Tyson Fury Ko's Chisora in Rd 10, Ends Trilogy in Front of 60,000 people | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

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2 Dez 2022



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FreeBeats4All Mês atrás
The fact Chisora himself thanked the ref for “saving” him speaks volumes as to the beating Chisora was taking.
wafflebot 29 dias atrás
@Rocky Balboa lol
Unknown X
Unknown X Mês atrás
@Oldschool Saint I love watching him fight, it is pugilistic art.
NineteenEightyNine Mês atrás
@g61291 Tyson is a jobber who only best tin cans and got lucky a few times. Ali was good but come on he was stupid he made his sparring partner give him brain damage because he thought he could build a callous on his brain..
NineteenEightyNine Mês atrás
@rejected ali was a rapist though
TexasDescription Mês atrás
@Rocky Balboa lol cocaine is a hell of a drug
M S Mês atrás
If Chisora didn’t have brain damage before that fight, he does now. Just sad.
What!cher Mês atrás
James McCool
James McCool Mês atrás
@Mel_Plays I think it's going to be worse.
NineteenEightyNine Mês atrás
@Mel_Plays word
Jon948 Mês atrás
Ref could’ve stopped it before the round started. Don’t know if he warned Chisora at all. I didn’t watch the fight.
Dylan Mês atrás
@Mel_Plays HA
shelby delacruz
shelby delacruz Mês atrás
Such a monumental moment to think that Tyson fury actually beat a punching bag.
CoffeeandXanax Mês atrás
He deserved a draw with Usyk
Andrew Mês atrás
@Cygnus Prime If he is garbage, then Usyk is no good either. Chisora put a beating on Usyk.
Andrew Mês atrás
A punching bag who should have gotten a draw with Usyk. What do you think Fury is going to do to Usyk?
jeff c.
jeff c. Mês atrás
@shelby delacruz So stop calling him a punching bag. He’s not a bad fighter. Who would u want to see fury fight? The heavyweight division isn’t exactly packed with a lot of fighters better than him.
MP1213 Mês atrás
@Christian Jocsonyou’ve never been hit lmao. I would love to see you not get frozen after getting hit so hard you can’t feel your legs or arms and don’t know what to do besides cover up. Every time chisora tried anything he got hit 3x as hard as he would’ve if he just covered up.
Plastic Moon
Plastic Moon Mês atrás
The people booing wanted him to get seriously injured... Man's took a beating Good call by the ref
John D
John D Mês atrás
@Jesús Suárez Who else was he supposed to fight? Anybody he gets in the ring with gets bullied by him. I know everyone wants the Joshua fight but Joshua keeps ducking him.
TB Mês atrás
The referee should have been called the fight
Jesús Suárez
Jesús Suárez Mês atrás
They were booing this pathetic excuse of a fight. Fury just wanted someone to bully for a paycheck
Fox With Tube Sox
Fox With Tube Sox Mês atrás
I'm sure they were booing because this was not a fight. It was just one man getting paid to take a beating.
Plastic Moon
Plastic Moon Mês atrás
@FoxWolf humans aren't made to be taking that much damage to the HEAD Think... Your brain getting rattled... Over and over again Sure the nigga still standing That's tuff But man think about the aftermath Remember that one boxer that kept getting punched in the back of the head? Yeah he was still standing but look at him now *PARALYZED*
David Blank
David Blank Mês atrás
I cannot for the life of me see Usyk beating Fury,, finally we can see another undesputed British Super heavy weight champion of the world after Lennox! This one's already in the bag
mibles Mês atrás
*Tyson Fury is a beast. This fight wasn't very fair. He is a giant.*
Walter Mês atrás
Not the size of the dog in the fight.
R C Mês atrás
Damn Tyson beat him up like punching bag 😂😂
Ice Luge
Ice Luge Mês atrás
But it was more like Tyson fought someone with the skill of a punching bag
Ice Luge
Ice Luge Mês atrás
My exact thoughts.
Luis Mosqueda
Luis Mosqueda Mês atrás
@FoxWolf yes and what’s sad is that the fight was a sparring session betweeen two friends. Fury carried him to the 10th round it was horrible to watch.
FoxWolf Mês atrás
it upsets me that derrick is this guy with over 30 wins, and has a big amount of losses and he's going for a world title, it's a joke, like he has to retire, he has 2 title fights in his career and there not even close, vitali killed chisora a lot more then fury did in there 3rd encounter.
ItsOnLy DiRt
ItsOnLy DiRt Mês atrás
@West Pippen a lot of these dudes here are corn balls.
TimeAttack Dreamer
TimeAttack Dreamer Mês atrás
the best set of love handles to ever grace the ring...
Victor Cocchiola
Victor Cocchiola Mês atrás
Andy Ruiz would clean up 99.9% of the male population and he looks more outta shape than Fury! Some Men are just like those fat ole grizzly bears but just as damn strong, go let Fury hit ya with a jab and see if you even have teeth left. Go watch some body builder oil themselves if muscles is what a like!
TimeAttack Dreamer
TimeAttack Dreamer Mês atrás
but it makes it even better that a few heavyweights ever had love handles...
J C Mês atrás
@The Joker Out of prime George was better skill wise
Jerome Jozwiak
Jerome Jozwiak Mês atrás
And he keeps beating up guys that look like body builders Case in point wilder got beat up three times by Fury and if they faught a fourth time he'd get beat up again
The Joker
The Joker Mês atrás
@J C not prime Forman
Zander Valadez
Zander Valadez Mês atrás
The amount of punishment that derek was taking was scary
clownin dan
clownin dan Mês atrás
Yeah that should probably be his last fight.
BJ Mês atrás
I hope we get Fury vs Usyk
Fury is scared of him and AJ
Jeromy Zwiers
Jeromy Zwiers Mês atrás
Me too my freind.
Omar Peoples
Omar Peoples Mês atrás
Nah chisora fury 4.
wilson pena
wilson pena Mês atrás
💯👌Fury Fury champion,
Randy Son
Randy Son Mês atrás
I thought this man Fury was retired wtf.. how did I not know about this fight until now
Tango Man Tactical
Tango Man Tactical Mês atrás
It was a waste of a fight. It meant zero. DC had no chance. Several ppl made a ton of $$$. 60,000 Brits idioticly wasted their pounds. Usyk is 10 times the fighter then DC is. Usyk is coming.........
Paleo Mês atrás
You must’ve been under a rock
Mr.Banana Mês atrás
Because it was a stupid tune up fight
Mr. Shickadance
Mr. Shickadance Mês atrás
Fury's punching seems to improve with every fight. Working with Sugar was the best thing he ever did for his career.
NyQuil Donut
NyQuil Donut 26 dias atrás
@Ice Luge Like Wladimir Klitschko?
Ice Luge
Ice Luge Mês atrás
It’s easy when you fight someone who can’t box.
Merle Dixon
Merle Dixon Mês atrás
@Mr. Shickadance lmfaooo
@Mr. Shickadance lol random comment of the year 🤣
Mr. Shickadance
Mr. Shickadance Mês atrás
@Sean Porter I was talking about Sugar Bear, the mascot for Golden Crisp.
Jeffry Diamond
Jeffry Diamond Mês atrás
Respect to Derek. After the first round he looked less like an opponent and more like a sparring partner. Fury really is on another level.
H-berg Mês atrás
Takes a real man to take a beating like that for 10 rounds. Regardless of how good or bad he is at boxing.
Billy Smith
Billy Smith Mês atrás
@georgia made mane exactly this guy is acting like it was this admirable thing he took unnecessary brain damage.
georgia made mane
georgia made mane Mês atrás
Takes a dumb one to take a beating like that knowing damn well you gone lose you wanna see people become couch potatoes later on in life
Billy Smith
Billy Smith Mês atrás
@H-berg what? Telling the truth?
H-berg Mês atrás
@Billy Smith your totally missing the point of what I said… and this comment is irrelevant to the statement I made. Always that one person. 😂
Billy Smith
Billy Smith Mês atrás
@H-berg taking a beating should not have anything to do with being a good fighter. His corner should have thrown the towel in after 3 rounds.
Ted Bundy226
Ted Bundy226 Mês atrás
Boy this was a great fight I love the part When the ref finished eating his sandwich and decided to save chisora from permanent brain damage .
Antonio’s Humble Opinion
A third fight is crazy 😂
FreeBeats4All Mês atrás
Chisora fared 1000x better than Whyte did.
Impervius Mês atrás
@Cristiano Rosero No he didn’t. He won the rounds he got knockdowns in. And he won the first in the 3rd fight. That’s it. Fat white dude thoroughly outclassed Wilder in the first fight. Even won the rest of the round after getting knocked down later on. Then made Wilder his bitch in the 2nd fight. And reminded Wilder he was still a fat white dudes bitch in the 3rd by winning 25 rounds of the 30 they had.
Cristiano Rosero
Cristiano Rosero Mês atrás
@Impervius yea no shit he got dominated in the second mainly. He won over five rounds that’s my point ur clearly oversimplifying things
Impervius Mês atrás
@Cristiano Rosero It’s not. Wilder fought zero elite heavyweights till Fury. And he won only the rounds he got knockdowns in during their first fight. Zero in the aecond. And the round he scored a knockdown in their 3rd. If you’re generous, maybe the 1st. That’s it. He got dominated by the first real top tier heavyweight he faced
Cristiano Rosero
Cristiano Rosero Mês atrás
@Impervius that’s exaggerating a bit wilder won like eight rounds at best in those three fights. But still fury outworked him easily
David Craig
David Craig Mês atrás
Who’s the donkey now?
Steve P
Steve P Mês atrás
The ref had to step in before there was another ring death! Good for him, it was down to a lucky punch vs a combo that could have killed. Bad odds, good call
KobashifanSam Mês atrás
Tyson's combos are quite fast. Its quite scary to see a guy that big throw hands that fast
Josh Schaeffer
Josh Schaeffer Mês atrás
Fast enough for a man his size but speed isnt the issue lightning speed is nothing without timing, mastery of distance, technique. If the flash was a boxer and went the same speed every time he would be countered and hit by a slower fighter timing beats speed and speed without timing and rhythm is nothing but potential that will be squandered at that level maybe at most amateurs overwhelming speed would do just that and overwhelm but just as likely they survive and how long can someone keep a wide open pace? Not to long and woe unto the fighter who depends on speed advantage to stay safe and disregard proper D. Very few fighters have been able to do so and usually only then against lesser opponents most people dont know that Ali's float like a butterfly sting like a bee days were mostly wasted the 3 and half years he wasnt able to box when he came back he was not the same fighter and in true greatness he adapted and found ways to win whether it was his severely underrated inside fighting and clinch work or strategy and psychological warfare or pure heart and his chin he could not dance 15 rounds constantly pumping non stop punches of blurry speed he was actually very much a meat and potatoes fighter that built everything off a nuisanced jab and good 1-2's which seems like no way could something so basic be successful but it was because he varied his rhythm and timing or a slight angle and foot work etc. One little adjustment makes an infinite number of new possibilities. Tyson fights tall and he moves well he uses all his physical traits instead of squandering them like many a fighter has done there is no true advantage or disadvantage in the ring it's what you do with the cards you're dealt how you play them. You can improve them some in the gym but only some chin, one punch ko power, reach, height all are things that either cant be changed or only so much if you work hard, learn proper way you will hit harder and if you're in good shape you can take more punishment but there is a way to win regardless of what you're cards are if you play them correctly. There is a path to victory for every man who steps through the ropes if he has cultivated his abilities and not wasted them on the couch eating cheeseburgers but in the gym keeping sharp and has the gas to execute as he will need to then speed or no speed power or none good or not so good footwork it doesnt matter if you're smarter and take care of you're Defense first and maintain complete focus you can be ready when the time comes to capitalize on a mistake or exploit openings or poor conditioning of opponent or deception
Jay Goldstein
Jay Goldstein Mês atrás
@Trill Spill Tx yes, fast.
Trill Spill Tx
Trill Spill Tx Mês atrás
Fast lmao
NOYDB Mês atrás
Bro Tyson gave dude a major A$$ kicking. Damn.
Sky Olson
Sky Olson Mês atrás
Good stoppage, could've even called it in the 8th!
JesusIsC0mingS00n Mês atrás
Great highlights from a great fight, ended with a look forward Teofimo vs who? Lopez is still fighting nobodies until his name is unrecognizable. He lost his belts to a nobody and instead of taking big fight, he's riding out what a lucky night with a hurt Lomachenko got him. What a chump!
YUNG RC Mês atrás
Heavy punches ref said that enough 🥊👍💯 Good fight much Respect 👍
Seahawks and Sonics fan
People are dogging Fury but give no credit to the toughness of chisora
Seahawks and Sonics fan
Just because Joshua is to acared to fight him. He's begged for that fight !!! Usyk will go down fast I think
CQV3 Mês atrás
They are pretty cool with each other in real life also gave him a good payday oh well 😆
Derek Solan - SWBC
Derek Solan - SWBC Mês atrás
@Ryu AghhDukeIt just hold on to his jock strap and enjoy like the rest of the losers you think are better 🤣🤣🤣🙌
Derek Solan - SWBC
Derek Solan - SWBC Mês atrás
@Ryu AghhDukeIt wtf?! What are you watching. Set down the haterade and respect a legend. Are any of those guys even eating steak meals or they still surviving off top ramen and mommy / daddy paying rent. Just because you dislike someone doesn't take away from his greatness... Next you'll be telling us how you would kick Fury's ass with both hands behind your back because he's a slump and you're a legend in reality? 🤣🤣🤣 Gtfoh
Sal Hardy
Sal Hardy Mês atrás
@Seahawks and Sonics fan 13 times dude? Man GTFOH
Jo Fi
Jo Fi Mês atrás
I was feeling bad for that dude. Getting his face rearranged. Way outta his league fighting Fury.
Steve Cates
Steve Cates Mês atrás
Geez, This fight wasn't worthy of the lineal heavyweight championship. Having said that, I understand why Fury took it. He needs some rounds before facing Usyk.
1844life Mês atrás
Excellent call by the ref. Correct decision
Chris Acosta
Chris Acosta Mês atrás
What a fight! Can't wait for Haney-Kambosos 3, Wilder Helenius 2 and Canelo- GGG 4!
Yer Lo
Yer Lo Mês atrás
Damn tyson fury makes his opponents look drunk
JoJo Dancer
JoJo Dancer Mês atrás
Fury is a beast,,,what type of fighter is it gonna take to beat this man🤦🏽‍♂️
Anonymous Buffalo
Anonymous Buffalo Mês atrás
No way 60k people payed to see this fight
AC💯theGreat Mês atrás
I would of payed to see the modern day Ali 🐐. You justpussy 🤣
GameNation 1315
GameNation 1315 Mês atrás
It was a nice warm up fight before the fight he actually wants
Devin Axtman
Devin Axtman Mês atrás
I really have to give Chisora props. Dude has more heart than Wilder did. More durable. Gave Usyk some problems at times even. I think he should retire though. Speed isn’t there anymore.
the one above all
the one above all Mês atrás
Al Brown
Al Brown Mês atrás
Went from dancing,to knocking shit out!
Super Sarcastic
Super Sarcastic Mês atrás
“Ko’ed” was a dramatic. More like the ref stepped in and stopped the fight quietly
Christian Sotelo
Christian Sotelo Mês atrás
Honestly I think the past 2 fights for fury will do him a disservice for fighting Usyk. He very well may come in way too overconfident and have to adjust quickly
HotShot Mês atrás
I'd say it's sad there's a "champion" as out of shape as fury.....but then there was foreman. Oh, and ali did actually "connect" with liston's head to knock him out.
Monte Capone
Monte Capone Mês atrás
Ref did what HE HAD to do bro saved that man career no cap
Kyle Plante
Kyle Plante Mês atrás
You can hear that crowd reaction. Speaks volumes
Macau in China
Macau in China Mês atrás
Chisora - THE BADDEST PUNCHING BAG ever lived!
amz Omar
amz Omar Mês atrás
Fury is the man for giving this guy a 3rd fight cuz lord knows there definitely not on the same level 😂
Johny Jacques
Johny Jacques Mês atrás
Every new Fury fight shows Fury's greatness...every new Fury fight shows Wilder's go toe to toe with this man and put him down 3 times says a lot even in a loss
Kyung Nim
Kyung Nim Mês atrás
@Johny Jacques I'm just being real. I'm not a dickrider like you.
Kyung Nim
Kyung Nim Mês atrás
@Johny Jacques Fury factually wasn't healthy. 1st Fight: He was a recovering alcohol and drug abuser while also losing more than 100 lbs. It takes a long time to get back to 100%. 2nd Fight: Fury was a lot more healthier from staying active and he had a great camp. What happened? He steamrolled Wilder. 3rd Fight: Fury got COVID. Then stopped training one month before the fight because his newborn daughter almost died. After the fight Fury admitted there was no gameplan and he simply went for the knockout because he had bone spurs in his elbows that caused him great pain. After the 4th round Wilder was getting demolished. Wilder is a bum who was lucky enough to fight Fury at his worst two times and still lost both of them. Shows how bad Wilder is.
Game Related 310
Game Related 310 Mês atrás
Wilder got decapitated lol 😆
Johny Jacques
Johny Jacques Mês atrás
@Kyung Nim Bro every boxer can say they weren't healthy before almost every fight...if you make it into the ring to fight all excuses are out the window...a case could be made for Wilder not being healthy the second fight too but it doesn't matter...Fury himself tonight said Wilder is either number 2 or 3 and he doesn't see the heavyweight that can deal with his power...when the men in the ring speak, listen unless you been in there you have no idea what it takes...I boxed for 8 years trust me when I tell you, like Teddy says you never leave the ring the same as you came in, a piece of you is always left in there health is mental in this game...Manny Pacquaio wasn't healthy when he fought Mayweather but he took his loss like a champ, no excuses...Wilder on paper has no business facing the likes of Fury but he does and he's on the upper echelon stop hatin unless you can do better
Kyung Nim
Kyung Nim Mês atrás
It doesn't. Fury wasn't healthy for the 1st and 3rd fight. The one fight where Fury was healthy was the 2nd fight and how did that one end? With Wilder getting steamrolled.
Cb Baker
Cb Baker Mês atrás
Tyson fury might be one of the greatest heavyweights of all time frfr he’s a bad mamajama I don’t think he gets enough recognition
Michael Atonio
Michael Atonio Mês atrás
Great stoppage, no need to take that amount of brain damage .
Gerald Williams
Gerald Williams Mês atrás
Tyson beat him up pretty bad!! But look at his glove towards the end!!
Marcus Bruce
Marcus Bruce Mês atrás
There were so many rounds he just ate combos. It could have been stopped much sooner, and justified. This was sad to watch, honestly.
Jesus Christ Follower
The referee might have saved his life thank you referee good job
Maradona 86
Maradona 86 Mês atrás
Fury is the king , it’s his era !!! No one can beat this man
Nelson abreu
Nelson abreu Mês atrás
To be fair chisora hung in there longer then I anticipated so respected to him but still we all knew Tyson was going to pull out the win
DaOlSpaghettiFactory !
One more just to make sure Derek has enough help from his good friend
Ronald Green
Ronald Green Mês atrás
I've never seen a big guy throw so many punches in volume. Chisora did a good job of blocking the punches with his face though.🥊🥴🤔
David Huddleston
David Huddleston Mês atrás
Tyson Fury The GOAT, any Era any Weight Class
Jazz Almenas
Jazz Almenas Mês atrás
The best in the ring was the reff, I am sure he wanted to end it before, but vouched for Del's huge heart. Now get Usyk or Joe in there with Fury
Ashdraked Mês atrás
Great fight, chisora coming off a career victory to pulev 🙏
Christopher Rubio
Christopher Rubio Mês atrás
Fury is unstoppable…. We have all seen it time in and time out. He is the King of the division. I see no one defeating him anytime soon. No one.
guyco10 Mês atrás
@Samael I would like to see Usyk vs. Ruiz first, let the winner fight Fury.
Samael Mês atrás
@Latrell Ruffin I respect Usyk and he is the clear #2; But he’s too small for Fury. I feel like the disadvantages would be too much to overcome.
Mark Marcus
Mark Marcus Mês atrás
Andy Ruiz will sleep him
Latrell Ruffin
Latrell Ruffin Mês atrás
Connor Wellman
Connor Wellman Mês atrás
We are looking at the greatest heavyweight of all time
LGghostZ Mês atrás
Definitely a good stoppage, I think there should be more ref stoppages to save fighters and prolong their careers and brain health.
Laycon Giwa
Laycon Giwa Mês atrás
How can someone train so hard to get beating like a baby. I will be pissed .. Fury is the GOAT
Arthur A
Arthur A Mês atrás
Good call ref. Save him for another day. Love this sport
John Doe
John Doe Mês atrás
The fight nobody knew was happening. Fury’s team should be ashamed to make him fight this guy 3 times. Not going to be an all time great fighting Chisora 7 times. Lmao
Jeff Kugel
Jeff Kugel Mês atrás
He didn't hit him with anything. He's just already wobbly before he got in the ring. Bad stoppage and bad fight
89skeezy Mês atrás
Didn't even know Tyson was fighting...
joe Salinas
joe Salinas Mês atrás
Respect to Chisora, Tyson is dangerous
Veil Mês atrás
*Let's be honest here, the Ref had seen enough and so did we.* *I don't want to see Chisora fight ever again.*
Chucky Lohhkz
Chucky Lohhkz Mês atrás
Lol Tyson paid this man to take the L so he can move forward and go on to a bigger check with usik 🤣
Matthew Mês atrás
I think Fury is just getting a good tune up fight before Usyk
Tim Scott
Tim Scott Mês atrás
You can call me crazy but I'm just going to say it Alexander Usik has a dam good chance best Tyson Fury, but right now Tyson Fury the man until proven otherwise
Hosanna Yeshua
Hosanna Yeshua Mês atrás
Gotta say... Fury punching ability is looking much better... very sharp powerful punches.
Lamar Cook
Lamar Cook Mês atrás
@Eli Nino it's sounds easy but it's not that simple. The range Fury has keeps him far from danger. It discourages counter punching because he's too far. A bit difficult to explain unless you've been in with a very tall guy with long arms
Hosanna Yeshua
Hosanna Yeshua Mês atrás
@Eli Nino no his technique has improved
Eli Nino
Eli Nino Mês atrás
Well that's easy when the opponent isn't punching back lol
Walt Rogers
Walt Rogers Mês atrás
Yea the way he took the gloves off and the camera switched right after the ref called the fight.. those gloves looked destroyed.. it’s disgusting man
Salaam Fitzgerald
Salaam Fitzgerald Mês atrás
Did Chisora even land a punch?
angel negro ferman
angel negro ferman Mês atrás
Not Even 6
Lord_Freezy Andres
Lord_Freezy Andres Mês atrás
Ref was more like “ *let me give them something to talk about* “
Jérôme Denis
Jérôme Denis Mês atrás
Time to bring the real fight on this year's schedule. Come on.
JRF Mês atrás
I didn’t even know the fight happened already 💀
This is a different Fury style letting it go!!! FURY LOOKING fast
FoxWolf Mês atrás
it upsets me that derrick is this guy with over 30 wins, and has a big amount of losses and he's going for a world title, it's a joke, like he has to retire, he has 2 title fights in his career and there not even close, vitali killed chisora a lot more then fury did in there 3rd encounter.
Joei Camelú
Joei Camelú Mês atrás
Tyson didn’t even get in shape for this one, look at that bod
C Green
C Green Mês atrás
Talk about a FIXED fight haha 😂, Brittany crap, what a fix, strip him of his belts
HC Mês atrás
Estos Estos pesos pesados no durarían 5 rounds en la epoca de Ali , Foreman , Tyson , Lewis etc. These heavyweights wouldn't last 5 rounds in the days of Ali, Foreman, Tyson, Lewis etc.
Tyrone-Jackson Block
Why was there a Chisora Fury 3? Fury outboxed Chisora in the first fight, Chisora's team threw in the towel the second fight, and now this. Chisora never had a puncher's chance.
Sean Porter
Sean Porter Mês atrás
Chisora didn’t give him a fight in either of the first two fights why would they sanction this? Boxing is a disgrace
Eric Mês atrás
Ended triology? Lol it was ended in fight number 2 when Fury went 2-0
Armone White
Armone White Mês atrás
Tyson Fury cheating his way to the top again.. Slow motion! Look how loose that left glove is.. Stevie Wonder can see this .. smh
Loco Jet617
Loco Jet617 Mês atrás
Expected outcome
dan polseno
dan polseno Mês atrás
Look how fresh Tyson looked in the 10 th round the man has stamina a little extra body fat means nothing in boxing.
Mark McKinney
Mark McKinney Mês atrás
Super good stoppage by the ref. Could've stopped it earlier even.
konan dadestroyer
konan dadestroyer Mês atrás
People should realize how good Deontay is. He's the only heavyweight who's smaller I might add that put him down multiple times
Mr. FinesseR
Mr. FinesseR Mês atrás
@Some Dude facts
Some Dude
Some Dude Mês atrás
@Mr. FinesseR fury is even more overrated than Wilder
Some Dude
Some Dude Mês atrás
@Mr. FinesseR they’re both overrated
Some Dude
Some Dude Mês atrás
@dkam there’s also plenty of people who claim he’s the 2nd best heavyweight in the world and beats everyone except for fury
dkam Mês atrás
@Some Dude I am not sure how much people overrate him. He is widely considered a one dimensional boxer with lower than average skills. I agree with the other dude that he deserves credit for putting fury down multiple times. It is also reasonable to discredit fury and say he is a bum which would make wilder even worse.
sun rah 44
sun rah 44 Mês atrás
Wilder would have had chisora outta there in the first round.
J Jackson
J Jackson Mês atrás
Fury’s left glove was flopping around again! Cheater
Er Ja
Er Ja Mês atrás
Do any of you actually think Fury stood a chance against Tyson, Bowe, Holyfield, Lewis,Mercer, or Tua. Heck I'm not even sure if he would of beaten Buster Douglas or Mitch Green the only person he has a chance against is Carl the tooth Williams
Arwen guitar player
I'm happy chisora got a nice pay day, but I hate to see him get whooped on like this. Tyson Fury is the GOAT, but this was just wrong.
Sha Jaxks
Sha Jaxks Mês atrás
This wasn’t prompted well at all i didn’t even know this fight was happening 😭😂
David Gregory
David Gregory Mês atrás
Is 2023 going to be the boxing year we’ve been waiting 20 years for? There’s a monster fight in every weight class from 135 up available. Except 154 charlo cleaned it out
Progressor X
Progressor X Mês atrás
Tyson clearly played with his food and could have easily finished much sooner. Chisora could most likely beat down any dude in this comment section but is useless without roids in the pros .
The wiseguy
The wiseguy Mês atrás
Tyson. Should of fought someone else , Respect to Chisora Great boxer
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez Mês atrás
There goes fury with the flappy glove again lol 😂
TieFighter34 Mês atrás
bandera rusa 🪆
bandera rusa 🪆 Mês atrás
Andy Ruiz will never let Tyson do that to him.
Locked In
Locked In Mês atrás
That Fury is NOT! the same man who fought Wilder!
Mourad Iben Habba
Mourad Iben Habba Mês atrás
Tyson Fury 👑
Victor Simpson
Victor Simpson Mês atrás
Facts 💯 💯
Deloneys Mês atrás
Waste of even a stay busy fight. I love the fact that he got his friend a payday but come on, Chimera has been trash for years.
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