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We have a very special, very different video for you all today. This isn't a review of The Last of Us Part II. This is an understanding of The Last of Us Part II. #tlou2 #TheLastOfUs #NaughtyDog
Special thanks to this talented man for his cover of Future Days by Pearl Jam. It's so beautiful:
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1 Jul 2020



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Comentários 21 390
RavTheTank 25 minutos atrás
I love this video. Well done!
Mr. A
Mr. A 4 horas atrás
There is supposed to be only one elephant in the room, not multiple elephants.
rockerrrrrrrrrrr 13 horas atrás
This just randomly came up, never played this game or heard about it. But such a well compiled video
Filip Vadas
Filip Vadas 15 horas atrás
I understand what they were trying to do, but honestly they didn't quite stick the landing. Its not a bad game, but its not great either.
Rodney Van der Westhuizen
I finally finished the game. It was an amazing experience. Very well done review!!!
Rylan Allen
Rylan Allen 19 horas atrás
By far one of my favourite reviews on this game. Subscribed!!
Bardia Pashaei
Bardia Pashaei 23 horas atrás
Understanding ?! Seriously!? The game is not complicated at all!! most of players and streamers and ... didn’t like and it doesn’t mean its complicated or they didn’t get the point . The game is so clear and everybody understands it
JamesHLanier 19 horas atrás
@Bardia Pashaei Not really. TLOU2 is about revenge like TLOU1 is about making a cure. It's background and not really what the story is about.
Bardia Pashaei
Bardia Pashaei 19 horas atrás
JamesHLanier it has that message too but its not the main one
JamesHLanier 20 horas atrás
When people genuinely think the theme of the story is "revenge bad," it's pretty clear they didn't understand it.
El Cee
El Cee 23 horas atrás
So this was a very thoughtful review, and I realized just how the only one I've heard from a womans perspective. This game was emotionally taxing, sometimes excessively. I do like that you focused on the controversy around the story as I think it's been very overblown. However, the game did seem to trudge on too long, and the gameplay felt relatively unchanged. Also, their are quite a few nonsensical moments on the game, specifically characters popping up out of nowhere and Tommy's complete 180 towards the end. I felt the game was truly groundbreaking in terms of narrative, but not a perfect game
João Dia atrás
I actually cried during the last fight because I really didn't want any of them to die and it really looked like Abby was going to die
Rundhille23 Pool
Rundhille23 Pool Dia atrás
Angry Joe and cr1tical's review makes more sense.
JamesHLanier 20 horas atrás
Their reviews were garbage, dude.
Mau5 Dia atrás
i cant understand the hate towards this game. i thought the story was beautifully made and i enjoyed every second of it. i laughed, i cried, i was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.
wafflnator Dia atrás
Man, i wasn't crying till i watched this. What the heck guys, how are you so amazing at this.
Jayesh Gaur
Jayesh Gaur Dia atrás
This might be the most appropriate and fair review out there!
TheOpps !
TheOpps ! Dia atrás
The thing is Abbys father was going to kill a kid in hopes have saving humanity. He knew there was at least one person who wouldn’t want that to happen if you are going to kill you gotta be prepared to die. No one in this world seems to get that. Like their rational is this person deserves to die because they killed someone I cared about. How is it that that logic is never turned on themselves they never once thought do I deserve to die for the the people I’ve killed. I don’t know how you would be able to stay motivated if it was ever considered.
TheOpps !
TheOpps ! 16 horas atrás
JamesHLanier For two things that happen so much there has to be some kinda of logic involved. You can’t tell me that both characters were not thinking logically at all throughout game after their loved ones died. I would have like to see them be confronted and respond to some of the contradictions and hypocritical behaviors.
JamesHLanier 20 horas atrás
It's almost as if obsession and hatred aren't logical or something....
Brian Lamoureux
Brian Lamoureux Dia atrás
Naughty dog got me so bad. What a f*cking experience. BRAVO
gfbrandaoo Dia atrás
This is the only review of this master piece. Thank you so much for this.
Neeeko Dia atrás
thank you for this video
Marvelous Meh
Marvelous Meh 2 dias atrás
You know the gaming community is toxic when you have to say that they should be kind to one another in the comment section. Yikes. He have to do better than this.
Charles Tang
Charles Tang 2 dias atrás
To me those big plot points are fine, i see potential in that and i get the message they tried to convey. The problems are in the little details like the abrupt change in personality or decision making, in turns making the whole story feels forced and corny. It's not like players hate it because we don't get the deep deep self-reflecting social experiment meaning, it's rejected because it's told with a cautionary tales filled with unjustifiable actions.
JamesHLanier 20 horas atrás
People dealing with trauma act in unpredictable ways that don't make sense.
pspat101 2 dias atrás
Excellent, articulate, quality review. I just finished the game and thinking back on it as a whole through this video brought me to tears. Thanks for what you guys do and please keep the videos coming!
ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร
I would say that Abby is a good character and even a good person but represent in a bad way. The first half of the game, Her actions always look villainous in every way, there is not a single hint that she could be a kind, lovable person, she's pure evil. This didn't happen to Joel, even his actions are more sinister. Now, why is that? The answer "Character development" The basics in creating a character base on 3 things 1.who 2. what 3.why, these elements create an expectation, and that leads to connection and immersion. In the first 15 minutes of TLOU1, we get all we need to connect with the character Joel, we see through Sarah's perspective that Joel is a decent man but a caring father, he protects us at all cost, it is believable that he is a man we can trust, we are a bit connected to him. As we shift from Sarah to Joel, we know "Who" he is, "What" he wants, and "Why" he needs to succeed, those elements create "Expectation" which will be subverted in about 10 minutes later. As we play Joel, we see the plot bit by bit(literally), it prepares us for what to come. After 7 minutes of hell, we finally get some hope up(also get a good emotional rollercoaster), a soldier saved us from those freaks, BUT it turns out he's gonna shoot us, BUT he's hesitated, so we might live, turns out no, he has to kill us, we survived from those shots, BUT he's approaching and ready to kill, BUT Tommy kill him just in time, BUT Sarah got hit and she died. This is simple, straightforward storytelling that subverting expectation perfectly, and also did a great job in character development at the same time In Abby's case, we don't know who she is, we slightly know that she is finding someone, but don't know why. We don't even know what Ellie, Tommy, Joel wants, we had nothing to connect to the story of TLOU2 at all until that point that they pulled a cheap trick right onto our face. kill-off the main character from the last game just to drive the plot(at 2 hours in, that pretty late) but this scene could have been much better if they use this scene to establish something more than the main plot. They could have shown us a hint that Abby and her friends are not entirely evil by hesitation or feeling remorse about killing Joel(or just put the scene where Abby lost her father at the beginning of the game, that will fix everything afterward) So it would be plausible when she spares Ellie many times after. Joel could have said something meaningful that struck into Ellie's or Abby's heart, so his word could be a turning point of those characters. There are many things that they could have done to make this better.
Shahbaz Singh Goraya
Shahbaz Singh Goraya 2 dias atrás
This is only reviewer apart from IGN (private one) who liked this game’s radical structure !!!....
4ty Svn
4ty Svn 2 dias atrás
its not the whole abby killing joel thing. I feel like the discrepencies start with the ending of the last game cause uh.... lets be honest there was no good reason to kill the doctor. He could have just shot him in the foot i mean the man was carrying a scalpel for gods sake.
4ty Svn
4ty Svn 2 dias atrás
@Fran Granados ah, that makes abbys motivation make complete sense then. I was perplexing myself over why she would go as far as to beat him with a golf club, but if we're being completely honest, it still seems mad convenient that nobody wanted to hear or understand why about the other person
Fran Granados
Fran Granados 2 dias atrás
@4ty Svn Firefly mercs take her by force but Marlene stops them from hurting Joel and she explains the situation to him. He refused to let Ellie die and goes on a rampage
4ty Svn
4ty Svn 2 dias atrás
@Fran Granados do the fireflies take ellie or does joel give her to them? genuinely asking
Fran Granados
Fran Granados 2 dias atrás
Joel was absolutely blinded by rage, he also shot Marlene dead even when she was unarmed and pleading for her life
Hunter LeBlanc
Hunter LeBlanc 2 dias atrás
Pretty please do a Persona 5 Royal Review
Johnny Clara
Johnny Clara 2 dias atrás
4:31 the real monster
konnichi wa
konnichi wa 2 dias atrás
Ofc nobody cares how many innocent lives she ended and then decided to forgive Abby. It does not represent what Ellie felt at all. Stop trying to make this game better.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 2 dias atrás
Nobody Ellie has killed was truly innocent. I can't remember someone Ellie has killed who didn't try to kill her first.
Uber Alles
Uber Alles 2 dias atrás
If the player realises revenge is not worth it they can stop playing and that will be the ending lol
SemanticV0id 2 dias atrás
Oh yeah, you're picking up what they're putting down. It's disheartening that so many people had like 25+ hours to take in the game's message and still completely misunderstood it or, perhaps worse, vehemently disagreed with it. But videos and posts like this help to push that back. Great work.
Nelson Pun
Nelson Pun 3 dias atrás
I forgave her. i didnt want ellie to go through with it. Especially after seeing what abby went thru with being a prisoner - that was enough karma to make up for anything. Killed all her friends/lovers/father/tribe and she became a slave for god knows how long, yea i'd say she suffered the equivalent if not more than Ellie losing one father figure. If you cant understand that then you probably wont ever learn forgiveness; or ur just a hater who likes to feed an empty ego by hating things - ie: a lot of the gaming community.
Cheston Anglesmith Fancy Man of Cornwood
Imagine hitting dislike on a video because someone liked a video game you didnt
Javie Milanez
Javie Milanez 3 dias atrás
There is something extremely depressing about reading the online reaction to this game after just finishing it. It's literally like...going on such an emotional journey in this game, to sitting and accepting ellies forgiveness towards abby, was such a powerful moment. Something rarely any media can impact me with. Then, seeing everyone online being incapable of that forgiveness...its just sad. Makes me realize there are plenty of people fully motivated by hate, so much so they don't even see it in themselves. For the record, I'm not talking about people who criticize technical points to this game or the story, mainly just talking to the people who left the game angry that ellie didn't kill abby.
Amar 17 horas atrás
Ellie didnt forgive abby. She just let it go knowing killing her wont make her pain stop and the fact that Abby mirrored Joel when she was protecting Lev.
milo rexhar
milo rexhar Dia atrás
Im not angry that ellie left abby, its just that they should have backed up that scene with something more relatable instead of that sudden flashback, otherwise, the game is top-notch.
TheFatalitiesTV 3 dias atrás
In some ways, The Last of Us 2 reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 2. I appreciate what they tried to do, but I don't always agree with how they did it. But hey, the response it received practically proves that it accomplished what the creators set out to achieve.
gbzmr 3 dias atrás
This was wonderfully written. Bravo to both of you.
Vance Philips
Vance Philips 3 dias atrás
I’ve been a subscriber since I stumbled upon the first video y’all put out. Having just finished the game this week and being aware of all the controversy surrounding it, I’m really thankful you put this video out. Hopefully it each beyond your audience and made some of those angry people think. Keep up the good work!
Evan Griffin
Evan Griffin 3 dias atrás
This one and dunkeys review were outstanding imo. Really appreciate their viewpoints
Rafael Mendes
Rafael Mendes 3 dias atrás
Love your review and the game! Almost all of the criticism towards it is about people who didn't LIKE/WANT it (a feeling) and they don't see about what it IS (objectively).
Nathan Berger
Nathan Berger 3 dias atrás
amazing review, couldn't agree more! Well done!
Olga Bahirkina
Olga Bahirkina 3 dias atrás
I just wanna say that this is the best review/understanding of the game I've ever seen, honestly. It made me cry like the game itself did. And I agree with every word. Thank you, so, so much.
Grill Master Cheese
Grill Master Cheese 3 dias atrás
Easily the best and most clear eyed understanding of the game I’ve seen. Bravo
Etienne 3 dias atrás
But where is Ja ??!
So'o Fagamalo
So'o Fagamalo 4 dias atrás
This is a great analysis of the game, thanks so much for this. Definitely a unique way of telling a story. It's so cool going thru the story playing as Abby and seeing the WLF from her perspective. And meeting all the characters that you killed as Ellie. RIP Alice 😭😭😭
Irtiza Monju
Irtiza Monju 4 dias atrás
Everything is good, but I still don't get why Abby went back to the siblings after she saved them, didn't feel a connection that strong between them that'd lead her back there. That's what I feel.
Aquatic Entity
Aquatic Entity 2 horas atrás
If you notice Abby keeps helping them just to ignore dealing with her complicated feelings for Owen and guilt for the pregnant Mel. It first happened when Abby and Lev went searching for the sister's medical supplies. Lev asked her why she is helping them and said she has a lot in her mind. Second is when Mel doesn't want Owen to go with Abby, so Abby just went with Yara to look for Lev. She developed a bond with Lev and felt encouraged by Yara's word after the argument with Mel is the part of why she went to the island for Lev.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 2 dias atrás
@Irtiza Monju But in a human act. Not in a payoff act. The human thing to do is to help the children, no matter the faction or group they belong.
Irtiza Monju
Irtiza Monju 2 dias atrás
@San Blindsnake when the children are from another faction I guess I expected a connection for her returning to them at the trailer. But reading the other comments I understand that she was redeeming herself through helping them.
Nomadic Vision
Nomadic Vision 3 dias atrás
She felt a pull to help them due to her guilt for killing Joel. Despite not owing them anything, she said she needed to when asked why she was helping them. Saving Yara and Lev was her act of redemption and in turn, gained her some form of peace after her nightmares.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 3 dias atrás
So... You need a strong connection to save two children? Interesting...
Davor Schwarz
Davor Schwarz 4 dias atrás
this game is an absolute literary masterpiece that every fkn moron ever atempting to chime in on any political religious or self opinianated issue should be strapped in the chair and forced to play. every human on the planed should be forced to play this game every fkn polititian in the world every fkn game reviewer and censorship expert every child under 14 every fkn human and animal next GOP summit or UN sumit or WHO sumit or every fkn summit conference gathering sunday church mass etc EVERYONE SHOULD BE LOCKED IN LAST OF US 2 ISOLATION and forced to finish this game of life. than - if they are not crying and realising how stupid and pety and insegnificant and pointless all their world views and ideological political racial virus etc view and opinions are they should all be packed up into Musks Steel rockets and balsted into space onto new planet to start their fked up constantly at war selfopinienated civilisation. I HATED THE FKN GAME I HATED PLAYING AS DUMB ARSE KID ALLY not giving JOEL a MAN chance and hating all the men in her life I HATED PLAYING AS SHITHEDED MONSTER ABBY the muscle woman - i think woman not sure I HATED ALL THE GORE AND UNECESARY VIOLENCE - (turns out it is necesary AND THAN I RELAISED WHAT ND is doing - they are teaching praying hoping people will get the fkn message that when put to test we are all the same animals and violence hate misunderstanding and lack of the villingnes to listen to the OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN leads to distruction as it has since the begining of the civilisation this game is bigger than anything out there currently even though same fkn messagese are in all fkn movies and books -- its just that well they are hidden HERE FOR THE 1ST time its all out in the open it makes you on purpos hate HATE HATE the game HATE THE CHARACTERS, HATE YOURSELF FOR PLAYING it ON FKN PURPOSE as in the end well half way through it expolains very clearly what its all bpout WHAT IS THE HUM
Sir Steamer
Sir Steamer 4 dias atrás
The last of us 2 was the best game I’ve played. It’s the first time I did not want to beat the final boss.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 3 dias atrás
"It’s the first time I did not want to beat the final boss" Same...
Lorioyama Emma-O
Lorioyama Emma-O 4 dias atrás
Pretentious dumb girl trying to sell this piece garbage as art.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 3 dias atrás
So... you think you are clever? LOL
Jimin's Girl
Jimin's Girl 3 dias atrás
@Max Mustermann ignore him...pretty sure he doesn't even own a playstation
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 4 dias atrás
How is it a piece of garbage? Even if you didn't like the story, you can't deny the great environments, graphics, gameplay, acting and voice acting.
Shelbyville Rules
Shelbyville Rules 4 dias atrás
6:19 I feel this aspect would’ve been far more poignant if we, the gamers had actual agency in those character deaths. If the game had given us a choice and a decision to make in killing certain people then it would’ve been far more impactful when you subsequently see the result from Abby’s point of view.
Péter Sági
Péter Sági 4 dias atrás
BRA-VO guys! Awesome review! About two times more objective and nuanced than most critics out there, and about 100X times more than Angry Joe and the like (okay that wasn't that hard.)
Soumyajit Sadhukhan
Soumyajit Sadhukhan 4 dias atrás
this game unmask every immature gamers ..BRAVO!!
Oscar Bergqvist
Oscar Bergqvist 5 dias atrás
I'm sorry but though the idea behind the game is abitious it's not worth much if you fail in the execution of that idea. The game fails in being a sequal because it retcons alot of thing. The fireflies are made out to be unquestionable good guys. The characters from the last installment are not acting like themselves and are for the worse because of it. The story is contrived and very on the nose with it's message of "Revenge BAD". Things happen and characters make decisions that makes no sense why they would do them other than the plot needs them to. The jarble mess of telling the story from different characters and different times in a non-chronological makes it harder to follow along and harder to care about any of it. Instead of giving us great characters to engage with, Naughy Dog uses cheap tricks to manipulate us to like these new characters that are paper thin and not as likeable as the old ones. All around a failure in execution. Better luck next time.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 3 dias atrás
@JamesHLanier Better part: "different characters and different times in a non-chronological makes it harder to follow along" My guess it starts with the beginning and finishes in the end...
JamesHLanier 4 dias atrás
There aren't any retcons at all. The Fireflies are not at all portrayed as unquestionable good guys. There's a sequence in the second game where Ellie travels through a museum that has Firefly war crimes painted on the walls. Every character acts within their established personalities, and the message of the game is not revenge bad. I'm sorry, but it seems like you've misunderstood the game completely.
Dead Man
Dead Man 5 dias atrás
gonna wait till this game is 10 dollars
R1CARD0 1017
R1CARD0 1017 5 dias atrás
God I felt such dread when I had to fight abby at the end. Ask me if I would've killed abby when I started the game I would've said of course but after walking a mile in her shoes I would've saved her and lev and then given them some guns and ammo.
Arnie Deyms
Arnie Deyms 5 dias atrás
I agree
Weijie Yao
Weijie Yao 5 dias atrás
The people that disliked the game prolly play Warzone
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 3 dias atrás
@Sandeep Really... That's surprising...
Sandeep 4 dias atrás
no we play witcher 3 :)
Benjamin Hill
Benjamin Hill 5 dias atrás
This video gave me chills. Well done.
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee 5 dias atrás
It does all if the things you mention beautifully but I feel like it sacrifices the integrity and authenticity of the characters, especially ellie. Also the gameplay and the cutscenes contradict itself sometimes. The cutscenes are for the most part cohesive, the hesitation when killing for ellie for example remains consistent in the cutscenes. But add in the gameplay where she murders 100s it starts to fall apart.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake Dia atrás
@Nicholas Lee "Its just that when saw her hesitate i kept thinking back to the people she killed during the levels. " Well, maybe you should start thinking in the little kid who would die along with Abby. Maybe that should be the perspective... "Also at some parts of the game it did become her own personal crusade for revenge." Until the fight with Abby in the theater... Yes... After that... No...
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee Dia atrás
@Nomadic Vision ah ic yeah i get ehat youre saying
Nomadic Vision
Nomadic Vision 2 dias atrás
@Nicholas Lee I feel like Ellie was already distant to a degree even before she met Joel. Her optimism in Part 1 stemmed from her determination to give meaning to her life by becoming the cure for mankind. It only strengthened with every death in the first game. She wanted to honour Riley, Tess and Sam’s death. Similarly with her mother Anna, by searching and fighting for her purpose in life. For those reasons, she resented Joel for preventing that from happening. With her survivor’s guilt worsened, guilt for treating Joel coldly, unresolved conflict from his decision in the hospital and externalising all of these onto Abby, it’s no wonder she’s an absolute wreck in Part 2.
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee 2 dias atrás
Did yall see demodcracy's vid how do yall think about that
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee 2 dias atrás
@Nomadic Vision how do you feel about ellie from p1 to p2? I personally just have an issue with the way they took her subversion is fine but theyve set expectations. (What happened to joel is a different issue and i felt was the write choice, and made sense from a thematic writing standpoint) *am i using thematic correctly? Lol
Nayr TheViking
Nayr TheViking 5 dias atrás
Caught amidst the media firestorm as it was, and with all the negativity surrounding it, I was skeptical about this game. After hearing someone put so much thought into actually understanding it's message though, I have to play it. This is coming from someone who didn't even like the first game that much! So thanks. You both make fantastic content.
HyperFlex 5 dias atrás
Last of us 2 will go down as one of the best games still this generation despite what u may say at the story but the game has made so much controversy and ambition and boldness That no game in the past 10-20 years has ever done so for me that is what makes this game mean so much to the gaming community as someone who has beaten in 3 times now I loved it but it’s a game that can easily be a mistaken story from it supposedly being Ellie revenge all the way but actually meaning that revenge is something that consumes us and how will u handle it and is it worth it Naughty Dog did something that we will never get again so for me I gotta give all the applaud and praise for that alone
Super Frost
Super Frost 6 dias atrás
Best Review ❤️🙏
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 3 dias atrás
@Lorioyama Emma-O Come on man, you are better than this. When you get older you will understand this game and everything will be better for you... You got our support... Take care...
Lorioyama Emma-O
Lorioyama Emma-O 4 dias atrás
for a lazy drifter like you, anything is "the best"
Ender 6 dias atrás
Bravo! Loved LOU1 and after playing LOU2 i must say that this is a true masterpiece. Emotionally difficult to play at times but the story, acting and graphics are just sensational.
Athena Amiga
Athena Amiga 6 dias atrás
Your review was very articulate and intelligently explained. HOWEVER this game was an utter disappointment. The reason most gamers are pissed is we waited 7 years to play as Joel and/or Ellie, only to play as some She hulk that nobody cares about. The problem wasn't Joel dying. It was how he died. He could have gone out in a badass way trying to save Ellie or something. Also, we should have played as Ellie the entire game since Joel died. Also the trailers made us to believe that Joel was part of the gameplay. So Naughty Dog deceived the fans, forced us to play as an unlikable character and added a cheap shot death. Yeah, that's why most fans LOATHE this piece of shit game.
Athena Amiga
Athena Amiga Dia atrás
@San Blindsnake True!
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake Dia atrás
@Athena Amiga Only a monster would do something different. Or a person who has no idea what it is to be a father.
Athena Amiga
Athena Amiga 2 dias atrás
@San Blindsnake I totally get where you're coming from man! When I played the first game and they said Ellie would die I was like oh heck no! Lol! I was determined to help Joel save her and I'm happy he did!
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 2 dias atrás
@Athena Amiga Sorry... There was a little girl who was going to be killed. Any other information is just noise... And yes, I played the first game, that's why I had no doubt whatsoever what the right choice was...
Athena Amiga
Athena Amiga 3 dias atrás
@San Blindsnake played TLOU right? Ellie was immune and there was a chance that her immunity could develop a cure. However because Joel grew to love her as a daughter he stopped that from happening. So it is conflicting because was Joel right to save her or save the human race? Is the human race even worth saving?
Ryan Howe
Ryan Howe 6 dias atrás
I can finally peacefully take a deep breath and confirm to myself "I'm not crazy"
Ryan Howe
Ryan Howe 3 dias atrás
Opinions are one thing, but to be a toxic ass about it towards anyone who disagrees with the other is just a shitty thing to do
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 3 dias atrás
As you can see by the reply above mine, these are the guys who hate the game. Morons without personality... I wouldn't give them too much credit...
Lorioyama Emma-O
Lorioyama Emma-O 4 dias atrás
No, you are not crazy, just a little pawn.
Nomadic Vision
Nomadic Vision 6 dias atrás
All throughout the game we were angry and exhausted, just like Ellie. It’s not until the very end where we stopped and reflect did we start to properly mourn Joel.
Sean Watson
Sean Watson 6 dias atrás
I was disappointed in the ending in a way, but probably not in the way most were. Yes, I feared Ellie would kill Abby as the climax drew near, but I'd recognized quite early the self-destructive nature of revenge they were pushing, so I thought they were aiming for forgiveness and possibly even resolution. When Ellie got off of the drowning Abby and let her live, I'd hoped they might be allowed to see each other's story the way we were, particularly how their lives were so similar. But even though Ellie ultimately didn't kill Abby, an act that would have changed her entirely into a character that wasn't the one we'd all fallen in love with, she still didn't appear to move on from her hate. Her house when she returned to it was completely colorless, dilapidated, and without happiness, the same as her life. It seemed an ended more in line with their originally planned ending, the one where she completed her revenge. It was a hell of a place to leave us. Regardless, I recognize and appreciate the genius of their writing.
Nicholas Benton
Nicholas Benton 6 dias atrás
Here's my take: The number of people who are experiencing a visceral reaction to The Last of Us 2 is somewhat telling, from a sociological standpoint. We live in a society that has VERY little capacity for empathy and the purpose it plays in a peaceful society. We want Ellie to be the cute, snarky little girl...but that ain't how life works. Always remember, you are the enemy in someone else's story. By the end of this one, Ellie is most certainly descended into a state where there is scarcely a hint of her soul left. Abby, on the other hand, had fought and clawed her way out. That's the moral of the story folks. Vengeance destroys...and if you put it above the chance to live a life...everyone you love pays for it.
Tarsyo Freitas
Tarsyo Freitas 6 dias atrás
It's normal cry with that video ?
J K 6 dias atrás
Finished the game. The online hatred is very sad. This was an amazing experience. The amount of work that they must have put in to make this is staggering.
RandommNinja 7 dias atrás
I finished the game tonight and felt I had to express something. I don't know that anyone will ever read this now that the video is a month old, so I guess this is like one of Ellie's journal entries. I can't say I like Abby or that I've forgiven her. I don't think she's a good person. She's tortured and killed people, even aside from Joel. She advocated for the involuntary vivisection of a child (on Ellie by Abby's father). Ellie sought her revenge through confrontation, slugging it out with Abby instead of just blasting her with a shotgun, Abby does the opposite with Joel. She ambushed, tortured, and killed a man who saved her life. I also don't think this story redeems Abby. But I feel that it shows that Abby is redeemable. My favorite characters from Abby's story line are Lev and Yara. Two kids who are trying to live their lives with freedom and each other. It broke my heart when Lev lost Yara. But Lev, along with Yara, showed that Abby could change and grow and, maybe, be redeemed. I can't say I like Abby or that I've forgiven her, but I don't hate her anymore. I can't begin to describe what it feels like to hate someone completely and then let that hate go. What an amazing accomplishment, Naughty Dog
Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
This was one of the most relatable comments of someone expressing their experience I’ve ever seems in a while..I too think that Abby could redeem herself, that in no way makes her a good person, but she can be one. Bravo 👏🏽
Nameless NPC
Nameless NPC 7 dias atrás
One of the top gripes I had was how the pacing felt so much more different than the first game (so many flashbacks) and not really in a good way either, but I think its flaws that I and other people see as flaws were essential to make everything in this game work. in other words, its "flaws" (which is subjective) were necessary to make this game the masterpiece that I believe it is. The more I've thought about this game (and the more I watch this video) the more I strongly believe this game is truly a masterpiece. There isn't a single thing I would change about this game.
El Cee
El Cee 23 horas atrás
One thing. Fingers. I guess thats two things
Ayman Assaf
Ayman Assaf 7 dias atrás
joits 7 dias atrás
when i first saw this video, the likes were only 3 times more than the dislikes... so nice to see how it is now.
Tim Ferguson
Tim Ferguson 7 dias atrás
Best game I've ever played.
Keadon Boze
Keadon Boze 7 dias atrás
Niclas Lööf
Niclas Lööf 7 dias atrás
I would like to apologize for a rather rude (and childish) comment that I wrote, I have since deleted it so I do not encourage toxic behaviour in the comments. I wrote it after a recent tragedy that affected me emotionally and left me in a poor mental state. Keep doing what you're doing and don't let negative comments get to you. Sometimes you just write and say stupid things without thinking. I am very sorry.
Jaffar From Aladdin
Jaffar From Aladdin 7 dias atrás
Man, I respect you so much. Respect+
David Dodek
David Dodek 7 dias atrás
James Verner
James Verner 7 dias atrás
To me it changed from being a story about revenge to a story about getting away with killing. Not murderer, killing, if you fast, smart, tough and lucky the loss of life will never hurt you only the people around whom you sacrifice because of a desire to slay. There is a reason people like violent games.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 6 dias atrás
"To me it changed from being a story about revenge to a story about getting away with killing." Well... Ellie was not that bad... She deserves love...
James Verner
James Verner 7 dias atrás
I would forgive Naughty dog if you COULD KILL ABBY. Because that was stolen I can't call it a enjoyable game.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 6 dias atrás
If you could kill Abby you would not have Ellie back so... Better this way...
Yahia Khaled
Yahia Khaled 7 dias atrás
Thank you for this. Exactly my thoughts.
Shield_Generator 7 dias atrás
Your review is really good and speaks my mind. Thanks :)
Shield_Generator 7 dias atrás
I enjoy the game so much
MajorEiswater 7 dias atrás
Finished Part II on Saturday past. I couldn't agree more with your analysis of the story and the themes Naughtydog was trying to emphasise. The homophones and transgender of the consumer base is unfortunate and I believe their decision to focus on those elements robbed them of understanding and experiencing possibly one of the best pieces of storytelling this world has to offer currently.
Automatic Ocelot
Automatic Ocelot 8 dias atrás
1:21 "Performing this shocking, vile act in the prologue is not Naughty Dog giving you a slap in the face, it is Naughty Dog giving you a punch in the guts and a frog in the throat, to make a powerful connection with the main character" I wish I could like this POV, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Portraying Joel as a sloppy man who mistook what he would have never done previously is misrepresenting what has been established in last first game. Joel was an asshole, yes, but he was cunning, quick to make judgements and was always on the edge about any and everything that could bring danger to him and Ellie. And as a result of such lack of understanding of Joel's traits that has previously been established, one can not but feel a slap in the face when Naughty Dog wants them to feel powerful connection to the main character.
CharlieWarlie 6 dias atrás
@San Blindsnake Exactly ^ There is enough info within part 2 to imply that Joel's character did in fact develop over the 5 year time gap, a development that started all the way back in part 1. But given that a lot of his choices and actions were based on emotion and not logic, something that was written about his character back in part 1, it just makes this misinterpretation of his character by some people all the more frustrating. And these same people wanna talk about disrespect of the character when they themselves have wildly misinterpreted Joel to be an absolute Gary Stu when it comes to survival, when he was never written that way to begin with.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 6 dias atrás
"Portraying Joel as a sloppy man..." Interesting view... I see him as a better person, a more emotional person and a better human being... But to each their own... Also... The other fellas already told you why it was not a sloppy move, and they not even explained how Jackson works, how dealing with strangers is not nothing new... But we all know that you don´t care about facts...
Miguel 6 dias atrás
CharlieWarlie my thoughts exactly 👍🏼
CharlieWarlie 6 dias atrás
What the hell do you mean "Cunning, quick to make judgements. etc."? In the first game, Joel gets him, Tess and Ellie captured after a mere minute outside of the QZ walls just from a lack of concentration, despite knowing full well that there is a patrol nearby. Joel also walks into a trap in Bill's town despite knowing that the town is full of traps, again, complacency. Joel also drives straight into an ambush knowing full well it is an ambush and is caught in a dead end, as well as losing the car he worked so hard to get. When getting to the broken bridge with Ellie, he stalls on making a decision because he doesn't wanna put Ellie in danger by jumping into the water, he even considers running back past the tank which would have been a dumb move - This is after he puts his trust in people that have just abandoned him, yet there is enough understanding between them that he continues to trust them up until their deaths. He is ambushed multiple times throughout part 1, there are many instances where he is lucky to be alive and a very big instance where he nearly did die - All of these instances relied on luck, Ellie and other companions to save him/keep him alive. Joel was not cunning, not more cunning than any other survivor in that sort of world. I would say the only thing that might set him apart from anyone else is perhaps his physical strength, but other than that, he is no better at survival than anyone else. This weird interpretation of Joel's character as being some sort of Gary Stu god-like survivor who "wouldn't have done that" when he did much worse things in part 1, is astonishing. The whole point of Joel's character is that he is human, like everyone else, it's not his skills that makes him particularly special, it's his story and how it affects everyone else in the end. ND did not misunderstand Joel's character in part 2 - You did.
TheMarsCydonia 7 dias atrás
I am not sure what you refer to when you mention Joel as a "sloppy man"? The fact he followed Abby to a secure location? What would have been the "cunning" move to do in Joel's place? Stay in the blizzard at the mercy of a horde of infected? Dying from hypthermia or by being eaten? I don't see how that's the cunning move.
Gamovich 8 dias atrás
Bahahahahahah, now this is comedy! xD
Cuddle Buddee
Cuddle Buddee 8 dias atrás
You play video games to feel good and for entertainment, not... this divisive crap. This is a shill review. Ghosts of Tsushima is a better, more satisfying, and more entertaining game.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 5 dias atrás
@Cuddle Buddee LOL... I use "..." to make it easy for you to understand me. My English is not very good. But thanks for looking like an idiot... Also. I saw no argumentative reply... But I guess that is logical in a hater...
JamesHLanier 5 dias atrás
GoT is really good, but TLOU2 is leagues better. And no, YOU play games to feel good. Not everyone wants solely positive experiences from games. Pathologic has more than shown the power that negative experiences in gaming can have as a good thing.
Cuddle Buddee
Cuddle Buddee 6 dias atrás
@San Blindsnake ...hey...I like this...too. I disagree...with the videos...
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 6 dias atrás
And yet... you are in a TLOU video, talking about a game I assume you didn't like it... instead in a video of Ghost of Tsushima talking how that game is amazing... Maybe the problem is you...
TheMarsCydonia 7 dias atrás
"In my opinion..."
Daniel Mendez
Daniel Mendez 8 dias atrás
Well said you guys !
BLACK HAND 8 dias atrás
Tbh I think they kinda tanked Abby's character. I get what they're saying but killing Joel wasn't needed for the same results they wanted and it was done so poorly, forcing us to like Abby so much wasn't needed(It wouldn't needed to force us if they didn't make us hate her from the start), treating ellie in the game Like sht come on. I get what they were trying but as a gaming experience and story, a lot of it doesn't make sense and just stupid. If they wanted us to really care about Abby, feel the pain and the effects of anguish, this game should have been Abby's game, her own story not shoe in Joel and Ellie's story. The game could have been Abby majority of the time trying to track and kill Joel, feeling the anguish, with her friends trying to comfort her, them trying to face different challenges, making her go mad and at the last part so close to getting to Joel and killing him either finds her peace, gets killed, and or kills Joel in the most believable manner. The parts that make Abby feel human in the game feel forced.(Dog parts). How Joel died was also ridiculous, I'm up for him dying in the right execution but the way they did it was just poorly made and didn't give any of the characters justice. They treated Ellie like crap, Killed Joel in the stupidest scenario ever, and ruined what could have been a great character "Abby". The idea was there but the execution was really bad, they really wanted us to like Abby so much that the best parts of the game are in her parts, better weapons, weird scenes, but a more fun gameplay, it feels so biased towards Ellie that gets sht, making a case that "The old characters are bad, the new ones are good" vibe. All the great characters in the old and new game gets either killed or ruined like wtf was the point. This is my opinion, you guys cam bomb this comment for all I care.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 4 dias atrás
@BLACK HAND "the situation they were in that lead to his death just baffles me, it was stupid" What situation? The horde attack, the tempest outside? The only thing not well written is how Abby finds them... Nothing more... "Think about it, who had a more fun gameplay?" As a huge MGS fan, Ellie... You play half the game more in a stealth game, and the other part in a more aggressive way. It was more interesting for me to pay as Ellie because it fits perfectly the way I play. But you wanted Ellie to play the same as Abby? You have a warrior and a master class survivor... "got to pet dogs etc. Ellie had to kill those dogs" And if the fight were in Jackson Ellie would be petting dogs and Abby killing them... It makes sense, right? "Old characters bad, New are good" Never felt that way... "question Joel's actions" Damn... You need so much to question his actions? I agree with everything he did in TLOU1 but I always had major problems with his past... "They're either broken or dead at this point." Yes, the world of TLOU is not easy...
BLACK HAND 5 dias atrás
@San Blindsnake dude you're misunderstanding me in a lot of parts. First I don't want Joel to die like an action movie but the situation they were in that lead to his death just baffles me, it was stupid, it just felt it was done for shock value😅😂 Not saying Ellie is not badass but the way they manipulate gameplay and time for us to like abby. Think about it, who had a more fun gameplay? Abby or Ellie? Abby legit had better weapons, got to pet dogs etc. Ellie had to kill those dogs which is hard for some people because of how realistic it was. This is also part of the "Old characters bad, New are good" When I said a lot of it didn't make sense is that they could've done the same effect without the convoluted storytelling. Flashbacks in another flashback 😂 like dude wtf. They ruined Abby for me. I would've wanted an entire game about her, just her. Her own journey to get to Joel, leaving us hints who was the bad guy, making us feel for her pain, question Joel's actions ( first game)that we've looked as the best character ever and then boom Joel and ellie are the final boss. The conclusion could've been she dies trying/ kills Joel and the next game will be another cycle of vengeance and or forgives him. They pretty much ruined every new and old character, at least the good ones. They're either broken or dead at this point. I'm not asking for an action packed game but the way the story was portrayed was poorly executed. It wasn't lazy, it was brave yes, but it was a stupid move. Dude let's talk some more I really need someone to talk about this😅
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 6 dias atrás
"it was done so poorly" Poorly? Considering most morons reactions I think the result is quite impressive... "forcing us to like Abby so much wasn't needed" Actually, it is... But you can only see it if in the end you gain some kind of empathy towards Abby... "treating ellie in the game Like sht come on" Like shit? Ellie is by far the most badass character I ever played... "a lot of it doesn't make sense and just stupid" Sorry you didn't happens... "How Joel died was also ridiculous..." Yes, normal is ridiculous... Sadly for you, this is not COD... No superhero deaths... ""The old characters are bad, the new ones are good"" The interesting part is that, most people who feel this way, hate the game. People who loves the game like both characters, but obviously Ellie way more... "This is my opinion..." And that's fair... obviously I disagree... Just my opinion...
Annie Wedgeworth
Annie Wedgeworth 8 dias atrás
Beautiful essay, thank you. You put my feelings into words. Despite the shitstorm online, this game had a profound impact on me and I’m happy to hear it spelled out by someone else.
Snow begone
Snow begone 8 dias atrás
Say what you want, give Tlou 2 a 10/10 but.... we will see how well naughty dogs next game does... lol... you fooled us once.. but not a second my opinion N.D. took their reputation and flushed it down the toilet...if i was an investor in N.D. i'd be selling all my stock.. while it still has some value. lol
JamesHLanier 5 dias atrás
Damn, selling your stock due to a minority view on the game? That's just not good business.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 6 dias atrás
Yes... We will see... "you fooled us once.. but not a second time..." Well... Only a moron can say Naughty Dog fooled them... I didn't saw the leaks and knew exactly what the most debatable scene was... Also... the game is awesome... Oh... And the one in your avatar is also an awesome game... Pretty surprised you liked it (I'm assuming it) such emotional game and hate this one...
Miguel 6 dias atrás
But....the game sold really well...critics and fans from all over the world are praising it...numerous youtubers, & streamers absolutely loved the’re...talking...about...
ThrummerOfLove 8 dias atrás
raffd0206 8 dias atrás
Thank you....
Alvin Mark
Alvin Mark 8 dias atrás
Hey I am no hater to this game and no one is most of us are pissed off cauz of our father figure dying and you explained why which is only valid in a normal world cmon now its the apocalyptic world and he was a survivor saving his daughter, if you're that smart(actually you're not you're just over complicating the story to look smart) then why didn't you notice the BIGGEST mistake they did As you saw after the golf simulation that tommy is more concerned abt getting hit by hunters than planning to leave seattle Then WHY DID JOEL SAVED ABBY she could've been a hunter checking their hideouts planning their next ambush or something WTF I AM DONE WITH PEOPLE SUPPORTING THIS FILTHY SHIT OF A GAME JUST TO STAND OUT AND LOOK SMART ACTUALLY YOU'RE NOT!!🤬🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I am not begging for likes but please like this enough so they can see this every like counts for joel❣
Alvin Mark
Alvin Mark 6 horas atrás
San Blindsnake “I am looking smart because of you” A cLeVeR MaN nEvEr sAyS He’S ClEvEr
Alvin Mark
Alvin Mark 6 horas atrás
San Blindsnake or MY point went over yours? You looked another way at it
Alvin Mark
Alvin Mark 6 horas atrás
San Blindsnake btw m trying so hard to reply you with respect but you lack all of that mutual respect
Alvin Mark
Alvin Mark 6 horas atrás
San Blindsnake m toxic? Because I keep harassing people line by line? Oh WaIT
Alvin Mark
Alvin Mark 6 horas atrás
San Blindsnake but I’ll say it anyway Today’s another day to find you shying away... Lol
C Peterson
C Peterson 8 dias atrás
I liked Abby more than Ellie in this game.
SSGG Random
SSGG Random 8 dias atrás
This game is the perfect description of the phrase: ``an eye for an eye and the world will be blind`` - Mahatma Gandhi
Naufal Khairullah
Naufal Khairullah 8 dias atrás
this game is amazing for me. the story not in the direction that make me happy but, i love playing it
Miguel 5 dias atrás
CrysisChampion3 Ofcourse not everyone who didn’t like the game was petty. I should’ve worded it better.
CrysisChampion3 6 dias atrás
@Miguel That's a gross generalization. I didn't like this game because I thought the execution of tried concepts was weak. The ideas and themes in this game aren't groundbreaking (as no story is entirely original), so it comes down to the execution to make it work. Unfortunately, I thought the execution fell flat. I thought there were issues with pacing, plot structure, characterization, ordering of events, consistency, and more. The production, VA, and motion capture is all great. But I thought the story was terrible.
Miguel 6 dias atrás
That’s the issue. The game is still AMAZING. But all these little crybaby neck bearded slob gamers aren’t giving it a chance because the story wasn’t the one they wanted. They wanted another cliche “Joel and Ellie vs the world” game. What petty and stubborn, immature losers. Lol I’m glad you loved the game as did I :)
Bruno Alves
Bruno Alves 8 dias atrás
You guys here me out, there's a huge chance this game is gonna win game of the year. And for me, so far, it totally deserves it. We'll be talking about this gem for decades to come.
WolfRathmA 8 dias atrás
That was AM... WAIT FOR IT... AZING!!
Rambo 9 dias atrás
You have hit the nail on the head. I could see this when I played and felt most missed the point etc. This was a masterpiece but maybe one that people were just not willing to accept. As you say bravo. I loved it.
Divinest Beats
Divinest Beats 9 dias atrás
They make us play as Abby more than we played as Ellie. That's what pissed me off. Playing as characters I don't care about. I only know Ellie, Joel and Tommy. And joel is dead. They barely showed Tommy and Ellie is only in half of the whole game plus she turned to a psycho killer
JamesHLanier 4 dias atrás
@Divinest Beats Wait wait wait, why does it have to be combat? You keep moving the goalposts, dude. It's blatantly dishonest. Even so, ONLY counting the combat, I'm still right.
Divinest Beats
Divinest Beats 4 dias atrás
@JamesHLanier oh so holding a child and herding sheep is all combat and gameplay. Lol. I see how u think. No need to argue with u of u think that's not cinematic
JamesHLanier 4 dias atrás
@Divinest Beats No, the farm wasn't entirely cinematic. What are you talking about, dude? Look, you're just wrong, and you need to accept it.
Divinest Beats
Divinest Beats 5 dias atrás
@JamesHLanier fighting the Rattlers isn't cinematics but that was short considering the epilogue was mostly scence in THE FARM before and after the Rattlers. And the farm was cinematic. Plus Abbie also had a short gameplay in the epilogue santa Barbara. Abbie part was a little bit longer than ellie esp in Seattle day 1 to 3. Even Abby part was gameplay in the prologue too while Ellie was mostly cinematic
JamesHLanier 5 dias atrás
@Divinest Beats Fighting through the Rattlers in Santa Barbara isn't a cinematic. The main plot includes the prologue and epilogue too, but even considering just the three days in Seattle, Ellie and Abby are playable for about the same amount of time.
Justin Newman
Justin Newman 9 dias atrás
This analysis is excellent. Couldn’t have said it better myself. This game made me realize things about myself and that is what good storytelling is supposed to do. It’s too bad, yet unsurprising, that people see the narrative as a political agenda.
Art 9 dias atrás
I like this game and I like the story
Henryque Cabral
Henryque Cabral 9 dias atrás
HOW DARE THE BOTH OF YOU, you made me cry ;-;
Saúl Fernández
Saúl Fernández 9 dias atrás
Probably this comment will be lost and never reach you Girlfriend Reviews, since the video was released 1 month ago, but I just finished the game and I needed to write this. I've been watching, reading and thinking about the reviews of my favorite content creators for the past 2 hours and... I think I've found the best one in this video. The video is short but dense. I've rewatched it already like 3 times, and in each one you guys pointed at something that snapped in my mind and got me like "Wow, that's right, they did that and I felt that". So, congratulations on the review guys! I love this "more serious, game-journalist-like" vids, I encourage you to do more, and if possible, 15-20 min length for this format I think it would be appreciated. Nevertheless, you're hilarious, keep also the other comedy format :)
Joni _
Joni _ Dia atrás
It's funny that Angry Joe is supposed to be comedy also but he missed the point of the game totally when he learn from the leaks that Abby supposed to be transgender and fanboyishly hated the game from there and didn't even tried to be funny on this one. All he had to say was "plot holes" and "manipulation" without any understanding.
Miguel 6 dias atrás
Well said Saúl! I agree!
David Kwon
David Kwon 9 dias atrás
Instead of participating and fanning the flames of hyper negativity or hyper positivity, which is sadly rampant (e.g. 10s and 0s on Metacritic), people should realize there is such a thing as a spectrum and that ones viewpoint can land somewhere in the middle. There is nothing wrong with that. A game doesn't have to be a masterpiece, or a piece of trash. It can be decent, or good. Be willing to evaluate a game for it's obvious strengths and weaknesses, and realize there is a reason the game is so divisive. When you take a game such as this and declare it as an irrefutable masterpiece or as the worst game ever, that's where the floodgates of accusations and hate on BOTH sides ensue.
Miguel 6 dias atrás
David Kwon yeah man its hard to tell who’s being genuine or not, you have your critics who want to stick it to the trolls, then you have the trolls who wanna stick it to the critics. What I do from time to to time is search “Just finished the last of us” on twitter, and it’s honestly just regular people who are just putting their genuine thoughts out there. I say “genuine” because they aren’t replying to a BRvid video or reviewing the game. just giving their 2 cents to like their 200 followers. And from what I’ve seen the vast majority of those tweets are positive ones about the game but yes some tweets are about not liking the overall game. That’s what seems odd and really makes me think most of nasty comments on BRvid are from people who didn’t play it or take it serious. I’m not saying you gotta go out and tweet that you played the game to be credible 😭 but idk it’s definitely worth checking out what people genuinely have to say after beating the game on Twitter. A BRvid video will either be mostly negative or mostly positive, and the comments will be mostly filled with people who are strictly on one side of the spectrum. So it’s like everyone on here already has their preconceived agendas, stances, perspectives, etc. about the game. Not to say that’s a bad thing but you just see way more objective takes on Twitter searches. 😂 I guess is my point lmao
David Kwon
David Kwon 6 dias atrás
@Miguel agreed. Yeah I mentioned a bunch. Probably should have omitted him, I'm not a loyal subscriber. For sure there is alot of unwarranted hate. Can't stand the critics though. Their reviews are so unbalanced and lopsided.
Miguel 6 dias atrás
David Kwon you lost me at Angry Joe 😂 that guy has no credibility and is one of the biggest crybabies on BRvid. But I mean, that’s the point of his channel, just look at his name. But other than that, I can tell you personally didn’t like the game for logical reasons and at least gave it a shot so I respect that. Sad reality is that most detractors didn’t give it a chance man, there’s no denying that.
David Kwon
David Kwon 7 dias atrás
@San Blindsnake fair enough. Appreciate your take. I'm not sure if I'd like Abby even if she wasn't the murderer of Joel. I guess personally I just didn't find her interesting. But yeah, I guess you kinda said about It isn't bad but maybe it's not great either. I guess that's sort of the point I'm making. I still enjoyed the game to a degree. Glad I played it. A bit disappointed that the writing wasn't as good as the first one. I was hoping it would stand side to side with it, at least from my perspective. But maybe that's asking too much.
San Blindsnake
San Blindsnake 7 dias atrás
@David Kwon "Bad writing can also be an over reliance on coincidences, or cringe plot devices. " Agree.. But only if you are not nitpicking... "Joel and Tommy just happen to stumble across the girl that is out to murder him" As a person who debates this game for a long time... I agree... This is the lazy writing in this game... How Abby meets Joel and Tommy... But also... That´s it... This is the only thing I can give you as the week part in the narrative. It is not great? Yes... It is bad? No, just normal writing as you can see in a ton of games... "Seperate but related, is also the the fact that Tommy and Joel let their guard down and give out their real names to a group of armed strangers." No... I told you... Hehehe... Joel and Tommy helped a stranger, a young girl in distress. Then Tommy, says Joel name and Abby listen... Which is a normal thing to do when infected are trying to kill you... Then, Abby gives an alternative and they take it. Lets not forget that the horde is not the only problem, there is also a storm... Then you need to understand how Jackson works, they trade, they welcome strangers... it's a good society, and it is implied that this line of action is not new... Also, is Tommy, who always had a more friendly approach who introduce himself after Mel do the same... So, in the end, it was a normal action, they could have been more careful? Yes... But the old Joel (shoot first ask later) is no more, and the game states this perfectly... Just to help you, remember Joel a few hours ago, crying in a porch... "It's blatantly obvious that this is to spur the story on and to create drama." Agree... The story of "revenge" needs its fuel... and unfortunately the writers thought the best fuel was Joel... And they were right, because I hate Abby so much in that moment that I can´t explain... But that is in no way a definition of bad writing... It's A narrative choice, nothing more nothing less... "Another example is the one item Ellie happens to drop is her map at the aquarium." Of course it is... Now... Choose a game (It needs to be a game I played) any game and I would tell you 3 or 4 things like these... If there is no mistakes from the main protagonist, there is no narrative... And that is a law you can apply to any game... "uninspired characters who are very generic that have a lack of compelling dialogue or character development." Ok... Which characters? I heard about Dina, but in my second playthrough I'm having a blast with her... She is awesome, and in my first playthrough I thought she did the part and that´s it... The synagogue moment is priceless... "Id like to have someone tell me why Abby and her crew for example is such a memorable cast." Oh... But I don´t believe they are... Owen is great at my eyes. He and Jesse are (were) the light in this game. And I hate/pity Abby until the moment she let Dina go... But thats the point, and why you play so much with her. It´s not to like or love her, it+is to understand the other side of the coin. And in the other side of the coin what you see is people. Flawed people like the one in Jackson, like Ellie and Joel or Tommy and Jesse... No one is memorable in this game, because the point is exactly that, you can´t be memorable when all you have inside is hate... The thing that should bother you is to understand how would you feels about Abby if she never had killed Joel... And that´s the irony in the comment section, because if there were the case, I have zero doubts that most of the haters would love her more than Ellie.
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