Trying an At-Home Acrylic Nail Manicure

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Desperate times call for desperate mediocre acrylic manicures HAHAHA. It's been about a week since I did my own nails and they're holding up SURPRISINGLY well. Already excited to go in for round 2 once they grow out!! ♡ XO lauren


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Hi DIY Babes!!! Welcome to the fam, I'm Lauren - a Canadian living in LA, makin' DIY dreams come true every single day. You'll find everything DIY related and more!! Including hauls, room decor, clothing try-ons, product testing, (many failed) slime DIYs, hacks + vlogs featuring my sweet mini bull terrier Moose! I'm so excited you're here and make sure to leave me a comment down below if you're new here!



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5 Abr 2020



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Em Mês atrás
"I'm basically a professional now" 2 seconds later* "No no no it's going horrible" New fan but the way love your videos!
Ellie McGrane
Ellie McGrane 2 meses atrás
I have fully had a nail tech do worse than this!!!
Pasithea Thanatos ASMR
Pasithea Thanatos ASMR 3 meses atrás
When you file it creates heat so you’re burning yourself, just switch up the placement don’t do it over again in one spot
Maira Montes
Maira Montes 3 meses atrás
This video came up on my recommended today...I just cried inside when you said "California has confirmed lockdown until April 30th" then I checked the date of upload....LOL, We were so naive.
Viola Werner
Viola Werner 4 meses atrás
Tip is to do a soak off instead of drilling it off use acetone and hot water under a plastic container with the acetone in and then soak ur Nails In it if that makes sense then you can remove it with a cuticle pusher
cana cox
cana cox 4 meses atrás
You did such a good job!! I love the color and shape!!❤️
ItzMintyYT 4 meses atrás
Little does she know the pandemic and lockdown has lasted for two years now 4 meses atrás
lets just take a moment on how she KILLS her intros like omg we need a tritorial please
Jersey 5 meses atrás
The burning is you burning through you natural nails
J Slavens
J Slavens 5 meses atrás
Can we get a updated version? Please ? 💗
Emily Wolfe
Emily Wolfe 5 meses atrás
I love doing my own nails. I am a hoarder of nail polish and nail care kits I love making. I end up doing the same thing I end up cutting my nails too short where it bleeds. Watching this makes me want to do ur nails.
Roberto Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez 7 meses atrás
Those where your real nales😱
leeana harvey
leeana harvey 7 meses atrás
who's watching this in 2021??
Eden Gregory
Eden Gregory 7 meses atrás
If she only new how much longer she would be quarantined. :(
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 8 meses atrás
unrelated but i wear my rings in the exact same order as you
Tayla Haworth
Tayla Haworth 8 meses atrás
Me while watching this video be like... hmm that’s a cute shirt, hang on that looks familiar *looks down at shirt* oh I’m wearing the exact same one... what a qawinkydink
charmayne traweek
charmayne traweek 9 meses atrás
where did you buy your shirt
Eli Cantrell
Eli Cantrell 9 meses atrás
10 months later we still have COVID 🥺😢🤧
Sovana Nem
Sovana Nem 10 meses atrás
Can you do a video on the poly gel nails?
Amaya Mireles
Amaya Mireles 11 meses atrás
polygel kits from amozon!
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose 11 meses atrás
i love videos like this :)
Tiffany Robinson
Tiffany Robinson 11 meses atrás
me that has an actual nail license and is an aesthetic specialist, looking at her brush -_-. girl you need a kolinsky brush for sure I recommend if you do this again, get a number 8 oval 100% kolinsky you can get one for about $7 and its perfect for beginners. but other than that for your first time it was pretty good, my first time was so much worse haha.
Bethany Shotton
Bethany Shotton 11 meses atrás
When I was in school it took me a solid month before I got done acrylics. Lmao.
Shannon Cahill
Shannon Cahill Anos atrás
The real question is will she ever use this VERY expensive equipment again 😂
Ethan Li-Kato
Ethan Li-Kato Anos atrás
The nail brushes you are using do acrylic are for gel and art. Acrylic brushes look a little like paint brushes
Ethan Li-Kato
Ethan Li-Kato Anos atrás
If you want to learn to to nails watch nail career education and long hair pretty nails. For fun you can watch Emily susanah
Ana Anos atrás
“Until April 30th” *gurl*
paulina gord
paulina gord Anos atrás
me doing acrylics for myself and others since middle school: 👁👄👁
terri edmison
terri edmison Anos atrás
am i the only doing my nails
Elaine Clarkson
Elaine Clarkson Anos atrás
try dip nails
Addyson Crabtree
Addyson Crabtree Anos atrás
what size acrylic powder container did you again, I am looking at getting acrylic but don't know what you to get.
Eva Veeneman
Eva Veeneman Anos atrás
when she sped it up as she was filing her nails i thought she was getting possessed lol gghghghghgh
Claire Banashek
Claire Banashek Anos atrás
girl stick to going to the solon
Andie Anos atrás
Watching you trying to dip Instead of scoop a bit of product was killing me.
Emmalise Anos atrás
Amount of times she said *OMG*
Ava Leavesley
Ava Leavesley Anos atrás
Haha when u know Lauren never fails
Cindy Claure
Cindy Claure Anos atrás
you literally made me scream but then again this is your first time
I’ve tried the hydro drip method of doing nails and it didn’t work.😀
Christi Camba
Christi Camba Anos atrás
Yes girl!! If you want to try this again, I recommend getting an acrylic nail brush; it's designed just for acrylic and will save you lots of monomer!
Kadence Armstrong
Kadence Armstrong Anos atrás
1:10 hahaha. lock-down until April 30? that's cute.
gabby mazariegos
gabby mazariegos Anos atrás
Lauren: doing amazing at making acryic nails Me: can’t even paint my nails
amanda Segura
amanda Segura Anos atrás
If it burns your staying in one place to long
Rosie Magalong
Rosie Magalong Anos atrás
Give Jeremy a Manicure😁
Yv V
Yv V Anos atrás
My sister in law in this epidemic learning to do our nails lol
Audrey Golden Princess
I got animal crossing and I just got a house too!
Gamer Gaul
Gamer Gaul Anos atrás
She is Using gel brushes shes a idiot and Aldo im a licenced nail tech aaahahhahah
ruby Anos atrás
I just did the savage dance every time she said ratchet lol
Malia Sallyzær
Malia Sallyzær Anos atrás
Mabey die you hair? Like purple would look great on you
*..dxkota..* Anos atrás
Brush she should have watched longhairprettynails channel
Alan Azar
Alan Azar Anos atrás
Hi can you please do a DIY it is a boHo purse
taylor mcCoy
taylor mcCoy Anos atrás
this should have been considered an episode of diy master!!!
Staxx1980 Anos atrás
Hey Lauren love your video’s and please do more room organization\cute room decor 🤩
Chocoloco Anos atrás
I know simply nail logical isnt a professional,but she should react to this-
carl Foster
carl Foster Anos atrás
Oooooo I wanna smell your nails
Sofia Uddin
Sofia Uddin Anos atrás
Can you do diy lash extensions or diy lash lift
Rozi Sherwan BTS fan
What about the pele and holo💿💿💿💅🏻
Rozi Sherwan BTS fan
Cristine has left the chat 💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💅🏻
CHughes 17
CHughes 17 Anos atrás
I’m watching this cuz I’m trying to paint my own nails and need to hear someone else struggle with me 😂
ada Anos atrás
Haha I loved this video Lauren!!
Anda Cunningham
Anda Cunningham Anos atrás
Lauren can you paint my nails same like yours
Carmen Soto
Carmen Soto Anos atrás
U should watch longhairprettynails it could maybe help u get better😊😁😃😄
NiNi Polecki
NiNi Polecki Anos atrás
ayman cheema
ayman cheema Anos atrás
I got soome acrlics on amazon and im about to do em wish me luck
Mell Peepee
Mell Peepee Anos atrás
Can you please try doing polygel nails
daisy perehinys
daisy perehinys Anos atrás
things to do
Zoe Carmela
Zoe Carmela Anos atrás
me in may forgetting lockdown was suposed to end in april
Hannah Glover
Hannah Glover Anos atrás
soooo... once the world opens back up and you're done with your at home nail salon stuff... would you want to send it my way lol? furloughed from 2 jobs gives me no extra money to buy my own nail stuff to do at home and my nails are looking roughhhh. ps i think you KILLED it for it being your first time, BRAVO.
Bryony Culman
Bryony Culman Anos atrás
I would love to see you do DIY self-care like facemasks and stuff 💕
Angelica Garcia
Angelica Garcia Anos atrás
What e file did she used pls answer
Lili Anos atrás
My mom has that nail file!!!
Kamryn Stackpole
Kamryn Stackpole Anos atrás
Yah until April 30th little did u know
Deepika Ramakrishnan
I love your channel
The WisePlant
The WisePlant Anos atrás
Do you put the unicorn powder when it’s wet or dry?
Dom Mar
Dom Mar Anos atrás
You should think better about yourself
Muzlighter ***
Muzlighter *** Anos atrás
I liked this video as soon as I saw the intro with the anime nails being my favorite color and what I plan on getting on my nails dnjsjxnx
the frog people 101
Aaron Aaa
Aaron Aaa Anos atrás
God loves you come to Him, He will bring you rest, peace and joy. He wants a personal relationship with you. He knows u by name just accept Him!💕
Peyton Rose
Peyton Rose Anos atrás
Ok but they look gooodd
Olivia Thompson
Olivia Thompson Anos atrás
OMG those are your real nail
Mckayla Grace
Mckayla Grace Anos atrás
I just dont get why there's a dislike button on BRvid
Roblox Besties
Roblox Besties Anos atrás
Poly gel nails!
Keira Anos atrás
i am a at home nail tech I was laughing lol
Quarantine Cooking
Quarantine Cooking Anos atrás
1:10 Little did she know
Haeleigh Ortiz
Haeleigh Ortiz Anos atrás
can we have tips for rearranging rooms
Addison Rylie
Addison Rylie Anos atrás
Oh Lauren I love you 💕
Lovelykittycat Forever
Love that AC/DC shirt!!
Violet Sophia
Violet Sophia Anos atrás
When you look at her set of things to make her acrylic nails... then you notice there all the same ones in your 5 star nail salon 😬🤨😂
Hannah Kimbrough
Hannah Kimbrough Anos atrás
me watching this in May (still stuck in quarantine) laughing at her thinking she will be out in three weeks!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Jennifer Atilano
Jennifer Atilano Anos atrás
She reminds me of 정수정 so much for some reason I see a lot of Krystal in the way she laughs, talks, and just her in general. I love her for who she is and her take on life its inspiring to watch makes me strive for a better life.
MissMaris Anos atrás
7:27 that face + her edit made me die laughing 😂 🤣😆 loved that.
Eva Longhurst
Eva Longhurst Anos atrás
DIY Room decor from things we have at home
Linnea Bassett
Linnea Bassett Anos atrás
I really want you to bake more!!
Katy Hess
Katy Hess Anos atrás
You should do some hydro dipping
Q9 Anos atrás
I love you so so so much this is the first time i see you and i love you and like you the have allot of happy dk why 💖
Andra Meyers
Andra Meyers Anos atrás
If she wanted it to be easy then she should have used nail remover
MK Lee
MK Lee Anos atrás
My mom is a nail technician
Brianna Bage
Brianna Bage Anos atrás
lol I just did my first set of polygel nails cause its always been my dream to do cosmetology unfortunately didn't have the Dremel or all the good equipment you did but I had so much fun and cant wait to do more sets when I get the proper equipment like you have lol you did good for the first time
Larry Stylison 💙💚
You and Lizzy Capri look similar but you're prettier; Lizzy looks like a man
Kevin Schach
Kevin Schach Anos atrás
You should do a friend ship bracelet video👍👍
peachyyjeongin_ Anos atrás
Omg Lauren can use do my nails lol
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