TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '별의 낮잠 (Nap of a star)' Official MV

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TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '별의 낮잠 (Nap of a star)' Official MV

Production : DIGIPEDI
Director : Wonmo Seong
Producer : Moonyoung Lee
Assistant Director : Hyesu Lee
Director of Photography : Euikwan Kim @ACS
Gaffer : Doosu Choi @ Hong’s Lighting
Production Design : Jinsil Park, Bona Kim @MU:E
Post Production : DIGIPEDI
2D & Digital Intermediate : Seokho Moon
Additional Music & Sound Design : Shin Myungsoo

Visual Creative : Kim Sung Hyun, Lee Hyun Ju, Gabriel Cho
Music Production : Hur Young Ji, Lee A Ram
Artist Management : Kim Shin Gyu, Oh Gwang Taek, Yang Jun Hyeong

BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea


TU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment

#투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #별의낮잠 #Nap_of_a_star


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5 Jun 2019



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HuaChenYu148 2 horas atrás
I already said it in one thread but I like to say this again... Remember all the hatred and the challenges BTS faced and the company before they have become how they are today?..they have flaws,...not perfect but despite that, they love each other unconditionally and stick together. 😭😭 I think TXT wants to reflect on that journey of BTS too (being their big brothers with "wings"), to learn to stick together and love each other so they can grown stronger and TXT wants to show us that they are now also reaching for their own stars, their own dreams 💜❤️😭 that's my theory about TUniverse
KimLine_GeniusLine 7 horas atrás
I'm not a fan but I'll be here until this masterpiece reach at least 100M views. This MV is so underrated. ONE OF THE BEST MV OF 2019.
Firda Hanifa
Firda Hanifa 8 horas atrás
Why am i not here earlier. This is such a masterpiece 😭😭
blue moon goog
blue moon goog 11 horas atrás
queen nap of a star deserves a mf movie award her production and plot are top tier above all the films that premiered in 2019
Vanessa Salazar
Vanessa Salazar 18 horas atrás
Y que tal que HueningKai sea un angel caido y tenga las alas asi porque extraña sus verdaderas alitas? :'( toy triste
Sushi Tofu
Sushi Tofu Dia atrás
Jeydi Perdomo
Jeydi Perdomo Dia atrás
wow wow txt que lindos
bubbles Baby
bubbles Baby Dia atrás
Why wasn’t heuningkai a monster I just realized can someone tell me he was an angel
bubbles Baby
bubbles Baby Dia atrás
Omg I just realized how undark the song is but the music video is dark Weird 😭👀😔😈😻
Betty Seguis
Betty Seguis Dia atrás
TXT comeback in oct 21 uwu cant wait
bets b
bets b Dia atrás
I love this Halloween vibes
Dia atrás
Still makes me cry how good this is.
Purple Oneit
Purple Oneit Dia atrás
They're the cutest group ever!!!
woop ._.
woop ._. Dia atrás
The mv is so sad :(
Ailis Finnegan
Ailis Finnegan Dia atrás
I'm crying *BUT I LOVE IT*
Jasmin Yas
Jasmin Yas 2 dias atrás
vick chapman
vick chapman 2 dias atrás
e minha prima que jurou que eles tinham pacto pq aparece estrela de cabeça pra baixo em todo mv deles
Henry Manoah
Henry Manoah 2 dias atrás
I'm singing this song for BTS...
adriana alonzo
adriana alonzo 2 dias atrás
dude this is literally the most beautiful mv in kpop, but since digipedi did the production then it´s no wonder, also i love the song
Vivi Tran
Vivi Tran 2 dias atrás
Their concept's so new and different than anything kpop has ever seen. I'm so excited for Magic and Run Away
ShelbyChicken 2 dias atrás
This is one of the most gorgeous music videos I've ever seen. I can't wait to see what TXT does in the future - they're definitely a group to watch.
PARK JØJŸ 3 dias atrás
Younjoon my big son Soobin m'y favourite son Buymeku my cute son Huningkai my angel son Taehyun my little son Your mum love you Syrian MoA
Kathia 3 dias atrás
i cant get over how gorgeous this is pls
Siclox03 3 dias atrás
omg thsts soo good!!
SweetMagTv 3 dias atrás
This video got me sobbing
Soobin TXT
Soobin TXT 4 dias atrás
La misma musica que el trailer
PARK JØJŸ 4 dias atrás
سحقاً لكلّ من عذَّب وخان، واستهان بمشاعر إنسان، وكأنّه لا يعلم أنّ قانون هذا الكون هو كما تدين تُدان.(: Arab MoA
PARK JØJŸ 4 dias atrás
أعظم مصائب الجهل أن يجهل الجاهل جهله. Arab MoA
PARK JØJŸ 4 dias atrás
لا تقطع أبداً وعداً لا تستطيع الوفاء به. Arab MoA
PARK JØJŸ 4 dias atrás
_*-أحبُّ عندما أنظر لعيناك بحرِّيَّة دونَ قُيُود* _*وأحِبّ أكثر عندَما أغرَقُ فِي ملامحك الهادئة* Arab MoA
PARK JØJŸ 4 dias atrás
-- اِنني احبكِ و أود التقرب منكِ واتجنبُكِ عندما أراك Arab MoA
나나츄 4 dias atrás
This mv is sooooooooo beautiful
나나츄 4 dias atrás
Im not supposed to cry :')
Maia HQJ
Maia HQJ 4 dias atrás
i love it :33
Damon Waenger
Damon Waenger 4 dias atrás
6 534 703
lali 4 dias atrás
Now it's make sense why this mv is so beautiful, Digipedi never disappoint
Jennipher Rivera ordonez
se extraña BTS😟
KatrinaValerie Moreno
KatrinaValerie Moreno 5 dias atrás
KatrinaValerie Moreno
KatrinaValerie Moreno 5 dias atrás
7armybts 5 dias atrás
*BTS - Wing s* *TxT - Crown* *Bighit- Unicorn* MoArmy- Stars*
7armybts 5 dias atrás
*I'm So bad at understanding any Mv from Bighit* *1st- BTS* *2nd- TxT* *I always failed to understand BTS theories and now TxT , omg my life is just stucked*
Yeonjun mylife
Yeonjun mylife 5 dias atrás
After Run Away tailer MV♡♡ Keep str3am1n6 MOA ♡☆
!! إبراهيم المتعاني
America Park jimin H.
America Park jimin H. 5 dias atrás
AAAAAWWWW 💞💞💞💞💞🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊
Hannah Beaulieu
Hannah Beaulieu 5 dias atrás
this is like a whole movie it’s soo pretty and sooo creative
I'm from 2034 and the world is gone
팬보이BTS & TXT
팬보이BTS & TXT 5 dias atrás
@Fire Blaze yes it is!!
Fire Blaze
Fire Blaze 5 dias atrás
Omg so true, it sounds like it
Fefezinha Reizinha
Fefezinha Reizinha 6 dias atrás
Essa música é tão calma, é boa para relaxar💛
Fefezinha Reizinha
Fefezinha Reizinha 6 dias atrás
A voz do começo parece muito com a voz do Jin do BTS
colive 6 dias atrás
I love it! I want the movie!
Chelsy Faith
Chelsy Faith 6 dias atrás
Did you guys catch this? 2:20 😯
Damon Waenger
Damon Waenger 6 dias atrás
*who came here cuz they noticed that the bgm of run away teaser is the same with yeonjun's encounter the monster and start running away part in this mv*
I'm from 2034 and the world is gone
Both from Harry Potter soundtrack
Scarlett Overkill
Scarlett Overkill 6 dias atrás
Just be Yourself
Just be Yourself 6 dias atrás
Before 21st October · Str3@m Crown,Cat & Dog,Nap Of A Star,Blue Orangeade,Our Summer and Taehyun’s Over and over again · Make the 2 mv teasers that will drop this week go on trending on BRvid · Spread the word for TXT’s comeback on social networks like Instagram,Twitter etc.(we can also make our own hashtag on Twitter) · Start preordering the new album On 20 october · Sleep and eat well,go for a walk etc. · Finish and organize all your work or studies On 21st October · Str3@m the mv as soon as it drops · Watch 2-3 mvs in between(possibly the first two be one of these: Crown,Cat & Dog,Nap Of A Star,Blue Orangeade,Our Summer and the third one from a different chanel than bh) · Don’t watch the mv from YT home or playlists,but search for it on YT · Don’t use emojies,the words str3am and vi3ws cause it will freeze the vi3ws. · Report any offensive comment towards the group or you in the comment section. · Remember our goal is 20-25m vi3ws and 3.3-3.5m likes in the first 24h. · Don’t get discouraged by people who talk about the new YT rules. Let me clearly you that these rules affect only ads and not str3aming(and the best proof to this is J-Hope’s CNS) FIGHTING MOA P.S please keep this comment as high as possible in the comment section so anyone who passes by can see it.
Limi potter
Limi potter 6 dias atrás
wow..can we make this a movie? how many people want this as a movie?
Nazan Abdullah
Nazan Abdullah 6 dias atrás
It's so hard to read the subtitles when the music video is so gorgeous and mesmerising
TXT&BTS&태현&태형 6 dias atrás
เข้ามาดูเกือบทุกวัน #ปั่นวนไป🇹🇭🇹🇭
diamond jessé
diamond jessé 7 dias atrás what yoi call.....ARTTTTT
팬보이BTS & TXT
팬보이BTS & TXT 7 dias atrás
On this upcoming comeback, one thing is for sure We'll have the next chapter of the story (TXT Universe)
Cold IceBear
Cold IceBear 7 dias atrás
BTS has their own universe and story... now TXT also has their own universe and story... Me: I think I'm going crazy with their universe, stories, the theories...
Reign Tordecilla
Reign Tordecilla 7 dias atrás
no, i'm not crying. you are.
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