRvid algorithm
God has l e f t
God has l e f t Mês atrás
@Willow beauty 🌸 oh no, an 11 year old is threatening me on the internet, bruh just stop commenting you looking like a clown at this point 🤡
heyシ︎ Mês atrás
@Willow beauty 🌸 bro you're a ten year old stan i don't wanna here it lmao
Willow beauty 🌸
Willow beauty 🌸 Mês atrás
Besides, if all you guys think Amy is cringe, why are you watching her videos? You guys are such hypocrites
Gabriela Filip
Gabriela Filip 15 dias atrás
That's what I every time do with my lil sister 🤣
xxxxBlacksoul666xxxx 22 dias atrás
The "I DoNt LiKe ToDaY!" Got me laughing 😃
Zenia Oikonomou
Zenia Oikonomou 18 dias atrás
I always do the same with my sisters. 😂
Hania Ahmed
Hania Ahmed 10 dias atrás
When she said I don't like today I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Mês atrás
Anyone else BLOWN AWAY she is doing that in PUBLIC lol
Darth_Italy Mês atrás
@DDGX 28 once again the video was made on TikTok.
DDGX 28 Mês atrás
@Makkapakkastwln how? It's normal to make money off of youtube.
Recoil Mês atrás
Facts man
Makkapakkastwln Mês atrás
@DDGX 28 I’m sorry, but that’s an extremely ableist slur. If you said it online in somewhere like Twitter, you would be cancelled for good reason.
AN Mês atrás
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 22 dias atrás
That’s literally the opposite of reverse psychology 😂😂😂😂
Sosa Drippin
Sosa Drippin 21 dia atrás
Very smart indeed the exact meaning of reverse psychology
Farah R
Farah R 5 horas atrás
my favorite part is when she says... "I don't like today" LOL 🤣😂
Sanjoy Kundu
Sanjoy Kundu 17 dias atrás
Brings back memories as a big bro🤣
muffin potato
muffin potato Mês atrás
Respect for her shouting "I don't like today!" In public.
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith 25 dias atrás
@judith flores k
Pray Mo
Pray Mo 26 dias atrás
@Betopile_ Tiered q
Iamlonley 27 dias atrás
Honestly anybody could agree with her… right?
Kaytlynn Butler
Kaytlynn Butler 28 dias atrás
Enzo Zayden
Enzo Zayden 28 dias atrás
Way you dont laik i ?
Isabel 21 dia atrás
This is me just everyday 😂
Jessica Norman
Jessica Norman 20 dias atrás
Imagine walking in the store and you see that😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Moon Collie
Moon Collie 16 dias atrás
Lol 😂 if I come across from you I’m going to be laughing so hard😂
Bengia Joyee
Bengia Joyee 13 dias atrás
these shorts are very amzing! its always make my day better
𝐄𝐕𝐀 Mês atrás
"DANG IT" and "I DONT LIKE TODAY" never gets old
Janis Fast
Janis Fast Mês atrás
Fake you’re the best in the world you’re like a rockstar
Water Mês atrás
It's not even funny scratch that shes not even funny
Yohan Mês atrás
It does I hate it
live laugh ligma
live laugh ligma Mês atrás
yes it does it’s soo annoying
witherd bonnie
witherd bonnie Mês atrás
Never getsold
DMGentry 18 dias atrás
It’s exactly the same for me 😂 The only difference is that I don’t listen to my sister😁
Muhammad Haris
Muhammad Haris Dia atrás
Literally 😂I also do this with my lil sister
Sassh DIY 💗💕
Sassh DIY 💗💕 24 dias atrás
Works every time 😜
Osarvenwoo Muantei
Osarvenwoo Muantei 20 dias atrás
I used to do this to my younger sister too🤣🤣..... That satisfying feeling though🤣😂
Chase Fluck
Chase Fluck Mês atrás
Respect to you for the fact that you can scream “I don’t like today!!!” In public and not get embarrassed, if that were me I would’ve ran outa there so quickly
x-Bhàis-x Mês atrás
She wants the attention duh, obviously she can scream out loud in public if she's making the video in public for public on the internet 🙄 she's achieving what she had planned to do the second she thought of the idea and that's getting attention
e Mês atrás
I made it 1k.
Spear240 Mês atrás
@Gav 1000 wth?
Spear240 Mês atrás
999 likes is now 1k
Zeffey bee
Zeffey bee Mês atrás
@Gav 1000 ]]]
LightToSmooth 22 dias atrás
"I saw it on discovery channel" That had me dying
LightToSmooth 11 dias atrás
@EchoSixSix yes
EchoSixSix 11 dias atrás
I’m sure it did 🙄
CyperNotSafe 22 dias atrás
It’s funny that me and my younger brother always loved getting the blue one
Charlotte Logsdon
Charlotte Logsdon 4 dias atrás
Once I used reverse psychology to get my lil bro grounded from playing with his friend I didn’t like for one month 😏🙃
Breanna Surratt
Breanna Surratt 13 dias atrás
This is me and my younger sibling and she always falls for it
WhyTheGuy 13
WhyTheGuy 13 Mês atrás
That’s the opposite of reverse psychology. Reverse psychology would be saying “wow I’m so happy I got the blue one I love this one” ,therefore the younger sister wants it now
Macy Martin
Macy Martin Mês atrás
.. can you post it looks so nice but anyways my name is renaya shell too bye and my sister and you don't need that money bye
Darsh Editz
Darsh Editz Mês atrás
Fax brotha
Teresa Shea
Teresa Shea Mês atrás
Imma use this on my little step bro
proxy Mês atrás
If the younger sister knows something tastes bad then she won't eat it. Just because the older sister likes something the younger sister doesn't like, doesn't mean that she will want to have it
proxy Mês atrás
Not really. If the younger sister likes the pink one she will eat the pink one. That's not how reverse psychology works but I do agree that the older sister did not use it
Jamilah💞 17 dias atrás
I do this all the time lol
Brittany Tedder
Brittany Tedder 18 dias atrás
The “I dOnT LiKe ToDaY” gets me everytime😭
Super kid
Super kid 22 dias atrás
I do this to my little bro all the time!! Ps, I really hope he doesn’t see this😆😉
Sally Moreno
Sally Moreno 10 dias atrás
I'm amazed on how she can just scream in public
Eli Hughes
Eli Hughes 16 dias atrás
Yes, this is exactly what I do with n public with my siblings.
Laura Mitrescu
Laura Mitrescu 3 dias atrás
I do that every time with my little sister
Full OF Fool
Full OF Fool 14 dias atrás
That’s how professional Yugioh players do to get that one card worth more than 100$ from those new players. Trade 10 cards for just one card and the new players thinks i get 10 cards just for 1 card😂
Lara Jefferies
Lara Jefferies 17 dias atrás
I do that to my sister like everyday 😂
BumbleCat 24 dias atrás
Amy: *Screams I don't like today* Everyone in the store: ಠ_ಠ What is she doing?
Tay C
Tay C 8 horas atrás
@Isla Kate are you really talking about a plot on an awful cringy 30 second yt short? There is no plot, shes not putting any thought into these
Clara Maduka
Clara Maduka 2 dias atrás
@Isla Kate shdhu
×XMacX× 7 dias atrás
Lol yes✺◟( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◞✺
Marisofly 9 dias atrás
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HAMID NESSAR 10 dias atrás
@Levan Kirvalidze ???
Lexi Nicole
Lexi Nicole 16 dias atrás
Amy “ I don’t like today” everyone looking at her. Like how does she do this in public. I really like her videos.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 19 dias atrás
It works so well. I love blue one of my favorite colors enjoy dabbling in many different flavors in candy.
Pea man
Pea man Dia atrás
Theses shorts are so amazing it makes me smile 😊
Sick Duck
Sick Duck 3 dias atrás
I don't think she knows what reverse psychology actually is...
Khaotic Soul
Khaotic Soul Mês atrás
I like how she doesn't even care about everyone looking at her lol 💖
Allie Mês atrás
@Cheese touch gaming two and who cares It’s fun but kinda embarrassing (sorry if it’s offensive)
hArRy PoTtEr RoCkS
hArRy PoTtEr RoCkS Mês atrás
Yeah lol
Cherrylstha Mês atrás
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Tōru Oikawa
Tōru Oikawa Mês atrás
@Cheese touch gaming two it’s not
Aaron Alvarez
Aaron Alvarez Mês atrás
@Cheese touch gaming two it’s not cringe you only live once and there is no need to be embarrassed so
Funnykat17 14 dias atrás
I have done this with my little sister 😂
PUNKULT 💕 6 dias atrás
when she says reverse psychology but its actually just manipulation 💀
Caleb Eason
Caleb Eason 18 dias atrás
I love how she says "I don't like today,"and " dang it"
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson 11 dias atrás
This is amazing I love this channel
Jellyjessyy🦋 Mês atrás
How can she do that without getting embarrassed- my anxiety COULD NEVER
NSRT_YT_ Mês atrás
Warren Moonga
Warren Moonga Mês atrás
Add a public comment.....
Genva stema
Genva stema Mês atrás
@Jellyjessyy🦋 jess, Goodluck finding a mate.
Its Claire
Its Claire Mês atrás
ninja Fais
ninja Fais Mês atrás
Typically 09
Typically 09 20 dias atrás
So true my big sister would always do that to me when I was small and it would always work
Td Rosier
Td Rosier 17 dias atrás
I'm a older brother so I am really good at reverse psychology
Tanya Katsif
Tanya Katsif 9 dias atrás
That’s so relatable lol😄
Milly_ Dibblez0
Milly_ Dibblez0 21 dia atrás
That true. I used to trick my brother like that 😩 and still are
Jellytrix Mês atrás
The audacity she has to say “I don’t like today” in front of a bunch of people is insane. Like literally I could never
can we kindly reach 500 subs.
I literally always do this to my siblings lol
Miane Myburgh
Miane Myburgh Mês atrás
Mmm Mwww×w
Jehezkiel Zavier
Jehezkiel Zavier 13 dias atrás
I get tricked by my big brother the whole time!!
Renee Trujillo
Renee Trujillo 22 dias atrás
Loved you're reaction lil sis
little_kawai 14 dias atrás
Every kid does this 🤣😂
Damion Duffy
Damion Duffy 13 horas atrás
That's not reverse phsycology it's called lieing 😂
Nathan's Sandbox
Nathan's Sandbox Mês atrás
I'm shocked that nobody points out that this was not reverse psychology. This was just lying. Reverse psychology would be more along the lines of "You don't want the blue one with the good flavour", making her think she wants it because you act like you prefer the blue one.
aj dileo
aj dileo 20 dias atrás
My thoughts exactly
DAYMS 21 dia atrás
Exactly what I thought
DuckyXduck 21 dia atrás
Pragati Dalvi
Pragati Dalvi 22 dias atrás
Omg. I was searching for you. 🤣🤣🤣 It makes no sense
Lia 22 dias atrás
I hate it when people use the word “Psychology” just to make the viewers believe in their nonsense
amy's DANG IT never gets old and she got me sayin it a lot xD
xKenny 2 dias atrás
It got old once hearing it.
Ilisha Srivastava
Ilisha Srivastava 20 dias atrás
Lol I’m the younger sibling in my family and my elder sibling always gets tricked by me
Emmy De wispelaere
Emmy De wispelaere 14 dias atrás
Cool thanks man I'll see if we can make sure we have it on our schedule and if so what time would
Airsoft Is 1st
Airsoft Is 1st 19 dias atrás
I don’t like today gets me every time 😂
GalaxyWARD Mês atrás
Imagine doing this in public too
Photographer VR
Photographer VR Mês atrás
She is in public
Jelly_aesthetic Mês atrás
I was about to say that 🙁
Draziken Mês atrás
Any idea what song is played in the background?
Corrie Doornberg
Corrie Doornberg Mês atrás
@jow bvb p.j.
Varju Lili
Varju Lili Mês atrás
HeteflEhlh, 😗😗😗😗🤪😗🙃😗😄
mahwish khan
mahwish khan 23 dias atrás
I always do like that go my sister 😂😂
hermitli5689 24 dias atrás
Bro that kid at the end just staring at her The mother: “look away sally that’s what you call a crazy person just keep walking”
Ravid 8 dias atrás
Narutuke 22 dias atrás
Bushra Jama
Bushra Jama 12 dias atrás
So funny I love when she does “IMMA BURRITO”🌯
Matul Parmar
Matul Parmar Dia atrás
The time in which she thinks to use the phychology, I would have eaten the candy.
Sammie Ford
Sammie Ford Mês atrás
“I’m gonna use reverse psychology” Proceeds to use manipulation tactics.
Garroth Hogonokami
Garroth Hogonokami Mês atrás
Ah, Squips. tired brain thought you said tictacs for some reason oops XD
Cherrylstha Mês atrás
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 *_YT.SV/CÄSHREXSLOVES_* 💜 PRIVATE S*X LES'T MAKE LOVE BABY 💜 #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾
shyann rain
shyann rain Mês atrás
@bling daddy jjjojk
alexanderistow Mês atrás
not even reverse psychology
janna bingham
janna bingham Mês atrás
@Whazatt haha, what?? They don’t just taste good, they taste exactly the same. And the “point” overall is that she wants the other color, isn’t it? The end goal, the qualifier for the whole conversation, is her wanting the pink. Her lying about an aspect of the thing in order to dissuade from it isn’t any sort of opposite ideal, it’s just deceitful. This video has the comprehensive value of an episode of paw patrol, and it’s gives a bad example of a simple concept. Have a nice day!
Haroon munavar vlogs
Haroon munavar vlogs 24 dias atrás
Fun fact : how long should it take to get those two colours
Cupcake_Fox 15 dias atrás
I do that sometimes :D
aaliM art
aaliM art 7 horas atrás
Crazy Karen screaming "I don't like today." = It's time to leave the mall.
Suzie Ng
Suzie Ng 3 dias atrás
Omg you are so brave I could never
Shoaib Sarwar
Shoaib Sarwar Mês atrás
Legend has it that people are still trying to find out how this is funny.
Itsukii ♥︎
Itsukii ♥︎ Mês atrás
@Shoaib Sarwar you really don’t give 2 shits? You gave enough shits to reply. Admit it, you’re mad aren’t you?
Itsukii ♥︎
Itsukii ♥︎ Mês atrás
@Shoaib Sarwar Why does capitalization matter? This is BRvid. Not advanced spelling.
Scott Lance
Scott Lance Mês atrás
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus Mês atrás
It’s not supposed to be funny
The Spann family
The Spann family Mês atrás
Eueeryup alb high b me MC
Sarah Abdul hameed
Sarah Abdul hameed 22 dias atrás
Fact : all colours taste same because the upper part is just food colour 💀
Ashley Olivo
Ashley Olivo 15 dias atrás
Oh my God I love your videos so much because you’re just like my favorite BRvidr
Joanna 23 dias atrás
I do this all the time
Lxrd Save Me
Lxrd Save Me 3 dias atrás
God damn this generation makes me understand why civilization is collapsing
zarazebra Mês atrás
I would’ve said, “I’m so glad I got blue since I love blue and blues the coolest color. There’s no way I will ever give this to you.” My sister then would’ve immediately wanted it Edit: I just woke up and this had so many likes. Tysm :))))
ASMR AN Mês atrás
Every sibling prenlotcal😂💗😫
Dylan Gardiner, The smollest boi
Actual reverse psychology
Ferlando Louis
Ferlando Louis Mês atrás
@Luny Cipres xvhhhhhjjkpsmr
Luny Cipres
Luny Cipres Mês atrás
That's more like reverse psychology lol
yasmina begum
yasmina begum 5 dias atrás
It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece
Cece pup
Cece pup 16 dias atrás
I do this all the time
KayKay 20 dias atrás
My sister used to try reverse psychology on me but it failed every time
Æ 10 dias atrás
Bro why is this so true I do it to my little brother a million times
Peter Boylan
Peter Boylan Mês atrás
Reverse psychology is when you use the fact that a person is more likely to disagree with something negative you say against them, this isn't that. Using reverse psychology would be saying that you don't like blue and trying to get her to take the opposing point of view. Not that this would work in this case but that is what reverse psychology is
Pumpkin Cat
Pumpkin Cat Mês atrás
Wouldn’t it be trying to convince her that the pink is bad? I’m pretty sure she did that right
Kanine Mês atrás
I knew someone would catch on to this
Xi_Frizz iX
Xi_Frizz iX Mês atrás
@Yolanda Rodríguez la he sbnbvb a z. A b n bjhuew en ba trggmk y el plan le e re a audiciónelo u gggg not gonna lie, you are speaking facts
ille Mês atrás
Exactly what I was thinking.
Manisha Masand
Manisha Masand Mês atrás
Exactlyyyy what i was thinking about!
Vienna And Viola
Vienna And Viola 17 dias atrás
OMG so true😂😂😂😂😂
scoupzy c.
scoupzy c. 14 dias atrás
That “DANG” is so iconic lol
Health updates
Health updates 21 dia atrás
I do it every day with different different things
queen nikum
queen nikum 23 dias atrás
alya mochi
alya mochi Mês atrás
Big respect for her shouting: I DON'T LIKE TODAY[in public]
alex aleman.
alex aleman. 24 dias atrás
@Deku simper almost-
Jose Jovel
Jose Jovel 24 dias atrás
@°sparkless° 8
Daniel BenShimol
Daniel BenShimol 25 dias atrás
Deku simper
Deku simper 25 dias atrás
@alya mochi soz
Deku simper
Deku simper 25 dias atrás
@alya mochi hm k
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