Tucker: Democrats have no actual plan for impeachment

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First public impeachment hearings take place. #Tucker #FoxNews
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14 Nov 2019



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Comentários 6 400
Gina Mariposa
Gina Mariposa 2 dias atrás
Am I incorrect? What I remember from junior high school was that the Ukraine was Russia's "bread basket". Shouldn't Ukraine be a guiding light for Russia becoming a free society? Isn't it culturally Russian? How would we like for Russia to take charge of our Midwest, our "bread basket"? Yes, let's be friends with the Ukraine, but lets encourage it to be a light for Russia and lead Russia into modern, democratic (small 'D') ways, the way we abet Hong Kong to be a light for China.
Gina Mariposa
Gina Mariposa 2 dias atrás
Tucker, are you implying that the Democrats are in league with ISIS? It sounds like that. I don't doubt it.
joshy the hand
joshy the hand 14 dias atrás
It's true.. They shouldn't push for impeachment.. just wait till he's out of office. Because the week he gets out the state of n.y. is going to charge him with massive tax fraud. And he will be convicted.. And state charges cannot be pardoned by a potus.. So there is a really good chance trump will go to prison. When dons brother died and the state took possession of his house.. They found years and years of records detailing trumps tax schemes. They are simply waiting for him to leave office so they can file the charges. Trump will do time.
The Jason
The Jason 17 dias atrás
Trump was elected. That is his offense. Let us handle this at the voting box.
Andre Alexander
Andre Alexander 18 dias atrás
Tucker Carson is dumb asf
Joseph Chewning
Joseph Chewning 18 dias atrás
Tucker, You must be a Marine cuz if you were army you could walk on water!1!
david canter
david canter 18 dias atrás
It's all about lining politicians pockets
shadowsa2b 19 dias atrás
"Change is prohibited" except when democrats want it of course
anonymous user
anonymous user 20 dias atrás
The Democrats are getting Trump impeached. There ... I fixed the title for you
John Mav
John Mav 20 dias atrás
Newman: "I haven't lost yet, I still have armies in the Ukraine." Kramer: "The Ukraine? The Ukraine is weak." Ukrainian guy: "I from Ukraine. You no say Ukraine is weak. I take your little board and smash!
George Kent? I thought his name was Bill Nye the science guy?
Helliant1 21 dia atrás
You know that saying, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” The Democratic Party have been doing their best to keep his existence from the American people. But they can only hold him back for so long before he shows his face and only a face a mother can love. And that face is Adam Schiff or I like to call him Mr. Mackey, m’kay!
Alal Esc
Alal Esc 21 dia atrás
They had no plan?! Is not about that, is about the corrupt , liar, nepotist, lazy clown.....He's been impeached!!
Kim Helton
Kim Helton 21 dia atrás
The farting dems pretend to be scared of Russia, so how many of the illegal people that they bring into our nation from the southern border that are murderers, rapists, drug dealers, thieves, etc. are Russians ? Christians love Russian people, dems are filled with hatred, they are Russiaphobes !
Kim Helton
Kim Helton 21 dia atrás
excellent program Tucker
Him Bike
Him Bike 21 dia atrás
Epstein got what he deserved
Bri Bengal
Bri Bengal 21 dia atrás
Russia Russia Russia (you know the voice)
Michael O'Malley
Michael O'Malley 21 dia atrás
The democrats literally play by Saul Alinsky’s playbook every day!
based black guy
based black guy 22 dias atrás
tl;dr the political establishment is composed of human garbage in service of international elements
Chuck Cox
Chuck Cox 22 dias atrás
America gets a taste of what it's like to live in California...democrats do whatever they want and keep getting re elected. :-(
Common Sense
Common Sense 22 dias atrás
Yeah but Tucker, Trump has only increased tensions with Russia, it has never been this bad since 1970. Oh and let's not forget that now with Stone found guilty on all 7 accounts that makes 6 Trump's associates either in jail, indited or waiting punishments And lets not forget Guliani ( now more or less disgraced Mayor) under criminal investigation . Biden not good, yes we all know that..but however you put of Trump committed impeachable crimes and it is the Constitutional Duty that he should be removed from office..check the Constitution.."SHALL" Biden and son can be investigated..nut then be honest and investigate all members of the House and Congress who gets what from the Military Industrial Complex and Pharmaceutical companies.. Let's stop wasting money on warmongering ($200 million/day) Afghanistan for 19 yrs now and give kids college and everyone an affordable health insurance and get the homeless off the streets !!
redxpen 22 dias atrás
Has tucker been stress-eating?
Drac Leirbag
Drac Leirbag 23 dias atrás
They don't need one because Trump has broke so many laws they can go in any direction and he goes to jail!!!
Drac Leirbag
Drac Leirbag 20 dias atrás
@Steve Stadel sondland said today there was a quid pro quo so that is extortion buddy.
Steve Stadel
Steve Stadel 21 dia atrás
Name one dopey.
Moonkreek 23 dias atrás
Who let Russia in there in the first place. Let me think.......... O yeah Obama. Very important "RIGHT".
00Noontide 23 dias atrás
Tucker is legit!
Cristy 23 dias atrás
Why is everything so backwards?! WTH!
Master of Mashup
Master of Mashup 23 dias atrás
Cucker has finally gone full blown Alex Jones on us. Sad
Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST
When you take the red envelope from the fed and the globalists, you must dance to their tunes. Schiff dances as if his and the lives of his loved ones is at stake!! Russia has borders with China, the middle east etc. How many lost lives from that war, a war that has always lit up the eyes of the white house and the EU until Trump Governments no longer care about the lives of citizens, its all about the benjamins people but NOT YOURS!
michael amsz james
michael amsz james 23 dias atrás
Check out the best video In the Foxhole | The Daily Show 43,2381,818 views
Tommy the Cat official
Tommy the Cat official 23 dias atrás
Listen carefully to what they deny
Davianne's Dish
Davianne's Dish 24 dias atrás
So, you are really okay with 45 standing shoulder to shoulder with Putin (literally) and announce to the world that despite American Intel agencies mutual consensus that Russia meddled in our democracy, 45 believes the murderous, dictator Putin's word for it. How does anyone support 45 and call themselves an American patriot after that? All roads lead to Russia with 45 --- FACTS! Also, 45 is an idiot who does not rise to the esteem of OUR White House. Can someone say "COUNTRY OVER PARTY" for once?
Maria Callous
Maria Callous 24 dias atrás
How about we just divvy up the States. Make two countries either split it east and west of the Mississippi or split it coast to coast. The dems can have the southern split so they can join with latin America and the repubs take the north and have access to Canada. North will take all major military equip and armament and the south can disarm. Repubs won't attack but will defend. deal?
bisbeekid 24 dias atrás
Tucker mocking and making fun of a Viet Nam combat veterarn and career diplomat. That makes Tucker a useless little chickenshit.
bisbeekid 20 dias atrás
@Steve Stadel What specific action are you intimating was less than honorable? Ambassador Taylor earned a CIB and Purple Heart with the 101st Abn Div in Viet Nam. Cadet Bone Spurs, a draft dodger, just pardoned three war criminals, which dishonors all of us who have honorably served.
Steve Stadel
Steve Stadel 21 dia atrás
Just because he was in the military doesn't mean his actions were honorable. That dog won't hunt!
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 24 dias atrás
Great parallel to Dems saying that the Ukrainian border is of vital importance for our national security, yet they also say that our own border is not.
Anja Mo
Anja Mo 24 dias atrás
it appears that no part is as war crazy as the democrats...
Anja Mo
Anja Mo 24 dias atrás
Russia has great resources and that's why they have been invaded many times, they are not the aggressors... Europe is not afraid of a Russian invasion and they are right next door. Russia simply doesn't seem to like NATO bases on their borders. They did not violate anything, we did buy moving NATO bases closer to their borders... thought we had an agreement when the Soviet Union collapsed? And then Hillary's campaign with emphasis on the point fingers at dangerous Russia? C'mon? Doesn't anyone realize how dirty the democrats play?
Cole Young
Cole Young 24 dias atrás
Country before party will never happen with Fox Personalities. Tucker made the world stage comedy circuit with comments that Venezuelans eat Zoo animals. He will say anything with a good sound bite.
Douglas Palermo
Douglas Palermo 24 dias atrás
hey schiff ! hows your sisters father in law doing ? you know the guy whos funding anarchy all over the world through his NPO ' S
Douglas Palermo
Douglas Palermo 24 dias atrás
the real threat is China ! does anyone get it ?
Douglas Palermo
Douglas Palermo 24 dias atrás
no coincidence that russia is one of the six countries that have Banned ! Soros ! why dont we make it 7.
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