Ultimate Near Miss Video Compilation 2023 - Insane Dash Cam Moments - Near Misses Caught On Camera 

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14 Ago 2023



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Looks like a lot more hits than misses here mate.
@madyhani 3 meses atrás
I have just compiled a new video for you to watch and give suggestions for us to make better
@SLIMECORE_TV 3 meses atrás
@@madyhani My suggestion: stop.
@shawn_b 3 meses atrás
Should be Full on Hits!
Don't forget he has to dodge censor issues when he titles his videos.
@iceboi5983 2 meses atrás
The driver at 1:30 absolutely deserved everything coming their way. Imagine being so self-centered you would be willing to put other people at risk by driving a car so fast it is virtually uncontrollable, as demonstrated in that crash.
@TheTruthKiwi 2 meses atrás
Yeah man, he obviously didn't know the road at all and still drove like a fuckwit. Hope the passengers were ok.
@lauriosaurusplayz6028 2 meses atrás
@TheElectricFruit 2 meses atrás
Got so lucky not to hit those trees!
@daepiccaptain 2 meses atrás
@@TheElectricFruit I mean they could have hit the tree cuz it doesn’t really show the window
@r3dmarre262 2 meses atrás
yea and at 1:32 is a sign telling there's an intersection coming up, maybe time to let go of the gas and start braking... but no, luckily no one else was in the area.
@The-Dom 3 meses atrás
Its a miracle we've survived as a species.
@SEPK09 3 meses atrás
Totally. Problem is we are becoming thicker by the year.
@JediLoreen 3 meses atrás
Too bad that we have. And what the heck does "probalem" mean? Or do you just not know how to spell PROBLEM? 🤔
@@SEPK09 You probably should edit your comment again, mate.
@therawtraveller9593 3 meses atrás
@Kelthor85 3 meses atrás
Education + medicine.
@why_i_game 2 meses atrás
1:47 Being sucked in by an avalanche is hardly a "near miss", it's more of a "direct hit".
@vagabond142 3 meses atrás
14:46 it is unbelievable how much crashing like that in speed skiing hurts. It's not from the impact with the icy snow, which is uncomfortable, but from the speed they are going and the fact that it is hard-packed, intentionally iced snow. A speed skier at international level competition can hit well over 200 KPH (124 MPH), and at that velocity, the abrasion against the grooved icy snow (so that there is less total surface area for the waxed underside of the ski to fight against) causes friction burns. That's why halfway down his slide he's waving his arm like he burned it on a hot stove, because it IS burned. Seriously, look up "speed skiing injuries" and 90% of them are second degree burns and "ice rash" (road rash but on ice). It was considered for an olympic sport once, in 1992, but was not chosen due to the danger of injury or even death, and if you consider they have snowboarding where you get launched 60 feet into the air off a kicker and do tricks and can land directly on your head if you fuck up, that tells you a lot.
@sadkingbilly 3 meses atrás
Some 20 years ago I wiped out snowboarding a black piste early in the morning (yes, I was an idiot, it was frozen solid and acted as a cheese grater) going about 77km/h on GPS. When I finally came to a stop I needed new gloves (thank goodness for wrist protectors!), a new jacket, new pants (completely chafed away and I had nasty burns on my thighs and elbows) and a new helmet and goggles... Just remembering it still hurts.
@vagabond142 2 meses atrás
@dianarandolph9750 Thank your for your valuable and insightful comment! I am sure humanity will survive another year because of your invaluable and informative post. In other words, no one asked, no one cared.
The lady pushing the bear off of the wall was just amazing.
@truthadvocacy 2 meses atrás
@cindyd310 2 meses atrás
All of us with a dog or cat, no hesitation.
@merkhadia6370 2 meses atrás
Yeah she's definitely brave than me
@lionhead123 2 meses atrás
good thing too because her dog was almost breakfast.
@Steppenwolf27 2 meses atrás
She knew how to deal with a black bear.
@MS-xl6tg 3 meses atrás
You know, so many of these epic tragedies are not "near misses". That guy flying down the mountain road on the skate board did not miss anything, after waking up in urgent care. That motor cyclist faired no differently, crashing into the mountainside road at 60 MPH.
@madyhani 3 meses atrás
I have just compiled a new video for you to watch and give suggestions for us to make better
@duditativo2 3 meses atrás
Everything is with the perspective that you look at it, or the indicators that you want or need to show.
@Jack6J57 3 meses atrás
@@madyhanistop self promoting your videos it’s annoying
@ABa-cr6zw 3 meses atrás
@MS-xl6tg that’s what I thought. Then you really wonder if the person is alive
@roygoodhand1301 3 meses atrás
3:32 This is truly a near-miss. All the spectators dodge out of the way as the car cartwheels wildly... and then the car lands on all four wheels. Just... WOW. This wasn't a fail. This was a win disguised as a fail! Give that car a Gold Medal for gymnastics!
@marcthomsen2854 3 meses atrás
yea such a near miss video that in the clip right after a kid get's hit by a car and is sent flying like 5-6 feet xD
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
@@marcthomsen2854 The kid probably would've died if the 2nd car had hit. If you want to criticise graphic video of stomach-turning brutality at least pick a clip that was more hit than miss e.g. 4:40 guy smashed into his motorbike 6:30 guy falling 12:40 guys falling
The cameraman is a true legend. I wonder how he's present in every failure moment. Let's all appreciate him.
@JEPNation 3 meses atrás
@@TheAstroflight Uh no? Obviously somebody went around and recorded all of this by themselves 💀💀
lol be careful making a joke on the Internet. I once said in a comment on a Pink Floyd video _"They sound pretty good, I hope this band makes it big."_ Four hundred and sixty comments later, I'm still being told Pink Floyd aren't a new band.
@Kelthor85 3 meses atrás
I'm assuming you suggested man because of the obvious giant balls required to capture these.
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
​@@upturnedblousecollar5811 Welcome to the machine.
@serenityofthemind 2 meses atrás
He's from the future.
@wackymedia9502 2 meses atrás
The guy 10:18 shaving snow off his car is lucky. Now imagine the everyday person going to start their car to it warm up, and just sitting in their car, and not having a clue that you are about to be crushed to death. 😮😮😮
@rileywhalen6554 2 meses atrás
Did this happen on accident or did a person just chucked a desk thru the window.
@wackymedia9502 2 meses atrás
@@rileywhalen6554 looks like a section of roofing feel off from the weight of the snow and ice.
@darianparrish6882 2 meses atrás
50,000$ dollars destroyed
@RobertCampsall 3 meses atrás
They often say motorcycles (or donor-cycles) are at a greater risk because other drivers on the roads don't notice them, yet just about every single motorcycle crash in this video was entirely the motorcyclists fault for trying to "get there faster" or by ignoring traffic rules. Just saying.
@hansgans297 3 meses atrás
Because a big part of motorcyclists who ride with a camera are not doing this for safety... Statistics are different in other countries, but where I live the majority of motorcycle accidents that involve more than one vehicle are not caused by the motorcyclist.
@marcuby 3 meses atrás
sadly most of their organs are not intact and able to be donated :(
@Corvolet5 3 meses atrás
And if they don't crash, they blame other drivers for "pulling out" in front of them. Yeah, cause it's so easy to see a small dot going 100 mph in a 50 zone
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
@Robert Stop trying to blame & just accept everyone has to be careful with motorcycles
@Yarov.D 3 meses atrás
exactly. But the problem is that not everywhere there is a separate lane for two-wheeled vehicles. The law is not perfect in this
@mickymazda1 Mês atrás
7:00 the motorized paraglider didn't seem to be concerned about the number of powerlines and poles where he was taking off.
@Arxmi 3 meses atrás
Kid really thought it was a video game and crossed the road like nothing happened 😂 3:40
@user-kf6xl9zr9l 3 meses atrás
@80PercentScottish 3 meses atrás
Kids bounce because they have no fear so don't tense up. That's why they often survive things.
@travismaguire1349 2 meses atrás
@@80PercentScottishis that true
@cerovk6000 2 meses atrás
The coat helped too
@b4ssfunk3d 3 meses atrás
The guy running at 2:02 gets an award for effort 🏅
@jesseerickson662 3 meses atrás
It amazes me that some of these people even made it this far alive.
@leopolditowtf 2 meses atrás
13:20 They say the bike went on and travelled around the world, and is still visiting places to this day
@jackfrost2146 2 meses atrás
I heard that the bike was searching the world for a rider with a brain...
@odd_shoes 3 meses atrás
I wouldn't call 6:36 a near miss. You can hear him smacking into the rocks. Most of them aren't near misses.
@shawnelliott7793 3 meses atrás
neither was 11:16 lol
@b4ssfunk3d 3 meses atrás
@@shawnelliott7793 That guy in that motorcycle clip must have been seriously injured. He went headfirst in the corner of the truck's tailgate that got pushed in his way.
@darrennicholls1966 3 meses atrás
Good thing these were all 'near misses'!
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
Yeah 12:43 they landed so hard the metal bent but to be fair, there was a thin layer of snow on the ground
@Huntua 2 meses atrás
Would be surprised if that guy survived. You can see his body turned to jelly after falling 40 feet onto rocks. Yeah there are definitely a few deaths in this video.
@user-gk1bq8vg9j 2 meses atrás
Медведица и женщина - 👍👍👍
@boljdurk8790 3 meses atrás
*Buried by avalanche* - Wow, that was a near miss!
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
maybe he got pulled out or maybe he was stuck under heavy snow & died slowly. who knows? It might've been a near miss.
@boljdurk8790 2 meses atrás
@@alwaysdisputin9930 Still not what I would consider a "near miss". It was a brutal "actual hit".
@alwaysdisputin9930 2 meses atrás
@@boljdurk8790How do you know that? 1:45. The video is too short if if he was buried or ended on top of the snow
@alwaysdisputin9930 2 meses atrás
@@boljdurk8790 Something can be both near miss & brutal actual hit at the same time. E.g. you probably say the kid who was hit by 1 car but avoided the 2nd car, was not a near miss.
@lionhead123 2 meses atrás
@@alwaysdisputin9930 even if he did end up on top of the snow, how is that a "near miss"? He got swallowed.
@moorgrass22 3 meses atrás
Женщина, которая атаковала медведя поразительна! 💪
@ameliawilder28 2 meses atrás
Well... More like shove than attack. But yes she protected her dogs from possibly a very gruesome death. Those dogs had no chance with a mama bear. If anything the woman de-escalated the situation by shoving the bear over the fence.
@sgtbender1335 2 meses atrás
The bear was acting defensively, and even looked at the lady like, "wth b...," 😂
@truthadvocacy 2 meses atrás
@user-kk7ru5tc3v 11 dias atrás
@pineappleginseng1557 2 meses atrás
A lot of these did not need to happen the way they did. Mistakes happen, but a lot of them could be avoided if we take a step back and reflect. Stay safe out there, my friends. It's not worth risking your life on the road for.
@weezelish 2 meses atrás
10:51 riding like that but telling everyone " watch out for motorcycles, y'all!"
@onedon5692 Mês atrás
That bike dude kept it together and regained control of his bike was an epic moment
@jacobhendrickson8935 2 meses atrás
Wow dude on the motorcycle got so so lucky and knows it. He was committed to turning just enough to miss that car and was so close to his life ending immediately. Looked like they were on the Isle of Man.
@TomWa 3 meses atrás
How is a kid getting hit by a car a “miss?”
@jonathanribnick1420 3 meses atrás
Did you not see the other car almost plow right over him?
@xenon53827 3 meses atrás
He missed school the next day…
@TomWa 3 meses atrás
@@xenon53827 🤣🤣🤣
@SSZaris 3 meses atrás
Only a kid could take a hit like that and get up and keep running xD
@Yarov.D 3 meses atrás
both the child and the driver violated the safety rules here. The driver did not stop in front of the pedestrian crossing and the child ran (you should not run there at all) across the road without making sure of the safety of the crossing тут нарушили правила безопасности и ребенок и водитель. Водитель не остановился перед пешеходным переходом а ребенок перебегал (бегать вообще не следует там) через дорогу не убедившись в безопасности перехода
@deegee7133 2 meses atrás
11:30 I know this place very well. Fatal accidents on this road happen about once or twice every year and affect the small, local communities greatly. I don't know for sure that this one shows a fatality but it would show nothing less than a severe injury. Not a "Near Miss". I had been watching up until this point and had wondered how you had found so many dramatic incidents where everyone had been okay-enough to publish the video - now I'm guessing that I have just watched a long parade of serious injuries and deaths.
@mrsoikawa Mês atrás
where was that, Australia?
@innocentbystander3798 2 meses atrás
Some good clips in here, but the one at 14:10 is spectacular and unique.
@FJolly86 Mês atrás
That biker recovered so well Holy hell
@MattCantSpeakIt 3 meses atrás
I was expecting a bunch of people laugh/criticize at the lady running at the bear to save her dogs. No comments about it. I'm proud of you, humans! Of course you defend your dogs with your life! They're your kids!
@StCreed 2 meses atrás
Well, nobody gets between a crazy dog lady and her dogs, as we all know. That bear was at risk, not the lady.
@someotherdude 2 meses atrás
....some shockingly careless people out there, a lot of these 'worst practices' are things I've never chanced, not even once. Especially those MC riders. It's not fair to other drivers, especially oncoming drivers, to be put in the situation of having some foolish kid come flying across the road towards you. It surely is scaring people, quite badly.
@010sparta88 3 meses atrás
2:38 That woman is a strong woman! No fear!
@roygoodhand1301 3 meses atrás
Amazon, baby! That's an Amazon!
@obi-wankenobi1750 3 meses atrás
No intelligence more like
@FlamingBeat 3 meses atrás
​@@obi-wankenobi1750 Its common sense. Common sense and human instincts. What, what are you gonna do? Lift the bear and put it down lightly? Then get ripped to shreds. I bet you will do the same thing, ESPECIALLY if it means protecting your pets.
@aitorizaguirre8305 2 meses atrás
@@obi-wankenobi1750Thats because you dont know what loving and protecting your familly means. Also wasnt that hard lol
@ghostlyme 2 meses atrás
I remember seeing this on the news, she said she didn't even think twice before running out to defend her dogs.
The tiger at 14:10 was awesome in the true sense of the word. What speed. I know I would have left skid marks behind.
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
I would've blocked that tiger with my keyboard
@cookietree7536 Mês atrás
@justaguy-69 3 meses atrás
i'm 62 years old, watching this brought back so many memories of moments in my life, i'm so glad i'm alive now. omg am i lucky to have my 2 kids my adopted 2 kids my wife and my life 😉
@scrag999 2 meses atrás
Same, my friend... It's a miracle, I'm still here after filming all these incidents. It's truly something. I fed the homeless and adopted 7 adults. I even cured some unknown diseases. Peace brother, keep it up.
@fazm1bico 2 meses atrás
05:27 - The guy from the left is a stone heart gosh, nor even blinked it 10:18 - OMG
@SAi_4. Mês atrás
05:27 This happens in Taiwan, where our country has many selfish drivers, perhaps on par with Russia. Many biker have become accustomed to it, which is very unfortunate."
@cdarting91 3 meses atrás
Most of these aren’t near misses, they’re actually hits.
@TonyEnglandUK 2 meses atrás
A near-miss IS a hit, otherwise it would just be called a "miss"
@nikolai6212 3 meses atrás
4:20 and the kids continued running without looking or apologizing
@askinlad 3 meses atrás
Don't understand why the thumbnail you use for this video is the Bradford City stadium fire where 56 people died & 265 were badly injured. Wasn't a close call for them was it ? Quite disrespectful.
@patbrown8117 3 meses atrás
I totally agree.
@theyetti8811 3 meses atrás
And it's not included in the video.
@bongkaos5519 3 meses atrás
Ummm it's like ClickBait. Just F y i😅
@HighFlyinAFGuy 3 meses atrás
I just report them as spam. It’s supposedly against BRvid’s fake engagement policy.
@kellyherrin 3 meses atrás
​@@HighFlyinAFGuy Good call. I'll do the same.
@twizz420 3 meses atrás
I had a couple real close calls with death... Rode my bmx (with pedal-back brakes) down the side of a mountain when I was 12 and fell off near the bottom going probably 70km/h and pinwheeled through the air for about 50 feet and landed on my stomach with my bike landing on top of me... And another time a few years ago when I was climbing up a mountain and I was right at the top and I grabbed on to a weak sapling and it uprooted and sent me pinwheeling backwards down the mountain but I was somehow able to catch myself on a root sticking out before falling to my death... Crazy shit
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
RIP to all those who didn't catch the roots sticking out.
@allisonholmes7024 2 meses atrás
Yo be careful out there dude
@DBZluvz Mês atrás
OMG! my heart dropped when i saw the little kid run in front of the car and get flung into the air, sure glad he walked away from it.
@gwuengr2 Mês atrás
this video should be reported
@JustMe-01 Mês atrás
2:35 , never ever doubt a mother's protective instinct. That bear is very lucky it escaped alive.
@vovilion Mês atrás
@ominoseomimose8842 5 dias atrás
shes not their mother. Risking your life for a dog is insane.
@bulwulffcristole3235 3 meses atrás
That car at the very beginning already set the tone for the rest of the video (around the 1:00 mark). There has to have been some extremely serious injuries in some of these.
@Oh-Jay52 3 meses atrás
thumbnail says it all...
@Top10AI203 3 meses atrás
1:30 is the crash (i think thats what your talking about)
@insystem7 2 meses atrás
2:12 I don't know if this was luck or knowledge but he did the only thing he could, which would sound counter intuitive but steering the INTO the car was the only viable last resort. At high speeds turning left causes the bike to go right first to straighten up and vice versa, so since he was at an angle already, turning into the car was the only thing that would help the bike to "reset" it's center of gravity.
@SeaMonkey137 3 meses atrás
Someday I hope someone loves me as much as that lady loves her dogs.
@veg4life. 3 meses atrás
I love u bro 😊
@marklaverty6043 3 meses atrás
I love u bro ❤
@oneflyguy1949 3 meses atrás
no kidding
@professorevil873 3 meses atrás
Hopefully she will protect you from Bears also 😊
@fifa23noob2 3 meses atrás
3:40 The kid who crossed the road was an absolute div waiting for the car to get right near to then sprint. It’s almost like he wanted it to happen.
@Gasst91 3 meses atrás
Одно время было такое соревнование, кто ближе пробежит перед машиной. Распространено было среди школьников. Кто ближе - тот круче. Возможно это один из этих примеров.
@anonymous-sus406 2 meses atrás
That dude with the skateboard on the edge of the building was crazy
@matthewbaier766 Mês atrás
5:18 That thunder clap came from heaven itself 🗿
@Stonednyc 3 meses atrás
1:43 for a near miss i'm wondering if the first rider is okay, i honestly didn't see him come out the snow at any point if he does
@hatchet3188 2 meses atrás
Im trying to find the full story because that one is brutal. Its unlikely he made it out, which sucks that it would be put in a video like this. super tasteless
@SilverIchimaru 29 dias atrás
I highly doubt he survived. By my estimate, he seemed on course with that rocky outcrop at deadly speeds. Actually, I'm pretty certain more than a few of these were not only not near misses but deadly. Mind some people did really dumb stuff, but others just seemed unlucky.
@wewinusa 3 meses atrás
Whoa, did you guys see that?! That near-miss gave me an adrenaline rush! 😱🚗💥
@petkay1984 3 meses atrás
...and sometimes they`re laughing...woh!:/
@feeblezak 2 meses atrás
Nice bot.
@Pureignition58 3 meses atrás
3:40 I felt like my heart stopped right here.
@oooshiny272 3 meses atrás
Yeah same
@maxtarasov5131 3 meses atrás
he scored a spare
@chrisbenson6683 3 meses atrás
Rookie insurance scammer. Next time, STAY DOWN
@teresabui3128 3 meses atrás
I totally flat-lined........x(
And that's why you don't run out into the street. It's common knowledge.
@ronnie2steps460 3 meses atrás
10:45. That’s all the lane filtering is good for.
@manuelfriend4060 3 meses atrás
That's lane splitting, not lane filtering. Lane filtering is done in stopped traffic or at under 25kph. Lane filtering is a safe practice that is legal in countries with sensible motorcycle laws (i.e not the US), lane splitting is a stupid practice that is illegal in most countries afaik, and only performed by idiots.
@raybame5816 3 meses atrás
THIS IS YOUR FINEST VIDEO EVER..I'm glad I invested 20 min of my life to see this. As a 50 yr bike rider, I have no sympathy for these guys playing in traffic etc. U do stupid poop, u get screwed. Thanks for this one. I did cringe at the little kids in the street tho! edit I'm gonna watch it again.
@D33Lux 3 meses atrás
This is the wildest compilations vids I have seen too. The car accidents are unreal and that one guy standing on the edge of the building holding onto the skateboards is insane.
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
@@D33Lux Yeah but it's a pity he clickbaited the thumbnail with the Bradford stadium fire
@jeraldhorton3143 3 meses atrás
11:21 that dude and his Toyota Tacoma was so fortunate- I hope everyone is okay 😮
@jsweizston5410 3 meses atrás
6:21 is pure mom energy right here, this was the best clip in all of these. Good job mom!
@Supxrcharged 2 meses atrás
It really wasn't tho
@SSmith-fm9kg 2 meses atrás
Just think about all the times in human history when cameras weren't around to record disasters...
@Melissa_OxO_ 3 meses atrás
10:20 I feel sorry for that man. He was just trying to go to work but nature said no.
@struvrim7637 3 meses atrás
This is typical "Meanwhile in Russia". Each building is managed by a corporation, so if something falls off the building, that corporation bears full responsibility for all damage caused. The main thing is that he remained alive, and the iron does not matter
@aptemdubrovin8623 2 meses atrás
В большинстве своем - естественный отбор.
@VanGreen28 3 meses atrás
A lot of these are Final Destination worthy! 😨😱😳
Руки, ладошки несколько раз за это видео вспотели. И очень нар за малыша на дороге с двумя грузовиками!!!!!!!))))
@user-cx7kg6ok9b 10 dias atrás
A lot of these are not misses, they're direct hits.
@Webedunn 2 meses atrás
The one guy on the bike racing the car got LUCKY AF TWICE!
@virginia10thmilitia 3 meses atrás
The skateboard on the roof, that dude honestly deserves to fall for being stupid enough to do that
@Kelthor85 3 meses atrás
I'm assuming they've had some sort of lobotomy where at least their Amygdala was removed.
Le tienen mas amor a la velocidad que a su propia vida. Que horror
@TheJim9191 13 dias atrás
The way that woman was ready to throw hands with a BEAR to save her dogs though
@SSZaris 3 meses atrás
4:20 - They then proceed to run across the OTHER side without looking either xD
@sableolindo3442 2 meses atrás
the board thingy on top of the building at 19:55 is pure suicide
@jhdhgklfglg 19 dias atrás
2:26 What a horrible animal! That was so close! Hopefully the bear and dogs weren't harmed
@DarKKnightt07 3 meses atrás
5:29 he was just enjoying the show lmao
@TheJim9191 13 dias atrás
I watch these and I'm like "wow I'm really glad it's not me in that situation." and then I remember that I don't do incredibly stupid shit so I'm good.
@TheBirdsntheBees 3 meses atrás
That tree was legit lying in wait for that man to come strolling along and at the perfect moment it laid down onto him and covered up the evidence.
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
yeah 17:18 i wonder if he died? People do die from falling trees sometimes. It makes me a bit worried about camping under trees in windy conditions
@sharinatavarez3422 7 dias atrás
2:35 the lady just fought a bear to save her dogs.. just WOW
@snakeplissken2148 Mês atrás
i do love the vids from the speeding bikers. its the proof that most of the accidents have a reason.
@95airgabriel 2 meses atrás
that sneeze at 3:05 is what caused that avalanche
@Blt-rr2lm 3 meses atrás
As George Carlin said, A near miss is a hit.
@stufine 3 meses atrás
Ha only 4 of us knew George. Telling our age I guess
@Kelthor85 3 meses atrás
You're thinking of nearly missed instead of a near miss.
@moorgrass22 3 meses atrás
Покойся с миром, старый хрен ❤
@b0n3s Mês atrás
Haha oh yeah, love George Carlin. My favorite comedian of all time. His bit about this was/is great. To paraphrase the man himself: A collision is a near miss!! Hey, they almost missed, but not quite!
@marc6919 2 meses atrás
That kid who got hit by that car and almost got hit by another one is really incredible? He just got wright back up and kept going
@Luc13nTh3M0thM4n 2 meses atrás
3:47 is why if you're gonna be doing that, don't land anywhere near vehicles/houses because you could risk crashing. always land in an open field.
@1superduck 2 meses atrás
My hats off to the guys at 9:19...🤝💪
they weren't near misses, they were ACTUAL MISSES. Well, some were actual hits.
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
9:19 I think that car was stuck only because of that 1 guy. As soon as he got off, the car was able to be towed
@tygical 2 meses atrás
big dumpy 🥵🥵🥵🥵
@JoshElento 3 meses atrás
Just now our *"Cameraman Never Dies"* 😂
@volodymyrye.2202 2 meses atrás
2:40 Це було сильно! Не в кожного чоловіка є така мужність!
@kernpoa 10 dias atrás
2:46 Não sei o que é pior, ver os ciclistas caindo ou as malditas pessoas histéricas gritando...
@calebboles2697 2 meses atrás
1:30 he was going way to fast
@lenan4860 28 dias atrás
2:36 👍 женщина бесстрашная!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍
@thepro5926 2 meses atrás
5:22 most horrible Montag near death experience I ever seen is this😂
@TheLuggi84 3 meses atrás
Someone has to look up the definition of "Near Miss".
@alwaysdisputin9930 3 meses atrás
17:07 that lady did try to push her friend out of the way of the coach. kind of heroic
@user-ps2cb9qc7x 2 meses atrás
You guys are amazing! 🤩 Thanks for sharing!
3:41 Bro I couldn't hold it in 🤣🤣
@fitfinlay999 2 meses atrás
Enjoyed it , some heart stopping moments .
3:40 Bro learned flying for a bit
@soosh9852 3 meses atrás
woman at 5:35: casually gets back up on her scooter, better be ready for the green light 🤪
@haweater1555 2 meses atrás
14:47 The skier's helmet is more for aerodynamics rather than safety.
@ganachepanache 2 meses atrás
It's rough, but this is real deal. Where the heck do you get the footage?
@hechoenmexico536 2 meses atrás
11:18 I hope he survived 🙏🏼🙏🏼
@michaelprohl3252 Mês atrás
How ice-cold she pushes the bear off the wall and then he just escapes wonderfully
@surferduck420 2 meses atrás
The woman attacking the bear to save her dogs left me in Stitches. Imagine the beating her kids get😂😂😂
@IamLindaPS 3 meses atrás
Omg those were bad! That lady with the bear was nuts!
@scottcol23 3 meses atrás
This comp did not disappoint. Great collection.
@Determined... Mês atrás
3:41 is literally hilarious but terrifying
@karstenlink3921 2 meses atrás
In many scenes it's obvious what will happen - and it really happens.