UFC 4: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy

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EA Sports UFC 4 launches on August 14, and SGO is here with a list of the 10 things you need to know about the game before you buy it! Still haven’t subscribed to SGO? ►►

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7 Ago 2020



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Comentários 100
Alpha & Omega
Alpha & Omega 3 dias atrás
This is terrible game and a terrible year
Patryk Osa
Patryk Osa 7 dias atrás
somehow not a whole month of playing a lot of mistakes in career mode but it's already the top yesterday I heard a comment that ended "Joe Rogan what do you think = / copied ufc3 = (
Lil Lotüs
Lil Lotüs 17 dias atrás
No chat no joe rogan, and a trash tracklist, damnn EA
5 skin
5 skin 19 dias atrás
Worst one yet
johntheGoat 23
johntheGoat 23 20 dias atrás
Preorder it not bad but deff should have waited
EnC3R 24 dias atrás
EnC3R 24 dias atrás
Submission sistem is almost like the wwe one.
Rodney Hall
Rodney Hall 26 dias atrás
Think they should put u go Thur the ultimate fighting tv show living n the house cut scenes many fights call outs all to get to the ufc build rivalries thurout the tournament pick em back up n the ufc with storylines 🤭🤭🤭🤭
Victor Henriquez
Victor Henriquez 27 dias atrás
EA we need fightnight champion 2!!!!!
KingPRM 27 dias atrás
If only they put in as much effort with the career mode as they did with FIFA’s “The Journey”🤷🏻‍♂️
Eric 27 dias atrás
It's stupid that Bruce Buffer only refers to your created fighter by last name he don't even say your Fighters Nickname and the announcers say the same crap over and over but the game is pretty cool the career mode is pretty good os it worth 60 beans uuuum barely
Royce Armani
Royce Armani 28 dias atrás
This game is fucking trash. Sometimes I don’t want to play career mode.. and sometimes I don’t want to fight online... I tried to create a character for offline use and realized just how limited he/she was. I was forced to use EAs Created characters which I think is laughable.
Callum Brachtvogel
Callum Brachtvogel 28 dias atrás
I’ve got 1 million in game currency what do I spend it on?
iset scott
iset scott 28 dias atrás
DON'T BUY IT, DON'T LISTEN TO THESE YES MEN REVIEWERS, STICK WITH UFC3 THE GROUND AND POUND IS NT IMPROVED IT'S WORSE, many matches can be ended in the first 15 seconds by taking down and ground and pounding. controls are unresponsive and pretty much the game is like a comedy version of it's predecessor. please save your money for a GOOD game
Aladeen 28 dias atrás
Ruined the game.. go back to ufc 3.
TrollKingz 29 dias atrás
You should have said : dont buy it because 99% of the players will kick your ass
Mark Masters
Mark Masters 29 dias atrás
Only thing you need to know is don't buy it at full price.Buy it only for less than $20.The game is trash ufc 3 is better
Striker0900s GOOD and THE UGLY
The career mode in ufc 4 is better then 3, but it’s honestly disappointing, I still have been playing the shit out of it! BUT it’s honestly Not what I thought And the editing in this game took a step BACK... ( you can’t even equip an ankle brace ffs.. they gave us a bu ch of micro purchases for clothing, it’s so silly though, you can’t equip clothing for your “walk out” but your equipped shirt shows in the picture leading up just before the bout then you walk out I’m a lime green shirt like EVERYONE else in the game, irs so silly, for them to be working on this for 2 years that’s why I’m dissatisfied. It looks like they rushed this game in a 6 month span and released it. Although this may seem like a negative review it could be much worse. I mean have you guys played WWE’s new game? Me either. But I heard it’s trash. 😂
Mitchell B
Mitchell B 29 dias atrás
Largest roster is incorrect, 58 fighters removed, 22 fighters added in comparison with ea ufc 3
GOLDfishbites 29 dias atrás
No shit talking on the mic ? Fuvkd sikes my generation is so damn sensitive and gay...
Omar Fakharany
Omar Fakharany 29 dias atrás
UFC 3 has better facial expressions and graphics than UFC 4. For instance watch the Khabib celebration after a win in both games you will get what I mean
Francisco Magallon
Francisco Magallon Mês atrás
Ive never played a ufc game before would it be too late for me to even start to learn how to play?
rob norish
rob norish 28 dias atrás
I never had before I’m playing it on ps4 pro and having a blast so far , slowly learning the moves and enjoying it !
Steven Gtz
Steven Gtz Mês atrás
Ngl graphics look a little worse than 3
Caged Savage
Caged Savage Mês atrás
The camera angle they give me I have tremendous issues with it looks like the camera is going one way then it flips to the other side fucking up my transitioning because it’s the opposite side now, sometimes when the camera is “trying to figure out where it is” it just sits there and shakes side to side. Super fun, you know? 🙄 lol
Caged Savage
Caged Savage 29 dias atrás
Big Farrell haha thanks buddy I’m going to do that now.
Big Farrell
Big Farrell Mês atrás
You can change it back to ufc 3s camera in settings
NA Mês atrás
Meh.. I don't see any point in dropping 60 on this when it isn't that different from ufc 3
O Stretch
O Stretch Mês atrás
We just need fight night with all the good fighters and a career mode. Not another ufc.
Russell Mês atrás
god this game is such trash. I have payed every UFC game since the beginning. This game plays so bad, its so choppy and there is zero fluidity. just hook after hook after hook. Its terrible, first ufc game I actually totally despise.
DiiTroXZ Mês atrás
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez Mês atrás
No voice chat! Really? Wow
Abhilash achar
Abhilash achar Mês atrás
When I play the zoom in and zoom out camera Angles makes my head spin, I still win a lot but idk I feel UFC 3 is better, sorry if I'm offending someone.
Abhilash achar
Abhilash achar Mês atrás
I bought it, I'm sorry to say this but, it's too fantasy for a game. I'm still playing ufc 3, or if you guys have any tips to please let me know here.
Broughton Johnston
Broughton Johnston Mês atrás
1 tip: game game doesnt load into fights half the time not worth the spend
Donneville Prescott
I like the old submission system
Nahh Fam
Nahh Fam Mês atrás
The real question is that if someone showed you UFC 3 or 4 during a fight with the HUD off, would see the difference and is that difference 50 smackaroos worth?
MovieHighClub Mês atrás
They need to put in legends brock they need ken shamrock tito all them chuck with all the new
J Morgan
J Morgan Mês atrás
1:08 uhhh uno u can see the numerical stats....right?
Jin B
Jin B Mês atrás
#1 it's a buggy shit show rn
Conor Barry
Conor Barry Mês atrás
No gameface is a joke
Francisco el gamer 100%real
I think almost no one used it
V ForVendetta
V ForVendetta Mês atrás
All the shit u do in career is a waste too bc after u prestige a few moves u retire lmao 😂
V ForVendetta
V ForVendetta Mês atrás
Games kinda trash i haven't played since first ufc and game is trash now they shouldn't have advanced it so much now the cheese is stupendous
BABA YAGA Mês atrás
Game sucks
ERMAC Mês atrás
I'll buy the game when they release fighter updates because to call this game new is a joke, they're missing most of the new fighters like kattar, chimaev, khabibs team mate islam, etc I wanna see updates before I buy because that will make it new having actual new roster instead of fighters who are no longer fighting.
tibiboss Mês atrás
Tbh the ultimate team in UFC 3 sucked I wish they would have stayed with the format from UFC 2 ultimate team. It’s better off without the gay version from UFC 3
Daniel Ilibman
Daniel Ilibman Mês atrás
Should have started with 10 that way i wouldn't watch that shit till the end fuck EA bunch of cocksuckers i was so hyped about this game and the fact that i am buying the PS5 now i have one less game that i actually like and would have so much fun with friends and my brother but now all that gone to the crapper fuck this!
HippieIllusionZ Mês atrás
So it's worth it, just not $80 worth it yet. I'll wait for them to update content before I grab it
ERMAC Mês atrás
You're smart
bollohan Mês atrás
Can’t believe they removed gameface. Bought the game specifically for career/online with gameface. Super pissed
ERMAC Mês atrás
Tell me about it 😔 if THQ or 2K make ufc 5 we'll see a better game overall
Reality Check
Reality Check Mês atrás
But did they fix the gameface option? No? Therefore I’m out
Charles Couch
Charles Couch Mês atrás
I am new to this series and I heard a lot of good things about the game so I picked it up to my disappointment I am trading it in for something else this game is very difficult there are too many but in combinations and you have to time your moves like you have to be able to predict your opponents moves and things that’s ridiculous it’s a video game it’s not real life if you ask me this shit especially for new players I’m a new player in this shit turned me right off I’ve had it for three days and already is deleted from my system package back up ready to be traded in
Diablito Alonzito
Diablito Alonzito 5 horas atrás
@Charles Couch you said it is to hard for you because it is to realistic for you and there are to many variations for you to handle so you are an noob.
Charles Couch
Charles Couch 14 horas atrás
@Diablito Alonzito no not Noob I've been sold that game it's garbage
Diablito Alonzito
Diablito Alonzito 14 horas atrás
Travis Sims
Travis Sims Mês atrás
I wish they can go back to Fight Night 1 and 2 PlayStation 2 baddest boxing games ever made!
Ryan Ryan
Ryan Ryan Mês atrás
More than 220 fighters but only uses the created character with a high rating
mrslow flow
mrslow flow Mês atrás
will try this since i never bought ufc games before..and the micros are just cosmetics right? so thats good. hope the career mode are okay too. not gonna play multiplayer for now but maybe one day.
Bernard Granger
Bernard Granger Mês atrás
Who's here AFTER buying the game lmfao
Alex64 22 dias atrás
Not me...
iset scott
iset scott 28 dias atrás
@bimboy BULLSHIT ground and pound is better, if by better you mean cheaper as in take a dude down, get top mount and spam punches until the 15 second match is over and the submission mini games are way to easy for the aggressor.
Bernard Granger
Bernard Granger Mês atrás
@bimboy I can agree and if you're a wrestler you'd enjoy how well they implemented the takedowns HI-C as well as ankle picks look a lot more fluid.
bimboy Mês atrás
Dr Koolaidman striking is the same as ufc 3. Clinch feels better, ground and pound is way better. New arenas, you can do openweight fights too. I’d say its worth it honestly
Dr Koolaidman
Dr Koolaidman Mês atrás
Craig Burt that must be a bad thing
Neymar Mês atrás
They make no male fightera in the octagon fight and not the ring girls???? Whyyyyyy :( i want fight with the ring girls XD
Mihai Cristian
Mihai Cristian Mês atrás
So there îs not even a caf online world championship?
X XMiltXX Mês atrás
According to this game, what khabib does to people grappling wise is easy and everyone can do it. Rage quitters its your time
Hostile Traxx
Hostile Traxx Mês atrás
Only thing you should know is that EA still sucks dick!!
Jack Badavas
Jack Badavas Mês atrás
Cross play?
Aidan Schaefer
Aidan Schaefer Mês atrás
This has to be the best ufc ea sports game to overall come out
Xiong Vang
Xiong Vang Mês atrás
Nice game but only thing not good is all fighter have same kick same punch lol.
Felix Ortiz
Felix Ortiz Mês atrás
No joe rogan smfh garbage
Malek Bayoon
Malek Bayoon Mês atrás
After this video, i feel like i might skip this game. When the ps5 comes out. I will sell the ps4 and buy PS5 Asap. No point in buying this game for me if it's not on next gen.
ERMAC Mês atrás
@Malek Bayoon Hopefully 2K or THQ will make UFC 5
Malek Bayoon
Malek Bayoon Mês atrás
@ERMAC sadly it feels like it. not worth burning my budget for a halfassed game that i might play for only 2-3 months
ERMAC Mês atrás
You're smart, this game is a cash grab by EA
stefano turri
stefano turri Mês atrás
only for console..why??
ERMAC Mês atrás
EA nerfed the whole game to attract noobs, the whole game seems rushed.
ERMAC Mês atrás
@F-EAR Gaming Sonic8231Yt I can grapple without arrow but for the people that are learning 🙄 there should be arrows showing ways to escape etc
F-EAR Gaming Sonic8231Yt
If you can't grapple with out a arrow showing you what to do then quit
F-EAR Gaming Sonic8231Yt
ERMAC no it's not rushed it's just simple
ERMAC Mês atrás
@F-EAR Gaming Sonic8231Yt No its called releasing a rushed game that has to be patched up like crazy 🤪
F-EAR Gaming Sonic8231Yt
V ForVendetta it's called know what the hell your doing down there 😂☝️
Tyler Henry
Tyler Henry Mês atrás
I dont really see anyone talking about it but is there still the create an event mode?
Nicholas Santiago
Nicholas Santiago Mês atrás
Very good info offered up here. Thank you
Fuck yeah fucken oath
How have they not added weigh ins, ufc undisputed 3 is still the best
Shadovv1776 Mês atrás
I can’t stand DC as a commentator
Alexiel Mês atrás
ro sharma
ro sharma Mês atrás
Do wins and losses actually matter this time in career mode?
Fallschirmjäger Mês atrás
2:39 is that legit?
tdrivers1102 Mês atrás
I'm a huge UFC gamer and in my opinion this game is head and shoulders ahead of UFC 3. The grappling/clinch system is soooooo much better now than it was before and career mode is actually interesting now. Not sure how I feel about the new submission system yet but overall this game has been excellent
Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant Mês atrás
What is up with head damage crazy
Sanchez981 Mês atrás
mr illis
mr illis Mês atrás
I want some diversity in my coach an corner men.
Joe Powell Productions
The new UFC 4 game, the overall game is to much like the EA Sports MMA game. I don't like the new UFC 4 game. They messed the game up. I want buy it until it goes to about $20. I am not in a rush to buy it.
Joe Perry
Joe Perry Mês atrás
A lot of the characters still look smaller/less muscular than they actually are. Look at Usman. Ngannou looked like that in UFC 3.
Edz Mês atrás
I went to ufc 1 and everyone looks way to bulky lmao. Like a weird bulk. Also everyone complains about the graphics in this game but man the frame rate is for the most part so damn smooth compared to old ones. Its like playing in slow motion anything pre ufc 4
Charles Lee
Charles Lee Mês atrás
Downloading atm
Jeff Jr
Jeff Jr Mês atrás
No ultimate team? Im in on that alone UT has ruined the FIFA/2k/Madden games as other game modes get ignored
The Swede
The Swede Mês atrás
God i loved ultimate team i only played that:/
Jennifer Watkins
Jennifer Watkins Mês atrás
Dude this game looks like garbage wtf its 2020 and these graphics stuck in fight night mode lol
6 9
6 9 Mês atrás
Scott Dawson
Scott Dawson Mês atrás
thats pretty piss weak of Joe to not do the commentary
Mario Mês atrás
Played UFC 3 since release, I don’t need to know anything, 4 is a must!
X XMiltXX Mês atrás
You can’t change weight classes in title chase so what’s the point of a giant roster when I can’t change off of flyweight
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Mês atrás
X XMiltXX exactly
Bobo Baggins
Bobo Baggins Mês atrás
Things you need to know before buying. 1. Don't buy this pile of shit. They had three years and gave us this dumpster fire
beastrellik Mês atrás
They need total strike control like in EA MMA
King Juggalo
King Juggalo Mês atrás
Ur review sucks!
Dom831 Mês atrás
The fact that I cant mess around with my techniques in create a fighter without going into career mode kinda bumbs me out
Eric Heinz
Eric Heinz Mês atrás
The game looks like the same shit I just can’t see myself paying 79.99$ CAD for this
Fat Jesus Guy
Fat Jesus Guy Mês atrás
I bought it: I’m glad there’s no ultimate team. This is a much bigger leap than the one that happened from UFC 2 -> 3. You can tell with the lack of ultimate team they really had the opportunity to make the rest of the game...newer? A lot of updated approaches to things. The grappling feels really weird, I have no idea how to deal with the clinch yet, and it seems very odd for a multi-game returning to player to use. The biggest leap is in career mode, I’m only like 45 mins into my first one and it’s already more fun than I had in the entire UFC 3 career mode. Not as much a diss to UFC 3, as much as a compliment to this game.
Niborino9409 29 dias atrás
45 minutes is all you get. The rest of it is just spending time in the menus, less cutscenes than in 3 imo. I only had cutscenes at the start and closer to the end when you are a Champion, heck probably barely even after becoming GOAT.
Niels van der Tuyn
Niels van der Tuyn Mês atrás
i miss ultimate team
Strife72 Mês atrás
I’m happy that they took a look at what the community didn’t like and got rid of ultimate team, switched submission system, etc. Shows they actually care about the customers. 👌
ohsins Mês atrás
Yea I have played every single ufc game since UFC 2 undisputed and this is game is so bad it’s a joke. They changed every single control around. This game is a waste of money I feel robbed
John John Craig
John John Craig Mês atrás
razzo086 Mês atrás
They didn’t mention the ads in game BS
Marta Telus
Marta Telus Mês atrás
Just played 2 hours and so far I think it's shit
Sawtt-27 Mês atrás
Gets UFC add before watching UFC video
Pr-Pr1nc3 Mês atrás
Why does Adesanya look so strong and squareish . When he is slim n long
Pr-Pr1nc3 Mês atrás
@Panagiotis K. you seen Ben 🤣😂
Panagiotis K.
Panagiotis K. Mês atrás
Cause even Oleinik has abs in this game 😂😂😂
Emerson Vincelette
Emerson Vincelette Mês atrás
I love it that "Ultimate" Team is gone, I never played ultimate team anyway lol.
Trevor Marshall
Trevor Marshall Mês atrás
So far I have mixed reactions with this one. But if you ask me, I still enjoy the very first ea sports ufc from 2014. But I'm gonna give this one a shot
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