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Thanks to JOJO for the ice cream. Love u all
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26 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Ash Burdell
Ash Burdell Dia atrás
Your sweatshirt is iconic
Kenya Heredia
Kenya Heredia 2 dias atrás
It's official Morgan's losing her mind.
Myley Sazama
Myley Sazama 3 dias atrás
Morgan: can I drive again. Shane and ryland on sync: NO (I will leave)
daunte 5 dias atrás
this popped up on my page at the WRONG time
Ellie Rose
Ellie Rose 6 dias atrás
This video is literally just a huge “that’s what she said” joke
Shannon Bruno
Shannon Bruno 6 dias atrás
“I’m a discussedly disgustable uncrustable” look out LIN MANUEL MIRANDA
Regina Getter
Regina Getter 6 dias atrás
If there were 2 Morgan's, one would kiII the other, and then pretend to be the other one, pretending to be the other one, pretending to be the other one, pretending to be the other one, pretending to be the other one. Plot twist: pretending to be the other one.
Regina Getter
Regina Getter 6 dias atrás
This keep bringing back memories from when your family and Shane went to that place where you made your own ice cream flavors 😍😭 those were the days..
att beach
att beach 6 dias atrás
The screaming;s gotta go
Uzochi B
Uzochi B 9 dias atrás
The way you began the video, I love you personally 😅
Rin - rin
Rin - rin 9 dias atrás
"Jimmy, Jason, Joanna, Jenny and Jerrold." Let's not foget the best one, Jolene
Audrey-ann Baird
Audrey-ann Baird 9 dias atrás
So across the street from my local target there is a Chic-Fil-A and there is always a line for the drive through all the way out on the street it’s so annoyingly busy there 😂 😂 😂 😂
Alyssa Woodrow
Alyssa Woodrow 10 dias atrás
Hey Morgan. We all recognize your pure soul and intentions. We’re sorry for all the issues the YT/ beauty community has passed along to you over time.We all see the dark that surrounds this community. I feel like you had caught on to a lot of their hidden bullshit but felt the need to be nice..Don’t. If I’m right I’m quite similar to you, a people pleaser and nows the time for that to end. Cut the toxic ppl out (especially j* I caught his energy towards you and despise him because of it).. I could see you grow SO SO MUCH as a channel without them. This is all coming from a good place.. I never said anything before but I feel the need to now. Take care girl 💕
Connor Shelton
Connor Shelton 10 dias atrás
Watching Ryland run a stop sign 🤩
Devon Morris
Devon Morris 10 dias atrás
Jojo: OK WERK Ryland: isn’t that from 2008? Also Ryland: OK WERK 8:03
Baldheaded Hoe
Baldheaded Hoe 10 dias atrás
Morgan said that
I luv cats so much
I luv cats so much 11 dias atrás
The intro was everything
zilla is epic
zilla is epic 11 dias atrás
Ew shane
s u s a n n a
s u s a n n a 11 dias atrás
j o j o s i w a ' s i c e c r e a m . . . I WANT THE WHOLE STOCK
John Smith
John Smith 11 dias atrás
"JoJo would never give us skin" truth.
unikittycorn. 12 dias atrás
Jojo's ice cream reminds me of Play-Doh
Paige Szalay
Paige Szalay 12 dias atrás
I love Morgan’s hoodie does anyone know the brand or where to get it? I’m in love with it lol 💕
sofee 12 dias atrás
"high in five minutes" MEEE
christina williams-force
Jojo reminds me of that spoiled kid on willy Wonka lol she's a cute kid tho, my kids are spoiled. cant say much hahaha
hand sanitizer 2.0
hand sanitizer 2.0 13 dias atrás
OMG I CANTTTT this killed me
noemi Moheno
noemi Moheno 13 dias atrás
I'd have loved if Garett was a part of this video
Hollie Amelia
Hollie Amelia 13 dias atrás
Lilly Taylor
Lilly Taylor 13 dias atrás
ok but i need her sunglasses
RKM Music
RKM Music 13 dias atrás
imagine being friends with jojo. It sounds like a lot of fun.
Carissa Lewis
Carissa Lewis 14 dias atrás
Why do I want jojo's ice cream now lol
Lux XxX
Lux XxX 14 dias atrás
"If jesus really loved me, chick-fil-a would be open on Sunday" #MorganforPresident
CC B 15 dias atrás
Jojo will either have a full breakdown when she’s 18, or she’s gonna be 30 and still pushing merch at Walmart to 8 year olds.
Sofia De Jesus
Sofia De Jesus 15 dias atrás
She was born then
Raquel Dale
Raquel Dale 15 dias atrás
Love your personality. Never change 🥺
zuzu's petals
zuzu's petals 15 dias atrás
I would have sent you some Morgan’s for your birthday but they wouldn’t ship to CA from our archaic ABC store in NC. Happy birthday whenever it happens.
Chiara Bartolone
Chiara Bartolone 15 dias atrás
She is funnny
Prolly Datboi
Prolly Datboi 15 dias atrás
In hindsight probably shoulda chose the nachos
Caidi Stephens
Caidi Stephens 15 dias atrás
“Wasn’t that in 2008? She wasn’t even born then😂”
Sophie D
Sophie D 15 dias atrás
it looks like they are having more fun eating ice-cream than they did at morganchella
Genevieve Lindsley smith
Apparently Morgan’s goal is to be part of the Duggar’s family
Vanessa Carapia
Vanessa Carapia 15 dias atrás
Morgan and Ryland : talking about jojo siwa Shane: ice cream,crackers, dip the ice cream in crackers
ColtonsCreations 16 dias atrás
“What’s Your Job?” Oh, I’m just Jojo Siwas Security Guard.
TL Fam
TL Fam 16 dias atrás
no one: literally no one: ACTUALLY no one: not a SOUL: shane drowning his animal cracker in the ice cream:
Jasmine Vasquez
Jasmine Vasquez 16 dias atrás
i felt that when Morgan was casually popping her pimple in the kitchen
Olivia Wright-Osment
Olivia Wright-Osment 16 dias atrás
Me over here crushing on Morgan 😂💀
Karson Mckenna
Karson Mckenna 16 dias atrás
this is really random but the trash can in the background of your room is the same as mine. #IKEA of i didn't like that i just used a hashtag along with i cant even remember if it was from IKEA
Brian Hogan
Brian Hogan 16 dias atrás
Love that she’s doing this birthday thing during May even though her birthday is in August XD
Sab h
Sab h 16 dias atrás
Shane begging them to dip his animal crackers in the ice cream😢
Tyler Kimes
Tyler Kimes 16 dias atrás
um i’m gonna need that pic of you drinking wine on a hoodie please
60 and Beyond with MaryAnn Dunham
I love ice cream when it's a little melted!
Fairy Jessy
Fairy Jessy 16 dias atrás
Can I apply to be Ryland’s Mom friend? I’m 30 and a mom to two perfect little boys. My younger brother is also a 6 foot 5 professional wrestler who is single for Morgan. I offer him in the trade because honestly Morgan is sister in law goals.
Theo Greene
Theo Greene 16 dias atrás
0:26 I...I don’t think she knows who Elon Musk is
Erin Tighe
Erin Tighe 17 dias atrás
Why was the music behind the JoJo montage so calm 🤣
unicorn luv
unicorn luv 17 dias atrás
Kurt B
Kurt B 17 dias atrás
ok but why did i enjoy this content so much
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC 17 dias atrás
I’ll ride horses with you Ryland
Mosey 17 dias atrás
2:07 since when was that the case? We ain’t dating women without jobs wtf 😂 this ain’t the 1940s y’all can work too
Merrie Peterson
Merrie Peterson 17 dias atrás
You should try "Farmers Only" dating app.
Jeffrey-jim Alonso
Jeffrey-jim Alonso 17 dias atrás
Isn’t Chick-fil-A homophobic restaurant
TVGirlfriends dressingservice
you guys know facemasks are not good for your health I hope you just wear them for show and even that is a bad example?
Justin Colin
Justin Colin 17 dias atrás
Morgan us me freaking out about jesslyn
Lisa Murillo
Lisa Murillo 17 dias atrás
But where did you get your Budweiser sweater 😭😍
Bel 17 dias atrás
You kinda look like Alissa Violet
Zodiatic _Virgo
Zodiatic _Virgo 17 dias atrás
They do be praising jojo for her food product 😗✌
Eilish ButteryP0TAT0*-*
New here thought it was a BRvidr' review of the ice cream
Kenny Gorehound
Kenny Gorehound 17 dias atrás
Coronavirus shares Jojo Siwa ice cream with their friends cross contaminately.
Raziel Melendez
Raziel Melendez 17 dias atrás
Dio brando has come to take ur fortune
Jayden Diener
Jayden Diener 17 dias atrás
Morgan, please make a shirt with that picture on it and just wear it around always. Or merch, I’d buy that.
_Sugar HoneyHoney_
_Sugar HoneyHoney_ 17 dias atrás
That camera really wasn't focusing that good :))))
Destiny Williams
Destiny Williams 17 dias atrás
oh man morgan this is the saddest birthday party ever ... but ill still go and turn the fuck up with those morgan ohs
Allie Rose
Allie Rose 18 dias atrás
Soon enough Jojo is gonna have a Jojo Siwa adventure park
Allie_Playz 18 dias atrás
How does her mom live in that house!? It’s so eccentric
Kayla Spence
Kayla Spence 18 dias atrás
Ava Schendel
Ava Schendel 18 dias atrás
y’all look like kids honestly- xd
Yelssy Lerma
Yelssy Lerma 18 dias atrás
Michael Verzeilberg
Michael Verzeilberg 19 dias atrás
Going to look at videos now where they actually break balloons that was unsatisfying yet funny. Thanks Morgan!
Grace Nomad
Grace Nomad 19 dias atrás
Welcome to Morgan Adam's going insane for 15 minutes and 20 seconds
Miekjeswereld 19 dias atrás
Waiting for shane to do a long video on “ Jojo off camera “ . To see if she is always high in energy and always wears that ponytail on the side of her head .
minimxoon 19 dias atrás
jOjO sEaWeEd ;)
Waffle Queen
Waffle Queen 19 dias atrás
Morgan: I don’t like love and Commitment. Me: I don’t like life!
kelsiline 19 dias atrás
Jojo is 17?!
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