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What does it mean for something to be Turing Complete? Professor Brailsford explains.
Turing Machine Primer:
Turing Machines Explained:
Chomsky Hierarchy:
What on Earth is Recursion?:
This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.
Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:
Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran's Numberphile. More at

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5 Jul 2016



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Comentários 341
Remi van Dongen AKA Jimmy Walter, CIA
My system doesn't have limited memory, I can compress infinite. FOLD SPACE!
Farty Person
Farty Person 2 meses atrás
I watched this and learned nothing.
Sapphire Spire
Sapphire Spire 6 meses atrás
Turing completeness alone is not enough to pass the Turing test. In order to reason like a human, an AI machine must be able, not only to perform math, logic and branching on data but, to orchestrate the process, and to observe and remember the process of orchestration, and improve it.
eatme 7 meses atrás
ironically, you're using what look like html tags in your graphics as dude mentions all the programming languages that are turing complete -- html is not, if you consider it a language (which it really isnt)
Vadym Dmitrievich
Vadym Dmitrievich 10 meses atrás
Babbage was a great computer scientist. But I think that Turing was the first one, who broke through classical "only mechanical" type of computing machine, and made first (in theory) true cyberphysical computing machine.
qwerty 10 meses atrás
Thanks for making
Smrita Pokharel
Smrita Pokharel 10 meses atrás
I just love him.
Zes 10 meses atrás
dandelion boy
dandelion boy Anos atrás
my microwave is Turing complete. i can input anything and it will return an answer
Sadin Boton
Sadin Boton Anos atrás
How about church complete.
haider Anos atrás
when he says you must have arbitrary amount of memory (4:50) he runs out of paper to write the whole thing in a straight line. funny.
Иля Попов
Иля Попов Anos atrás
parallel, series ,inverter.
Crispynugget Anos atrás
Powerpoint is turing complete Let that sink in
Adrián Domínguez
Adrián Domínguez Anos atrás
This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
Zes Anos atrás
no such thing as needx, no worry no matter what. nst as topix or not or so x, argue anyx no mattter what
bred 2 anos atrás
Brainf**k is probably the simplest Turing complete language
Sirius 2 anos atrás
Damn I just learned a lot.
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas 2 anos atrás
4:43 Magic occurs & you can hear his pen even when it’s not on the page!
Seeker 2 anos atrás
Came here the first time because of school. Now I'm back because of Ethereum!
SurfingPikachu 2 anos atrás
Powerpoint is also turing complete
Stefan Verbeeck
Stefan Verbeeck 6 dias atrás
This video was suggested to me after watching that "Powerpoint is turing complete" clip.
Tsavorite Prince
Tsavorite Prince Anos atrás
literally everything is turing complete if you try hard enough
AVM 69
AVM 69 Anos atrás
Brainf**k is also turing complete.
grapes008 2 anos atrás
mentions Babbage and forgets Ada Lovelace
-- 3 anos atrás
Wow!!! Infinite memory? Why would you need that? If you need infinite memory most likely the outcome is undefined. The process will never end therefore no outcome. I do not think it has meaning in the physical world.
Hunar Omar
Hunar Omar 3 anos atrás
BrainFuck language is turing complete *XD*
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman 3 anos atrás
Nice vid - thankyou
Aviel Menter
Aviel Menter 3 anos atrás
"The usual suspects: Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Cobol". Professor Brasilford is really showing his age there; it's great.
David Niu
David Niu 10 meses atrás
1:56 "In the late 30's . . ."
Paulo Constantino
Paulo Constantino 3 anos atrás
Am I Turing complete ?
Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder 3 anos atrás
How do products such as this get thumbs down?
TheWyrdSmythe 3 anos atrás
Dissonance: Watching this video after watching the one where he insists HTML is a programming language.
Guz Man
Guz Man 3 anos atrás
Which language is not Turing complete?
B20C0 3 anos atrás
CJ Fuller
CJ Fuller 3 anos atrás
Regarding the idea of 'theoretically infinite memory', as soon as you add some kind of external I/O storage device, have you not qualified, as the program and data can be stored and split onto as many extra storage media as you require. It might not be convenient, but it would work...
Heisenberg 3 anos atrás
The problem still applies. You may have added the capability of increasing memory size, but it's still finite. There is a finite amount of memory in the world (read: on Earth). Let's say that number is n bytes. I can easily define a Turing machine which requires n + 1 memory no matter how large n is. Therefore, there is a theoretical but also practical difference between having finite and infinite memory in a machine; machines with infinite memory can accept languages that machines with finite cannot, as I just showed with my example.
CJ Fuller
CJ Fuller 3 anos atrás
I'm reminded of my own first foray into 'real world' computing as a 16 year old work experience student, at a large government IT department. I wanted to experience computer programming. Instead I was put into a large room housing a huge mainframe and rows and rows of shelves holding sorted and numbered data cartridges. There was a bank of drives, and all day the system would eject cartridges, which had to be re-filed, and start flashing a code for a new cartridge, which I had to retrieve and insert. By the end of the day I was literally reduced to tears, as I was so desperate to see programmers in action, and instead spent the day as a human jukebox disk jockey, trying to keep up with the insatiable demands of this merciless electronic flashing wall of numbers...
wheedler 3 anos atrás
I've seen this explained a few times, but this is the first time I think I've actually understood.
Shiny Promises
Shiny Promises 3 anos atrás
so when i complete question N on my tax form, and it says "if no, go to question" N+3, and also has such things as "attach extra pages where required", does this mean my tax form is turing complete?
qwerty687687 2 anos atrás
It means you are turing complete as you can run the program given by your tax form.
freeman account
freeman account 3 anos atrás
I want to just sit next this guy and listen to whatever he ramble about. I dont take up much space, and I smell nice...
Czesiek 3 anos atrás
please. add the subtitles
Deep Joshi
Deep Joshi 3 anos atrás
Does the smart devices we are using are smart because they are using Turing Complete?
thenewboston 3 anos atrás
Loving these videos, keep it up!
ps4star 3 anos atrás
TheNeweN24 3 anos atrás
Desmaad 3 anos atrás
Would you do a section on esoteric programming languages?
Philipp 3 anos atrás
P = NP **flies away**
MrExpresate Anos atrás
That's because that's not even the problem. The variables are not numbers.
wat am i doing?
wat am i doing? Anos atrás
Philipp N=1 I never got why this supposed "unsolvable" problem is even a thing
Felipe Alberto
Felipe Alberto 3 anos atrás
Tosh.0 - Web Redemption - Professor Brailsford programing language
tohopes 3 anos atrás
Turing-complete doesn't say anything about I/O. Practical languages don't need infinite memory space, but they do need some form of I/O.
sam loi
sam loi 3 anos atrás
I have done french subtitle for the video, but dont know how it work
David Buchanan
David Buchanan 3 anos atrás
Please do a video on NTRUEncrypt
Aaron Shaver
Aaron Shaver 3 anos atrás
Professor, are you ready to confess that HTML is not a programming language? Confess! Confess!
Untitled 3 anos atrás
Sad to see the lambda calculus go unmentioned even though it was discovered before the Turing machine.
Marcin Muszyński
Marcin Muszyński 3 anos atrás
Are humans Turing Machines? Do we have infinite memory to compute?
Owen Prescott
Owen Prescott 3 anos atrás
I'm a designer (noob at programming) currently developing AI for my Unreal Engine video game. I'm familiar with what he's saying from a node(visual) perspective. My question is if I set up a series of events branching off each other to use a loop, does that mean that either my AI systen, the game engine or computer running everything is "turing complete"? In other words, is there a destinction between hardware vs code?
Lydia Spire
Lydia Spire 3 anos atrás
I'm extremely interested in your game now! Keep updates posted somehow.
Conenion 3 anos atrás
Game engines have scripting languages that are turing complete. Your computer is running assembler code which is also turing complete. Hardware is "turing complete" (quotes since TC applies only to programming languages, AFAIK), as it is possible to do branching/looping in hardware. Typically you have a state machine in hardware to control the datapath. The datapath does stuff like adding, subtracting, while the state machine decides what is done next. The state is kept in flip flops. The result of an addition or subtraction or whatever is also held in an array of flip flops, which is called a register. I'm at what is called RT level (register transfer), this is just above the gate level (XOR, NAND, AND and so on). What to do in software and what do to in hardware is a decision to be made very early in the design phase. A general purpose computer, like the one in front of you, does not allow much in this regard, as the instruction set of the CPU is fixed. The decision "we'll do this in software in that in hardware" has been made a long time ago.
Camid Daveron
Camid Daveron 3 anos atrás
They were actually talking about turing complete code in this case. The tape head reader/writer is just one way of explaining turing completeness. Here's another way: two computers, P and Q; if P can simulate Q and Q can simulate P then they are *both* turing complete (ignoring that stuff about infinite memory). So, you find turing completeness in all sorts of strange places... most CPU ISAs (what the CPU understands) are turing complete, Assembler language (built on top of a CPU ISA) is turing complete, C, C++, C#, Java, Haskell, Javascript etc. (most well used programming languages) are all turing complete. But then you get other wierd examples of turing completeness: Minecraft (you can make/simulate computers in minecraft). The key point to take away is that turing completeness comes from the system that allows this kind of behaviour (looping + branching). In your example, the AI you've written (although I'm not sure of your exact implementation) is not turing complete; think, "could the AI compute any problem I give it?", "does the AI have the capability of expressing any problem?", I would say _no_ because you've probably made the AI complete a specific set of tasks (pathfinding, offense/defence strategies etc.). To conclude, it is your game engine that is turing complete (and in turn, everything involved in "simulating" that game engine; the language it was written in, your assembler version / CPU ISA).
Xeos Seox
Xeos Seox 3 anos atrás
+Computerphile could you have Professor Brailsford explain if the Ackermann's function would compute with inputs that are complex numbers? Just a question I'm curious about. Thanks for the great videos!
Ashwith Rego
Ashwith Rego 3 anos atrás
I've probably said this before but the animations are extremely helpful in understanding what is being explained!
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson 3 meses atrás
Yeah, I woulda been screwed without that eyeball on wheels.
No-Conspiracy No-Jobs
No-Conspiracy No-Jobs 3 anos atrás
is this abandon shopping cart - complete your order, well I've got infinite loop of 0 - Tuning, casual male, should make things easy
Computerphile 3 anos atrás
+Ashwith Rego thanks! >Sean
trabur metaheap
trabur metaheap 3 anos atrás
2:56 obviously pressing "j" jumps backwards on the tape, pressing "k" toggles it's state, and pressing "l" jumps forwards on the tape. Does that make this video(2:00) {youtube complete}?
trabur metaheap
trabur metaheap 3 anos atrás
goto 6:09 -> "type 1 instead of type 0" -> *keypress 1* -> goto 0:38
trabur metaheap
trabur metaheap 3 anos atrás
program only works when the HTML5 video is selected... hmmm... **keypress = 0** -> "theres 1 thing we keep coming back 2..."
Fendse 3 anos atrás
First off, while conditional _branching_ *is sufficient* for turing completeness, it isn't necessary - conditional _execution_ as well as repetition are the necessary and sufficient conditions. Conditional branching just happens to provide both and be useful in everyday computers. But computational classes aren't about modern computer architecture, it's automata and computability. Game of Life is well known to be turing complete, using just a single check repeated over and over - there's nothing analogous to _goto_ or _if_ there. Second, you implied that a computer can recognize arbitrary context-sensitive languages, which is simply not true. In fact, there are even finite languages (a strict subset of the _regular_ languages) which no computer in existence can reasonably recognize (say any language {s, t} where |s| = |t| = 10^5000). As run on any existing computer, no language is even strictly stronger than the regular languages.
Radek 3 anos atrás
It would be nice if this video discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Turing-complete systems. Right now it's not much more than a recap of Turing machines.
unbreakable footage
unbreakable footage 3 anos atrás
lol the continues change between 50 fps and 30 fps (or is it 24?)
Rif Kou
Rif Kou 3 anos atrás
Endless and infinite mean exactly the same thing. So saying "endless, infinite piece of tape" is quite redundant.
David Braude
David Braude 3 anos atrás
The language is Turning complete (C doesn't say you can only use this much memory) but the device it runs on puts on other limitations
Ted Chirvasiu
Ted Chirvasiu 3 anos atrás
Ohh, look! It's that 'HTML is a programming language' guy!
Owen Prescott
Owen Prescott 3 anos atrás
*jumps on him*
Ted Chirvasiu
Ted Chirvasiu 3 anos atrás
Before anyone jumps on me, it was just a joke.
Ian Knight
Ian Knight 3 anos atrás
I was always taught a TM has an 'unbounded' tape, not an infinite tape, whereby your tape is finite length but you can always add another bit to it whenever needed. The point is that at any individual point in time, an unbounded tape will have finite length.
kd1s 3 anos atrás
Ah, goto was monster. Gosub or just calling functions in OOP is much better.
Dan Mang
Dan Mang 2 anos atrás
i use return like goto.. returning functions. like.. if this: return this.. else: return that
frognik79 3 anos atrás
I don't know where I've heard it but I thought that a part of being turing complete meant that if any one opcode/statement was removed the same result could still be achieved using a conjunction of other opcodes/statements in the same system. I could be thinking of something completely different.
Robert Caldwell
Robert Caldwell 3 anos atrás
Near the end, there was a mistake stated about how memory is finite. The ability for a LANGUAGE to be Turing Complete is the ability for that language to run a TM tape machine, full stop....there is no infinite memory requirement of the statement. On top of that, the software that runs on a computer is not the piece that is being limited by memory, it is the hardware that is limiting....and just as you can increase the length of the TM tape machine towards infinite, you can add bigger HDD space to infinite as well. This means ALL computers possess the ability for type 0 inclusion, the means of which humans put the machines together is what places it into type 1....the languages itself are not at fault of the limitations.
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