Turning My Nails Into a Flute (Nail Hacks)

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Testing whether or not this life hack blows😇
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8 Mai 2021



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Comentários 0
Judy Mohamed
Judy Mohamed 18 horas atrás
That camera beside her has some real bad posture
Samvidha Vintha
Samvidha Vintha Dia atrás
Dum hacks
animerlon Dia atrás
When you were playing the "flute" for Menchie, my cat started looking around very confused too.
Lizbeth Soriano
Lizbeth Soriano Dia atrás
wenders Dia atrás
Dam Dork
Dam Dork Dia atrás
Эвелина Крылова
Мне одной интересно, сколько здесь русских?
Ashley Thompson
Ashley Thompson 3 dias atrás
This has to be one of my favorite episodes I don't know why I just feel so relaxed watching it
Allison Moss
Allison Moss 3 dias atrás
Lizzo wants to know your location
Sherra sama
Sherra sama 4 dias atrás
That sound at 9:24 set my guinea pigs off
Abbygail Green
Abbygail Green 5 dias atrás
even the nail didnt want to be there 🤣 💿🌮
Mara Willert
Mara Willert 6 dias atrás
The Sound of your "Flute" scared my cat 😂😂
sav 6 dias atrás
Can you consider trying out popular UK brands of nail polish brands for polish or basecoats.. topcoats etc Id love to hear your opinion on the ones you find!
Growing and Gardening with Elise
Perfect for the cats it sounds like a mouse!
Lynie Brown
Lynie Brown 7 dias atrás
“I can’t blow anymore it hurts “ 😏
Aadya Singh
Aadya Singh 8 dias atrás
I love how she's leaving every yt channels name Even troom troom too😂
Emma Tremblay
Emma Tremblay 8 dias atrás
as a flute player this bugged the s*** out of me
Sarsha Harilahl
Sarsha Harilahl 9 dias atrás
7:53 My eyes zooming in on Hyunjin 😍😍😍🙈
Kaycee Douglas
Kaycee Douglas 9 dias atrás
*We lost one*
Grace Tresch
Grace Tresch 12 dias atrás
How can you give christen a mean comment
Keaira Pollard
Keaira Pollard 12 dias atrás
I feel like Troom Troom isn't trying anymore
Suga Kitten
Suga Kitten 12 dias atrás
Her hair is so cute
Anneliese Plumley
Anneliese Plumley 12 dias atrás
you even make my cat run away with the flute-
Kassie Greer
Kassie Greer 13 dias atrás
My dogs were like wtf as soon as she started squeaking that thing 😂😂
BasicallyHades 14 dias atrás
Cristine: I can’t blow anymore Me: that’s what she said
Occasionally.Oceana 14 dias atrás
Pls im crying
Legend Princess
Legend Princess 15 dias atrás
Lol noooo on the airport nails ..I love your videos 💜💜💜🦋🦋
Naeema b designed
Naeema b designed 15 dias atrás
Not a problem any more
joe mama
joe mama 15 dias atrás
I Fr fall asleep when I watch troom troom 😬
WhatAlsaid! 16 dias atrás
Is it just me, or has the Troom Troom narrator's voice gotten more annoying over time?
Accio _Hufflepuff
Accio _Hufflepuff 17 dias atrás
as a flute player i approve of this message
Tanna Chapin
Tanna Chapin 17 dias atrás
The limitless reference!!!!
Robin 17 dias atrás
please remake the battery themed nail art with the new holo taco collection!!!
Fat Pandas
Fat Pandas 17 dias atrás
Fat Pandas
Fat Pandas 17 dias atrás
Also, love your nails, Cristine! 💖
Brittany Jokela
Brittany Jokela 18 dias atrás
Menchy's like..."Um, Mom. That is terrible. Don't quit your day job." Also..that sound was so made my teeth hurt.
Aurora Montes
Aurora Montes 18 dias atrás
Anyone know what earrings she’s wearing? I love them
Savannah Orozco
Savannah Orozco 18 dias atrás
The flute sound had my husky howling and yelling, my boyfriend ran out of the shower to figure out what was wrong, Christin pure chaos was unfolded because of that flute noise.
Anne Marie Glen
Anne Marie Glen 18 dias atrás
Ben's serious face when he's blowing the nails XD
Lucy Hines
Lucy Hines 18 dias atrás
Emily Durkee
Emily Durkee 19 dias atrás
You can tell she wanted to say something about her new electric collection but caught herself in time
@→yumii 19 dias atrás
7:53 the hyunjin pfp-
hazel nuts
hazel nuts 19 dias atrás
I was waiting for my what's on my other hand
Scribble Bee
Scribble Bee 20 dias atrás
I have been a flautist for 16 years and I don't know whether to be impressed or disturbed by this 😰
amugo margaret
amugo margaret 20 dias atrás
#simplytroomlogical 😂😂
Little mix life
Little mix life 20 dias atrás
Gurl you have to do more troom troom vids😭there hilarious 😆
Câlli vain
Câlli vain 21 dia atrás
If I could have this kind of content in a zoom call every weekday, if I just paid tuition, I wouldnt regret it. ITS MONEY WELL SPENT.
Paula Pope
Paula Pope 21 dia atrás
I'm cracking up! When you were making that weird reedy noise on your straw and Menchie ditched you, my cat (laying on my computer desk) also looked up at me because she could hear the noise through my headphones! HA!
Kelopsiya 21 dia atrás
Lady D vibes
i love my dog
i love my dog 21 dia atrás
i’m starting to think that troom troom is just a joke
Diamond Puppies
Diamond Puppies 22 dias atrás
Love the troom troom troom troom song 😂
Ritechoa 22 dias atrás
Emma Garrard
Emma Garrard 22 dias atrás
It’s not a snake charm it’s a dog whistle... when the nails are blown fans come to her defense.
Dusking Dawn
Dusking Dawn 22 dias atrás
Cristin: I feel like your suppose to cut a reed at the end of this Me, a band student: wHaT kInD oF rEeD? sInGlE oR dOuBlE Exp: single reed: Clarinet, sax etc. Double: Oboe, bassoon, etc..
clexis14 10 dias atrás
Lol same.
xXLil_LizzyXx 22 dias atrás
This video got me wheezing for 30 minutes straight. Even though my cat was like wtf is wrong with you you dumb@$$
Libby Grace
Libby Grace 22 dias atrás
“Let’s see if we can summon some snakes” *Menchi appears*
Anna Zamora
Anna Zamora 23 dias atrás
The flute kinda sounds like a whirlm from viva piñata
Nikki Mac
Nikki Mac 23 dias atrás
This is gonna get lost, but does anyone notice how Cristine wears a different runners jacket in every video?
Trinity the x
Trinity the x 23 dias atrás
vive la troomtroom!
🖤TEA💜 23 dias atrás
On 9:06 my bro walk in and looked like ಠಿ_ಠ
zoe 23 dias atrás
so true bestie
Sharon Wong
Sharon Wong 23 dias atrás
Every time Christine laughs through a line because of the sheer ridiculousness is amazing 😂
Nina Palomäki
Nina Palomäki 24 dias atrás
Why am I thinking about Resident Evil VIII
RedVexeD 24 dias atrás
@ 4:58 you can see the actress give a "WTF" face at her bloodspattered looking nails while Simply is roasting them, and it's life. Troom Troom, that subtle comedy... x'D
Geralyn Lovell
Geralyn Lovell 24 dias atrás
This video is like the horror version of ASMR
Severinsen 24 dias atrás
I want the rest of the hacks too 😭
Eden-Lucy Trew
Eden-Lucy Trew 24 dias atrás
last time he saw a vegetable was when he *went home to mommy*
Ilse Blonk
Ilse Blonk 24 dias atrás
My dog lost it when you start to play you cute little flute 😂
Shelby Dodson
Shelby Dodson 24 dias atrás
As someone who legit plays the flute I’m crying my poor ears
Julia Odendaal
Julia Odendaal 24 dias atrás
You summoned my dog 👀👀
Ashley 24 dias atrás
lookin like the other mother from coraline
Zoe Mcsweeney
Zoe Mcsweeney 25 dias atrás
You think troom troom is bad you should watch 5 minute crafts lol 😂
Gianna Cafarelli
Gianna Cafarelli 25 dias atrás
At 9:21 my dog started attacking me
fernanda solares
fernanda solares 25 dias atrás
Im in university and I saw troom troom because of you xD
Юлия Капуста
Troom troom be like: -> Absolutely normal girl College girls: omg, she's soooo weird -> Girl got some straw on her nail Also collage girls: SO GOOD, SO BEAUTIFUL
Gabe Tree
Gabe Tree 26 dias atrás
As someone who actually plays the flute, with the right technique you can play most anything cylindrical with an open end. So far I've tested lots of bottles and straws, though the bigger the item is, the more difficult it is to get a sound out of. However, very difficult for the average person if they don't already understand the technique because getting air to circulate at the perfect speed and angle is really difficult
Μαρία Χατζηστογιάννη
This troom troom video has been the stupidest thing I've ever watched in my entire life ! Was this uploaded on April's Foll day as a joke ???
Bhrithi Takhtar
Bhrithi Takhtar 27 dias atrás
sure ofc these nails are very practical for college and real-life too ....see if the store forgets to give you a straw and you are an introvert you can always pull one right off and ofc very easy to write and do normal day to day stuff
letthou 27 dias atrás
The troom troom's narrator is so annoying i'm so sorry i want to die
lazy_llama :0
lazy_llama :0 27 dias atrás
Christine: plays loud, screeching sounds from a straw *Thank you, Troom Troom.*
G SW 27 dias atrás
I D 27 dias atrás
4:19 *ad comes on* Ad: what is going on right now, what are we doing? Indeed 🤣🤣
Minsung Are the cutest
Minsung Are the cutest 27 dias atrás
7:53 :0 hyunjin why are u there??
Carley Timmerman
Carley Timmerman 27 dias atrás
Troom troom can’t possibly think college students would do any of this stuff 😂
Not I
Not I 27 dias atrás
I am past the stage where I want to do my nails often, and most of the time I forget they exist. I haven't seen a video onnail in almost a year, and I don't know how I got here, but I think I'll stay here, it is quite entertaining.
abbi thurman
abbi thurman 27 dias atrás
ben when he said WHAT
2QaXdXx3 28 dias atrás
11:42 💀💀😭
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 28 dias atrás
Yessssss Be yourself no matter what people say or think of you
Eva Sêco Lima
Eva Sêco Lima 28 dias atrás
Bless canadians! They have the best humour ever! ❤️
Addison Petti
Addison Petti 28 dias atrás
What happens if the AirPods run out of battery
DecayingFairy 28 dias atrás
3:45 um,,,, excuse me?
Ofelia Matevosyan
Ofelia Matevosyan 28 dias atrás
before Cristine tried the flute nails, I already knew they were not gonna work because there had to be a hole at the bottom, referencing real flutes lol Obviously also because the hack was troom troom 😂😂
Ruby Macklin
Ruby Macklin 28 dias atrás
I honestly forgot that i was subscribed to Troom Troom
Sarah A
Sarah A 29 dias atrás
A D is a fail where I live.
Amber Corder
Amber Corder 29 dias atrás
Oh my gosh how did I miss this coming out!?!?!
Tori •Airotciv
Tori •Airotciv 29 dias atrás
Ok troom troom is killing me😭😭they know exactly what they are doing, they have no business being this funny.
Jessica Weideman
Jessica Weideman 29 dias atrás
"we lost one" hahahahha 😂
Carola Osorio
Carola Osorio 29 dias atrás
Lex W
Lex W 29 dias atrás
I laughed too hard when you said we lost one
RLGabrielle 29 dias atrás
You watch troom troom so i don't have to
procrastination is my best friend
Ok the snake charming joke actually made me laugh well done troom troom LMAO
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