Unboxing a phone from Space.

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Unboxing a whole series of ULTRA limited Edition Smartphones! For a limited time, save 46% on your first 4 months of Audible. That's only $7.95 a month. Visit or text MRWHOSETHEBOSS to 500 500.

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18 Nov 2021



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Comentários 13 035
Mrwhosetheboss 2 meses atrás
I still can't believe the like / dislike bar is gone 😭 Anyone else sad? To check out the last (extremely) expensive unboxing click here:
Anasul Bari Hungry Balok
Anasul Bari Hungry Balok
Al-rashied Daud
Al-rashied Daud 6 dias atrás
Next Unboxing is Oppo Reno 7 pro League of Legends edition
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 24 dias atrás
The "message me, I have something for you" scammers are all over your comments section again ☹️
Lizz gonzalez
Lizz gonzalez 27 dias atrás
How many phones have u collected for these's 2 years ,of opening phone boxes
Anurag Jha
Anurag Jha 2 meses atrás
This guy is so incredible that he unboxed all those smartphones in one single video.... Others would have made seperate videos for each of them. Hatts off.... 🤯
Edward S.
Edward S. 24 dias atrás
👑🦁🐐💥❤❤❤💚💚💚 2022!!!!
Insertx2k Dev
Insertx2k Dev 26 dias atrás
Honestly, yeah, Arun is such a great person.
Christian Diaz
Christian Diaz 27 dias atrás
He doesn't milk the system like the others
Stink-Eye & Shorty
Stink-Eye & Shorty Mês atrás
@Anurag Jha “joined 1 year ago”
FlexaLOL Mês atrás
Dave Wolf
Dave Wolf 20 dias atrás
I love how he keeps the asmr of the plastic packaging removal of each phone intact. Much appreciated
Hahrahm Kim
Hahrahm Kim 2 meses atrás
the amount of effort and money this guy puts in his videos 👏
TRIX 26 dias atrás
He gets most of his stuff for free stuff he doesn’t he makes videos on it makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year I would definitely buy a phone for a few thousand dollars to showcase on my video that makes $20,000 sure
Creative Username
Creative Username Mês atrás
With all of the Limited Edition handsets OnePlus keeps putting out, I feel like Kingdom Hearts would be a good one. Get the Final Fantasy art guy (forget his name but he also did the art for Vampire Hunter D) and you could get some truly beautiful designs etched into the back of the phone. Also, Disney, Final Fantasy and KH itself are all massively popular.
Tiramisu Cocolands
Tiramisu Cocolands 20 dias atrás
The artist's name is Yoshitaka Amano 🥰
SpydersByte 21 dia atrás
meh to Kingdom Hearts but I would definitely buy a Final Fantasy phone
deadshot Mês atrás
One of the best channels around. The idea of every video appeals to me a lot.
YvngGarv 2 meses atrás
he deserves a trophy for actually managing to buy these phones.
platillo Mês atrás
@Jade buying does not mean all his revenue comes from the content. Although BRvid does contribute most of it.
Jade Mês atrás
@platillo yes i get that but he does buy the phones
platillo Mês atrás
@Jade btw, try researching what sponsors are, and how they improve the BUDGET of a youtuber.
platillo Mês atrás
@Jade you think I dont listen to you? More like you re watch it
Jade Mês atrás
@platillo watch it
Leo Musyoki
Leo Musyoki Mês atrás
So amazing you actually gave all the specs of those phones in one video I'm so amazed
SilverShark Mês atrás
Can we all take a moment to appreciate what this dude probably had to go through to get his hands on these
PinkLava101 2 meses atrás
This was such a pleasure to watch!! Good job!!
ChillVibes Mês atrás
Quick question what do you do with all those phones after you are done filming?
Daz moon
Daz moon 2 meses atrás
Kudos to Mr. Arun for unboxing all these wild phones in one video🔥🔥🔥 and a $28K for a phone?!🤯 man that's crazy wild Edit: well, I know that he also unboxed a 200k and a 177k smartphone. BUT, as an ordinary person, that 28k is still quite huge. I mean, if you're here in PH, you could build a house with that amount😶
GamingFINE Mês atrás
@WIŁD ŁΞOÑ lol kiddo
Dei Quinonez
Dei Quinonez Mês atrás
@wolfTFup no shittt.. a DECENT house even!!!
wolfTFup Mês atrás
u could buy a house with that ;(
Dei Quinonez
Dei Quinonez Mês atrás
@mpq excuse me? who would- what.... bakit???😭😭😭
Acid 2 meses atrás
@Leffe Monette he edited it and corrected the commas
henryshawgelbach 20 dias atrás
These vids are some of my favorites on the channel! Keep it up!
Sean Magorimbo
Sean Magorimbo Mês atrás
Hey brow love the videos just have a quick question though , Ive seen so many of your unboxing videos and I also wondered what you do with the phone and devices Inc the cameras are off ?
Dartleis Mês atrás
You are awesome! When I want to look at tech but not actually buy it, I always watch at least 2 of your videos each week
@WhatsApp +①④④②②⑧②-⑥⑨④④
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@WhatsApp +①④④②②⑧②-⑥⑨④④
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09ASF123 Mês atrás
Congrats he managed to get his hands on those phones man congratulations :)
game controller
game controller 2 meses atrás
the fact that most of these phones come with chargers proves how luxury they are
\ torture /
\ torture / 13 dias atrás
@BeyondTrash good thing the samsung galaxy A11 i got in 2020 brought charger
Budget King
Budget King Mês atrás
@BeyondTrashYeah they do that because they are so reputable... LOL
Nick Hyuga
Nick Hyuga Mês atrás
but for 28k youd think they wouldve made custom chargers somehow
Sarb Nitrof
Sarb Nitrof 2 meses atrás
@BeyondTrash I have yet to purchase a phone that didn't come with a charger.
BeyondTrash 2 meses atrás
@Sarb Nitrof Apple, Samsung, Google, etc. all no longer provide a charger with the phone. These are obviously reputable sellers.
Hello there
Hello there Mês atrás
He manages to Rick roll us in every video 💀
Quinn Covey
Quinn Covey Mês atrás
Snapdragon also happens to manufacture processors for the very integrated market as well. It could be smart watches or even a refrigerator. I'm not surprised that their earphones are able to give the best quality, because it's possibly just a Snapdragon chip talking to another Snapdragon chip inside of the headphones.
Rick 27 dias atrás
Having leather on a phone always seemed like a bad idea to me. It could get dirty fast, and there is no real way to replace it that well.
franny x
franny x Mês atrás
Let’s just appreciate the fact he spends so much on these phones
Pablo 2 meses atrás
15:35 I love the watch design so much!
Bingus Flaps
Bingus Flaps 14 dias atrás
JeremiahWasFound+Tech 14 dias atrás
@Radio wth
Radio 15 dias atrás
Watch sucks ngl
JeremiahWasFound+Tech 2 meses atrás
@Raj Anand yes
JeremiahWasFound+Tech 2 meses atrás
@idk why i made this account lol hi
Paul. C
Paul. C 4 dias atrás
You are the coolest geek ive ever seen man. And I mean that as a compliment. Your knowledge in your area is unsurpassed and your videos and reviews are absolutely top notch. "The soft gold on the sides reminds me of the gold on a trophy". Yes its Olympics and they hand out medals not trophies. 😂😂😂. I hope you take this the right way and believe me I dont think i know everything and am some sort of a higher being. If I had half your intelligence I'd see myself as doing well. If there ever is a show ever again about gadgets and tech then without doubt you should be its presenter, no one else. Keep up the work man you'll go places.
Sobhan Kazemi
Sobhan Kazemi Dia atrás
Really amazing information in This video was extracted by me and thanks Arun 🙏🔥
Mace1191 25 dias atrás
Actually really like the Snapdragon phone and makes me actually want one
BerserkOddish 21 dia atrás
Another amazing thing about this channel is he always easter eggs Rick Astley's never going to give you up in his videos essentially rick rolling you in a special way every time.
Tinker Man Mick
Tinker Man Mick 2 meses atrás
The crackle of the plastic as he unboxes them is ASMR heaven 😍
fourTH3MA573R 2 meses atrás
@krishabh kumar you sound miserable the packaging makes it so much better
krishabh kumar
krishabh kumar 2 meses atrás
So stupid, you guys get excited with packaging
Trev the Hampter
Trev the Hampter 2 meses atrás
I love watching your videos mick bobs your annie
That Fishstick From MC
That Fishstick From MC 2 meses atrás
@Bruh 🅥 boi u only got one vid
fourTH3MA573R 2 meses atrás
My boy mick!
I'm still tryna figure out how this man gets his hands on all these phones..
HisNameIs Greatest
HisNameIs Greatest 28 dias atrás
Him, MBHD and Supersaf are the three youtubers i like to watch for unboxing. I could not stand the unbox therapy channel and even clicked on youtube to not recommend their videos!. I am very fussy for who to subscribe and this guy has my subscribe finally. Well done Arun. You truly work hard on your videos and it shows with the quality of your videos. Editing these videos and putting exact content which will attract the audience every single second is extremely hard. And I can appreciate this. Stay humble and help the poor and you will appreciate life pal. Good luck!
Charlie Mirus
Charlie Mirus 12 dias atrás
I haven’t seen many of them, but does Caviar ever theme out their chargers cables etc.? It doesn’t seem like it! Crazy for the price, but I guess the phone is the show-stopper, not the peripherals.
LUSOR Lulu 19 dias atrás
I love this fancy packaged cable, charging brick and Earphones for a 20 k price
techFAUX 2 meses atrás
4:00 Serious-Lee :-I that joke took my soul
enimu Mês atrás
For me,I think it took my whole body including my soul.
TECH NIX CAFE 2 meses atrás
kell¡e1005 2 meses atrás
@DeaVice why'd you look at the comments anyway
kell¡e1005 2 meses atrás
@idk why i made this account lol lmfao
kell¡e1005 2 meses atrás
@Random doge soos
Krisztián Ferryman Konszky
How many takes did it take to catch each phone like that? I want to see the bloopers!
hayyihahd Mês atrás
I love how Milo casually lounges in the set
Grey Mês atrás
This is why he's the Boss. Nobody else goes big like this. 👍🏽
✨MineCat ✨
✨MineCat ✨ 7 dias atrás
I love how he spends millions billons or more to make these video 💕
🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙
techFAUX 2 meses atrás
Who else noticed his printed T-Shirt ?
Jordan Dillman
Jordan Dillman 12 dias atrás
Not me
N7 14 dias atrás
Dead ass when he pulled on it and said it was printed I freaked out 💀
Helen Carmichael
Helen Carmichael Mês atrás
Goldengamer842 2 meses atrás
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 2 meses atrás
Who else noticed the minuscule “that’s what she said” at 7:17 for a fraction of a second?
Nlcky 11 dias atrás
This is just an incredible video he gives us great content and a great BRvidr he deserves 9 million subscribers! ❤️
Nlcky 6 dias atrás
I don’t have WhatsApp
🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙
Average PC enjoyer
Average PC enjoyer Mês atrás
That one+ cyberpunk phone is the single coolest looking phone ive ever seen, the case is also sooo cool
In fact, this guy is very good in phones technology
Calling out Phil Defranco
The LG G4 had a leather back and I LOVED that phone. The pictures from it still look as good as pictures form modern day phones.
Roman numeral's *Plus. I Open bracket III IV VII Close bracket IX I III O VII I VI.
Congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted Winner Whatapp only ==!!
Tim Simonds
Tim Simonds 2 meses atrás
Mrwhosetheboss for sure has the highest viewer retention on BRvid.. Between the script, graphics and gimmicks (that's what..) these vids are next level.
Clan ASS1ST 2 meses atrás
Mr beast
Sla Va Plays
Sla Va Plays 2 meses atrás
he is a marketing god
Kuino 2 meses atrás
@Mary tru
Mary 2 meses atrás
Everything you said is true but I feel like your saying this to get likes and a heart from Mrwhosetheboss
Flywheel Gaming
Flywheel Gaming 2 meses atrás
Sorry i spoiled your 123 likes in row ,now it's 124 :)
ale gameplays
ale gameplays 2 meses atrás
Sick video dude keep the good work loyal sub here 🤙🏻
1!1Staroncouldnine1!1 7 dias atrás
that fact that I thought getting my hands on the limited edition genshin impact phone was hard-, this mans struggle was hard
🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙
Daniel Becker
Daniel Becker Mês atrás
Still would like to say that i owe my love of Xaiomi to you. Cant wait to see their next limmited edition. Side note, i wonder how many people are going after that god of fire after watching this😂
Christoffer Nordborg
the fact that most of these phones come with chargers proves how luxury they are
whats app+①⑨③⓪②②③②⑧⑧⑦
☝️☝️Thanks for watching Whatsapp only to claim prize 📺📳📳💯.
Binku [GD]
Binku [GD] 2 meses atrás
Highly appreciate the fact that you bought the phones just to "make good videos". Thank you for keeping us entertained and informed at the same time. 🙏
Vedas TechTips
Vedas TechTips 2 meses atrás
@nike ohh, really?😳😍
Nabin ******
Nabin ****** 2 meses atrás
He bought cavier smartphone
nike 2 meses atrás
@Oyasumi~ ofcourse he deserves
Oyasumi~ 2 meses atrás
@nike well his contents are undeniably good so he deserves it
nike 2 meses atrás
He is getting more revenue then the cost of the phones.
rootbrian 2 dias atrás
Only downside of ALL these devices (except the qualcom, which have no clue about): **No VOLTE or Wi-Fi Calling.** Since USA carriers (Other carriers outside the USA will eventually too) are phasing out 3G calling, those devices will pretty much become incompatible (in terms of the ability to make voice calls, not use LTE for data or SMS/MMS/RCS).
Sibusiso Mazibuko
Sibusiso Mazibuko Mês atrás
This guys channel is exciting 😂 it’s like watching an avengers movie😍🔥 thanks Arun
Broadway Pixels
Broadway Pixels Mês atrás
I never seen him this happy. 😹
Abin Muhammad
Abin Muhammad Mês atrás
love your videos the caviar one was so cool that screamed for it
PuzzLEGO 2 meses atrás
number 2 was SICK, a phone with a theme like that is the coolest idea
Sarem Rashid
Sarem Rashid 8 dias atrás
Loved the phone
racing king
racing king Mês atrás
Why are you commenting on every vid I watch
Chinmay Sabharwal
Chinmay Sabharwal 2 meses atrás
@Duck Duck Andeby it's just a joke get over it. Also I apologise for my poor humour
Duck Duck Andeby
Duck Duck Andeby 2 meses atrás
@Chinmay Sabharwal I just can’t understand your point here, yes Of course you must also be everywhere to see another person also being everywhere. But still, what are you thinking of, I mean Why did you write that comment, what’s your Point Another thing. Why is this a thing, to point out that you have seen a person comments elsewhere on BRvid _ And these comments that you have seen a person everywhere on BRvid It looks weary negative.
Lakshit Sachdeva
Lakshit Sachdeva 2 meses atrás
the scar theme
Dr Pringles
Dr Pringles Mês atrás
I like when he gets a 1k dollar phone and move it just like a plastic toy XD
Random Kittyc4ts
Random Kittyc4ts 28 dias atrás
Can we just appreciate how much money Arun spends just for our entertainment
ItsTimeTime 2 meses atrás
What budget phone would you say has the best camera?
Ahmadgaming 6 dias atrás
Am i the only one who actually laughs on his jokes their funny
EnergysoulYT 2 meses atrás
Mrwhosetheboss in 2050 be like unboxing a phone from another universe 😇
the dumb one
the dumb one 2 meses atrás
@Radha Ganesh he will be around 60 think logical
Naurin n
Naurin n 2 meses atrás
@Radha Ganesh babe that's just 30 years away, he's probably around his 30s only rn
That One Ampharos
That One Ampharos 2 meses atrás
Ohh hearttt
Nitrofast gamer
Nitrofast gamer 2 meses atrás
So true
Soutfast 2 meses atrás
is like*
Priyanka Sasmal
Priyanka Sasmal 17 dias atrás
Just curious, what do you do with the phones after making the videos??
John G
John G Mês atrás
The exterior of those Oppa phones are pretty great.
Roman numeral's *Plus. I Open bracket III IV VII Close bracket IX I III O VII I VI..
Congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted Winner Whatapp only ==
Nice work. keep it up.
Minhaal Gamer
Minhaal Gamer Mês atrás
The seriouslee part got me laughing so hard I mean literally 😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Mbaunda Kazombungo
Mbaunda Kazombungo 2 meses atrás
That "serious-lee" joke deserves a grammy Arun, and I think your chuckle towards the end makes it all the more worth while. Well played
Morina Impact_security157 on iG
After hearing a lot about him from the comments section I decided to give trial honestly their service are incredible
Prateek Grewal
Prateek Grewal 2 meses atrás
Ryan higa did that too but yes it was so good😂
Jay Mason
Jay Mason Mês atrás
I’d genuinely buy that Bruce Lee edition off you for the price you paid, no joke. Never knew I wanted a pointless special edition as much as I do right now
2.0 boy
2.0 boy 12 dias atrás
I hope you appreciate all the phone and take care your phone very carefully anyway amazing content
CoolChick7 Love
CoolChick7 Love Mês atrás
Idk why but this is like my fav video I watched today, not because of the phones, but the inside jokes 😭
CoolChick7 Love
CoolChick7 Love Mês atrás
@@WhatApps +① (④⑦⑤) ②①⑨ ⑦⑨②⑦ i dont have whatapp sir. And i can see ur not real lol 😭
@WhatApps +① (④⑦⑤) ②①⑨ ⑦⑨②⑦
*Roman numeral** Plus. I Open bracket IV VII V Close bracket II I IX VII IX II VII......!**
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aykayayexe Mês atrás
in my opinion i think xiaomi and oppo are the kings of limited edition designs
Tanish Singla
Tanish Singla 2 meses atrás
When arun ordered the phone from caviar. Caviar be like - Ah, our most faithful customer.
Levente Krisztián Büte
You mean their only customer? 😂
I want to like your comment but I won't ruin the 69 likes😂
LUSOR Lulu 19 dias atrás
Anyone else wondering how he even had access for getting these phones? Because I think they don't sell on eBay
MGWorz 2 meses atrás
nice video! keep making great content.
Roman numeral's *Plus. I Open bracket III IV VII Close bracket IX I III O VII I VI...
Congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted Winner Whatapp only =
ProGrammerMove 2 meses atrás
Be honest, you thought he would take a phone to space and unbox it before you saw the video.
RiOT Gaming
RiOT Gaming Mês atrás
12:56 I bet arun is gonna find every possible way to rickroll us
Jeremy Adams
Jeremy Adams 2 meses atrás
Not many youtubers can captivate me for 23 minutes without skipping a second but somehow you do it every time!
Tuxedo Cream
Tuxedo Cream 2 meses atrás
Damn it, shut up Fake Arun
Roman numeral's *Plus. I Open bracket III IV VII Close bracket IX I III O VII I VI......📍
Winner's Contact admin *Whatapp only *.
Charlie 26 dias atrás
They should have put a wireless charging coil in the Mars board! Give it some sorta use eh lol
Rain 14 dias atrás
I thought he was wearing a 200$ suit when i finally know its a tshirt🤣
Divesh Mês atrás
I don't know how many times you have dropped those phones trying to catch it for a shot 😂🤣
OnlineHere 24 dias atrás
I know buying too much phone’s are pointless but these video’s are amazing and entertaining
🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙
Phillip Maquiso
Phillip Maquiso 2 meses atrás
Everytime I watch his videos, I'm not always focused on what the video is about but I'm focused on how he creatively rick-roll us HAHA
Deleted user
Deleted user 2 meses atrás
your profile pic makes ma die of laughter
Anonymous 2 meses atrás
@Cohen Wedgewood you just made me rick roll myself
Cohen Wedgewood
Cohen Wedgewood 2 meses atrás
@Anonymous around thirteen minutes in in the bottom right, this one is a little holy
Anonymous 2 meses atrás
I didn’t see the rickroll this time, I guess I’m lucky?
Ms. Blackcat⚠️
Ms. Blackcat⚠️ 2 meses atrás
@pïññed By Mrwhosethboss I won the $30k caviar phone.🤣⚠️
Channel Name
Channel Name Mês atrás
I love your vids and If u read this comment I have a video suggestion(s) So, since you unbox so many phones and I don't think you actually use them all... You can do phone giveaways!
Marisa Graham
Marisa Graham 15 dias atrás
It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece
garrett avery
garrett avery 17 dias atrás
Do you think Snapdragon will release that phone for their next gen chips?
mukhtadir_newaz__ 26 dias atrás
i watched the sponsor and also downloaded audible just by seeing how much effort and money it costed him to make this video
Shalwa Dimapinto
Shalwa Dimapinto 2 meses atrás
This guy is my fave tech reviewer. Hats off.
Phanboi Chau
Phanboi Chau 2 meses atrás
Can't decide between mkbhd and this guy Linus was good but the guy decided to clickbait garbage
Victor Novorski
Victor Novorski 2 meses atrás
He will never give you up
RoyalSimp 2 meses atrás
@mikailewl …
mikailewl 2 meses atrás
Are you even wearing a hat
alos 2 meses atrás
Same ngl
Jeffrey Tak
Jeffrey Tak Mês atrás
Serious-lee. Haha. Always fun to watch your videos. Thanks dude.
CrystalDragn009 Mês atrás
this dude has more phones than he knows what to do with XD
babu roy
babu roy Mês atrás
And by the way i love your videos i almost watch all of your video you make those videos special 😍
YouTube Administrator
YouTube Administrator 26 dias atrás
The whole time I was watching this video I was wondering if and how he was going to repackage and sell the phones
Lupu' 2 meses atrás
I start thinking that Arun cares more about the unboxing experience than the actual phone and I don't blame him. The way he unboxes makes me so intrigued about the phone even if I've never heard of it. Great Job!
Cynical 2 meses atrás
Because he has already tested out all these smartphones and now the things that have changed are only the unboxing experience and the design.
Bersilin Robert
Bersilin Robert 2 meses atrás
There were nothing special to the phones in this video to be honest, I mean abt the software and performance
Tonetteyn Mês atrás
13:00 bro literally can rick roll us everytime he want
Pigeon 2 dias atrás
that start up is what i want on every phone 😮😮
Master of Shortcut
Master of Shortcut 19 dias atrás
He needs a lot of pockets to carry those many phones😂😂
SkawTheFalconer Mês atrás
I love how through out the whole video there is not a single apple product lol 😂
Sayon Biz
Sayon Biz 2 meses atrás
The fact that he actually unboxed all of them in one single video is so impressive!! The Oneplus CyberPunk is definitely my favourite looking. However the Caviar phone was the funkiest looking!
Zix Mês atrás
The fact that he never click baits us
Aiden Aurangzaib
Aiden Aurangzaib Mês atrás
wow these phones are awesome
smiphi Mês atrás
Brilliant video with your typical great production standards, but the reverse baseball cap and “any Waze” twice, just drops the whole thing into a crap bucket for me. Cheers 🍻
*Roman numeral** Plus. I Open bracket V VII III Close bracket II IV V II VI V VII.....
Congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted Winner Whatapp only =
James Mbuguah
James Mbuguah Mês atrás
Aaron! you're about to hit deserve it
Aayush Shukla
Aayush Shukla 2 meses atrás
Arun will never get enough of 'That's what she said' jokes.
Mister Mega Gaming
Mister Mega Gaming 27 dias atrás
@Mr. Tech timestamp is 7:16
Mr. Tech
Mr. Tech Mês atrás
John Ronnel Del Rosario
ATP-Ray2op Mês atrás
And Rickrolls
Never a Boring Day!
He’s fully embraced the middle school humor
Kerem Şenol
Kerem Şenol 18 dias atrás
wonder what you do after unboxing those phones. I would be so happy to get the cyberpunk themed 1+ :)
Raghu nath
Raghu nath 25 dias atrás
what an awesome and great analysis... super arun..
Christhony 13 dias atrás
I fell so jealous that he has this many tech and shoe I feel so jealous 😫
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