Tucker: CNN attacks Bernie Sanders for being 'sexist'

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CNN reveals agenda during Democratic debate.
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16 Jan 2020



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Comentários 6 652
kayla singleton
kayla singleton Dia atrás
I dont know what female would believe warren over sanders hahaha
kayla singleton
kayla singleton Dia atrás
The funny thing is bernie and trump have something in common ... establishment fears them both because they speak without thinking and based off how they feel...
BLI MAO 2 dias atrás
I hate tucker, but even he work for a fake news too, sometimes he is right. Right now tucker is for Bernie ti destroys the Democrats. But Bernie at the end is going to destroys trump.
MarkToast 3 dias atrás
CNN can't actually believe that people are buying this, right? There is documented footage of him saying multiple times in his life that women can be president. Bernie is one of the most progressive candidates there is, and he was the very person who urged Warren to run for president. This perfectly embodies "If someone say it, it must be true"
Matteo Lecca
Matteo Lecca 3 dias atrás
By the way Italy has its own tuckers and fake liberal media. Same system, folks.
Danny 7902
Danny 7902 4 dias atrás
When Tucker Carlson does better coverage of a Progressive Candidate than CNN
Slippery Pete
Slippery Pete 5 dias atrás
Tucker Carlson is the crowned Prince of Privilege.
xd ae
xd ae 5 dias atrás
wow even fox is supporting bernie
Reza Man
Reza Man 5 dias atrás
Wow, the first time I liked a Fox news video. It's a funny world we live in when on this issue Fox news is more honest than CNN and MSNBC. 😆
Nicole G
Nicole G 6 dias atrás
Tfw the left is so bad at its job that the right has to do it for them.
David Eanes
David Eanes 6 dias atrás
“Ask his first wife” ohhhhhh daymmmm.
bob 6 dias atrás
first time I've ever liked a fox news video
eshel ahrak
eshel ahrak 6 dias atrás
theres a video from like 1989 where bernie littelry tells little girls they can be presidents. you gotta give him some points
Johnny Rocketz
Johnny Rocketz 6 dias atrás
I have a strong hate for Tucker, but he is telling the truth
Johnno Villa
Johnno Villa 6 dias atrás
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, got to love it when they start eating their own, what a bunch of complete MISFITS.
chester 7 dias atrás
Bernie will never be president because he's not corrupt enough.
Blake W.
Blake W. 8 dias atrás
Probably the first thing I’ve seen out of Fox News that I’ve agreed with.
Jack Judd
Jack Judd 9 dias atrás
Carlson may be the only professional in the mass media to speak the truth about institutionalized propaganda.
The jukebox
The jukebox 10 dias atrás
6 years ago : Democrats “ How dare you call us socialists ! “ Today: A Socialist leading in the polls.
raphael koster
raphael koster 10 dias atrás
Cnn has totally destroyed their credibility..Do No Watch CNN
Jedediah Myers
Jedediah Myers 10 dias atrás
Oh CNN is trash. You're just worse trash. They may twist stuff and strategically avoid checking their sources, but y'all over at Fox News lie and feed lies to Trump who somehow makes them into worse lies.
Virtus 11 dias atrás
Let's go Bernie/ Tulsi for D nominee.
S D 12 dias atrás
Yeah Bernie is a lot of bad things like commi but I think that the man's honest. He's open about who he is and what he believes.....
Luis C
Luis C 13 dias atrás
10000%!!! Great coverage Fox
The World As It Is
The World As It Is 14 dias atrás
I"m thumbs upping FOX News videos now. Amazing. CNN/MSNBC will never recover credibility. Bernie is sexist the way Stalin is my hairdresser.
Halil Zelenka
Halil Zelenka 14 dias atrás
Crazy that Fox News can be less infuriating than CNN
Antonio coss
Antonio coss 15 dias atrás
leeuwin1962 16 dias atrás
the witch Warren just had to do something to stay in the spotlights. desperate fake Fuckahontas
ollihro82 16 dias atrás
btw bernie pays his female ralley employees 3k more than the next best gouvernour ... he sure hates women
killboi207 17 dias atrás
Yeah that was crazy... I think it's clear that CNN has been paid by the Warren campaign. Look what the left has done to Bernie AGAIN. I'm taking bets, who thinks that Bernie will endorse Warren after he is forced out like what happened in 2016?
no hassle
no hassle 17 dias atrás
Pocahontas has morphed into Pinocchio i see.
Sotiri Drivas
Sotiri Drivas 18 dias atrás
“Ask his first wife” 😂😂
Metacortex 19 dias atrás
Repeal the 19 th this wouldn't be a issue. Pandering to special group that never earned the vote to begin with.
Dust Bunny
Dust Bunny 19 dias atrás
Bernie is the most dangerous US politician in my lifetime
Patrick Reilly
Patrick Reilly 19 dias atrás
Why in the heck do they (CNN) think anyone would believe Warren without some doubts?
John D.
John D. 19 dias atrás
I have been a long time liberal. I'll only vote for Bernie now, and after that I'm done with the democratic party and CNN
HenriK Hald
HenriK Hald 20 dias atrás
Marcy Clay
Marcy Clay 21 dia atrás
Warren is a known liar. So there's that.
Mezcon 21 dia atrás
Oh Bernie...why didn't you defend yourself...that's why you lost 2016 buddy.
Alex Najera
Alex Najera 21 dia atrás
For a right side reporter him defending a left side candidate is really great. Its nice for him to stick to his morals than stick to his party
Alex Najera
Alex Najera 21 dia atrás
Bernie is a good guy. He was at the march on Washington when MLK gave his I have a dream speech. He got arrested for fighting for civil rights. And he has been defending women's rights long before anyone even considered it. He also opposed the war on Iraq which we should have listened to and his Medicare for all plan he has been fighting for almost 30 years. And that could work too. A single payer program that costs less and lower costs on drugs seems great to me. And No deductibles seems even better too
Voice Of Reality
Voice Of Reality 21 dia atrás
Skrap_Gap 21 dia atrás
Love Bernie or hate him. He chose a hill and he's stood on that hill for over 50 years and continues to do so. Apart of that hill has been and continues to be women's right. CNN is trash and I'm glad Bernie is surging shake the Dems up real good.
Billy Marold
Billy Marold 21 dia atrás
Hahaha! DNC has poopy pants about Bernie Sanders cleaning the house with the other jokers vying for the nomination. Saying that, Bernie is just an old welfare hound who has no idea how the private sector works. I like Andrew Yang the best out of all the Democrats. Not because of the $1,000/month he is promising. Because he isn't a scumbag politician. Anyways, Trump is a juggernaut and cannot be stopped. Ha!
Billy Marold
Billy Marold 21 dia atrás
Hahaha! DNC has poopy pants about Bernie Sanders cleaning the house with the other jokers vying for the nomination. Saying that, Bernie is just an old welfare hound who has no idea how the private sector works. I like Andrew Yang the best out of all the Democrats. Not because of the $1,000/month he is promising. Because he isn't a scumbag politician. Anyways, Trump is a juggernaut and cannot be stopped. Ha!
Gladiator Spear
Gladiator Spear 21 dia atrás
Bill Weld 2020!!! trump a rapist this is worst!!
Aonoymous Andy
Aonoymous Andy 22 dias atrás
Tucker is a no-nonsense, non-elite guy who is not blind to the problems that most people are facing
Aonoymous Andy
Aonoymous Andy 22 dias atrás
Pocahontas went down in the polls for her fake sexist smear. The more that deep state dems attack Bernie, the more he keeps climbing
Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman 22 dias atrás
Bernie found his comb. Yes that is my take-away. The fact that Dems can't agree on anything and whip each other like rented mules is no surprise, is it ?
Jack Halus
Jack Halus 22 dias atrás
When fox news does better reporting than CNN. Jesus christ what a world
Ανδρέας 19 dias atrás
Even a European like me knows that CNN sucks
KENNY GILL 22 dias atrás
Like he s going to beat the DON dont think so
Miki H.
Miki H. 22 dias atrás
Trump: I want to help workers. CNN: Trump is a fascist monster! Bernie: I want to help workers. CNN: Bernie is a communist monster!
Miki H.
Miki H. 22 dias atrás
I wish you right wingers would understand how sick and tired us actual leftists are of the weaponized identity politics coming from Hiltlery style democrats. They hate us just as much as they hate you, maybe even more.
Accelerationist 19 dias atrás
Do you include AOC?
Someofficer 22 dias atrás
This is a bruh moment now Sanders being defended by Fox of all organizations 2020 is going to be a Sanders-Trump Bloc vs the Scheming Weasels
Philly Sports!
Philly Sports! 22 dias atrás
Ask hs first wife !!!! 😱😱😱 SAVAGE!!!!
J 23 dias atrás
go off tucker
J 23 dias atrás
i really do feel like im insane every time i watch fox, because they are so obviously one sided on so many issues and it comes off as propaganda. and i still feel insane watching this because i agree with tucker ffs.
Ariana Negron
Ariana Negron 23 dias atrás
so tru
Stem Factory
Stem Factory 23 dias atrás
It's imposable for women to be happy and we all need to stop trying now.
Stem Factory
Stem Factory 23 dias atrás
I don't understand CNN?
Stem Factory
Stem Factory 23 dias atrás
Don't tell me Bernie Sanders is sexist, I might have to vote for him. Do you think all Islamic people are sexist or just the prophet Muhammad?
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