UNHhhh Ep 123: Books

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You think YOU could write a book for the Library of Congress? Think again, Alexandria. This week, our gals are talkin' books - writing, reading, using them as paperweights, you get it. Watch brand new uncensored episodes of UNHhhh on WOW Presents Plus:

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Pete Williams

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Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill


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18 Ago 2020



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Comentários 3 839
nestorknows 2 anos atrás
I swear to God, these two biological women sitting in a basement, talking about whatever they want, because it’s their show (and not yours), is the only thing keeping me sane during these times.
Karla Ivelisse
Karla Ivelisse Mês atrás
Annus FTW
Annus FTW 2 meses atrás
@V. E. Jansen I’m trans and I think it’s hilarious, stop reading into things 😐
Mikiah 2 meses atrás
no seriously and its a year later 😭😭
Mikiah 2 meses atrás
@Steve B right...lmfaooo
Vivaldi 6 meses atrás
@Honey Biscuit how is this worship
toaster19_3 2 anos atrás
i appreciate the book having photos. but when are we gonna be honest with ourselves. give me a calendar.
Gee Cortez
Gee Cortez 5 meses atrás
*Whispers* like maybe a sexy one???
Ben 5 meses atrás
THIS MADE ME HOLLER! idk why but A+ comment. Reading is for losers, but being on time and organized? Thats for everyone!
Jesse Dee
Jesse Dee Anos atrás
Omg I would KILL for a calendar
Sarah Anos atrás
This all day!!
ruby rider
ruby rider 2 anos atrás
“Would you get the c-section?” “I would get the, um, uh, the abortion.” She gets it. A woman of the people
Blakey R
Blakey R Mês atrás
@Mary mae saddest thing ever
Mary mae
Mary mae Mês atrás
@Blakey R i was just about to say that😭 i hate it here
Blakey R
Blakey R Mês atrás
Too bad some women can’t now
Daisy Doodle
Daisy Doodle Anos atrás
@Faith 🍒 that’s the joke though
James Vega
James Vega 2 anos atrás
Episodes I’d love to see 1. Horror Movies 2. Marriage 3. Instagram 4. Family 5. Unsolved mysteries 6. Fall (the season)
Mariam Ahmed Badr
Mariam Ahmed Badr 5 meses atrás
They did marriage 😯 but also I can see how they would fit a piss story into each of these topics
Hi how are ya
Hi how are ya 7 meses atrás
Well we got marriage lol
Mia 9 meses atrás
Unsolved mysteries: genius
Martín Gómez Marinich
Martín Gómez Marinich 10 meses atrás
And we're getting "lunch"
charlie Anos atrás
horror movies is definitely number 1 😩 i want it so bad
rebekah rain
rebekah rain 2 anos atrás
This series has to be running forever dude they’re literally so fuckin funny and together they’re perfect I stg. I don’t find a lot of stuff funny but they’re so much fun lol
Maria Cristina Perez
Maria Cristina Perez 6 meses atrás
If they stop I won't have enough episodes to rewatch for the rest of my life
Lost Lifetimes
Lost Lifetimes 7 meses atrás
Can you imagine them as drag Golden Girls tho iconic
brooke margaret
brooke margaret Anos atrás
I totally agree but I can’t like because it’s at 666 and who am I to ruin the sign of satan
Bronagh Barrow
Bronagh Barrow 2 anos atrás
"I was with child, well no I wasn't with child, actually I was with child because I was a child and I was with myself" ~ Trixie Mattel 2020
Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends
The Great Philosopher Trixie Mattel
LB 2 anos atrás
365th like wow
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Anos atrás
The side profile of Trixie’s wig makes it like she’s trying to conceal a xenomorph head
Ben 5 meses atrás
omg i cant unsee this now.
Austin Benson
Austin Benson Anos atrás
... trying to? that's generous
Jeffrey Cater
Jeffrey Cater Anos atrás
@Boldana Brašević haha it looks like a Pekingese dog
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Anos atrás
literally just said this to my friend lol
Juno Anos atrás
I cannot believe I never saw that and now I can never unsee it 😭
Yannis Lohan
Yannis Lohan 2 anos atrás
"Or I love the book, it has a huge impact on my childhood and later in life, I find out that the author is mildly transphobic" - that hit hard... SO hard.
FluidiDi Anos atrás
The “mildly” got me
ZVengeance Anos atrás
The first time Trixie turned her head and I caught a side view of that wig was a moment
Ashmond the Southern Trashmond
@Ghxstyboi oh my god does that make her aang
Ghxstyboi Anos atrás
Like a flying bison
Alicorn Trash
Alicorn Trash Anos atrás
It looks like a dog with long silky fur
longbeacher 2 anos atrás
Because reading is WHAT... A necessary cognitive process that is required for humans to function efficiently in a society that is dominated by the use and display of the written language
Captures In Time
Captures In Time Anos atrás
Abbey Lalor
Abbey Lalor Anos atrás
In other words: fundamental
Meelzdiva Anos atrás
So fundamental lol
louise philanji
louise philanji Anos atrás
Don K
Don K Anos atrás
I can't read.
Mark Hall
Mark Hall Anos atrás
The extended shot of Trixie walking around with a book on her head whilst Katya throws one between her hands was giving fever dream energy.
Judah Osborne
Judah Osborne Anos atrás
5:04 Oh didn't you know? Harry Potter revealed that he actually wrote the books! It's an autobiography
Abigail Anos atrás
Yo that was the sickest reveal ever!!
Frederick Wyrsch
Frederick Wyrsch Anos atrás
9:04 with Katya tossing the book back and forth and Trixie walking circles with the book on her head at the same time has me DYING
Bella Anos atrás
maybe she’s so good at balancing things on her head because SHE DOESNT GLUE DOWN HER WIGS LMAOO
Sunshine Boy
Sunshine Boy Anos atrás
To be quite frank, I didn't even know Bianca had a book until this moment ._. Sorry to this man
Zyongli 2 anos atrás
I'm glad they hired Kim Chi to do the voiceovers for the questions.
Sliverofsilver Mês atrás
Wondered who voiced this! I love it so much more now
cvvlx Anos atrás
“This book is better than Bianca’s” I ordered both yesterday so I’m gonna read both and come back and tell you the real truth Edit: here’s my opinion so you don’t have to search in the comments Hey everyone! I had the day off today so i decided to finish reading Trixie and Katya’s book! Trixie and Katya were definitely right with saying their book is better than Bianca’s. Both books are advice giving books so it makes it easier to compare. Bianca’s book was giving advice to specific letters that were written to her with answers that were very sarcastic and not very helpful. It’s a good book but it was not really for me Trixie and Katya’s book was more cohesive in the sense of that they gave advice on specific topics (make up, skin care, relationships etc) in 3 different chapters with sub-chapters within the parts. They gave advice drawn from their own experiences, and are equally helpful and funny. There’s also certain sub-chapters that are basically written UNHhhh episodes which I really enjoyed. Overall I would recommend to buy Trixie and Katya’s book ever Bianca’s book
cvvlx Anos atrás
Hey everyone! I had the day off today so i decided to finish reading Trixie and Katya’s book! Trixie and Katya were definitely right with saying their book is better than Bianca’s. Both books are advice giving books so it makes it easier to compare. Bianca’s book was giving advice to specific letters that were written to her with answers that were very sarcastic and not very helpful. It’s a good book but it was not really for me Trixie and Katya’s book was more cohesive in the sense of that they gave advice on specific topics (make up, skin care, relationships etc) in 3 different chapters with sub-chapters within the parts. They gave advice drawn from their own experiences, and are equally helpful and funny. There’s also certain sub-chapters that are basically written UNHhhh episodes which I really enjoyed. Overall I would recommend to buy Trixie and Katya’s book ever Bianca’s book!
Eries Erise
Eries Erise Anos atrás
K Anos atrás
Commenting for the redults
Simon Paquette
Simon Paquette Anos atrás
Here for the answer :)
Huxley Jade
Huxley Jade Anos atrás
@cvvlx oohhh let us know when you finish please!
Mary 2 anos atrás
Librarian here: I watch this during my break in the reference room 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ we'll be buying the book for both my library and myself
Ángel V. Ramírez
Ángel V. Ramírez Anos atrás
we love to hear it!!!
Gabby Russo
Gabby Russo Anos atrás
Katya so briefly talking about PCOS has made me feel so heard and seen and loved.
Maya Elizabeth
Maya Elizabeth 2 anos atrás
The side profile of Trixie’s hair is sending me, that thing is the size of a sedan and I love it
supersmex Anos atrás
1 month later I had to unlike this so I could like it again.
borborygmus Anos atrás
mauritius LMAOAOAOAOAO I know exactly which one you’re talking about. Little cousin it lookin dog XD
aman Anos atrás
literally a Honda Odyssey
J G Anos atrás
@Isla VT or the alien from alien 💀
Cosmos Angel
Cosmos Angel Anos atrás
Please keep your Editors forever, this is quality that has me crying from laughter.
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez 2 anos atrás
"I don't lipsync anymore and it's improved everybody's lives."
Bek Karimov
Bek Karimov Anos atrás
Pete: “Ok, you ready?” Katya: *spits the gum on the floor* Pete: “Great!” 😆😆😆
Kristina Umber
Kristina Umber 19 dias atrás
Oh my, I wasn't expecting them to be cat haters. I thought all childfree people had some attraction to cats. I'm devastated at the news, come on! Awww
King K
King K 2 anos atrás
Trixie: “The show where we talk about whatever we want” Katya: “Cause it’s our show!” Trixie: “And not yours!” Trixie: “Ooh, that feels good to say” WE KNOW 👁💧👄💧👁
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera 2 anos atrás
I felt that too. Omg we needed them
Rocko Rodriguez
Rocko Rodriguez 2 anos atrás
YEEEES. So good to hear that. Put a smile on my coronaface.
kur4a 2 anos atrás
Yasss 👁💋👁️
Cat Co
Cat Co 2 anos atrás
Sis, what virus? This cured me, had me deceased, and then gave me life again.
sheltered 2 anos atrás
ellie lara
ellie lara Anos atrás
Trixie: *hates cats* Me: *names my cat after Trixie*
Renatenha 2 anos atrás
I’m girl, with an almost fluent (or not) english, so I don’t understand everything they said, though I love this two. Please Wow put subtitles in other languages, I fan from Brazil 🇧🇷 Well not just for me for fans around the world.
Renatenha 11 meses atrás
@Júlia Castro eu acho que achei o canal mas parece que apagaram os vídeos
Renatenha 11 meses atrás
@Júlia Castro Mentira? Jura?! Valeu mesmo!!!!! Vou correndo pra lá
Warp Speed Chic
Warp Speed Chic Anos atrás
There’s a crazy amount of word play between these two, I’d say this is super advanced English speaking. Might be difficult to translate accurately. But you’re right, definitely needs subtitles. Hopefully from someone as célèbre as the editors
La petite mort
La petite mort Anos atrás
Elena Günter Lopez Yes, tons of puns and slangs, it’s almost impossible to translate them to other languages unfortunately
Kay444 2 anos atrás
Katya you still owe us your student videos from the high-school episodes.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Anos atrás
me and my kitten watch this everyday! this is the only show she'll watch with me. i'm pretty sure she feels very attacked😭😭
Phatcewwchie 2 anos atrás
Even during Corona, theyre still keeping us entertained.....
J vL
J vL 2 anos atrás
Silkyizsik netflix?
Phatcewwchie 2 anos atrás
@xXMyDoggyXx it isnt really their fault tho.
V H 2 anos atrás
J van Loo On Netflix BRvid ...
xXMyDoggyXx 2 anos atrás
don’t act like they didn’t leave us hanging for the first few months
Andy S.
Andy S. 2 anos atrás
J van Loo social distancing 🖤🤍🖤
Shaun Connelly
Shaun Connelly 2 anos atrás
“The lazy good for nothing low life skiving drunk” - Northern Irish Catherine Tate 😂😂😂
Cocoa Anos atrás
Which is why she's not on TV much any more. She had fawlty towers humour
Jeramy Mayfield
Jeramy Mayfield 2 anos atrás
I watched this with my 3 cats sleeping around me and I was so worried they would get offeneded. xD
Cocoa Anos atrás
I imagine they'd suddenly like katya if she doesn't like them.
wheeinitnow 2 anos atrás
Wow, really nice to see a healthy conversation about literacy between two biological women
Sandie Cooke
Sandie Cooke 2 anos atrás
Cat people - “😟” Also me - “Katya looks beautiful..”
ana 2 anos atrás
“would you get the c-section?” “i would get the abortion” MADE ME LOSE IT
andrea_esam 2 anos atrás
Please, I feel seen
Angela Hernandez Makeup
Inc Inc
Inc Inc 2 anos atrás
I mean it's fucking WISDOM. It should be on posters in high schools and women bathrooms everywhere.
Ray 2 anos atrás
If that ain't me.
Madison Hancock
Madison Hancock 2 anos atrás
Trixie: “You look prettier from farther away” Katya is a GODDESS. Lookin good from every angle/distance!🙌 I’m obsessed with y’all on drag race. You both complete the seasons, and I literally watch it every night🤣
Laia Velazquez
Laia Velazquez Anos atrás
I'm having a hard time right now due to anxiety and my bestie sent me a copy of your book, I enjoyed it so much! Plus I felt loved and that is always amazing. I strongly recommend it
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Anos atrás
The size and hard cover makes it perfect to roll a joint. Definitely a buy. It’s a buy.
HelloImBrettipher Anos atrás
We’re 3 minutes in and have only mentioned a room with books once and now we’re on to dicks. This is something I can get behind
Joshua Bechtel
Joshua Bechtel Anos atrás
I just noticed it said 1-555-BOOKKAKE on the book ad at 08:32... I live for this editing team, I have watched, nay, EXPERIENCED, the beautiful chapters of this delightful show and I still occasionally catch something new that I hadn't previously noticed. 👏🏾👍🏾
priscilla ann st preux
Katya saying "absolument" in perfect french is my sexuality
PersonalityTurtle Anos atrás
Oi she's forreal a multilingual catchphrase goddess we stan
Nikko Salvador
Nikko Salvador Anos atrás
Timestamp plsss
Sukie Laing
Sukie Laing Anos atrás
yes yes yes yes yes
Angelina Gulan
Angelina Gulan Anos atrás
I wanna know the song they used when they had that convo tbh
Kimberly Donald
Kimberly Donald Anos atrás
When did they say it?
Brian Oconnor
Brian Oconnor 11 meses atrás
Read the entire thing while recovering from back surgery. Turned one of worse moments in my life into something bearable
a h
a h Anos atrás
My favourite thing about this set up is we get to see the full outfits and I love to see it
disideratum Anos atrás
It would be supergreat if Trixie created a DIY sewing and pattern drafting book that caters to Drag but is useful for any novice too. Hand sewn Drag haute couture and machine sewing, recommendations for fabrics and where to get custom prints.. Also would love it if she shared some of her dress patterns. I particularly love her vintage styles! Thanks! ✨👗✨
Florinda Lucero
Florinda Lucero Anos atrás
I bought your book the day it came out, but saved it for my vacation. Reading it was the first thing I did, and it set the whole joyful tone for the rest of the week ^_^
Charlie 2 anos atrás
I feel like katya will definitely fall off her chair trying to grab trixies thigh.
Lilx_ x
Lilx_ x 2 anos atrás
Waiting on it
Jennifer Bittle
Jennifer Bittle 2 anos atrás
Your comment and spooky cat pic give me life. I hope everyone is safe and healthy and has a fabulous day.
Idk Dude
Idk Dude 2 anos atrás
Charlie This is like a carbon copy of the comment on the Uhn trailer.
Brandon Webster
Brandon Webster 2 anos atrás
Yes. I needed this.
Hannah Penner
Hannah Penner Anos atrás
cause of death: katya saying absolument in a sultry voice looking like THAT
JY WHALE 7 meses atrás
Trixie: "ew I hate poop talk" Also Trixie: 13:01
UmmK73fpDsF Anos atrás
Haha katya casually being revealed as a hologram was really funny at 11:55
Vibe Check Official 🌈
These two could sell literal oxygen on QVC and I'd buy up the entire stock
David 2 anos atrás
The title: BOOKS Trixie 30sec in: “would you get a c section??”-Katya: “abortion!”
Michael 2 anos atrás
@lyaura oh...thanks
nanochase 2 anos atrás
The fact there was no *Jiz* reference was homophobic
Isabella 2 anos atrás
alvo257 CREMATED loooool
lyaura 2 anos atrás
Michael it’s when you have a baby and it won’t come out so you have to get surgery to get the baby out
maria letícia
maria letícia 6 meses atrás
9:09 so thankful for this guide on how to use a book
modtomodern 2 anos atrás
Oh the cat shade, cats give me life... are we still ok? Never throw a cat away cause Katya told you to.
Denise Raquel
Denise Raquel Anos atrás
Sad to hear this kind of humor.
Alex Gatto
Alex Gatto Anos atrás
When this started with that close-up on Katya I *literally* gasped and said "oh she looks so beautiful!"
Rachel A.
Rachel A. Anos atrás
first time i watched this i was like "omg how did trixie walk so nice with the book?!" second time, i realized it's because her wig is a table.
redmanish 2 anos atrás
Cat people: “eh yeah I like dogs too” Dog people: “cats murdered Jesus and also my grandmother”
RCasey Mês atrás
@Catherine Gomez yep, I love these 2 so much but hearing them go off with stereotypes blah. Dogs actually kill people and will cause so much more damage to your home than a cat ever will like if we wanna be loud and clear about these so called terrible dangerous cat traits lol I love dogs too but yeah i agree, like every breed and every animal is gonna have it’s own personality and backstory etc. you have to put in the work or just carry them in your purse ig lol
Jaime Perry
Jaime Perry 5 meses atrás
It’s the diet misogyny for me
Catherine Gomez
Catherine Gomez Anos atrás
dog people are so dramatic when talking about cats "Cats are insensitive, evil assholes that spat on my mums grave and ate my baby" like dude chill, they just scratch you for invading their privacy, and if they attack you for no good reason, they were abused
Josiah Lopez
Josiah Lopez Anos atrás
@A Wolfe Depends on the dog because there are dogs set very clear boundaries after a while much like cats. I think it has to do with recognizable displays of affection and respect, most people who love dogs say that cats don’t “love” anyone because they don’t jump up and down when they get home Or want to lay down with them or demand attention and they rarely obviously respond when talked to, while Cat lovers often say dogs are too clingy and always needing attention and have no concept of personal space or respect for most boundaries. anything else in my opinion is subjective and determined by previous experience.
A Wolfe
A Wolfe Anos atrás
People who hate cats have a problem with consent. They want something they can control that will give them unquestioning devotion, which is why they like dogs, but cats require understanding and accepting boundaries. This is why they also fly off the handle about it--lack of emotional regulation and regard for anyone else.
Jacob Anos atrás
The way they both chose this episode to turn it so hard. The looks, the hair, the cosmeceuticals. So good
Johanna Allegra
Johanna Allegra Anos atrás
Shoutout to Jeff and Ron for the marvellous editing, love u
MelanieM Mouton
MelanieM Mouton 3 meses atrás
As a lover of books I appreciate this episode so much 😂❤️
MariaakaAnnie Anos atrás
Katya: "find a loving home" Trixie: "and then burn it down"
Nai Remlap
Nai Remlap 2 anos atrás
This is the most gorgeous Miss Katya has ever looked
Connor Anos atrás
Right? I'm really wondering where she got her latex thigh highs and shoes. She looks amazing
socrappyicoulddie Anos atrás
Her atomic bland wig is still my fave but damn I'm loving this look
Jennifer Lynn
Jennifer Lynn Anos atrás
yxw I literally just looked for the episode with “Claire St. Clair” Katya after reading this comment because I thought she looked STUNNING in it. She’s always beautiful, but my jaw dropped seeing that look 😍💜
Aino Anos atrás
веселая грустная мышь
*gospozha katya
Johanna Bothur
Johanna Bothur 8 meses atrás
sometimes when trxie looks at katya if forget just how absolutely enormous her wig is and it really grounds me. so thank you trixie
Zach 2 anos atrás
I love how they're saying that they're running out of topics and yet by episode 121 haven't covered Movies or Books. How did Dental Artistry come before both of these? This says a lot about their personalities and I think that's really cool.
Zubair 6 meses atrás
this is still my favourite katya look
Henry K.
Henry K. Anos atrás
You’re both so different yet I love you both so much! Thanks for your show! It gets so stale out here in Granite City, Illinois.
Dannielliebear 2 anos atrás
these black skintight gloves and boots on katya are EVERYTHING holy shit
Anthony Fay
Anthony Fay Anos atrás
Kristie queen Izzy supremacy.
Kristie Anos atrás
Very ... Isabelle Lightwood😏
jerrysizzler44 2 anos atrás
I'm guessing latex is a nightmare for The Sweatiest Woman in Show Business, but damn it REALLY suits her. 🔥🔥🔥
Dekisha Jones
Dekisha Jones 2 anos atrás
I peeped out the gloves tooo and fell in love!
Kelly Garland
Kelly Garland 11 meses atrás
Katya flipping the book back and forth “this is a fun game”
pan0ramian Anos atrás
I both love Trixie and Katya’s looks this episode. Love seeing how fresh and polished they look 💕💖
Carly Patrick
Carly Patrick Anos atrás
I just ordered this book from the States, I'm in New Zealand, can't wait for it to arrive ❤
Emi S
Emi S 2 meses atrás
Coming back to rewatch their videos as I do daily I literally can’t get over HOW GORGEOUS KATYA LOOKS omfgg 🤧😍
Honorandjustice13 8 meses atrás
i’m playing a drinking game with this video, “every time they say book” i’m 6 mins in and feel sick 😂
Maximilien O'Callaghan
Maximilien O'Callaghan 11 meses atrás
I had a favorite author as a kid, and was too scared to look them up online and see if they were a bigot or not. Like if they are, id rather be oblivious. But then my friend looked them up, and the author turned out to be trans! I couldnt be happier
MaciGeri Anos atrás
I just started watching this yesterday but I'm laughing so hard 🤣
Harper Smith
Harper Smith Anos atrás
I love this and I'm also very glad that I know they're six feet apart. maybe there should be a disclaimer for that in case other people missed this episode
Poato 2 anos atrás
showing 70-episode-ago trixie is an actual hate crime, how dare
Sarah Mae
Sarah Mae 2 anos atrás
Well as she once said herself “she is not responsible for that hate crime”
Zaiquiri 2 anos atrás
13:12 I love when Trixie talks through her laughter and her mouth does that thing :P
Ashton Vance
Ashton Vance 2 anos atrás
The sideways smile things
pandorya Anos atrás
They always look so stunning, especially Katya in this episode. She looks like the hot, edgy mean girl that hates everyone and I would 100% let her bully me.
Veerle Van De Laar
Veerle Van De Laar Anos atrás
They both look so beautiful in this episode 💙
Reed Ridens
Reed Ridens 2 anos atrás
i love how trixie scream laughs and katya silently wheezes
sparkyblizz Anos atrás
I bought their book a couple of days ago! I loved it so much. $40 Australian and it was worth it.
Another Cool Blog Update !
My mom got me this book as a lil surprise gift and I was so excited 🥰 Love Trixie and Katya so much. Would prolly buy a squatty potty if it had their branding.
Christy Mccullough
Christy Mccullough Anos atrás
I've read every Sweet Valley book out there lol. They were my childhood reading material and probably the only books I ever read all the way thru
Michaela f
Michaela f 2 anos atrás
Currently listening to the audio book, love it!
Zebulen3 2 anos atrás
Predicting now: Trixie will eventually get a cat and end up crazy over it, making it treats in her Easy Bake Oven or some such.
Rafał 11 meses atrás
What's the update?
Faith 🍒
Faith 🍒 Anos atrás
god i hope so
Niko 2 anos atrás
I feel like people who actively say they hate cats have only ever had mean cats lol. I have two and they both follow me around and constantly want attention, sleep with me at night and are just generally sweethearts.
Björn Visser
Björn Visser 2 anos atrás
I skim read this and thought you said she will end up making the cat in her easy bake oven
Faith Foxx
Faith Foxx 2 anos atrás
I’m here for this prediction 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Amanda Kelly
Amanda Kelly Anos atrás
This is hands-down the best I've ever seen Trixie look
Denae Rose
Denae Rose Anos atrás
"How do I get my cat to stop peeing on the carpet?" Katya: "MOVE ON"
Melissa Solley
Melissa Solley Anos atrás
I am HERE for the Sweet Valley High titles! Those are next on my reading list 😍
Vincenza De Curtis
Vincenza De Curtis Anos atrás
0:32 Who else loves when Trixie and Katya start to speak in Italian? Btw, I'm Italian.
MITCHELL WIGGS 2 anos atrás
katya did not have the abortion, her baby appears in the corner at 0:59 🧐
Faten Helmi
Faten Helmi Anos atrás
Hahahahah i died , thank u 💙
Ekaterina Shum
Ekaterina Shum Anos atrás
Elin Eriksson
Elin Eriksson 2 anos atrás
She must have birthed Damien and thats why we’re living in the gosh darn end ond times.
»- Beau -»
»- Beau -» Anos atrás
Thank you Katya for giving microdick men the shoutout they don’t deserve, very nice and humble of you.
Ruthie Kay
Ruthie Kay Anos atrás
I just bought it lol. I like knowing I contributed to you guys in a small way :)
Comic HB
Comic HB Anos atrás
Thank you for calling out jk rowling. I'm just a trans man but my heart goes out to my trans sisters. Be strong.
V. 9 meses atrás
these two are what I imagine it's like when both sides of my brain communicate
John J. Pearse
John J. Pearse 2 anos atrás
I just want to jump on Trixie’s wig, yell “YIPYIP” and fly off into the sun.
Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo 2 anos atrás
Elizabeth Mok
Elizabeth Mok 2 anos atrás
honey swan
honey swan 2 anos atrás
and fly with a bunch of friends and s lemur
Cavier Sim
Cavier Sim 2 anos atrás
I can't unsee it now 😂😂😂
Bailey Grant
Bailey Grant 2 anos atrás
This comment just made my life!
Lady Op3
Lady Op3 2 anos atrás
Cannot wait to read this on my 10 hour flight on Monday 💜
Abigail Allender
Abigail Allender Anos atrás
Omg Katya’s random story about her Nana who’s brain went “mushy bananas” had me snort-laughing for 2 solid minutes 🤣🤣🤣
Kathleen Gladstone
Kathleen Gladstone 2 anos atrás
Love the call back to Courtney's ep. I saw her show in NY and when I looked her up I found that video. Still love Courtney but have been OBSESSED with Trixie & Katya since. Thanks Courtney!
Heynsider XD
Heynsider XD Mês atrás
Katya “I would get the abortion” isn’t an option anymore with this Roe V Wade overturning nonsense😭 please help us queen
ClaireCalmDown 2 anos atrás
"people tell me they watch UNHHH with their friends" Me: *smiles and nudges cat*
Zoë Rae
Zoë Rae 2 anos atrás
love this 💫💖
Derse Dreamer
Derse Dreamer 2 anos atrás
This made me insanely happy
ClaireCalmDown 2 anos atrás
@kiki lykke who doesnt like a little controversy ?
kiki lykke
kiki lykke 2 anos atrás
don't say cat! they hate them apparently
S J 8 meses atrás
I didnt know they had a book. Ordering it for myself for Christmas
Jena Schaufler
Jena Schaufler Anos atrás
Loved the book! Listened to it on audible while I was at work!
Wade King
Wade King 2 anos atrás
Trixie walking in circles with a book on her head whilst Katya plays catch with herself may be the 10 funniest seconds on YT
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