UNHhhh ep 196 - Bathrooms

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29 Nov 2022



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Comentários 1 732
Zachary Wenzel
Zachary Wenzel Mês atrás
this is the longest these women have ever stayed on topic, love them
Don K
Don K 29 dias atrás
"I'm hopelessly devoted to glue" *sniff sniff* Said in Katyas Maureen voice
Joanna Mês atrás
I read this 4 times I thought it was slay I was so confused
ghosty4 Mês atrás
Secretly, they LOVE this topic.
Emilia Wilson
Emilia Wilson Mês atrás
Toilets are their love, toilets are their life
MagicPants Mês atrás
When they’re talking about something they’re passionate about they have no trouble staying on topic lmao
Ale Mês atrás
Me, as an Italian queer, watching Trixie and Katya be confused by a thing literally everyone in Italy has in their bathrooms no matter what. By the way you shall first wipe your butt with paper, then hop on the bidet (the one Katya found). Once you're on the bidet, you shall wash your ass with water and soap, then, when it's clean, you shall dry you cheeks with a special towel.
BeingVittoria 7 dias atrás
@shiroi201 it takes five mins but even if, how many times a day do u shit??
alberto zeni
alberto zeni 12 dias atrás
@Sydney Brede you are not? Eeew
Sydney Brede
Sydney Brede 12 dias atrás
So you're still using toilet paper? As well as using water?
おとぞ 15 dias atrás
@MaxSnow24 fr i dont understand how people dont appreciate a washed ass lol. If they are culture shocked about this, I’m culture shocked that after their businesses they walk around and their underwear is only “cleaned” by tissue and not thoroughly washed.
alberto zeni
alberto zeni 15 dias atrás
Oh! Still you have to trust the consistency of your fecal matter.. expecting you never have the diarrhea? The logistic is insane.
Paulatingo Mês atrás
Seeing their whole friendship shake because of a bidet debate
Nathaniel Craig
Nathaniel Craig 26 dias atrás
A bidebate, if you will.
Rachel Gilbert
Rachel Gilbert Mês atrás
Ok Trixie is treating Katya like an idiot with the bidet thing, but honestly these are all the questions I've had. Thank you Katya for advocating for all of us!
Katya slays my name is katya too btw😂
lotus shakespeare
lotus shakespeare Mês atrás
The bidet should not be separate from the toilet 😆😂😂
Kimberly who can't swimberly
​@RanchoFundo Correct, I'm from Philippines and studied architecture and we call that fixture a "toilet hand spray". A lot of people get confused because the term isn't well known. It looks like a metal hose with its own handheld so you can control the spray to clean your unmentionables. It is also connected to the same piping as the tank as they both collect water from the same clean water supply. So when you see it it's like a hose wall-mounted next to the toilet. And no it doesn't go thru a filtration process like what Katya thought. And the drying process may still include tissue but it's minimal vs just dry wiping. Plus just wiping is so gross, I could only imagine the fecal bacteria having a circuit party in your butt crack.
Emilia Wilson
Emilia Wilson Mês atrás
Hello, Egyptian here. There is a bidet and there is a shataf. The shataf is what's hooked to the toilet itself, whether it's from a nozzle in the toilet or a shower head looking thing. The bidet, is SEPERATE from the toilet, it's what katya was talking about. Y'all need to catch up with the rest of the fucking world 😂 Also, y'all BETTER wipe with tissues well afterwards so you DON'T smell like wet socks for the rest of the day 😒😖😤
chandlar winston
chandlar winston Mês atrás
they also feel weird!!! to me at least!!
Toofu Mês atrás
I love how everytime Cher comes out of Trixie the background changes to disco lights
Toby Mês atrás
Just like for the real life Cher
Hillarie Kin
Hillarie Kin Mês atrás
It's like the Klarna Pink for Swedish Trixie
Fregneti Mês atrás
@Miranda Nelson and also sympathy fuck!
Miranda Nelson
Miranda Nelson Mês atrás
I also appreciated the throwback to the seduction episode with the cologne on the bathroom cart. Hats off to the editors, this series has better continuity than most TV dramas.
Doin Daworst
Doin Daworst Mês atrás
I have agoraphobia! Agoraphobia, just like most disorders on tv, is misrepresented. You’re not usually literally stuck in your house, you have safe zones. So I feel ok going to certain stores at certain times with certain people. I feel extreme anxiety deviating from these safe spots. Love watching you guys!
UwU OwO 14 dias atrás
Doin Daworst
Doin Daworst 22 dias atrás
The dsm 5 lists things like fear of transport, being in open or enclosed spaces that feel unsafe, it really is a feeling of deep seated need for security.
Doin Daworst
Doin Daworst 22 dias atrás
@Liam Healy Key words are if and may. I also said usually. I’ve had stints where I’m more scared to leave at all. It’s just not a constant thing, just because I feel safe leaving my home in certain instances does not mean I suddenly don’t have agoraphobia any more. It just means I was getting better. It’s sort of funny you mention that because I’m losing my home in about a month and it’s been very difficult grappling with that. I’ve been far more homestuck as of late due to this ahhh bad news to put it mildly.
Liam Healy
Liam Healy 22 dias atrás
That’s your experience. The mayoclinic says the following “If your agoraphobia is severe, you may not even be able to leave your home. Without treatment, some people become housebound for years. You may not be able to visit with family and friends, go to school or work, run errands, or take part in other normal daily activities. You may become dependent on others for help.”
Doin Daworst
Doin Daworst 25 dias atrás
@francookie Hmm? Yes?
Steener Mês atrás
Natalie Valentina🇺🇦
@K Y Perhaps in a small town it's not as much of an issue, but in big cities it's a big problem. Wipes of any kind shouldn't be flushed. It's not just about the wipes' presence in your pipes/sewer, it's that they tangle together, & act like magnets for the grease/fat/oil in the sewers. They turn into "fatbergs" (yes, it's really a thing) in the sewer-lines, & wind up building on themselves like a snowball. Then workers have to go into the sewer & cut them apart to remove them. They cause major damage to municipal sewers & cause flooding from the water pressure building up behind them. Don't Google'll want to bleach your eyeballs.
K Y Mês atrás
The sewers are fine as long as people don’t use 20 wipes every time they go. It’s septic tanks you have to watch out for. Septic tanks will back up even with biodegradable wipes because the small fibers still get trapped as solid waste in the tank. The sewers head to water treatment plants, where the solids are separated anyway. As long as you don’t overload the pipes, you are fine
Hannah G.
Hannah G. Mês atrás
@Jewel Breaking down in a week isn't fast enough for the sewers (see my other post). I agree that the best approach is just washing after, like half the world does that, but for some reason our cultures decided it was better to chop down trees in order to wipe our butts with dry, chafing rags. There's also much less bacteria after washing versus wiping with anything. Also it's cheaper to use water than to use tons of TP or buy extra wet wipes.
Hannah G.
Hannah G. Mês atrás
@Lara Jones It doesn't matter whether they are biodegradable or not. For example, there are biodegradable trash bags, but the waste disposal companies just burn them anyways because they would take too long to biodegrade and the garbage needs to be processed faster. It's basically the same issue with the wipes, you don't have time for them to decompose somewhere in the pipes or sewers, there isn't much oxygen there anyways, so rot is slow. The only way to test whether something is safely flushable (without risking clogging or damage), is to take glasses of water, plop in a clean sheet and see how quickly it dissolves. It becomes very obvious whether something turns to mush instantaneously, like toilet paper, or if it maintains its structural integrity, like a paper towel. If it doesn't dissolve like toilet paper, it should not be flushed, regardless of its biodegradability.
Hannah G.
Hannah G. Mês atrás
@Vitor Carneiro Tonera Agree to disagree, a former roommate insisted on collecting her used toilet paper in the trash even though we explained that it's completely flushable, it was absolutely disgusting and smelled like an open sewer. Just entering the bathroom made me gag. We were extremely glad when she moved out.
Gibson B
Gibson B Mês atrás
Do you ever watch an episode of UNHhhh and know it's gonna go down in history as one of its most iconic episodes? That's how I felt watching this
Randi Gochal
Randi Gochal Mês atrás
Infantry Pulse
Infantry Pulse Mês atrás
After years of talking about their shit experiences on unrelated topics, they finally decided to lean in and make a whole episode about it.
Elliot Moon
Elliot Moon 24 dias atrás
I know the shopping episode is echoing in my brain
C M Mês atrás
At first I thought this was a crappy comment, but then I realized I was having a poo-r response to it, and want to turd towards you and applaud.
Jackie Mês atrás
I just installed my Bidet today and when Trixie mentioned it I screamed. SHE IS RIGHT. IT. IS. MAGICAL.
Um chile anyways so…
Um chile anyways so… 26 dias atrás
@Paula D. Patterson but the way it wakes you up in the morning like no other tho. Coffee? No! I got ice water up my a$$
Paula D. Patterson
Paula D. Patterson Mês atrás
I'm just a poor, working class hick from NE Georgia and yet I'm waiting anxiously for my bidet attachment to arrive. The one with a warm water option. Nothing screams Medieval torture like a stream of cold water up one's bunghole.
MIKE.A Mês atrás
I love how half of the episode is Trixie explaining to a distraught Katya how a bidet works
Shindig Eats
Shindig Eats Mês atrás
@Crunchy Oats Ok, thanks. It's still not a bidet. Lol, Katya was describing an actual bidet. Trixie was wrong in thinking that she knew what an actual bidet was.
Crunchy Oats
Crunchy Oats Mês atrás
@Shindig Eats that hose is called a handheld bidet sprayer
Shindig Eats
Shindig Eats Mês atrás
Trixie is describing some sort of bathroom hose, not a bidet.
sammi Mês atrás
@Hafiz Zifahit’s still called a bidet lol
yraco Mês atrás
@Hafiz Zifah A bidet attached to the toilet is still a bidet.
Jay Wimhurst
Jay Wimhurst Mês atrás
After this episode, Trixie is never allowed to complain about pee/poop/fart jokes again. Ever.
DanDan TSM
DanDan TSM Mês atrás
Trixie wasn't allowed to complain ever since the "and then i forgot that peed on the gatorade bottle and i took a sip"
Annesha Biswas
Annesha Biswas Mês atrás
I'm LIVING for Katya's dress ohmagawshhh
Orionna Ward
Orionna Ward 2 dias atrás
I care
Ville Mês atrás
No one cares 😂
Sierra Johnson
Sierra Johnson Mês atrás
Katya looks like Trixie’s rebellious disaster daughter turned Vegas streetwalker and I’m living for it
Naja Dahmer
Naja Dahmer Mês atrás
She looks so fucking good!
Mama Moth
Mama Moth Mês atrás
I mean Katya has called her mom before lol
F32 🇯🇵
F32 🇯🇵 Mês atrás
Katya was methed up for a brief period...she jumped into a stranger's car neked then arrested...GRACEFULLY (I'm sure )😉 all of the above, what you said 👍
Wotcher Mês atrás
Six years ago, people used to call Trixie Katya's deranged daughter. Now Katya is the daughter and Trixie, the mom. Things have come full circle
sam 127
sam 127 Mês atrás
@OliviaBensonSVU en
Ash Powers
Ash Powers Mês atrás
I literally internally had these questions about a bidet today, Katya is truly for the people
Ville Mês atrás
No one cares 😂
Micky Dale
Micky Dale Mês atrás
" though I look like Im number one..they treat me like I'm number Two"...another set of katya wisdom that I can relate to 🤣👏😂
ANTHØNY Mês atrás
"don't poop at a party. full stop. leave" is the BEST ADVICE ever given on this series 😭
JoCalderone1 Mês atrás
@jonnnnniej for your own good i hope you broke up after his shitty ass didn't bother him
jonnnnniej Mês atrás
We had a huge illegal rave phase here in the Netherlands. As you can imagine those were accompanied by a good amount of drugs. Me ex would smoke weed all night while popping pils and drinking beer. But he would actually risk it! He would just hope for a no-wiper and shit in the bushes or a field. Weed, pills and beer are not a no-wiper friendly diet! Absolute mad lad
Paulitainvisible* Mês atrás
Hi Trixie and Katya, Spanish gal here! We usually do not use bidets to clean ourselves everytime we p00p, and that is why it is not in the toilet. You can totally do that, but the Spanish bidet is also built a little different, since the water does nor come from the bottom up, so you would have to place yourself in a "weirder" position, or scoop the water and clean yourself by hand. We usually use it for other stuff, like washing our feet when we go to the beach, washing our genitals when we have our periods, giving small pets a bath, washing delicate clothing by hand, etc. Those are more common than using it as a substitute for wiping. Hope that helps!
Paulitainvisible* 23 dias atrás
@omegaverse connoisseur really? How? I would love to do that, but the kind of faucet we have makes it a little difficult hehe
omegaverse connoisseur
omegaverse connoisseur 25 dias atrás
damn in Italy we have the same system, only we do use it to wash after pooping every time 😭
KM Mês atrás
I saw these in Spain and wondered! Thanks :)
Anto diGi
Anto diGi Mês atrás
I'm a proud owner of a bidet, the one Katya was talking about, and they really argued over nothing XD It's simpler that they made it out to be ^^ Btw I love Katy's look!
Mercè Mases Valls
Mercè Mases Valls Mês atrás
i feel like katya has talked more than ever, she redeemed all those times trixie cut her stories
Rubii Toxic
Rubii Toxic Mês atrás
I'm literally only half-way through and this is already one of my favorite episodes
CaityKirkDerp Mês atrás
One of my favorite takeaways from this is Katya NOT knowing what a bathroom attendant is, and has always just been like, "Wow. That guy is here A LOT," or, "What an odd place to sell candy and perfume"
no peace
no peace Mês atrás
I've never seen one in person
no peace
no peace Mês atrás
I love her so much
Ashira Mês atrás
I’ve never heard of that before; is that a real thing?
Júlia Castro
Júlia Castro Mês atrás
@Don K and big events
Don K
Don K Mês atrás
The only place I ever saw a bathroom attendant in the USA.... was a strip club.
Josh O
Josh O Mês atrás
Dying at the bidet talk show. Katya asking same logical questions I’ve wondered tyvm
Michael Martin
Michael Martin Mês atrás
“Mirror mirror hunties” is the cherry on top of ravens mediocre personality
Earth2nimrod Mês atrás
Honestly Katya is asking all the questions I had regarding using a bidet. I’ve never even seen one but most people I know have at least tried it once.
FaeQueenCory Mês atrás
"I don't flush them, I eat them." That's the circle of life. Or in this case, circle of poop.
Somebody Mês atrás
Katya looks younger and more beautiful each episode. Like how does she do it? I love her so much 😭🥰
Freddie Krueger
Freddie Krueger Mês atrás
@NoProgressionisRegression crackhead. 😶
angelique b
angelique b Mês atrás
✨v a m p i r e✨
xavi Mês atrás
@Rubbels McGee then dont take their replies so seriously 💀 take ur own advice
Ekaterina Shum
Ekaterina Shum Mês atrás
@Rubbels McGee not you explaining the structure for your “joke”
ASA Mês atrás
@Margarot Hades benjaminaaaaa
Daniel Tavares Zlock
Katya’s confusion about the bidet is so fucking funny 😂
Marie Mês atrás
I'm so glad Katya is asking the important questions
Sarah Weiss
Sarah Weiss Mês atrás
My faith in humanity is restored. Or I’m just really happy watching anything you two put out ❤ thanks for saving me this week!
Hyperdiegesis Mês atrás
As someone who comes from a country where every toilet has a bidet it is hilarious to see Katya trying to grasp the concept of bidets 😂😂😂
Xaesalys Zimpkee
Xaesalys Zimpkee Mês atrás
Gah I'm bingeing these I feel like the editor does not get enough credit for these 😂😂 absolutely amazing
Alanna Wolf
Alanna Wolf Mês atrás
It ain't easy being queasy. This episode tested me 🧍🏻‍♀️
Rebecca Ware
Rebecca Ware Mês atrás
GOOD LORD. Scott Kids popping up sent me into another dimension. Chefs kiss editors 😘
Jason Molina
Jason Molina Mês atrás
I'm sorry, "Though I look like #1, they treat me like #2" is SO UNDERRATED AND FUNNY
Fin Mês atrás
katya had me so convinced that porta-potty story was real LORD what a visionary
Carla Valenzuela
Carla Valenzuela Mês atrás
@Aidan S weeeeee we’re
Guilherme Domingos D'Osualdo
@Lara Jones what was the joke at the end? I couldnt hear it
Ashira Mês atrás
@Kalle Freundt I figured that part was just a joke
Kalle Freundt
Kalle Freundt Mês atrás
@Ashira Mama, don't tell me you believe that a whole film crew j*cked off to a drag queen pooping 💀
Ashira Mês atrás
Wait it wasn’t real??
Heather Mês atrás
Omg Katyas outfit is amazing, she looks gorgeous!! 😍😍
Paula D. Patterson
Paula D. Patterson Mês atrás
They both look gorgeous, as usual. Trixie can totally rock a shift dress.
Chris Dunn
Chris Dunn Mês atrás
The Gatorade bottle at 2:14-2:17 😭😭😭 I love the editing so f*cking much
Spectrum Mês atrás
As a trans person, even if we has the bathroom problem "sovled" before trans people were a right wing issue, they would have definitely found something else to lose their minds over.
Tom Marvolo
Tom Marvolo Mês atrás
I'm trying to figure out how one of my favourite pastimes has become watching two dragqueens give the most brilliant and/or insane life advice 🤣♥️
Cara Mês atrás
Katyas bathroom trauma comes from movies and Trixies comes from actual experiences 😂😂
TJ Samojedny
TJ Samojedny Mês atrás
Beyoncé peeing at the urinal is my favorite little detail of all time
Eva VanAken
Eva VanAken Mês atrás
Any time Paul Rubens comes up I have the same reaction. Side note, I used to do a f2f drag thang and my persona was "Shewee Hymen"
Amber in the box
Amber in the box Mês atrás
I know this has nothing to do with nothing.....but I love when raven does her classic blue hooded hat look. So gorgeous
Alex Ruland
Alex Ruland Mês atrás
since every single episode since the beginning has devolved into bathroom talk, this seems fitting.
Johnathan D. Walker
When I moved to Japan I had my first bidet experience. Dude. Never going back to not having one. 10/10 one of the top 5 quality of life improvements I’ve ever experienced. FOR REAL. GET ONE. IT’S WORTH IT.
B S Mês atrás
amazing episodes. new stories to add to the lore
Isaac Becker
Isaac Becker Mês atrás
This is the one episode I was not looking forward to watching on my lunch break
Mr Winter
Mr Winter Mês atrás
I just love how American so excited using water to wash its ass while here we've been doing it forever. 😝
bob cow
bob cow Mês atrás
Jess Mês atrás
The editor for this show deserves a fucking medal. I’m in fucking stitches 😂
Ville Mês atrás
No one cares 😂
Alex H
Alex H Mês atrás
The way I screamed after “or it can be red, so it looks like you pee blood. *kiss*”
Michael Young
Michael Young Mês atrás
episodes like this make me question why these 2 are my heroes
Gabriel S.
Gabriel S. Mês atrás
this should have been a crossover episode with pee pee poo poo time, Britney and Sarah as guests
dimplechops88 Mês atrás
I’m with katya. I have never used a bidet in my life
Tintin Chan
Tintin Chan Mês atrás
i know trixie wants to rename unhhhh and i was thinking.. since both of trixie and katya’s birth-given names are brian. why not call it the brians if both of them are comfortable with it
Aubs Hansen
Aubs Hansen Mês atrás
I must say right at this moment it is 3° where I live, my husband is on his way to get us Domino's and here I am going potty, while smoking a Southern Cut& drinking cold tea..and wondering if I can ever be as beautiful, classy and intriguing as Trixie and Katya.. Like a perfect cocktail mix of them into one and you know what? The soft jingle of Katyas sleeve/gloves is the most satisfying part of this whole bathroom experience.. ahhh the simple things in life are so joyful and bliss. 🤫❣️💯🚽🪠🚬🧻🚺♊️ thank you for making my day... Hmm I wonder how long til he comes back with the pizza?
Carlo Ipac
Carlo Ipac Mês atrás
Here in Sweden, we usually have individual rooms for toilets with sinks in it.
Becky Sheard
Becky Sheard Mês atrás
I saw your show last night in Leeds! Had an amazing time! Thank you for being so fabulous and amazing! 😁😘🥳
Ville Mês atrás
No one cares 😂
Ziggy Cooper
Ziggy Cooper Mês atrás
This episode was like Dead Dove: Do Not Eat with poo stories
carly heaton
carly heaton Mês atrás
a fun little game i like to play: drink every time they retell a story or repeat themselves
styrofoamsqueak Mês atrás
From the moment I behold the thumbnail, I know Katy’s was going full on no filter 🤣
Zenith Quasar
Zenith Quasar Mês atrás
This was hysterical!😂
Nelson Cabrera
Nelson Cabrera Mês atrás
Getting one of those bum guns that get attached to the side of the toilet was a life changer for me.
Caroline Lima
Caroline Lima Mês atrás
the whole bidet conversation made my day.
nathaniel walker
nathaniel walker Mês atrás
Katya’s look so amazing 🤩 omg yes
someoldcliche Mês atrás
I love how we're at the point where we don't even need to cut to the clip of Trixie talking about pissing in the gatorade bottle anymore. All the editors have to do is put the bottle onscreen and we all just know
gwen Mês atrás
I had to give a urine sample recently and it was so hard to pee in the doctor’s office bathroom i kept getting anxious
André Bilibio
André Bilibio Mês atrás
Katya's bidet question is a legitimate one, I had the same doubt
suzylovesmambo Mês atrás
"What are you, the bidet police?" the quotability
damian umělec
damian umělec Mês atrás
its almost 12 am right now but i MUST finish watching this episode before even thinking of going to bed
Lala Mês atrás
Tricia’s patience while explaining how bidets work to Katy>>>❤❤
broken girls r us
broken girls r us Mês atrás
Katya's drivers license and registration looking real good today
EscalarioChan Mês atrás
My old house had a bidet, and me and my bestie couldn't figure out how to work it. So one day he says "Stuff it! I'm gonna figure it out!" As soon as he turned it on it sprayed right in his face and his shirt 😂😂😂
eglop Mês atrás
katya asked all the questions i’ve wanted to for years about bidets
JockScrapDraws Mês atrás
I saw Trixie and Katya in Glasgow the other night and then Danced my big butt off to Trixie djing at a club. What a phenomenal night that was. Thanx you two for giving me so many amazing memories
Kay Mês atrás
I am obsessed with these OUTFITS I’ve been waiting for this one to be posted so I could bring attention to how good our girls look 😭😭😭😭😭😭
sexy mothman
sexy mothman Mês atrás
If I can get thru my life without ever drinking my own piss, I think I can die happy
SavageQ Mês atrás
Katya looks so vicious 🖤🥰
Luis Osuna
Luis Osuna Mês atrás
Not Trixie just finding out you do need to wipe with toilet paper after using the bidet 💀
Justin Peterson
Justin Peterson Mês atrás
8:15 Omg Trixie’s no mama no honey I died laughing
Angie Mês atrás
WOOOOWWWW, they stayed on topic for this episode
Maftuna Mês atrás
katya’s makeup in this looks so much like Loboda’s album cover on твои глаза, whenever i see it my brain is like that could so easily be katya. i feel like she should recreate that picture it would work really well with katya’s aesthetic imo
Teral Miles
Teral Miles Mês atrás
I recently went to the beach here in Cyprus and the was portable loos in the car park that stunk in the heat, and a motorbike dude pulled up and peed next to the loo, cause it smelt so bad. But I got a good show. So happy days.
Leonardo Corniali
Leonardo Corniali Mês atrás
I'm Italian and i LOVED the part about the bidet
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas Mês atrás
Now, Katya is usually lost on the wrong road. But today? She’s lost in the wrong state. 😂😂😂
miran. Mês atrás
The complexity of the reference at 0:40 just amaze me 😂 only the strongest will prevail watching this show! 💪🏻
Van Oscar Tabaloc
Van Oscar Tabaloc Mês atrás
In the Philippines, we always assume that all conversations end up with turd. It took a long time, but here we are.
Ni Mês atrás
Me a South East Asian is confused at how confused Katya is in this episode 😂
lotus shakespeare
lotus shakespeare Mês atrás
Also how has Katya never experienced a bathroom attendant??!!!
S C Mês atrás
Not me being confused by Sigourney weaver going into the bathroom to give a lecture than sitting down 😅
Kate Ledzion
Kate Ledzion Mês atrás
For some reason based on these outfits I think Trixie is the kinky character in this scenario xD
Marbles Mês atrás
I really thought my bf was jangling his keys around for like half of the video until I realized it was Katya's outfit 🤦🏻‍♀️😅
Kyane Crane
Kyane Crane Mês atrás
I watched this while cleaning the bathroom
starr Ellington
starr Ellington Mês atrás
I absolutely love and adore you both I love all your videos and I have never laughed so hard in my life thank you both so much
Ville Mês atrás
No one cares 😂
Chara Violet
Chara Violet Mês atrás
I was expecting them to talk about shopping in this one.
ajgreen1997 Mês atrás
Trixie is a national hero stopping this episode
Poetic Cinema
Poetic Cinema Mês atrás
Watching this from a bathroom
Linda Leavers
Linda Leavers Mês atrás
katya looking like the balenciaga purse 🤣😭❤️
ItsAK9!? Mês atrás
I'm actually addicted to these omf
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Papai Eu Vomitei - Explicando Memes
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PAIS EM 2050 😂 #shorts
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