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Comentários 80
Demetri Toquinto
Demetri Toquinto 15 horas atrás
9:19 -OMG!!!
Arthur Maholmes
Arthur Maholmes Dia atrás
You guys should try whipped cream and maple syrup is 🔥
Scrdie Nothing
Scrdie Nothing Dia atrás
Your dad act cool
Jonathan Parker
Jonathan Parker Dia atrás
is it weird that jackie liked everything brain liked
Johana Monsivaisp
You should react to spanish songs
Parallel Sinex
Parallel Sinex Dia atrás
Zoee Canales
Zoee Canales Dia atrás
Jackie sounds like Rosa from TikTok
Allisson Gracia
Allisson Gracia 2 dias atrás
4:32 i dont like juice with chocolate
Mario Rioz
Mario Rioz 2 dias atrás
Jackies a real latina at heart😂
Ilayda Yasar Harry Bannink
brian why do you do tiktok dances
Vette Boni
Vette Boni 4 dias atrás
I love it!! 🤣 Jackie and brawadis please just get back together!! The smile on brandons face after they kissed was so cute! He even licked his lips
Peyton Anthony
Peyton Anthony 4 dias atrás
Brackie is coming back!!!
Inanasian 5 dias atrás
why mostly when Jackie and Brian likes the combos Brandon hates it but when Brain and Jackie hates it Brandon likes it
Anounoumys 5 dias atrás
Anounoumys 5 dias atrás
Anounoumys 5 dias atrás
Nicholas Alkis
Nicholas Alkis 5 dias atrás
Fazerug shirt tho 👀 He lookin fresh
The Icey Mexican
The Icey Mexican 6 dias atrás
I fell like they be makin fun of Noah😂 5:13
MR. NONE 6 dias atrás
U put so much salt on the apple that's y it was account good
BIG CRYP BIG CRYP 6 dias atrás
I love papa rug😁😂
ale Vasquez
ale Vasquez 7 dias atrás
bro i fucking LOVE papa rug, he's hella funny like if true
yurfavv amina
yurfavv amina 7 dias atrás
I love how Jackie chews: 😲😐😲😐😲😐😂😂💕💕
hadeel abuawad
hadeel abuawad 7 dias atrás
The hot Cheetos with peanut butter doesn’t seem to bad
hadeel abuawad
hadeel abuawad 7 dias atrás
The apples should just be with the salt that’s how i eat it
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 8 dias atrás
Faze rug face 2:12
Ava Vice
Ava Vice 8 dias atrás
She says it wasn’t good. But behind Brandon she was licking her fingers.😂🤣🤣
Charisma Aguilar
Charisma Aguilar 9 dias atrás
I would so do that
TKxSwiftyy 9 dias atrás
7:53 peep rug trying to dance🤣🤣👀👉
Androtesh Gaming
Androtesh Gaming 9 dias atrás
Papa rug kisses mama rug Brandon kisses jackie Rug: where is kaelyn
Sara Burrows
Sara Burrows 9 dias atrás
im watching this at 3:AM lol
Jacob Palacios
Jacob Palacios 9 dias atrás
Mikey Diaz
Mikey Diaz 10 dias atrás
Who supports brackie Brandon+Jackie
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 11 dias atrás
i swear brawadis and jakie are gonba date after this lmao👉👈😐☺😂😋😓
Cedric Sinkfield
Cedric Sinkfield 11 dias atrás
Abie Villicana
Abie Villicana 11 dias atrás
try bread ,butter and sugar
marco davalos
marco davalos 11 dias atrás
I like Cheetos with nacho cheese.
Chris Bran
Chris Bran 11 dias atrás
What about pizza and ketchup
Mihnea Muresean
Mihnea Muresean 12 dias atrás
Bhavia Rijil
Bhavia Rijil 12 dias atrás
When Brandon said f in the chat and didn’t know what that meant it broke my heart
I like how do you know
Robert Inigo Estrellado
Faze rug says it's not bad for every combination
Dulce Gonzales
Dulce Gonzales 12 dias atrás
don't be shy put some more
ToxicGaming Fortnite
ToxicGaming Fortnite 12 dias atrás
Jackie and faze rug would be a good couple not trying to be rude brian
panchoyisaias 11
panchoyisaias 11 13 dias atrás
Maria Guzman
Maria Guzman 13 dias atrás
you sould try watermelon with kechup yummm
Gabe Bateman
Gabe Bateman 13 dias atrás
6:32 that’s my “f”avorite snak ever
Mark Allsup
Mark Allsup 13 dias atrás
Brian ate it from the back
Ashlynn Rain Phillips
Ashlynn Rain Phillips 14 dias atrás
badboytv 14 dias atrás
I like oreo with oj
Shan Pandher
Shan Pandher 14 dias atrás
Would you do 15:24
Demetris Nicolaou
Demetris Nicolaou 14 dias atrás
Orea with orange juce is amazing
Abigail Mesfin
Abigail Mesfin 15 dias atrás
Brandon just started singing Hannah Montana
melissa palacios
melissa palacios 15 dias atrás
can you guys follow me on tiktok @melissa_palacios
Cameron Andrejevic
Cameron Andrejevic 16 dias atrás
Sofia Zaragoza
Sofia Zaragoza 16 dias atrás
I always put soy sauce on my popcorn...
Lucinda Jones
Lucinda Jones 16 dias atrás
Lucinda Jones
Lucinda Jones 16 dias atrás
Bradion was waiting for that
telyraymond 16 dias atrás
can I have some mashmello
Udai Karan Monga
Udai Karan Monga 17 dias atrás
So it is official Brandon and jackie are dating 🤤🤤🤤🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
V.A Games
V.A Games 17 dias atrás
Brian can actually sing really good
Gia Carlio
Gia Carlio 17 dias atrás
Seriously, why doesn't this girl get her own gig and stop trying to get famous off of the Rug family.
Jiminie Cricket
Jiminie Cricket 18 dias atrás
Strawberry and sugar mixed in sour cream is actually really bomb
littlebear908 18 dias atrás
I call orange juice “OJ Simpson” too lmao
Mystery Girl
Mystery Girl 19 dias atrás
9:12 9:12 9:12 9:12 9:12 9:12 you’re welcome
Preksha Sakhrani
Preksha Sakhrani 20 dias atrás
In the second combination , it had to be black salt not pepper 😂
AR - 04GM - Cashmere Avenue PS (1260)
f in the chat
Zorcellerie934 GC
Zorcellerie934 GC 23 dias atrás
brandon wtf are you waiting for to go back with jackie and marry her bruh
Isaiah Michel
Isaiah Michel 23 dias atrás
Not to be mean but your dad is so fat
Grevious 02
Grevious 02 23 dias atrás
Jackie Is Just Unbelievably Amazing
Sryplzdontbanme 23 dias atrás
It is dessert for Mexicans the strawberry with sourr cream
Valerie Roman Benitez
Valerie Roman Benitez 23 dias atrás
When said no 9:39 😂😂😂
Noah Kabakoff
Noah Kabakoff 24 dias atrás
did anybody else sniff when Brandon opened the cheetos bag...
Krxtal_ Clear
Krxtal_ Clear 24 dias atrás
Brandon Galvez
Brandon Galvez 24 dias atrás
9:22 I love Brian and Brandon😂😂❤️
bianca franco
bianca franco 25 dias atrás
David Valdez
David Valdez 25 dias atrás
Brandon over exaggerates
Stephanie Gruttadauria
Stephanie Gruttadauria 26 dias atrás
Yea rug hockey
RektDynamic 26 dias atrás
3:50 Runch
Unidentified-_-Dope 27 dias atrás
Does anyone else see rug awkwardly dancing in every scene
Adrianna Sturgeon
Adrianna Sturgeon 27 dias atrás
Damn summer is about to be upset at you Brandon 😂😂😂😭😭😭
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