Tyga Reveals His Insane Closets With Over $100k of Sneakers | Complex Closets

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Tyga gives Joe La Puma a tour of his sneaker and clothing collection for Complex Closets and shows four different closets, a huge array of BAPE shoes, Louis Vuitton clothes and sunglasses, and 1-of-1 customs.
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19 Ago 2019



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Comentários 5 032
Chris’s_ Vlogs
Chris’s_ Vlogs Hora atrás
Just watching how straight his place is makes me wanna clean my place up a bit
Amsterdam 020
Amsterdam 020 Hora atrás
IRS watching your ass
Vince Vincents
Vince Vincents 3 horas atrás
Compulsive buying disorder
zjuchi 8 horas atrás
Damn bro making us look broke as hell, imagine I bought some fire orange fog shoes and I pack it away coz I don't wanna wear orange I want a black on black one
LIL Gofi
LIL Gofi 12 horas atrás
He probably dont know How many shoes he have
Nusula Nusula
Nusula Nusula 13 horas atrás
How many closet you got? Tyga: all
Dathen Holley
Dathen Holley 19 horas atrás
Silly...mot give n back 2 the black community that made him the money no assets just a bunch of s*
Graciano Snarcy Mendis
Graciano Snarcy Mendis 20 horas atrás
Brandon Roberge
Brandon Roberge 21 hora atrás
(Gay)nigga ain’t foolin me
PecD'or 93
PecD'or 93 Dia atrás
Is it a foot locker store?
Nghia Trinh
Nghia Trinh Dia atrás
Việt⭐Nam❤🎼😃👍👍🙏✌ Vingroup VINFAST ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Landmark 81
Blatham Grantham University
These lames 📢 go feed the needy dumb ass nigga
Vanessa Gonzales Catracha en Usa
O guao accesible
karim hamed
karim hamed 3 dias atrás
after this i kinda like tyga
i dont fuck with his music but seems like a cool cat to me i respect that
Rodin Johnson
Rodin Johnson 3 dias atrás
nigga looks like a bitch
Amber Loveshot
Amber Loveshot 3 dias atrás
Cocoa Caramel
Cocoa Caramel 3 dias atrás
My boy joe got them calves...😅
colm imbert
colm imbert 4 dias atrás
Joe legs op
Prod. Freez
Prod. Freez 4 dias atrás
my man really went crazy with that gta heist money lol
Baik 4 dias atrás
complex: how u doin Tyga: yessir
BLACK JACK 4 dias atrás
Tyga = ASS!!
ツRḆO 5 dias atrás
2020 ?
Meek Savage
Meek Savage 5 dias atrás
Me: tyga, can I borrow 500 usd from u Tyga: why? Me: I want to buy a carrom board
Chris Miguel Sterling T
Where's men kicks 😂
Mariam Tsulukidze
Mariam Tsulukidze 5 dias atrás
Tyga is so goddamn fine Ive never noticed it before
Trin_208 Newman
Trin_208 Newman 5 dias atrás
Dope drip
tigerbiterhater 5 dias atrás
Just came here after seeing Chappelles mtv crib editions. Sweatshop.
Rhee aki
Rhee aki 6 dias atrás
Shiit if don't wear them just donate those...
anderson gonzalez
anderson gonzalez 6 dias atrás
No me crean tan hifueputa , yo tengo apenas 3 tenis de 10 dólares 😂😂 la vida del pobre 😑😆
Joey Lopez
Joey Lopez 6 dias atrás
Kylie left him and he’s no longer relevant
Leo Guzmán
Leo Guzmán 5 dias atrás
ayyy macarenaa
Stephen Moan
Stephen Moan 6 dias atrás
Whites buy stocks and real estate, niggahs by sneakers and jewelry. They ate always giants piles of cash but never seem to have enough to buy any class.
Notsillyenuff 2postapic
He gets that made in China, bought in Japan shit🤨😂😂😂oh y’all comedy.
Notsillyenuff 2postapic
Nigga I’m convinced you transitioned. You was born female.
Notsillyenuff 2postapic
This what happens when you wanna be black but yo mama wasn’t.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Notsillyenuff 2postapic
Nigga was like I’m not from Compton. It was clear. We don’t claim this varmit.
Notsillyenuff 2postapic
When the interviewer has to dummy wayyy down to get that bag.
Notsillyenuff 2postapic
Baby boy syndrome🥺☹️how embarrassing.
Notsillyenuff 2postapic
Awwwww he gay gay.
E. N.
E. N. 6 dias atrás
Where at travis scott jordan 1?Where at travis scott jordan 1?
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez 6 dias atrás
Can you have your shoes repossessed too?
Anti 6 dias atrás
Joe *how u doin* Tyga *yesir*
Moe Dough
Moe Dough 7 dias atrás
Tyga straight Pussy!!!!!
Dutu Catalin
Dutu Catalin 7 dias atrás
Love baby Romania Tyga
david aispuro
david aispuro 7 dias atrás
Geez, impressed on how polite and humble Tyga really is! Everyone always trying to flex and he’s just going on about his tour without any bragging. Mad respect! 100
hurtjako 1
hurtjako 1 7 dias atrás
bruh this guy buy from flight club, its hella overpriced
Koko Wave
Koko Wave 7 dias atrás
Nobody: Nobody: Tyge: yesirrr
Adrian Villanueva
Adrian Villanueva 7 dias atrás
Kc Jones
Kc Jones 7 dias atrás
Idk if had the change would I go banana over sh!t like this... I cant say but thts entirely too many shoes🍻👀
Marina Ameri
Marina Ameri 7 dias atrás
I like more his collection than girls hills or sneakers 🤣
Mass Sour
Mass Sour 8 dias atrás
Jhonel Castro
Jhonel Castro 8 dias atrás
Search "big boy cheng on BRvid.. See all collection
George Nankere
George Nankere 8 dias atrás
kylie didn't like this dude because he was too calm and neat rather, she chose travis because he was rough and untidy
The Fart Guy
The Fart Guy 9 dias atrás
Like: Travis Comment: Tyga
Levi 8 dias atrás
W Shamlao Konyak
W Shamlao Konyak 9 dias atrás
Touch by his words things we couldnt get from our childhood we try to bring whem we become successful or when we hve money
Flowers Fam3
Flowers Fam3 9 dias atrás
I'm happy for him because he's able to buy what he wants since he worked for it and there's nothing wrong with him spending his money. I don't know why some people think celebrities shouldn't buy things or they call celebrities materialistic! That's insane to try and tell someone how to spend their money! We lost our home and are homeless only able to afford a room at a cheap motel right now and it's a struggle to buy food but I would never judge anyone for what they buy. Just be happy for people instead of being mean or jealous or whatever because it's to much negativity in our society already.
Heather Bezanson
Heather Bezanson 9 dias atrás
Kylie so dumb for real....hes awesome and so sweet.
DARVIN ASAFO 10 dias atrás
This is probably someone else's house. Remember 90% of MTV Cribs was staged.
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