Tyson Fury gets nasty gash in win over Otto Wallin | Fight Highlights

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See the highlights from #TysonFury's victory over challenger #OttoWallin, which featured Fury overcoming an early eye injury.
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15 Set 2019



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Comentários 1 096
VER DUN 8 dias atrás
Wilder to KO fury next year
Monu Sony
Monu Sony 9 dias atrás
Moss Warren
Moss Warren 10 dias atrás
Who came here after wwe lol
Joseph Mason
Joseph Mason 12 dias atrás
It would just be confusing and frustrating being in the ring with Fury. He jokes around, bobs like no other, laughs, puts his hands behind his backs, takes punches on purpose. He gets beat to hell but refuses to stay down.
kryskalla 22 dias atrás
Tyson Fury vs. Khabib in the Octagon for the next superfight.
It's Alright
It's Alright 23 dias atrás
Boxing is trash. MMA is not.
Black Geesus
Black Geesus 24 dias atrás
And they wonder why know body watches heavy weight boxing any more.
Thoughtcriminal 25 dias atrás
Please stop this lineal champion horse crap. He wont last long from this point on.
Unusual Retail
Unusual Retail 25 dias atrás
Anyone else with that gash and the fight is stopped with a TKO. Boxing did not want to see another title change. I love this sport, but the handling is so obvious.
TheChosenOne 26 dias atrás
Damn, a normal punch from a glove gave em that cut ? That must be one hell of a punch. Thats like me holding a pillow and i hit u so hard it made a cut on ur face o:
TheChosenOne 25 dias atrás
@dolimi jotoo true. After aj got hit once he wasnt there anymore. Tyson has a heart of steel !
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 26 dias atrás
That claw at the cut was disgusting. Should have been Instant disqualification
It's Alright
It's Alright 23 dias atrás
you boxing fans sure are little pussies.
Bry Pom
Bry Pom 26 dias atrás
Olyksander Usyk will become undisputed HW champ mark my words!!
misolou fout
misolou fout 26 dias atrás
not very good disposition of Fury
CMLAFLAMME 27 dias atrás
What was to be a filler fight almost went wrong.. it happens, ask AJ. Wilder Fury 2 should have been scheduled, now the heavyweight belt is just speculation, never good for the sport.
CMLAFLAMME 25 dias atrás
@qopoy dnon How many fights now has he thrown everything he has at someone and they hardly look hurt, and all that can be said is.. he survived well. He has good head movement and he's tough, but he doesn't have heavyweight power, he would get destroyed by some of the past heavyweights.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 26 dias atrás
getting smacked around so hard throughout that fight but it barely phased him. A tough opponent like that will cause problems for anyone. Then there's a very, very lucky cut e
Dash Iljazi
Dash Iljazi 27 dias atrás
so these were all the highlights in a 12 round fight?
Shane H
Shane H 27 dias atrás
Wilder will kick his ass!
misolou fout
misolou fout 26 dias atrás
They would have stopped the fight for any other fighter. Fury was lucky. :)
Anthony Nieves
Anthony Nieves 27 dias atrás
I seen this fight. They both didn’t do enough. They both sucked .
infinitycrops 28 dias atrás
They should make the specific terms of doctor stoppage and ref stoppage options they agree to before the fight. Otherwise, it makes the event look phony or rigged to favor an outcome.
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez 28 dias atrás
Fury has a really bad boxing stile its a miracle hes a champ
NBA FANBOY 28 dias atrás
How did he get through all those rounds with that cut is beyond me crazy
info145 28 dias atrás
Too big! Too strong! Cut or no cut, you'll feel the Fury!
Maxxwell Maxxwell
Maxxwell Maxxwell 28 dias atrás
Fake af
Steven Russell
Steven Russell 28 dias atrás
Two Dossers right there, every punch wallin threw looked half hearted. Something not right about that fight at all 😬🧐
Steven Russell
Steven Russell 28 dias atrás
The punch that caused the cut didn’t seem to have much power behind it at all ??
Tsvetan Vasilev
Tsvetan Vasilev 27 dias atrás
it's almost always like that, it's not about the power of the punch, it is about the angle, the area of the glove which makes contact etc; a snap jab is way more likely to cause a cut than a power punch; it;s (un)lucky occurrence and can happen to anyone in any given moment
K9 1
K9 1 28 dias atrás
2 self proclaimed MGTOWs
Kwamu Hill
Kwamu Hill 28 dias atrás
Fury is the best heavyweight what a heart and bravado , if AJ don't get this kind of mad spirit and precision it will be a problem!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 29 dias atrás
The Value of a Good Cut Man.
Dr Anxiety
Dr Anxiety 29 dias atrás
I hear alot of people saying it was a close good fight..... are we forgetting it was supposed to be a cake walk for fury?? Wilders punch definitely took something out of Tyson because this was a shit performance and had that been wilder in there, Fury wouldn’t even have his invisible belt anymore lol Wilder is now running the division till Fury or Joshua do something big... fighting the wallins and Schwarz of the division and losing to Ruiz Jr aren’t gonna do that
Charlie Brand
Charlie Brand 29 dias atrás
The big man was lucky.
Tsvetan Vasilev
Tsvetan Vasilev 27 dias atrás
was UNlucky to get cut; still won comfortably even with the cut, couldn't be said for many other boxers who happen to be in such spot
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 29 dias atrás
Wilder is technically bad, they are not...
Adam Holland
Adam Holland 29 dias atrás
Exactly. This is boxing and it can be very hard to fight anybody.. styles make fights and I can't believe so many people can't grasp this. Look at Wallin's chin for instance. He was getting smacked around so hard throughout that fight but it barely phased him. A tough opponent like that will cause problems for anyone. Then there's a very, very lucky cut early on in the fight. Most heavyweights wouldn't win from round 3-12 with a cut like that, even if it is Otto Wallin. Perhaps Wallin is very underrated and could beat Wilder, Joshua or Ruiz? Let's just wish them the best and see.
l337z0r 29 dias atrás
They would have stopped the fight for any other fighter. Fury was lucky. :)
Chuck Coulter
Chuck Coulter 28 dias atrás
On Hagler - that would have been a TKO.
YoLarue Streams
YoLarue Streams 29 dias atrás
Tyson was in for a treat hes lucky they didn't stop this fight due to (those) cuts . Any other fightee would have be stopped due to the cuts . seems rigged to me 🙊
Pat Corcoran
Pat Corcoran 25 dias atrás
YoLarue Streams hfjvn
Diesel Johnson
Diesel Johnson 29 dias atrás
He looks fat and out of shape
Diesel Johnson
Diesel Johnson 25 dias atrás
I’m not suggesting he is fat and out of shape I’m just saying that he looks fat and out of shape
calbo555 28 dias atrás
Wilder said that and lost 10 rounds.
Joseph Mason
Joseph Mason 29 dias atrás
Fury may not have that much power but he's a bad man!
Bags of Caucasian
Bags of Caucasian 26 dias atrás
@Joseph Mason literally the only time he got hit hard in the fight mate
Joseph Mason
Joseph Mason 26 dias atrás
@Bags of Caucasian Are you on drugs? Vs Wilder he was knocked down so hard no one thought he was getting up! Not even you! And the last fight he leaked 2 pints of blood. I LOVE the guy but I'm not gonna let myself be deranged by him! What are you smoking?
Bags of Caucasian
Bags of Caucasian 26 dias atrás
@Joseph Mason beat up so bad? He's rarely touched
Joseph Mason
Joseph Mason 27 dias atrás
@Bags of Caucasian So it's his strategy to not knock out his opponents and get himself beat up so bad as to have to get lucky by the ref not calling a TKO on account of the gallons of blood he's losing?
Bags of Caucasian
Bags of Caucasian 27 dias atrás
He has serious power, it's just he's also not stupid. Efficient man. Saves juice for later rounds.
Ray Perez
Ray Perez 29 dias atrás
Weak ass fight ..fury next to be kod from Britain
Chuck Coulter
Chuck Coulter 29 dias atrás
A victim of his own (and the press's hype).... Undefeated, my rear. I love Tyson Fury's open discussion of mental illness, his comeback, his getting up when Wilder rocked his world, but now -- face facts; don't talk Wilder; you lack that right, right now -- a man NOT EVEN in the top 20 in Europe lasted 12 rounds -- this is beyond Wepner vs. Ali (despite Wallin's flawless record) -- and he brought it. He had Tyson several times. If that were Hagler, some ref would have called it a damned TKO. Hagler was always robbed. Hagler had to WIN the WAR to win. Fury had a few sound flurries once he realized this man wasn't going anywhere. Clearly Fury has a white light on him. Imagine if Wilder had hit Fury, the newly crowned King of the Underestimators (a man who stole Joshua's Underestimating crown and that is hard to do.) Train Fury. Train. Wallin? Godspeed. The world is your oyster if you play this right. You beat every odd; in doing that, you WON! Only This was wallins 2nd 12 round fight? As Covington points out? SAD! A little less Luchador, less Apollo Creed shorts, a tad more seriousness. You're not Ali yet.
Official Tflasha
Official Tflasha 29 dias atrás
and still the undefeated lineal champion of the world!!!! (no Belt Present)
techstyle123 29 dias atrás
Otto did well
Heath Ledger_x
Heath Ledger_x 29 dias atrás
WILDER will gonna smash Fury so hard, fury is just an defensive boxer, taking advantage of his long arms, but still if Wilder goes in the fight with no doubts he will KO the fuck out tyson fury, like he did with Ortiz which imo is better than Fury, better boxer
Choking Doberman
Choking Doberman 29 dias atrás
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 29 dias atrás
Cherry picking almost went wrong, respect for otto wallin.
Chuck Coulter
Chuck Coulter 28 dias atrás
Christopher T
Christopher T Mês atrás
Andy Ruiz vs Tyson Fury HAS to happen. I can see that fight being a bloodbath!! 💀🥊
Chuck Coulter
Chuck Coulter 28 dias atrás
My money is on Ruiz. I reserve the right to change that after Ruiz-Joshua II. (I am now a Fury skeptic... can he slug?) If you dig that kind of war, watch Foreman-Lyle on You-Tube. (IMHO, all great scientific fighters ... Hagler could switch from Orthodox to Southpaw, too ... have to be able to slug as well... see The War. Peace!
Matteo Scaravelli
Matteo Scaravelli Mês atrás
He has not enough power in my opinion. He' s very good technically but he does not entertain so much inside the ring. Also not sure he could defeat easily Povetkin or Pulev. Wilder is technically bad, they are not...
liam andrews
liam andrews 29 dias atrás
what have you been fucking smoking he would beat povetkin and pulev with one hand
Cassie Mês atrás
Best fury/wallin highlights video Wallin a meanie but couldnt take the fury of the gypsy king
info145 23 dias atrás
All too true :-)
Soldier Mês atrás
Tyson fury is a trip!!!!
Rock girl
Rock girl 29 dias atrás
was pretty dope. And y’all reallly think fury using his pure boxing style will just take those shots? Nah. He went Mexican style here
Bart3k Mês atrás
Its always when this mf ref is there it gets bloody
Rock girl
Rock girl 29 dias atrás
It’s fun seeing fury utilize the Mexican style. He’s really owning up to the gypsy name. Gypsies all over the world. I don’t think people knows fury switched his style. Guys. He di
Simon Gordon
Simon Gordon Mês atrás
Fury got through the pub manager ....let's see how he does against the hardest punches of all time wilder in his next fight ..
Cassie Mês atrás
used too much energy in the process....hes a hit and not get hit type of figher and going for a k.o drained him
KAM 86
KAM 86 Mês atrás
Otto gotto lotto power
Robert R
Robert R Mês atrás
Fury all day the ghetto loves you man
villen Mês atrás
man boxing is so boring these days, what happened?
Jason Evans
Jason Evans Mês atrás
For all those idiots who said Fury beat Wilder! Did you watch that fight. This guy would not last 3 rounds against Wilder !!
Fmancillaz Mês atrás
Wilder looks like shit in every fight, the only difference is that he gets the KO's, don't act like Wilder is a skilled boxer that always looks good.
Brian Noel
Brian Noel Mês atrás
Fury has a contract of 100 million for 5 fights. He already beat 2 fighters and he needs one more fighter before wilder fight cuz in the contract wilder is number 4
nvmffs 29 dias atrás
Interesting! So how's that gonna happen? They can't keep the same date for the rematch then? Isn't that gonna be a breach of contract?
Prove Me Wrong
Prove Me Wrong Mês atrás
0:16 not cool of Wallin
Steve Carter
Steve Carter Mês atrás
Best performance of the night was the cut man
suprcrzy Mês atrás
I like Tyson Fury (like him even more as of late), but don't fight the bronze bomber again, he is going to KNOCK YOU THE FUCK OUT this time! Plus you've gone and pissed him off.. Just dont do it! #BOMBSQUAD
jackson remas
jackson remas Mês atrás
Kalvin Evans
Kalvin Evans Mês atrás
style makes fight this wilder fanboys is credit grabbing again just like they did to ruiz. wallin is a rough match up to fury because he is good boxer and his moves is calculated unlike wilder he is only w8ting for that right hand to land all day long wallin is harder match up for fury than wilder and he did better than wilder. wilder miss all night lmao with that 2 knockdowns against fury . while wallin is actually winning rounds against fury cought him as well with those cuts plus his southpaw . just stop it lol just because ruiz koed joshua that doesn't mean wilder can do the same thing its like rock ,paper , scissors here in boxing lol come at me wilder fangays i school your asses on by one
peter garvey
peter garvey Mês atrás
Otta Wallin gave a good account of himself ,but he didn't throw one uppercut the whole fight ,and Tyson Fury was leaning into him.
shamrah07 Mês atrás
calbo555 28 dias atrás
Shut up. Kidding. Not kidding!
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