Trying Weird Food Combinations People Love w/ Josh Peck!

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so josh peck and i are trying weird food combinations that people love and guys some of these food combinations are so insane!! which one food combo would you try? xo -alisha marie
josh's video here:
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**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "cheetos"


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13 Jun 2019



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Comentários 6 066
Ana Puga
Ana Puga Dia atrás
Sksksk Sk
Sksksk Sk Dia atrás
Try potato’s with jam☺️
Doris Konadu
Doris Konadu Dia atrás
Crisp and bananas please and try it
Lynne Harrington
Lynne Harrington 2 dias atrás
U should try oreos and pickles
Faith 705
Faith 705 2 dias atrás
I watch your channel every time u post and I love ur channel
Faith 705
Faith 705 2 dias atrás
Another weird food is pork chops and applesauce
GABRIELLE ABEL 3 dias atrás
Alisha "it just taste like Cheetos and milk" Josh "tell us more Alisha" 😂😂
Fantaisa Universe
Fantaisa Universe 5 dias atrás
9:27 I love how he’s says “the tree”😂😂😂❤️
Hana Elbadry
Hana Elbadry 5 dias atrás
Try popcorn and vanilla ice cream
mehreen fatima
mehreen fatima 7 dias atrás
Popcorn in chocolate milk (choclatey sweet n salty cereal)♥️
mehreen fatima
mehreen fatima 7 dias atrás
Maple sauce on pizza 👌
mehreen fatima
mehreen fatima 7 dias atrás
I wonder if we dip chicken nuggets in Fanta, would it taste lyk orange chicken?😂😜
mehreen fatima
mehreen fatima 7 dias atrás
Lays (French Cheese flavor) crumbled and mixed in Nutella chocolate
Pineappleparty Gacha
Pineappleparty Gacha 8 dias atrás
Hazelnut M&Ms and Chettos
Sandy Stewart
Sandy Stewart 8 dias atrás
I watched drake and josh last night
Javine Whitter
Javine Whitter 8 dias atrás
3:07 he found the most awkward way to take it off
Alice Carlow
Alice Carlow 10 dias atrás
Salted chips and grapes
Andre Vbf
Andre Vbf 12 dias atrás
Dip your hamburger in your frosty 😁🍔🍦
Alexa :-]
Alexa :-] 12 dias atrás
I love plain chips and peanut butter and my sister loves tortellini and ketchup.
Haylee Grace
Haylee Grace 12 dias atrás
grilled cheese dipped in ketchup is amazing!!!!
Hadley Grace
Hadley Grace 13 dias atrás
Hot Cheetos and milk are soooooo good!!
Uniquee YouTube !
Uniquee YouTube ! 13 dias atrás
Drake and josh 💀
Uniquee YouTube !
Uniquee YouTube ! 13 dias atrás
Pickle and warm mayonnaise 🤤🤤
Yadirainne Rafini
Yadirainne Rafini 14 dias atrás
Weird food combos i love 1. Nutella and bologna sandwich 2. Pb&j with white cheese 3. potato chips with honey
TK Blaine
TK Blaine 14 dias atrás
Popcorn dipped in Hidden Valley Ranch is AMAZING!!!
MyAbby3 14 dias atrás
Pickles and ketchup
LesDIY 15 dias atrás
Can we PLEASE get another colab ⬇️Like if u agree
Amanda Arnett
Amanda Arnett 15 dias atrás
2:14 hahahahahahahaha
Elizabeth Diaz
Elizabeth Diaz 15 dias atrás
Talkies with chocolate pudding Bread cheese and apples Apples with ketchup
Freya Murray x
Freya Murray x 16 dias atrás
Try cheesy Doritos and cucumber it’s actually so good
kiersyn dewein
kiersyn dewein 16 dias atrás
Apparently no one does this. But my family dips Doritos in sour cream. I asked my friends if they liked it and they said they've never done it before. I don't know if everyone's family does this or it's a my family kind of thing but try it if you haven't. ❤️
BeanieBoos WithUna
BeanieBoos WithUna 16 dias atrás
Cheyenne Brent
Cheyenne Brent 17 dias atrás
You should try apples and lemon juice
Autumn Rush
Autumn Rush 18 dias atrás
A french fri dipped in a milkshake
Autumn Rush
Autumn Rush 18 dias atrás
Bread Roll dipped on root beer
Autumn Rush
Autumn Rush 18 dias atrás
I meant “in” not “on”
Vilincia Chandra
Vilincia Chandra 20 dias atrás
When they showed the peanut butter and hamburger, my mind went to the worth it secret menu shack shack. OML its so good! I tried it y’all
Jessica Kizziah
Jessica Kizziah 20 dias atrás
Popcorn with the ramen chicken flavor packet
Sara Khan
Sara Khan 21 dia atrás
This was like the funniest episodes on Alisha's channel.....🤣🤣🤣🤣
Avery McLaughlin
Avery McLaughlin 23 dias atrás
Weird food combination : White Cheddar SmartFood Nutella
Quintin Miller
Quintin Miller 28 dias atrás
Alisha love you my princess mine girl lovely girl mine lovely miss lot taco bell first BRvid channel good friend best princess my mine my girlfriend lovely amazingly beautiful lady young ladies
Julia Dipasquale
Julia Dipasquale 28 dias atrás
I love apples on grilled cheese or ketchup on steak it’s so good
kylie smallwood
kylie smallwood 29 dias atrás
is this josh from jake and josh?
Christina Hernandez
Hotdog,egg, and ketchup is sooo good!
Mercedes Herrera
Mercedes Herrera Mês atrás
You should try barbecue sauce with dumplings its really good:)
Anna Owens
Anna Owens Mês atrás
Alisha u are a queen I love you I really hope to meet u one day ❤️
Jamie Xiong
Jamie Xiong Mês atrás
Do bacon with syrup it's so good
Tasha Lopez
Tasha Lopez Mês atrás
You should eat a hamburger and yo-gurt
Tasha Lopez
Tasha Lopez Mês atrás
Especially McDonalds
Oblivirim Mês atrás
Marshmallow and mustard Ok so this is like so wrong, but you see I’ve always loved mustard. One night my cousins and I were sitting around a fire and roasting marshmallows. I was dared to put mustard in a marshmallow husk (the harder part when you roast a marshmallow) and it was kinda bomb then all my cousins tried it and we all kinda loved it soooooo.
Twins Blake
Twins Blake Mês atrás
Hey everyone please read: 👑JESUS👑 loves you so so so much💗 👑GOD👑 is with you... You are never alone❤
Mya Farid
Mya Farid Mês atrás
French fries and a chocolate milkshake
Bella Diy
Bella Diy Mês atrás
Weird food combination: - pretzel chips - shredded cheese (melted on the pretzel chips) -sour cream *I swear I eat this all the time!!*
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen 9 dias atrás
Bella Diy u should try cheese stuffed pretzels!😂 but the pretzels are softer lmaoo
Lizzie Drew
Lizzie Drew Mês atrás
Theory are talking about the apples with pepper and salt Josh: it tastes like school Alisha: YaSSSSS
Auresa Reçica
Auresa Reçica Mês atrás
Can you try chocolate ice cream with hot chips ❤❤
Izzie Joan
Izzie Joan Mês atrás
Chloe and bobby 4 ever
pixelrefuge Mês atrás
I think alisha would be natalie in the vlog squad
차갑다lace_ Mês atrás
try eating hot chips with choclate😍
Cassidy Villeneuve
Cassidy Villeneuve Mês atrás
My bf swears by KD with Soya sauce lol and my sisters bf puts an egg on the top of a pizza in the middle
Labiba Haque
Labiba Haque Mês atrás
I tried some of them but my favorite are the apple and pepper and salt!!! And the popcorn with James red hot
gabriela sonder
gabriela sonder Mês atrás
OMG, i love cheetos in milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roxana Flores
Roxana Flores Mês atrás
Alisha try lime lays with hot Cheetos
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