Tyson Fury Ko's Chisora in Rd 10, Ends Trilogy in Front of 60,000 people | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS 

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2 Dez 2022



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@YourFreeBeats Anos atrás
The fact Chisora himself thanked the ref for “saving” him speaks volumes as to the beating Chisora was taking.
Undefeated King Fury has similar skills of Ali but so much more like 6-feet 9-inches and 277 pounds with an 85" albatross reach. A focused Fury is boxing evolved to it's highest state ever. 277 lbs of brutal jabs, slick head movement, great footwork, granite chin, snappy punches, relaxed stamina, and great intelligence.
@Shel230 Anos atrás
@@Corina_June_Cunningham nah Ali didn't do drugs
@laszlo3064 Anos atrás
@@Corina_June_Cunningham you’re hyping him too much for this performance. This wasn’t a beat down it was a hazing lol
@somedude3977 Anos atrás
@@Corina_June_Cunningham 260s*** he only weight 277 once in his career
@BDJ4mTex Anos atrás
I heard Fury wants a 4th fight with Chisora to settle it once and for all.
@jasont.greene4003 Anos atrás
@BDJ4mTex 🤣🤣
😆 🤣
@michaelgregg8716 Anos atrás
@pr0dlee589 Anos atrás
@thejamnasium6447 Anos atrás
@billmurray1431 Anos atrás
I'm a big Fury fan but this was sad. This wasn't even a fair fight.
@jbear4525 Anos atrás
They are friends and Chisora is gonna retire. Fury gave him a big pay day
@713anand Anos atrás
@@jbear4525 probably right, and fury needed a tune up to stay busy because usyk wouldn’t have been ready.
@fila7832 Anos atrás
@VRTimeFun Anos atrás
@@713anand I don't think he will fight usyk
@713anand Anos atrás
@@VRTimeFun I’m ok with joe Joyce. He’s undefeated and a great Olympian. Who does usyk fight in that case. Ruiz is next in line too still. He’s 1-1 vs Joshua. And a ko in his win. That 1-1 is lopsided with those two
@KobashifanSam Anos atrás
Tyson's combos are quite fast. Its quite scary to see a guy that big throw hands that fast
@trillspilltx6628 Anos atrás
Fast lmao
@jaygoldstein651 Anos atrás
@@trillspilltx6628 yes, fast.
@joshschaeffer3300 Anos atrás
Fast enough for a man his size but speed isnt the issue lightning speed is nothing without timing, mastery of distance, technique. If the flash was a boxer and went the same speed every time he would be countered and hit by a slower fighter timing beats speed and speed without timing and rhythm is nothing but potential that will be squandered at that level maybe at most amateurs overwhelming speed would do just that and overwhelm but just as likely they survive and how long can someone keep a wide open pace? Not to long and woe unto the fighter who depends on speed advantage to stay safe and disregard proper D. Very few fighters have been able to do so and usually only then against lesser opponents most people dont know that Ali's float like a butterfly sting like a bee days were mostly wasted the 3 and half years he wasnt able to box when he came back he was not the same fighter and in true greatness he adapted and found ways to win whether it was his severely underrated inside fighting and clinch work or strategy and psychological warfare or pure heart and his chin he could not dance 15 rounds constantly pumping non stop punches of blurry speed he was actually very much a meat and potatoes fighter that built everything off a nuisanced jab and good 1-2's which seems like no way could something so basic be successful but it was because he varied his rhythm and timing or a slight angle and foot work etc. One little adjustment makes an infinite number of new possibilities. Tyson fights tall and he moves well he uses all his physical traits instead of squandering them like many a fighter has done there is no true advantage or disadvantage in the ring it's what you do with the cards you're dealt how you play them. You can improve them some in the gym but only some chin, one punch ko power, reach, height all are things that either cant be changed or only so much if you work hard, learn proper way you will hit harder and if you're in good shape you can take more punishment but there is a way to win regardless of what you're cards are if you play them correctly. There is a path to victory for every man who steps through the ropes if he has cultivated his abilities and not wasted them on the couch eating cheeseburgers but in the gym keeping sharp and has the gas to execute as he will need to then speed or no speed power or none good or not so good footwork it doesnt matter if you're smarter and take care of you're Defense first and maintain complete focus you can be ready when the time comes to capitalize on a mistake or exploit openings or poor conditioning of opponent or deception
@Delacruzcruz15 Anos atrás
Such a monumental moment to think that Tyson fury actually beat a punching bag.
@rayeshawndela Anos atrás
It looks like Chisora was going to get paid more money the less punches he threw
@lomein6345 Anos atrás
He wasn't no punching bag against Usyk, 115-113 on 2 judges cards. Beat Pulev and SD against Parker.
@@rayeshawndelaDoubt this fight was fixed. Chisora just didn’t have a chance.
@@christianjocson5509I can’t stand the whole “fixed” theory’s…. Why would Tyson need DC to not throw punches….. this was just a master class….. also Tyson giving his boy one last bag…
@mibles Anos atrás
*Tyson Fury is a beast. This fight wasn't very fair. He is a giant.*
@walter1554 Anos atrás
Not the size of the dog in the fight.
@RC-xr8gw Anos atrás
Damn Tyson beat him up like punching bag 😂😂
@luismosqueda7293 Anos atrás
Couldn’t do that with wilder because wilder chinny.
@choppyhaze2 Anos atrás
@@luismosqueda7293 huh
@itzlofi6173 Anos atrás
@@luismosqueda7293 he’s literally done it twice now what you talking about
@luismosqueda7293 Anos atrás
@@itzlofi6173 I was making fun of wilder and meant to say old man chisora made it on his feet while wilder was flat on the ground 😂
@westpippen40 Anos atrás
@@luismosqueda7293 should of just kept that comment to yourself honestly 🥴 it was super corny
@MarkyCannoli Anos atrás
If Chisora didn’t have brain damage before that fight, he does now. Just sad.
@T.Z.M4N Anos atrás
It looked like a super heavyweight against a middleweight.
@normalnick9693 Anos atrás
brain too spongey to lose consciousness at least
@vicariouschism86 Anos atrás
@@T.Z.M4N that's exactly what its gonna look like against Usyk too
@Dylan-mi7rp Anos atrás
@@vicariouschism86 HA
@PlasticMoon Anos atrás
The people booing wanted him to get seriously injured... Man's took a beating Good call by the ref
@stroberdolb9183 Anos atrás
Man's what?
@JasonHebert Anos atrás
I'm pretty sure they were booing the fights existence like most of us
@zandervaladez6044 Anos atrás
The amount of punishment that derek was taking was scary
@clownindan5054 Anos atrás
Yeah that should probably be his last fight.
@The_GenXennial Anos atrás
Takes a real man to take a beating like that for 10 rounds. Regardless of how good or bad he is at boxing.
@BillySmith-np5zn Anos atrás
“Boxing isn’t about how tough you are it’s about how smart you are. Tough guys in boxing end up talking funny.”-Mike Tyson
@The_GenXennial Anos atrás
@@BillySmith-np5zn Lol, very true. Yet the comment had nothing to do with anything outside of toughness.
@The_GenXennial Anos atrás
@@BillySmith-np5zn your totally missing the point of what I said… and this comment is irrelevant to the statement I made. Always that one person. 😂
@BillySmith-np5zn Anos atrás
@@The_GenXennial what? Telling the truth?
@Cinemachoice Anos atrás
Yea this was not a fight, it was Fury just doing target practice. How can you discredit Joshua when none of his fights was this despicable. We want Wilder Joshua, Usyk Wilder, Ruiz Wilder.
@27GT3 Anos atrás
Just because Tyson Fury makes it easy it’s not his fault. You think Joshua could’ve beaten an undefeated wilder twice? He couldn’t even get past Fat Andy Ruiz.
@Normthemmafighter Anos atrás
We want wilder 😂😂😂 🤡 dude the id rather the the rematch of chisora and fury rn before I see wilder a fourth fucking time
@genotothebeno Anos atrás
I thought this man Fury was retired wtf.. how did I not know about this fight until now
@mr.banana7223 Anos atrás
Because it was a stupid tune up fight
@paleo704 11 meses atrás
You must’ve been under a rock
@tangomantactical 11 meses atrás
It was a waste of a fight. It meant zero. DC had no chance. Several ppl made a ton of $$$. 60,000 Brits idioticly wasted their pounds. Usyk is 10 times the fighter then DC is. Usyk is coming.........
Fury's punching seems to improve with every fight. Working with Sugar was the best thing he ever did for his career.
@@mdh2515 Wtf are you talking about? Improving your technique will give you more punching power. Stop crying about what Fury did to Deontay.
@seanporter7505 Anos atrás
He never worked with Bert Sugar
@@seanporter7505 I was talking about Sugar Bear, the mascot for Golden Crisp.
@@mr.shickadance4112 lol random comment of the year 🤣
the best set of love handles to ever grace the ring...
@STREETJE Anos atrás
All the great heavyweights never had love handles
@ateam137 Anos atrás
@@STREETJE I bet you're a lot of fun at the parties, huh?
@o3reporting490 Anos atrás
@@STREETJEdude ali did at the end when he was recieving brain damage sandwiches.
@badgascoupe Anos atrás
@@STREETJE Never watched Big George Foreman?
@J.C.117 Anos atrás
@@STREETJE Yeah so we gonna act like Foreman doesn’t exist?
I hope we get Fury vs Usyk
@wilsonpena263 Anos atrás
💯👌Fury Fury champion,
@omarisawesome1996 Anos atrás
Nah chisora fury 4.
@jeromyzwiers1452 Anos atrás
Me too my freind.
@rebelliousredneckvlogs 11 meses atrás
Fury is scared of him and AJ
@Andrecito922 Anos atrás
He has now mastered the uppercut with both hands. Dude just keeps getting better. It's crazy. Remember guys and girls, many people thought Chisora fought to a draw with Usyk.
@seahawksFishing Anos atrás
People are dogging Fury but give no credit to the toughness of chisora
@JONATHAN-rt4ox Anos atrás
Chisora is a warrior defenitley and there has been a few fights where he been robbed just like Gabriel rosado, I thought it was a dumb stoppage even tho fury dominated but chisora is definitely a warrior hands down man he showed heart 🙏🔥
@lamontmerritt4544 Anos atrás
C'mon man,smh.Chisora didn't have a chance,it was a money grab.
@JONATHAN-rt4ox Anos atrás
@@lamontmerritt4544 I mean he showed heart and got a good few hits. Unlike other people he didn’t get knocked down or anything he still stood up and still fought you gotta at least give him some credit.
@seahawksFishing Anos atrás
@@lamontmerritt4544 lasted ten rounds with a power punching head hunting gypsy 👑
@seahawksFishing Anos atrás
@@JONATHAN-rt4ox dude definitely wasn't a easy out. Has a crazy chin.
@jeffrydiamond Anos atrás
Respect to Derek. After the first round he looked less like an opponent and more like a sparring partner. Fury really is on another level.
@tedbundy2268 Anos atrás
Boy this was a great fight I love the part When the ref finished eating his sandwich and decided to save chisora from permanent brain damage .
@USSHammerology Anos atrás
Now that's a great referee. He cherishes life. Having a good life.
Tyson fury just toyed with this dude🥊
@YourFreeBeats Anos atrás
Chisora fared 1000x better than Whyte did.
@MrSturdystratus Anos atrás
Yet got kod ugly by whyte. Chisora had no business challenging for this title
@slizzle6632 Anos atrás
Wilder did better than both
@@slizzle6632 That’s because Wilder is an elite heavyweight while Chisora and Whyte are gatekeepers at best.
@impervius8690 Anos atrás
@@christianjocson5509 debateable. Wilder never fought one elite heavyweight. Until Fury. Fury went on to dominate Wilder winning 25 of 30 total rounds between them
Gotta say... Fury punching ability is looking much better... very sharp powerful punches.
@elinino5275 Anos atrás
Well that's easy when the opponent isn't punching back lol
@@elinino5275 no his technique has improved
@lamarcook1791 Anos atrás
@@elinino5275 it's sounds easy but it's not that simple. The range Fury has keeps him far from danger. It discourages counter punching because he's too far. A bit difficult to explain unless you've been in with a very tall guy with long arms
@LarryPerkins78 Anos atrás
Man...I can hardly WAIT to see Fury-Chisora 4! come on - who's with me?
Fury is unstoppable…. We have all seen it time in and time out. He is the King of the division. I see no one defeating him anytime soon. No one.
@SHN19994 Anos atrás
@samael6903 Anos atrás
@@SHN19994 I respect Usyk and he is the clear #2; But he’s too small for Fury. I feel like the disadvantages would be too much to overcome.
@durtyragoux Anos atrás
@@samael6903 I would like to see Usyk vs. Ruiz first, let the winner fight Fury.
@Tonyoung55 Anos atrás
A third fight is crazy 😂
@louisasanchez6219 3 meses atrás
LOVE IT!! He deserved every bit! I wanted to see chisora hit the deck! Had it coming!
@rebelrog2870 8 meses atrás
The ref did pick an unusual point to stop it. After a couple glancing nicks and as the guy is jogging forward, pumping blood into his arms, to keep fighting. Got to give him credit for that.
@Cinemachoice Anos atrás
Tyson did stick to his word of slugging it out yet this was just annihilation for Dell Boy. Just a different league Fury is in.
Yea this 3 fight was irrelevant just a slaughter match I hate these type of match ups smh tyson fury
@eol6632 Anos atrás
Yeah let's all simp on Fury, he promised to slug it out with the shell of a fighter he has beaten twice before. How fucking brave.
@samuelfagbemi8851 Anos atrás
@@eol6632 lmao
@jacobescalanteful Anos atrás
I had Chisora up on the cards. What a robbery! He blocked 95% of the punches with his face. It was an impressive performance by him but they still gifted fury the fight.
@JR-kv6ez Anos atrás
Sigh...another "blocked with his face joke". Here is the attention you wanted. I'll even give your comment a like since you crave it so badly and I'm a nice guy.
@JR-kv6ez Anos atrás
@@Joeiguana27 I'll pray for your hairline.
@jacobescalanteful Anos atrás
@J R yet you responded, looks like you are in need of attention as well little buddy. I got you though.
@JR-kv6ez Anos atrás
@@jacobescalanteful Try having an original thought, Timmy.
@courtbonar1509 9 meses atrás
Chisora had heart... Can't take that away from him
@timothythomas8082 Anos atrás
Tyson cracks me up by yelling, "Hey Hey Hey", every time he throws a punch 🤣
Oh. My. God. What. A. Great. Trilogy. I. Am. Blown. Away. He’s. Just. Like. Ali. In. Every. Way. He. Now. Has. Two. Trilogies. So. Great. 😑
@KuyaArbee Anos atrás
Furys foot work, hand speed, power and head movement is just TOP TIER! also his EDURANCE AND CHIN IS NEXT LEVEL! SHEESH! WHAT A LEGEND TYSON FURY IS!
@waynedooley1834 Anos atrás
Anyone can look good when you're fighting a bum.
@KuyaArbee Anos atrás
@@waynedooley1834 damn you calling Derek a Bum? :/ lol the disrespect
@dmonsterlove 11 meses atrás
0:15 It's so God damn ridiculous how amazing Shrek can box. When dude was on the ropes tryna weave, fury connected EVERY punch
I’m a Fury fan but I’m glad I didn’t pay to watch this live
@Rammsteinfanboy2 11 meses atrás
Honestly expected for Fury to get the job done way sooner than the 10th.
Wow. Hard to watch such a lopsided fight - tip of the hat to Chisora for giving his best but man, Fury just can't be beat. Absolutely wild to see!!!
@unorthodox7945 Anos atrás
Perhaps Fury wasn't cheating in the Wilder 2nd fight I saw that glove swinging the same way in this fight. I thought he cleared it up with the 3rd win over Wilder but clearly he didn't cheat watching this fight
@YUNGRC Anos atrás
Heavy punches ref said that enough 🥊👍💯 Good fight much Respect 👍
@BlueRazor69 Anos atrás
You can hear that crowd reaction. Speaks volumes
No way 60k people payed to see this fight
@the3dcolorer12 11 meses atrás
Any man that’s gets in that ring deserves respect thank God that ref stopped that fight his team should be ashamed to let it go that long they obviously don’t care about him
No one thought Chisora was gonna win 😂
@dariusgoatland10 9 meses atrás
Fury has so thoroughly dominated this sport he’s having trilogies against people he’s hardly lost a round to.
@cygnusprime6728 Anos atrás
Chisora's legs buckled since the 2nd round. Fury threw mildly but was damaging Chisora with every flush bomb. Chisora saying he wanted to try Wilder's power is funny.
@noydb8310 Anos atrás
Bro Tyson gave dude a major A$$ kicking. Damn.
@minkyem Anos atrás
Tyson was in a tough position. Didn't want to hurt his friend too badly. He was punching with 50 percent power rather than scoring a devastating knockout but the prolonged beating was actually worse for Derek.
@stevep5408 Anos atrás
The ref had to step in before there was another ring death! Good for him, it was down to a lucky punch vs a combo that could have killed. Bad odds, good call
@alwayshungry1771 Anos atrás
At least he got a…. Medal 🏅
@devinaxtman6171 Anos atrás
I really have to give Chisora props. Dude has more heart than Wilder did. More durable. Gave Usyk some problems at times even. I think he should retire though. Speed isn’t there anymore.
@coffeeandxanax2158 11 meses atrás
Usyk went life and death with Chisora
@SuperColeman88 Anos atrás
Fury looked great.
@skyolson3905 Anos atrás
Good stoppage, could've even called it in the 8th!
@williejr0322 Anos atrás
Dang wonder how he trained and performed for the first two fights 😢 didn't see them and this the third fight 🙄
@ronaldgreen8423 Anos atrás
I've never seen a big guy throw so many punches in volume. Chisora did a good job of blocking the punches with his face though.🥊🥴🤔
@ronjames7953 Anos atrás
Uysk will be a HUGE problem for Fury. He's fast and he's so methodical. Fury won't be able to pick him off like he did Wilder, Whyte or Chisora. I'm a huge Fury fan but Uysk is just as good a Heavyweight as Fury.
@karlkindle5275 Anos atrás
Usyk is so much smaller. Will take the fight of his life to neat Fury
@KyungNim Anos atrás
Usyk is good but so was Cunningham and Wallin. Both were great southpaw boxers and Fury beat both by ragdolling them. I think this fight happened for 3 reasons. 1. A tune up to remove the ring rust and give Fury confidence to slug it out. 2.Give del boy the third fight he was promised and a retirement paycheck. 3.Test out his old pressure style again. If one of the toughest brawlers in the division can't handle Fury then pillow fisted Usyk will have a tougher time. Still a 50/50 fight because Usyk is a great boxer so we need to see the fight to know what happens.
@gamerd8709 Anos atrás
Are we supposed to be impressed? Who didnt see this coming
@RandyTorres818 Anos atrás
Your mum
@ltnorbiit3020 Anos atrás
@@RandyTorres818 fanboy
@tyronemcbride3221 Anos atrás
💯 I agree with you
@Greazy__E Anos atrás
I’ll never understand how boxing champions get away with fighting absolute no names. There’s not a single champion in the UFC who is fighting tomato cans like this
I think it was a bad stoppage, but only because of the timing of it. I don't think he was going to last another round, but the ref should at least let the fight go until Chisora is either hurt by a good shot or in trouble from a solid combination.
@mkdken Anos atrás
@sheriffrobb3046 Anos atrás
I want to see Fury in shape like he was for the Wilder fights. If he’s not careful he’s gonna get taken out by a less or opponent for not being in shape.
@albrown1812 Anos atrás
Went from dancing,to knocking shit out!
@craigmills6275 Anos atrás
I’m a MASSIVE fan of Tyson fury. This fight should’ve never happened. Boxing is crazy.
@LJC5865 Anos atrás
Belt holders wasting time sitting, dodging or clogging the dam.
People should realize how good Deontay is. He's the only heavyweight who's smaller I might add that put him down multiple times
@somedude3977 Anos atrás
Steve Cunningham was smaller and he also put Fury down
@somedude3977 Anos atrás
And wilder got dropped like 6 times against Fury and was stopped and knocked out cold, at least Chisora didn’t go down
@dkamikaw Anos atrás
​@@somedude3977do you think chisora was more impressive against fury than wilder?
@somedude3977 Anos atrás
@@dkamikaw I think people overrate wilder wayyy too much when in reality he hasn’t proven himself and when he did step up in competition he got demolished
@dkamikaw Anos atrás
@@somedude3977 I am not sure how much people overrate him. He is widely considered a one dimensional boxer with lower than average skills. I agree with the other dude that he deserves credit for putting fury down multiple times. It is also reasonable to discredit fury and say he is a bum which would make wilder even worse.
@dewdew34 11 meses atrás
Fury is gonna need more training to beat someone better than Chisora. I know he's never in great shape but he has looked more fit before. It looked like at the end Fury was not trying to get a KO out of respect, he knew he was finished, just waiting on the ref.
@1844life Anos atrás
Excellent call by the ref. Correct decision
@NotCharAznable Anos atrás
Imagine losing anyway when your opponent barely prepared for you.
@amzomar1633 Anos atrás
Fury is the man for giving this guy a 3rd fight cuz lord knows there definitely not on the same level 😂
@qwerty722 Anos atrás
Went in thinking "I don't want to see that fight". Came out thinking "I wish I didn't see that fight". Nobody looks good here
@jj007104 Anos atrás
Every new Fury fight shows Fury's greatness...every new Fury fight shows Wilder's go toe to toe with this man and put him down 3 times says a lot even in a loss
@KyungNim Anos atrás
It doesn't. Fury wasn't healthy for the 1st and 3rd fight. The one fight where Fury was healthy was the 2nd fight and how did that one end? With Wilder getting steamrolled.
@jj007104 Anos atrás
@@KyungNim Bro every boxer can say they weren't healthy before almost every fight...if you make it into the ring to fight all excuses are out the window...a case could be made for Wilder not being healthy the second fight too but it doesn't matter...Fury himself tonight said Wilder is either number 2 or 3 and he doesn't see the heavyweight that can deal with his power...when the men in the ring speak, listen unless you been in there you have no idea what it takes...I boxed for 8 years trust me when I tell you, like Teddy says you never leave the ring the same as you came in, a piece of you is always left in there health is mental in this game...Manny Pacquaio wasn't healthy when he fought Mayweather but he took his loss like a champ, no excuses...Wilder on paper has no business facing the likes of Fury but he does and he's on the upper echelon stop hatin unless you can do better
Wilder got decapitated lol 😆
@KyungNim Anos atrás
@@jj007104 Fury factually wasn't healthy. 1st Fight: He was a recovering alcohol and drug abuser while also losing more than 100 lbs. It takes a long time to get back to 100%. 2nd Fight: Fury was a lot more healthier from staying active and he had a great camp. What happened? He steamrolled Wilder. 3rd Fight: Fury got COVID. Then stopped training one month before the fight because his newborn daughter almost died. After the fight Fury admitted there was no gameplan and he simply went for the knockout because he had bone spurs in his elbows that caused him great pain. After the 4th round Wilder was getting demolished. Wilder is a bum who was lucky enough to fight Fury at his worst two times and still lost both of them. Shows how bad Wilder is.
@Brazconj Anos atrás
I totally forgot about this fight. Did anyone think Chisora was going to beat Tyson Fury ???
@cloudlink2542 Anos atrás
Fury looked like he wanted for stop punching dude he was beating him so bad. Looked like he was just going through the motions by the end of it.
@yerlo594 Anos atrás
Damn tyson fury makes his opponents look drunk
@davidgregory2434 Anos atrás
Is 2023 going to be the boxing year we’ve been waiting 20 years for? There’s a monster fight in every weight class from 135 up available. Except 154 charlo cleaned it out
@GameNation-tb9sc Anos atrás
It was a nice warm up fight before the fight he actually wants
@MrWolfchamp-xi3cu Anos atrás
What a fight. What a performance. This was the best performance of Tyson's career. This is the greatest Heavyweight of all time everyone This was totally a 50/50 fight with stakes. Not padding his record at all with this one.
@HollyTheFootsie Anos atrás
He is not a top 5 heavyweight
@jetlido6383 Anos atrás
@@HollyTheFootsie sarcasm I’m guessing
@ryneredington Anos atrás
Who should he be fighting?
@kJ-gk5qu Anos atrás
“What a fight” Can I borrow your eyes? 👀
@yeayea1458 Anos atrás
I would love to see Fury vs Chisora 4!
@70gabino Anos atrás
What a fight! Can't wait for Haney-Kambosos 3, Wilder Helenius 2 and Canelo- GGG 4!
Fury is definitely a great fighter but for him to be so big he really doesn't have true knock power punches so he basically wears you down to get the knock out the way it was looking in the 3rd round the fight should've been over but because fury isn't the hardest hitter & he probably got the best footwork & head movement I've seen for someone his size so it's hard to land meaningful punches on fury the fight last longer
@codyboe2827 Anos atrás
Tyson Fury didn't give Usak anything to be afraid of. I don't think Fury on his best day will beat Usak. No wonder Usak took a phone call while listening to Fury going off! Nothing to fear here!
@jofi4580 Anos atrás
I was feeling bad for that dude. Getting his face rearranged. Way outta his league fighting Fury.
Fury was so dominant in this fight and on his toes throwing hard combos to the face and body that it was a no contest. I mean he was toying with the man
@roulettemafia9696 Anos atrás
I get that Fury’s at the top of his game rn but I’ve never seen more one sided highlights in my life, they tryna make it seem like Chisora ain’t throw a punch 😅
@fila7832 Anos atrás
FACTS. I was like DAM. Did he even TRY 2 FIGHT back
@capitano111 Anos atrás
It wasn't a highlight reel of the fight it was a highlight reel of Tyson fury. Not cool at all
@roulettemafia9696 Anos atrás
@@fila7832 😂😂😂
@roulettemafia9696 Anos atrás
@@capitano111 highly disrespectful but hey it’s boxing
@danpolseno9728 Anos atrás
Look how fresh Tyson looked in the 10 th round the man has stamina a little extra body fat means nothing in boxing.
@brocktonma.1816 Anos atrás
Chisora never quit💪🇺🇸
@j.l.b.1816 Anos atrás
A lot of people saying Tyson was scared of Usyk, as a fighter its one at a time, now let the shat talking begin for Tyson...I have him winning a one sided victory.
@Mr.Oct___ Anos atrás
Hilarious part is the 2:01-2:02 mark, u can see Fury do the same glove flick technique where it flaps around a bit as he slaps & flicks his shot. ..
@o3reporting490 Anos atrás
Naw bro hes got eggweights in there🤣
@artisfu9 Anos atrás
At 2:02 his WRIST BENT BACK just like in the Second Wilder fight! Is this just the way his wrist does, or does he have his HAND PULLED BACK IN THE WRIST PART OF THE GLOVE??? It's hard to tell because right after that, HE THREW AN UPPERCUT and the GLOVE DID NOT FLOP!!!
Tyson Fury 👑
@victorsimpson8847 Anos atrás
Facts 💯 💯
@brispybryce4251 10 meses atrás
I’m still surprised this fight was even allowed to happen
@montecapone1168 Anos atrás
Ref did what HE HAD to do bro saved that man career no cap
@clutchk5240 Anos atrás
Wow damn near look like flawless victory
@nelsonabreu5963 Anos atrás
To be fair chisora hung in there longer then I anticipated so respected to him but still we all knew Tyson was going to pull out the win
@jimmyde5935 Anos atrás
He's an amazing boxer
@waltrogers4529 Anos atrás
Yea the way he took the gloves off and the camera switched right after the ref called the fight.. those gloves looked destroyed.. it’s disgusting man
@larrywheels762 Anos atrás
Fury left glove is halfway out of the glove. He got a long reach, already.
@ryuaghhdukeit7504 Anos atrás
Yea i noticed that and notice how Tyson Fury started biting his glove to take it off imidiately.
@The1Karking Anos atrás
The REAL champ 👑👑👑👑👑
@jazzalmenas Anos atrás
The best in the ring was the reff, I am sure he wanted to end it before, but vouched for Del's huge heart. Now get Usyk or Joe in there with Fury
@Brandonisblessed 2 meses atrás
Merciful stoppage. No need for him to take more life-changing damage. At least he can live to fight another day. Good stoppage!
@stopsheeping Anos atrás
I'd say it's sad there's a "champion" as out of shape as fury.....but then there was foreman. Oh, and ali did actually "connect" with liston's head to knock him out.
@johnkleise8283 Anos atrás
As a boxing fan, not an expert: Heavy weight division has rarely produced “Exciting” in comparison to welter or middleweight. The foot work and deliberate throws by Tyson are phenomenal IMO.. he has one flaw there, his toe drag. No plant/pivot. But he (his body) does get lazy. His fundamentals are on par with all of the greats. Follow through along with the snap of his shoulders. His breathing (tough to see I know.) he could give a clinic on that alone, even with those body shots. Anyway hope this comment finds you all well, and doesn’t develop into diatribe. Keep it respectful. Later
@johnkleise8283 Anos atrás
I’m legit trying to put into a text format that would be better in person. (Sorry)
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