Tyga Reveals His Insane Closets With Over $100k of Sneakers | Complex Closets

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Tyga gives Joe La Puma a tour of his sneaker and clothing collection for Complex Closets and shows four different closets, a huge array of BAPE shoes, Louis Vuitton clothes and sunglasses, and 1-of-1 customs.
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19 Ago 2019



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Comentários 4 222
MITCHELL WIGGS 11 horas atrás
joe's got some killer legs
yulmu 14 horas atrás
joe from complex : hows it goin'? tyga : *yessir*
Destroyer 2002
Destroyer 2002 15 horas atrás
Spmh at 4:16 plz
Suhayb Musse
Suhayb Musse 18 horas atrás
#taga Like if true 👇👍
azzahra idw
azzahra idw 21 hora atrás
how do tyga keep all his shoes clean?
KevX 21 hora atrás
ive got 1 set of shoes XD
Gbr Br
Gbr Br 21 hora atrás
" Quem tem dinheiro tá na pista,quem não tem senta e chora "😍😍😍
ツArif Dia atrás
When Tyga goes sneaker shopping, I wonder if he forgets that he may have the same shoe he's choosing, already at his home...
Fire Bxy
Fire Bxy Dia atrás
Tem mais tenis na casa do Tyga do q na loja da Complex kkkkkkkk
Shrek Life
Shrek Life Dia atrás
And i stugfle to buy air forces
Felix Fajardo
Felix Fajardo Dia atrás
What shoes are @8:43
Saculhi Dia atrás
o cara compra tenis pra deixar guardado no armario
Ellie Jansson
Ellie Jansson 2 dias atrás
Please do this with Billie Eilish!
Jess 2 dias atrás
It's kinda cute that he put all those name stickers on the drawers lol
Raven Krysler
Raven Krysler 2 dias atrás
wish he also wears Travis Scott X Nike sneakers. 🤣🤣🤣
Manmeet Singh
Manmeet Singh 2 dias atrás
You know what I am saying!!!
lance82 nguyen
lance82 nguyen 2 dias atrás
when they going to repo his shoes? 🤣🤣🤣
David Banner
David Banner 2 dias atrás
Joe has some sexy legs No homo
Screening Coordinator
Screening Coordinator 2 dias atrás
Joe stays on the calf raises tho!
Screening Coordinator
Screening Coordinator 2 dias atrás
Its crazy seeing joe in a t shirt and shorts... but ya nike talk was the shit, eastbay catalogs, damn those were the days
Screening Coordinator
Screening Coordinator 2 dias atrás
Damn he has the kanye bapes just sitting ds and wasnt even gonna show up! on the LV book, i mess with tyga. Hes probably a cool dude. Cant forget hes had some big hits, and also that show on MTV, he was making a pretty penny per episode and I think got two seasons. And he got paid anytime he was on KUWTK.
The Xardas
The Xardas 2 dias atrás
McHummer, Mike Tyson etc etc etc.
Egh_x2 2 dias atrás
His house is 🔥
Cirino Valle
Cirino Valle 3 dias atrás
okay but how come no one notices joes fire ass calves bro
Ally Freshour
Ally Freshour Dia atrás
Cirino Valle lol right!
Javi Ossola
Javi Ossola 3 dias atrás
he doesn't even know what he has
Delanie Girod
Delanie Girod 3 dias atrás
No one peep the black forces 1:42
C J 3 dias atrás
Tyga is a cool dude, but bro, what you gone do with the wardrobe when you are like 45 or 50 years old?
ALIMMOTO 3 dias atrás
Oh a black rapper that doesn’t talk in Ebonics
jj medick
jj medick 3 dias atrás
RIP DJ Adam! 🙏🙏🙏
André Apt
André Apt 3 dias atrás
Yes he has a crazy collection But more crazy is how Joe la puma‘s pumas calves make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a twig
Jari Sanders
Jari Sanders 3 dias atrás
Bruh Tyga seems chill as hell...
Ken Gaxkin
Ken Gaxkin 3 dias atrás
This was over 100k$ if we’re talking about resell
Daisy Daisy
Daisy Daisy 4 dias atrás
The most expensive bathroom.
Alex Gaspar
Alex Gaspar 4 dias atrás
Crazy how some people can through bread like nothing.
Deep Press ion
Deep Press ion 4 dias atrás
the guy who did the interview didn't even touch a single item.He's respect meter is insane.
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 4 dias atrás
"How you doin" "Yeah sir"
Yung Faness
Yung Faness 4 dias atrás
Over 100,000 DoLLars Worth Of Shoes Somebody is A Rich Man
Phnx 4 dias atrás
Wear Cortez in a sketchy neighborhood you’ll get killed
Rizky Lazuardisaldana
Rizky Lazuardisaldana 4 dias atrás
tyga is such a polite and nice guy. i shocked by that.
26millioen Abonnees
26millioen Abonnees 4 dias atrás
is tyga the king of drip??
26millioen Abonnees
26millioen Abonnees 4 dias atrás
boy this guy is the king of sneakers
Kingwills Drakebest324
The handshake at the end I think Tyga got scared...
Hax Box
Hax Box 4 dias atrás
lol what is this
Max 4 dias atrás
you know what i mean you know wha i'm saiin
Light Shade
Light Shade 5 dias atrás
Guy got mad respect doesn’t even walk into tygas first big closet just stands at the door,, not a rude man fkn love him
Peter Knowz
Peter Knowz 5 dias atrás
I just came here to see if anybody’s talking about Tyga’s hairpiece.
Danny Ruiz
Danny Ruiz 5 dias atrás
are we gonna ignore joes calves
Dino Katsaurus
Dino Katsaurus 5 dias atrás
Interior of a clown
Captain420Malone 5 dias atrás
Aka Rasta
Aka Rasta 5 dias atrás
You guys are all surprised of how polite tyga is but most os the successfull rappers act all ignorant on camera and in their songs just because thats what sells, you would be surprised of how many rappers are polite and smart
masman ck
masman ck 5 dias atrás
Las weas feas y ocupa las mismas cagas con diferentes colores ese es wn po
_abbie 5 dias atrás
random guy: “how ya doin” tyga: “yes sir”
Lisa Crawford
Lisa Crawford 6 dias atrás
His closet crazy.
Flu 6 dias atrás
Kyle really bought him all those shoes 👟, she’s a real one 🤣
The Don
The Don 4 dias atrás
nah tyga got his own $
Alex Leclerc
Alex Leclerc 6 dias atrás
imagine how easy it would be to rob this closest
Sarah Cazadon
Sarah Cazadon 6 dias atrás
I want a closet like that 👇like if u do
Elit3 Shoota
Elit3 Shoota 6 dias atrás
who also was surprised when they saw tyga with the black forces
L.A. J
L.A. J 6 dias atrás
Damm joe and tyga really vibing
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 6 dias atrás
Tyga needs to cop them travis scotts... oh wait.. nevermind
Malaya 2 Times
Malaya 2 Times 6 dias atrás
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