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15 Set 2018



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Comentários 8 524
Abdur Saleem
Abdur Saleem 8 horas atrás
I can't eat pineapple, because I'm allergic to it 🙁
Boyfriend of WEEB
Boyfriend of WEEB 12 horas atrás
People that liveAny where else say - Sweet potato People in New Zealand say - Kumara
Ethan Hepplewhite
Ethan Hepplewhite 12 horas atrás
For kobe❤️
Critter Whisperer
Critter Whisperer 17 horas atrás
Try Milk and tea. I’ve gotten so much hate from other people for that. But I’m European so screw them. Rebellion!!! Or try anchovies and caviar butter
Uh Yeet
Uh Yeet 19 horas atrás
5:47 but he isn't here anymore
The Playlist Guy
The Playlist Guy 21 hora atrás
17:55 *_P U F F E R F I S H E A T I N G A C A R R O T_*
R3DD0GQ [BW 21 hora atrás
That first one i was able to feel that to And I also wonder what Gorden Ramse idk how to spell his name so I'm sorry
Lanner Falcon
Lanner Falcon Dia atrás
i love ketchup and ice cream
BlitzBro Dia atrás
Who else is sad about Kobe and Gigi like to pay respect 👇🏾
lynx 2k
lynx 2k Dia atrás
I love pinaple pizza soo I respect miniladd for it
lynx 2k
lynx 2k Dia atrás
I like pineapple in pizza
Xavier Harris
Xavier Harris Dia atrás
Who tf warms up their milk
CRazypinAPPleMAn Dia atrás
I don't mind pineapple on pizza just not my go to
Luke Pepega
Luke Pepega 2 dias atrás
I can’t hate mini for pineapple pizza because I have never tasted pineapple pizza in my life
Claire Smith
Claire Smith Dia atrás
You should try it
Ur dad That went for milk but didn’t come back
What was that weird noise 17:55
Fortnite Lover
Fortnite Lover 2 dias atrás
Kobe is ded 💀
Mason Puhalovic
Mason Puhalovic 3 dias atrás
0:57 he thick
Nobody’s Hero
Nobody’s Hero 3 dias atrás
I use to dip my fries in my chocolate pudding I really wanna try it in Nutella now
Aubri Ann Parker
Aubri Ann Parker 3 dias atrás
I puked while watching this
Black Blurr
Black Blurr 3 dias atrás
Do more
RADIØ DEMØN 4 dias atrás
I always used to dip my chips in ice-cream. I need to try sweet potato chips and Nutella NOW! Doritos and chocolate also tastes surprisingly good.
Kim Phillips
Kim Phillips 5 dias atrás
pinaple on pizza is DOLLISOUES
america Union
america Union 5 dias atrás
My bother likes ham and pineapple on pizza
MuzicIzLife01 5 dias atrás
My fav weird combination is cool ranch doritos and cream cheese frosting. Idk why it works but it does xD
Le -chan
Le -chan 7 dias atrás
*jiggley laugh * I pissed myself 🤣🤣
Escpaed Psycho
Escpaed Psycho 8 dias atrás
Cheese and barbecue sauce thats good
Spontaneous Lucario
Spontaneous Lucario 8 dias atrás
its not bone-appetite its bone-appetitty
LOVINI 216 8 dias atrás
5:45 :((😭
Karma Anims
Karma Anims 9 dias atrás
Lawrence Chen
Lawrence Chen 9 dias atrás
6:04 RIP Kobe
Trenton Shortell
Trenton Shortell 9 dias atrás
You should have done milk and cheeto puffs
BigG music
BigG music 10 dias atrás
Rip Kobe
Haider Karkamaz
Haider Karkamaz 11 dias atrás
Sweet chilli chips and lettuce wrapped in Lebanese bread
Oscar 11 dias atrás
all those watching this in 2020, RIP Kobe you legend
pablo teme
pablo teme 11 dias atrás
Anchovies and Pizza
Im me
Im me 12 dias atrás
How do throw
Jayden Aronson
Jayden Aronson 12 dias atrás
Can’t we talk ab how I’m watching this in 2020 and he said Kobe like wowww
XxliveyoungxX_yt 12 dias atrás
Mini: kids dont try this u will throw up. kids: I will so i dont have to go to school.
Mr RedPandas
Mr RedPandas 13 dias atrás
Dorian Badger
Dorian Badger 14 dias atrás
It's for kobe now
David Zapata
David Zapata 15 dias atrás
Hahahahahaha "kobe"
The Derpy Puppet
The Derpy Puppet 15 dias atrás
I'm alergic to pineapple I bet it's good tho
KingBongHogger 17 dias atrás
Mayo and maple syrup
oscar weeks
oscar weeks 18 dias atrás
He says "kobe" now but just you wait...
Rainbow Sparkle
Rainbow Sparkle 18 dias atrás
Ive never tryed pineapple on pizza so im on neither side
Landon Gaumes
Landon Gaumes 18 dias atrás
2:24 🤣😂 naih
Cody Baker
Cody Baker 22 dias atrás
Who’s watching in 2020 and when he said Kobe you felt that
Tammy Wagner
Tammy Wagner 23 dias atrás
Watching this again after what happened to kobe, 😭
Kitten Boo
Kitten Boo 23 dias atrás
Mini, what you gotta do is mix Wendy's fries with their chocolate ice cream shakes (Frosty's) and then you have something absolutely magnificent. Hear me out. Its fantastic.
Alexandria Heaton
Alexandria Heaton 23 dias atrás
Ice cream and mustard- 3 seconds later: NOPE
907Norseman 24 dias atrás
I die alittle inside when he says Kobe now
Adam Deadass
Adam Deadass 24 dias atrás
When he said "Kobe" tossing that fry, I felt that
Ashton ShArpton
Ashton ShArpton 24 dias atrás
5:47 rip kobe🙏🙏
Josh 24 dias atrás
8:35 & 17:55 Craig: *D I E S*
Hunter Ives
Hunter Ives 24 dias atrás
R.I.P kobe
Viper_ Vesma
Viper_ Vesma 24 dias atrás
I like pineapple but I'm allergic to so I can't have it
Killstreak822 24 dias atrás
Sharper 26 dias atrás
For kobe
_SoulGamez _
_SoulGamez _ 26 dias atrás
2:25 unn naaa hahahah idk why that sounds so funny
john wytko
john wytko 26 dias atrás
Asmr of mini about to barf because of ice cream foot fugues
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