Upgrading The ENTIRETY of Minecraft - The ULTIMATE Survival World | Part 3

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27 Jul 2021



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Comentários 28 434
TrixyBlox Mês atrás
Download Core to play and create PC games for FREE at Also remember to check out the Discord for any info about the USW, and follow me on Instagram for a chance to WIN $250 and FREE world downloads!
James Cannon
James Cannon 5 dias atrás
I played
MANGO21 23 dias atrás
500th reply yayayayya
Roblox-Adventures Mês atrás
Om Om
Om Om Mês atrás
The qhute yerd is capid
Idk Mês atrás
Will this be available for bedrock
Michael Witt
Michael Witt 16 minutos atrás
Do you get enoug sleep
Milou van den Hengel
Milou van den Hengel 6 horas atrás
mr pls the mesa
Nagendra prajapati
Nagendra prajapati 6 horas atrás
Please also make a ancient indian temple in the jungle biome .🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩
Jonathan Blanco
Jonathan Blanco 7 horas atrás
Can we download it for free the map when its finishes?
Wither_Crow 459
Wither_Crow 459 5 horas atrás
no you will need to support him on patreon
Niigth 9 horas atrás
El castillo ese era igual al de the legend of Zelda idéntico
Niigth 10 horas atrás
simplemente increíble amigo mío, quiero descargarlo pronto.🔥🔥🔥🔥👁️👄👁️
Fredbear Walhare
Fredbear Walhare 12 horas atrás
When I get to my hands I'm probably will be a trader in the plains biome...
Alexandra 36 Plays
Alexandra 36 Plays 12 horas atrás
Jungle please
Richard Weichert
Richard Weichert 13 horas atrás
You could do a Viking camp or Village in the snow biome. With some enemy’s to protect it and making it a challenge in survival mode. That would be HUGE. And btw i love your videos and it is so CRAZYYY how much time and effort you put in there. Wich is worth it in the end because you always do better and better builds/upgrades. Keep going
Andre Jones
Andre Jones 13 horas atrás
I think the Jungle! Since that is the next part of the story which you are talking and thinking about
Lonely Giraffe
Lonely Giraffe 16 horas atrás
In the jungle I’d love to see a Buddhist temple
Mehal Kothari
Mehal Kothari 18 horas atrás
When he's speaking, it kinda sounds like he's doing an office presentation lol
Joe Rice
Joe Rice 18 horas atrás
I can’t wait for part 4 🤘
Emma Birna Martinsdottir
Emma Birna Martinsdottir 19 horas atrás
Sophie Featherstone
Sophie Featherstone 20 horas atrás
@TrixyBlox is it possible to download the original map? I love the idea of having all the biomes near the central area, but I can’t find any seeds that are like that… or…how did you create the world like that to begin with?
Kaka Popo
Kaka Popo 22 horas atrás
Please replace the fences on the walls at the pilliger outposts with dripstones it looks much better and it can hurt pls do more
รวิภัทร ภิบาลสิงห์
Do you can make minecraft bedrock that can download this map?
DOOMSDAY Dia atrás
Even looking at that mansion gives me shivers down my spine
Edward kaczorski
Edward kaczorski Dia atrás
I have an Idea if the nether is going to be transformed. Around 200 years before your spawning the nether king attacked the overworld creating a portal to the ultimate survival map. The nether with their goal being the conquest of the map started a war. They started very well but were pushed back into the nether and the portal was destroyed. As we saw in the first episode. During the war, the nether king was dead. His son took over and was also killed during the final battle. The nether began another war. This time with each other. A civil war broke out to this day. With both the piglin clan with their leader being like kylo ren from star wars having an elite force. The piglins are using to fight necromancy. Art of magic and martial arts. The other clan is the wither skeleton order. Their leader is a Furrer. One of the generals that won most battles during the war. The wither skeletons on the other hand are industrializing. To match the naturally given magical power of piglins. The wither skeletons are also having the nether portal from the war. Studying its power to reopen it.
Andre Alperowitch
One thing I noticed that was or wasn't on purpose had to do with the abandoned village. You said that the surviving members of the plague moved to the Darkwood village. Well, in reality, Jews (the religion you based the synagogue on) survived during the deadly Black Plague, mostly because they were more hygenic, and only very few (if any) Jews died because of the epidemic. It ended up becoming a scapegoat for the Christians, leading into the inquisition, blah blah blah. But it's a neat detail I noticed.
Xx lilyloveskyrose xX
But the tree are to beautiful T^T
Caroline Watt
Caroline Watt Dia atrás
Sind and the sion
Diesel Horse 36
Diesel Horse 36 Dia atrás
Mesa biom
alan lecoeur
alan lecoeur Dia atrás
Mountains are the best
Michel Tateiwa
Michel Tateiwa Dia atrás
Asian themed maybe?
Boss Hoss
Boss Hoss Dia atrás
Is the nether and end going to be redone as well?
Drxqon Dia atrás
i would love to see what he can do with the mesa
Logan Vitale
Logan Vitale Dia atrás
You should do the caves as well.
Logan Vitale
Logan Vitale Dia atrás
Cause well if this is a survival world, then you ahould do the dimenaions and caves to. Besodes how are we supposed tp go mining?
Logan Vitale
Logan Vitale Dia atrás
What about tue caves?
LincDaPro Dia atrás
Logan Vitale
Logan Vitale Dia atrás
Can't wait untill it's finished and ready for download.
Nguyễn Trâm
Nguyễn Trâm Dia atrás
Wow this amazing 😮
Scott Tagert
Scott Tagert Dia atrás
Do a Christian church in the mesa
Waffle Blitz [-JOE-]
This is art
Chanaxgams _1
Chanaxgams _1 Dia atrás
The map will be in Bedrock édition ?
Jacob Madden
Jacob Madden Dia atrás
are you going to put it on the minecraft minestore for us bedrock players
Elkreliss Prime
Elkreliss Prime Dia atrás
This might just make the build more extensive and larger but creating the map where you spawn in the nether is something that could be good as well
Sylvanus Blimpo
Sylvanus Blimpo Dia atrás
You should add some custom mobs
Pequ Pl
Pequ Pl Dia atrás
Messa biom pls next
Wiesiek Bąk
Wiesiek Bąk Dia atrás
You are awesome
Joebel Junior
Joebel Junior Dia atrás
Part 4 pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏
XxAnime GamingXx
XxAnime GamingXx 2 dias atrás
Oh so I've been waiting for this map to come out so I can play with it realizing u can only get it from Patreon why make its free pls
Street ZN
Street ZN 2 dias atrás
Suggestion : Why don't you make an underground and underwater kingdoms
Street ZN
Street ZN Dia atrás
@Lawrence Gutierrez yeah but in this map i mean
Lawrence Gutierrez
He has done that in his other videos
Magwi TV
Magwi TV 2 dias atrás
Is it laggy?
May Sheila Velasco
May Sheila Velasco 2 dias atrás
Taiga and Jungle
Hu Tao Stan 😼
Hu Tao Stan 😼 2 dias atrás
“Oh we’re not gonna upgrade it that much” *proceeds to make a whole ass castle*
diesel apples
diesel apples 2 dias atrás
Zeko J
Zeko J 2 dias atrás
Don't miss the nathier bro
Maccapacca Brump
Maccapacca Brump 2 dias atrás
If possible it would be nice to have a mod where when a sapling grows, it grows into a premade tree from the video
DragonTAYT 2 dias atrás
build a hindu temple for the jungle, it would fit really well.
Hethanix 1567
Hethanix 1567 2 dias atrás
mesa or snowy mountains
John Haskins
John Haskins 2 dias atrás
Mabey one of them died so they didnt have enough money to keep it and wanted no on to find out the accident and dint want the dead ones gost scaring them so the ventured away to somewere where nobody will see them once they find out that mum acidently stabbed dad
FlyingGecko 2 dias atrás
Do a Greek worship place.
Somerandomboi 2021
Somerandomboi 2021 2 dias atrás
Its so nice steves helping u :)
Habize 2 dias atrás
U sad u give the Map building free for 80.000 likes in ur first video now paying 7$ for it wtf dude?
Mateusz Krystian Skorek
do more
Intyalle 2 dias atrás
This is insane!
Charlie Irving
Charlie Irving 2 dias atrás
They are gonna hire him to make the new mountains
defygravityXD 2 dias atrás
These dense forests full of shade will be soo dangerous when it comes to mobs
TheBeardedBrando 2 dias atrás
when and how can we play this map?????
Jus vibes
Jus vibes 2 dias atrás
everytime i see a video where people do amazing things in games im like "bet ill give it a try" then ill end up with a four by four house
Amal Kariyawasam
Amal Kariyawasam 2 dias atrás
Can you build a Buddhist monastery for the jungle biome
SREEJA TALUKDER 2 dias atrás
Mojang hire this man and quick!
Clay_Bah 2 dias atrás
Do jungle next pls, you’re doing amazing keep it up. List of support
aeriq Aninon
aeriq Aninon 2 dias atrás
IM so excited when this comes out
Susmita Chaudhary
Susmita Chaudhary 3 dias atrás
Part 3
Dylan Moses Manansala
Dylan Moses Manansala 3 dias atrás
Well atleast you dont need to build a house
PIIGGYPIINNK 3 dias atrás
This is amazing!!
Kim gaming
Kim gaming 3 dias atrás
The zoldyck family mountain
Firebloodz GT
Firebloodz GT 3 dias atrás
Imagine there's already a lost adventurer who ventured this world first. And it is a side quest that will lead you to find his clues to where he is
qonka! 3 dias atrás
this is so beautiful!
Bilbo 883
Bilbo 883 3 dias atrás
would you please post it? I would like to play it 😊
Rajarajeswari Pillai
Rajarajeswari Pillai 3 dias atrás
It looks like hogwards from Harry Potter
itsjustme 3 dias atrás
Thus world is Like genshin Impact in Minecraft
SILLYON 3 dias atrás
this guy didn't just transformed the structures but he also changed minecraft's lore
Lily monasmith
Lily monasmith 3 dias atrás
Buddhist temple? I think it would work good 4 the red sand biome.
Ikeiyah Chanese
Ikeiyah Chanese 3 dias atrás
What an honest man. Keep the good work on, ok.
james dowden
james dowden 3 dias atrás
Love your videos you inspire me all the time with the amazing builds keep it up
GI11IHAN 3 dias atrás
Can you please add a small to medium sized log cabin in the snowy mountains 👉🥺👈
Delete cockatiel
Delete cockatiel 3 dias atrás
First time watching your videos! Also maybe you could add a big crane on the side of a ravine? Or canyon
🔥FlameJ🔥 3 dias atrás
Mojang should give this guy a call and add these in the next update.
Sawmi Pachuau
Sawmi Pachuau 3 dias atrás
You can now make part 4 because you got more than 250 likes
thelegend 27
thelegend 27 3 dias atrás
Broooo go touch some grass (Before you all attack me, I'm j o k i n g)
Kaleb Elias Lacar Lowy
Do the macea and snow biome next
Y/N Riddle
Y/N Riddle 3 dias atrás
I think the jungle should be again themed.
Cobblestone 3 dias atrás
can you please make the base map (the basic worldpainter map with the 5 biomes) downloadable for free?
Morgan Shannon
Morgan Shannon 3 dias atrás
If you build something in the nether it could be a satanic place of worship
Morgan Shannon
Morgan Shannon 3 dias atrás
Inspired by Camelot🤣
Chetanya Mathur
Chetanya Mathur 3 dias atrás
Seeing him work so fast makes me remember KORO-SENSEI :")
Zgakihiro 3 dias atrás
Man steve really is the no.1 Builder
Akshay Wadhwa
Akshay Wadhwa 3 dias atrás
Add a hindu temple in jungle biome or in messa biome and theme could be ancient hindu civilization (indus valley;vedic)
Lucas Correa
Lucas Correa 3 dias atrás
It would be just perfect, if combined with the civilation idea, imagine all the biomes with those structures habitated in a server. THIS GETS ME SO EXCITED
May Sheila Velasco
May Sheila Velasco 3 dias atrás
Him: Transform this island into quite fantasy. Me: how long it would take
Hunter James Woodall
Hunter James Woodall 3 dias atrás
You’re nuts
Alvin Loh
Alvin Loh 3 dias atrás
Im late sorry but this man.... this man is making a mincraft world while im trying to build a modern house u know what when you are done with the map im taking one of the building
jaspal mahan
jaspal mahan 3 dias atrás
More more more
Luffy D. Monkey
Luffy D. Monkey 3 dias atrás
I don't play Minecraft but watching y'all build countries, making civilization and this. So fckn satisfying. ❤️
MasterLee 3 dias atrás
Can you do cave civilisations also
Masti aur Humgama
Masti aur Humgama 3 dias atrás
I want to see a temple and hindu religion build for your any next biome
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