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US (2019) Ending Explained

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In US, the second film from Jordan Peele (Get Out) a family's vacation turns to chaos when a group of malevolent doppelgängers descends upon their home. Learn all about who The Tethered are, what they want, and looking at the film's bigger meaning and hidden messages.
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25 Mar 2019

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Comentários 8 575
Koraan Butler
Koraan Butler 2 horas atrás
Get Out taught me to analyze the beginning of Us. I’m so glad I did
Anime McAnimeFace
Anime McAnimeFace 3 horas atrás
I need to watch this movie now
R Singh
R Singh 3 horas atrás
Next movies gonna be called “Terries”. Only Jordan peeled fans know what I mean
SARiKAiDEN Official
SARiKAiDEN Official 4 horas atrás
When I first watched the movie, not even gonna lie, that moment when it became more or less obvious that Adelaide was not who we thought she was, I was like "No...That sneaky ass son of a bitch! What the actual fuck!" XD
KingMichael 5 horas atrás
Here is a one that nobody really knows about but the mother of the Tyler’s was one of the real ones in 1986 and she was kidnapped and put underground before the experiment failed. The mom was a real human being, that’s why there was a scene where she was at the Santa Cruz carnival feeling the wind and being soulful, she missed the sky after being gone. Another example was the scene where they took Adelaide and the mom was in her room admiring her lipsticks for a long time because she’s been away from it all. The fake mom considered alcohol as her medicine which really gave it away. And she died quickly after that rock to the head when the tethered are known for being powerful even from stabs. And another one was when she knew about the backup generator unlike the others.
David Jimenez
David Jimenez 6 horas atrás
i watch this at 3am faded asf most fuvking complicated movie ever 😭😭still good thi
C A M 8 horas atrás
I just realized that the clone of the homeless guy was already setting up the line waiting for the other clones to kill their double
Anti Haters
Anti Haters 8 horas atrás
Us copy the plot twist on phillipine horror movie ELEMENTO it is exactly the same plot twist it sucks
MrSilverKatana 10 horas atrás
haven't seen the movie but if it's saying the clones lived on nothing but rabbit then the clones would be dead as eating nothing but rabbit will kill you
Flap-jack 14 horas atrás
So technically she was the double, and she had her double family but the normal had the normal family so the normal family was killed and the double family was alive, this confusing
Alex 15 horas atrás
why can't they both live on the surface why does there have to be one above ground and one below I mean its not like there it anything stoping them?
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 15 horas atrás
Did anyone else notice that in the beginning Adeline was wearing all white, but then she killed the tethers and got blood all over her causing her to become red. This kinda seems like the movie showing the reveal that she is actually a tether
Noviahoa 15 horas atrás
krl Sma
krl Sma Dia atrás
can someone explain why the real adelaide made kids down there in the tunnels? She is not a clone so she didn’t have to do exactly the same things the fake adelaide did in the real world. I even think she COULDN’T do the exact same things because she is not the clone. So how did she find her husband and make kids in the tunnels? It doesn’t mke sense
Harshita Jaiswal
Harshita Jaiswal Dia atrás
The scene where the tethered friend applys lipstick is also a kind of emotional scene but has got ignored i guess.There was a scene when Adelaide is handcuffed attached to the bed of their white friend Tyler's room while we see the tethered version of Kitty tyler applying lip gloss/lipstick with a certain amount of melancholic joy in her eyes. As if this was somethin very basic which was denied to her for such a long time! It was emotional.
Harshita Jaiswal
Harshita Jaiswal 10 horas atrás
@Lindsay Williams There was a scene when Adelaide is handcuffed attached to the bed of their white friend Tyler's room while we see the tethered version of Kitty tyler applying lip gloss/lipstick with a certain amount of melancholic joy in her eyes. As if this was somethin very basic which was denied to her for such a long time! It was emotional.
Lindsay Williams
Lindsay Williams 12 horas atrás
Harshita Jaiswal can you explain I didn’t understand that part
Martin Prince777
Martin Prince777 Dia atrás
This movie was good right up to the end. Then it turned fucking dumb. So many ridiculous things to list em all, but my biggest problem is... how the hell do you clone the ENTIRE population of the US, or even one large city, and then abandon it with NO SECURITY MEASURES? All they had to do was walk up 3 flights of stairs! All any regular person had to do to find the clones was walk down 3 flights of stairs? WTF, this is some lazy ass writing. Never goin to waste my time on a Jordan Peele movie again 🤦‍♂️
Sir Jon Smith III
It was very horribly written. Shame, because it had potential.
Jazzy Moni
Jazzy Moni Dia atrás
I just watched this. That underground bunker was antiseptically clean. Who was keeping it up? Were the doppelgangers sweeping, dusting & mopping as they emulated the real ones cleaning somewhere above ground? That place should have been a dungeon, but all the beds were made, floors mopped. Rabbits were just running free with no evidence of being eaten, even though the clones had only been gone a day. Did they have a cafeteria? Also, where did they copulate to conceive the kids? There woulda been orgies galore. I'm just trying to understand. Red wasn't the only one who had kids, and they were all flesh and blood, so when.... where.... how?? One more thing.... the police was going to be there in 14 minutes. How come they never showed up? That original call went through to 911. The circuits weren't overloaded till later. So are we to just assume the cops got killed on route? If they had showed up for just the one incident, they could have used their radios to call know what?? Never mind....
Carter Martin
Carter Martin Dia atrás
wasnt werewolf was chewbacka
Miranda Kathrein
Miranda Kathrein Dia atrás
Why does the real Addy speak like that when she comes to the surface? I would think she could speak normally as she is a normal child when she is taken underground by the clone. And I have no idea how the clone learned to speak normally and have a normal life and family if she had no soul. She did a great job blending in. I think her son Jason also figured out his mom is actually a clone at the end by hearing that whole conversation between his mom and her supposed clone. I thought it was an ok movie, but I agree that "Get Out" was so much better. 💜
krl Sma
krl Sma Dia atrás
Remember when adelaide was a kid, Red (fake adelaide) choked the real adelaide in that house. I think it ‘damaged’ her throat. And btw the clones don’t speak in the tunnels so I think the real adelaide forgot to speak down there all those years. (Sorry for my bad english, not my first language lol)
Renald Music
Renald Music Dia atrás
But she said the day they met for the first time she could have taken her with her .. so that misled me
Jamie104 Dia atrás
Most of your run downs are really good but I think you misunderstood a lot about this movie and this particular subgenre of horror. There's a reason that everything isn't revealed or explained outright.
Jamie104 Dia atrás
The husband was hilarious.
Black Daria
Black Daria Dia atrás
Jason NOT Jordan, lol
Finn HD
Finn HD Dia atrás
Could you say that Jason's suprising use of swear words, which is often frowned upon by the parents, is also a sign that he may not be the same Jason after all.
HarmlessPoisons Dia atrás
Homeless guy with blood coming down his hand on the beach is a reference to jesus Christ.
Avicularia Kael
Avicularia Kael Dia atrás
You kept calling Jason Jordan.
Ariixa Plays
Ariixa Plays Dia atrás
Why was this story just so interesting
John Keable
John Keable 2 dias atrás
Wish I could have those 2 hours back. This movie was complete nonsense
UnanimousMVP 2 dias atrás
Damn you know what I just realized. The boy at the end sat in that locker and basically heard red kill his real mom and yet he didnt do a thing and i dont blame him I dont think he knew at that point while they were fighting.
Sask RuffRiders
Sask RuffRiders 2 dias atrás
Good movie, although its like Peele made HALF a movie. I get that the government created these clones and abandoned them. Here are my questions: 1) What was the point of the tunnels in the movie? 2) Why didn't the REAL Adelaide escape DOPPLEGANGLAND at anytime? 3) What was with that fabricated carnival scene (where the dopplegangers made up Adelaide's entrance into the Vision Quest)? 4) Was the point of the dopplegangers really just to untether themselves, by killing their originals and holding hands in a big line at the end? 5) Why would they Gabe and his daughter leave Fake Adelaide to go back into the Vision Quest area, without family or backup? 6) If Fake Adelaide was always the clone; why woulddn't she just help her fellow clones or kill Adelaide from the start? Still a good movie, with plenty of AHA moments. But yeah, they still left a few things out.
Hireth 2 dias atrás
There was a lot of plot holes that kinda ruined it for me it doesn't make any sense tbh, but it was a good movie.
eghoops1 2 dias atrás
trash movie
Eddie Porter
Eddie Porter 2 dias atrás
I loved us.
King CarnaGe
King CarnaGe 2 dias atrás
I’m not going to sleep tonight and I just heard something... help 😬
King CarnaGe
King CarnaGe 2 dias atrás
By far the most scary movie of 2019 at least
duffno1 2 dias atrás
Anyone noticed the “CHUD” movie vhs? Genius
Codie Luse
Codie Luse 2 dias atrás
7:55 .. Jason... Love your videos... But Jason 😂
startrekalien 2 dias atrás
The movie sucked, bottom line. Interesting, yes. But it was reaching way too far.
Ph@tMantv 2 dias atrás
So why wouldn't the government just kill all the clones after abandoning the project? Better yet, why wouldn't they go for the much easier route and do mind control like MK Ultra instead of making a shot ton of clones to house and feed? All of it just made no sense, but a fun enough film I guess?!
ashlon smith
ashlon smith 2 dias atrás
What did Red whisper when they were in the classroom
Sofia Castillo
Sofia Castillo 2 dias atrás
ashlon smith BRO IKK I WAS WONDERING THAT. i just watched it rn. kinda late lols
Myles Green
Myles Green 2 dias atrás
Sorry I’m one of the ones that hated this movie I just rented it and only want 47 mins of it and it was so boring to me
the lonely choed
the lonely choed 2 dias atrás
Is Pokemon playing in the background???i kinda hear it😻
Rocket Gamer
Rocket Gamer 2 dias atrás
Damn I wasn’t expecting that they switched places big oof
Aprodhito Araujo
Aprodhito Araujo 2 dias atrás
So, is this Persona the Movie?
XfinitiGhost 2 dias atrás
12:34 notice the bunny shirt. Foreshadow or plot point
john smith
john smith 2 dias atrás
cover longbow
cover longbow 2 dias atrás
Us actually is very screwed up
Kurt Loreto
Kurt Loreto 2 dias atrás
I don’t think anyone noticed yet, but the plan was set in motion as early as the afternoon when they were at the beach. The man standing at the pier doing that t-pose was the clone of the homeless man that Adelaide (double) saw. Since he just finished killing his original, he already started lining up into position. We can really see how well Adelaide (orig.) planned this all out. Once you kill your original, line up accordingly.
Malcolm Purple
Malcolm Purple 3 dias atrás
"Werewolf mask wearing jason" Dude. Thats Chewbacca....
Shaelyn Jaroszuk
Shaelyn Jaroszuk 3 dias atrás
how did the original girl, learn to mimic the clone? if it’s the clone mimicking the original
MRS Flores
MRS Flores 3 dias atrás
The Ultimate conspiracy.. kinda was a super demented twist of the Island.
Shaelyn Jaroszuk
Shaelyn Jaroszuk 3 dias atrás
how did she just become like them?
Shaelyn Jaroszuk
Shaelyn Jaroszuk 3 dias atrás
how did the mom as a child who was kidnapped, cope and just move on with her life, how did she not die down there? how did she become almost like them?
ibraham rashid
ibraham rashid 3 dias atrás
I trapped the devil
Lucas Nascimento
Lucas Nascimento 3 dias atrás
Jordan Peele did it again
Shay Lew
Shay Lew 3 dias atrás
The rabbits were fucking me up
Clinton Michael
Clinton Michael 3 dias atrás
That movie sucked.
Yogirl Cheeks
Yogirl Cheeks 3 dias atrás
It was ok 7/10 the evil version of the mom was terrible why tf she talk like that bih needed water 😂 and the son was acting like a dog and the dad was out here acting cave man n shit yelling talking “uhhhhhhh!!”
SkipSpotter 3 dias atrás
An original story-line, and very provocative. Ones mind wanders due to the symbolic representations shown, such as the rabbits perhaps being the very basic beginnings of the uncaring work of the human clone experiments, which obviously carried on for some time, even after shown to lack a soul. However, the primeval basic survival instinct proved to overcome any restrictions apart from a sense of consideration for their (clones) actions.
Prince T
Prince T 3 dias atrás
Oh that’s why she didn’t speak it’s because she didn’t know how to until she learned. It would be weird to have a double or to learn that you yourself are a well clone of another person. Knowing that you are well human but not a normal human.
TheCoolerChannel 3 dias atrás
I don’t know if I’ve ever said this before but this is probably the best channel on BRvid for analysis and explanation. It’s to the point, relatively short and your voice isn’t annoying like others Props 👍
Desssyyy Evon
Desssyyy Evon 3 dias atrás
U said Jordan his name was jason
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 3 dias atrás
Us? More like Lack of common sense
The BC- Film Reviews and More
Press X to say Jordan instead of Jason
Drake 4 dias atrás
Surprised I have yet to see a video touch on the religious symbolism throughout in addition to the classism. Hopi mythology is presented early on in the vision quest (look up sotuknang), and later with the spider, masks, twins, etc. Along with possible significance of the characters names (Pluto, umbrae =shadow, Abraham), rebirth, and the crusifiction images.
caza 4 dias atrás
In the beginning there is this part of underground tunnels and shafts. i think it's implying that there are tunnels all over the states, which would explain why she was just on vacation and her clone was still with her.
Razorthereptile 4 dias atrás
14:37 to answer that question to a degree they could've obtained the DNA necessary via check-up mouth swabs or other medical supplies
Razorthereptile 4 dias atrás
I'm just going to say that I love Us it's now one of my favorite movies and I'm a big fan of the tension that lasts throughout the entire movie. I do realize that there were a few dangling threads at the end of the movie but I can look past that and see how wonderful this movie is.
Erika Joi
Erika Joi 4 dias atrás
Isn’t it funny how not being able to find the keys were also a key factor in “Get Out” & “Us”.. those damn keys!
Bizzy 3 dias atrás
Watch the next Jordan Peele film have a problem with keys
Asha Wiford
Asha Wiford 4 dias atrás
ya'll notice how she cared when the shadow's died
churriess YT
churriess YT 20 horas atrás
actually that “shadow” was actually the real mom,red was the real one
Delta SSiPP
Delta SSiPP 2 dias atrás
Asha Wiford that whistle Red did before she died was sad you remember sometimes she whistled when she’s scared
Riaona Mixemong
Riaona Mixemong 4 dias atrás
Why was Jason so spooked of his mom at the end
DiGiorno GioPizza
DiGiorno GioPizza 4 dias atrás
Cuz of the twist at the end of the Adelaide in the jumpsuit being the real Adelaide, and the one above ground being the Tethered. He figured out his mom was the clone, and the one in the jumpsuit was the real Adelaide.
Gfresh1620 4 dias atrás
Wtf is with all the Rabbits though?
DiGiorno GioPizza
DiGiorno GioPizza 4 dias atrás
Rabbits are on the list of some of the few mammals that have been successfully cloned
bella 4 dias atrás
I honestly think that the red jumpsuits and scissors stands for the hands across America and the cut outs of paper people joining hands like hands across America
Dawson Edwards
Dawson Edwards 4 dias atrás
Adelaide cries when she watches both shadow children die because she herself is a shadow. Yknow?
Dittogalaxy11 4 dias atrás
Who else read it like U.S
SimplyStimulating 4 dias atrás
The movie was very goofy to be honest
SimplyStimulating 4 dias atrás
Just watched the movie it was good but definitely not amazing and kinda goofy
Jay 4 dias atrás
Am I the only one that felt this film didnt deserve such a high rating? Just felt like that whole show slowly fell apart after they escaped from the house
jan erin
jan erin 4 dias atrás
ok but it's jason not jordan omg
kmc3521 4 dias atrás
I hope theres a part 2 to this , I want to know what the boy is going to do.
Crissy Simic
Crissy Simic 4 dias atrás
just started watching. What kid drops their toffee apple on purpose like that??? THAT'S UNREALISTIC!!!
B L 4 dias atrás
I knew that Adelaide was Red, just from the trailer, being offbeat from the music gave it away for me. I wasn’t too shocked with the “plot twist”, but it’s still an amazing movie.
THEBackpack 10
THEBackpack 10 4 dias atrás
Funny how people support this racist Jordan Peele. Tbh his movies suck no matter what his personal views are his movies suck.
DrillerNation 15
DrillerNation 15 4 dias atrás
this guys a tryhard
Black Mane
Black Mane 5 dias atrás
There's an entrance into a top secret government experiment that we thought was a mirror at a carnival, laughing hard as hell. The way he tied the hip-hop joint into his theatrical score was clever though. Was this a success or Flop, I guess I'll go look it up.
Brayness 5 dias atrás
The cotton candy man from the flashback in the beginning and one of their friend's daughters were both wearing Black Flag shirts
Dark zero
Dark zero 5 dias atrás
I haven't watched the movie and I won't.. It's just so confusing. When I watch something I like to know everything about it. We're not detectives, we're viewers.
Lucid Labyrinth
Lucid Labyrinth 5 dias atrás
Movie sucked
Jesuskun 420
Jesuskun 420 5 dias atrás
Bored 5 dias atrás
I absolutely loved this.
Gabe Dawe
Gabe Dawe 5 dias atrás
after finding out that the mother is the dopple ganger how was the normal mom that was under ground mimicking the dance recital
Jesuskun 420
Jesuskun 420 5 dias atrás
They're sorta tethered, they mimicked each others actions no matter where
LOGIC ! 5 dias atrás
I didn't expect this to be so good. I loved Get out but I didn't really get the trailer for this and and wasn't sure how it would unfold.
Lee 5 dias atrás
So the good one is the bad one and the bad one is the good one This is umm ok
philip joseph
philip joseph 5 dias atrás
Fuckin trash
Jesuskun 420
Jesuskun 420 5 dias atrás
NeverEndingFear 5 dias atrás
I really enjoyed the movie, but one plothole i find preety mind boggling is this. The og one in the red suit says at some point during the chalkboard scene "when i met you, i thought you could take me with you" like? Where? It aounss weird in context, it sounds as if someone who lived their whole life unserground like the fake mom would say that, not the one in the red. That line kinda confuses me thats all
Saru EMS Education
Saru EMS Education 5 dias atrás
why are you yelling
toast_that_is_toasted •_•
Wakanda forever I'm only saying this because one of the actors is from Black panther You probably already knew
Wljwolf 29
Wljwolf 29 5 dias atrás
toast_that_is_toasted •_• 2 not one
Meka Shant'e
Meka Shant'e 6 dias atrás
If you're wanting a full explanation of US go to New Rockstars, they even show Easter's Eggs! This was explaination is garbage💯
Jesuskun 420
Jesuskun 420 5 dias atrás
This was explanation is garbage?
Orange Diamond Gaming
Orange Diamond Gaming 6 dias atrás
Imagine John Cena vs his doppelgänger
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma 6 dias atrás
*jason not *jordan
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