TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Babies Haircut ✂️👶🏼 Laughing or Crying | Belly Baby

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TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Babies Haircut ✂️👶🏼 Laughing or Crying | Belly Baby
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11 Mar 2021



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Comentários 100
Fun and Laugh
Fun and Laugh Dia atrás
•SimpleLap• 2 dias atrás
You don't spanish, right?
Anny Souza
Anny Souza 5 dias atrás
Qui fofinhos 💎
Cheenu Sharma
Cheenu Sharma 5 dias atrás
Any Indian here remember Arrreee mt kro... Are yrr
Нурбуби Шерияздан
Ребёнок с самой первой вставки так хорошо держится ради него открыла дальше смотреть.Он держится.
Rosida Silalahi
Rosida Silalahi 6 dias atrás
TUDO MISTURADO 6 dias atrás
Владимир Владимирович Путин
Hauptsache die Haare liegen🤣🤣🤣
Muqadas RAFIQ
Muqadas RAFIQ 7 dias atrás
We all spend this time but i have no video of this moment sad
اسراء ع
اسراء ع 7 dias atrás
이복규 8 dias atrás
👶🏼 so cut!!!
Gowtham Benny
Gowtham Benny 8 dias atrás
Is it electrostatic charge
ميوش 9 dias atrás
Taтьяна Шкиндирова
Мои дети сами себя стригли и брились вплоть до ресниц и бровей. Искустные парикмахеры.
Taтьяна Шкиндирова
Насмеялась от души.
黃明 9 dias atrás
If you are poor, don't have babies. Bc they will just inherit your poverty
Victor Nikiforov
Victor Nikiforov 10 dias atrás
Sufran estúpidos
Lady Bee
Lady Bee 10 dias atrás
These babies are to small to get there hair cut
Abass Adetola
Abass Adetola 12 dias atrás
Watch it at 2x speed
Luiz Antonio
Luiz Antonio 12 dias atrás
Lynn Fisher
Lynn Fisher 12 dias atrás
Don't worry; no laughing here. How about letting babies leave babyhood before cutting their hair?
rith boren
rith boren 12 dias atrás
هبه الملكه
هبه الملكه 12 dias atrás
0:27 فانكيوو بابا 😂😂😂
Наталья Смольникова
Девочки одуванчики. Волосы стремятся к верху...
SoHBetaSword 12 dias atrás
I really like the Idea of that one Professional, showing the Kid a Cartoon. Witht he Kids Eyes fixed on the Sceen, the arcut goes much better than when the Kid's only concentrating on it's surroundings.
Maria Bednyak
Maria Bednyak 12 dias atrás
Linda Spencer
Linda Spencer 12 dias atrás
#Well Wisher
#Well Wisher 13 dias atrás
#Well Wisher
#Well Wisher 13 dias atrás
So cutest... 😍😘
Queen Quiet
Queen Quiet 13 dias atrás
2:45 why are they giving a newborn a damn haircut??
Abdul Qayoom
Abdul Qayoom 14 dias atrás
Very cuteness
fur mommy
fur mommy 14 dias atrás
lol my baby brother hates hair cuts and crys alot when we cut his hair
Ev H
Ev H 14 dias atrás
Нам бы их сейчас сюда
Ev H
Ev H 14 dias atrás
Ну губешечки, конечно же, нам знакомые. 🤗🥰
Ev H
Ev H 14 dias atrás
Hannah RRA
Hannah RRA 15 dias atrás
Je veux dire quand il rigole
Hannah RRA
Hannah RRA 15 dias atrás
Vous ne trouver pas que quand les bébé ils sont trop beaux
hanh nguyem
hanh nguyem 15 dias atrás
O:47 có thằng nào nghe đừng cắt ko ????
Pragya Kujur
Pragya Kujur 15 dias atrás
Why is my child continuously smiling while being done
not an other one
not an other one 15 dias atrás
Thank you that made me smile 🎁
lu Say
lu Say 15 dias atrás
No les pasa que llegamos aquí por una portada chistosa que jamás aparece en el video ?
Bakin' Noob
Bakin' Noob 16 dias atrás
omg so cute and polite masha Allah haha 0:30
avhi khan
avhi khan 16 dias atrás
Lamiha S
Lamiha S 16 dias atrás
The sleeping ones omg😂❤️
Zakaria Labib
Zakaria Labib 15 dias atrás
Iokjuuh Vu 98ii8iuuuuuut554flkk '' oo000o98ilkikk 6ola m3art To lik 66yymhhjjjyujjmumuuuuûikjjokkkĺllkkkkkķ
Gerhard Vonier
Gerhard Vonier 16 dias atrás
Also ehrlich, Die Väter sind doch nur blöde. Tut man nicht.
Emma R-H
Emma R-H 16 dias atrás
Okay but why are they shaving that newborns head???😳
Tony Mataki
Tony Mataki 16 dias atrás
cortaron su hombria jajajajajajjajajj
Hasan Rizvi
Hasan Rizvi 16 dias atrás
Oh my little Engels
Minaye Huseynova
Minaye Huseynova 16 dias atrás
Мария Некрасова
Какая прелесть эти малыши!
Marjuka Sabira
Marjuka Sabira 17 dias atrás
'u r so annoying'
bento sobral
bento sobral 17 dias atrás
Attends la prochaine!!!!
Babar Rafique
Babar Rafique 17 dias atrás
With a beautiful like very nice sharing 😃😃😃😃
Jean Marron
Jean Marron 17 dias atrás
Why the hell would you try to shave a baby´s head that almost has no hair on it?!?!?!?! How fucked up are some parents???? I don´t get it.
Mercehs 17 dias atrás
Demasiado hermos@s todo@!
Elizabeth Luna
Elizabeth Luna 17 dias atrás
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores 17 dias atrás
Con navaja!!! A un bebé!!! Sin palabras y muchas maldiciones por decir!
Maria fishtag canal da janela e games Aguilar
Maria fishtag canal da janela e games Aguilar
Maria fishtag canal da janela e games Aguilar
Kkkkkkk 🤣🤣🤣🤣👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶
Maria fishtag canal da janela e games Aguilar
Não faz isso Ok baby
Mammy Cher
Mammy Cher 17 dias atrás
How stupid are all these idiot parents shaving babies? wtf people? Not funny at all.
Rod Tery
Rod Tery 17 dias atrás
Alisha Kumari
Alisha Kumari 18 dias atrás
All were good but none can beat Anushrut 😁😆🙏
Лилия Азарова
annah lechuzz
annah lechuzz 18 dias atrás
2.12 Indian
Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma 18 dias atrás
Omg lol'--😂😂👍
SoeLink Bamboo
SoeLink Bamboo 18 dias atrás
Yang pake pisau menakutkan. Aku INDONESIA.
Yemi D
Yemi D 18 dias atrás
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. Jesus loves you. If you wish to Surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Please repeat this...My Lord Jesus...I am a sinner...I come to you today...accept me as your son/daughter....wash me with your blood...I confess you as my Lord and personal saviour... In Jesus name. Amen Welcome into the family of God!
C Rib
C Rib 18 dias atrás
If your toddler screams when you use the clippers, don't use the clippers. In autistic kids the clippers can feel like actual painful needles. Autism is not always noticeable before the age of 1.5. The laughing babies were the best XD
Rosineide Martins
Rosineide Martins 18 dias atrás
Ирина Брильц
Классное видео....обалденнннные детки.👍👍👍🥰👌👋👋👋
Tonima Hamid
Tonima Hamid 19 dias atrás
Oh my god That's tooo cutee
Rositsa Nesheva
Rositsa Nesheva 19 dias atrás
Umi Ibnun
Umi Ibnun 19 dias atrás
😂😂 that's cute I remember when my son still a baby..he really doesn't like to cut his hair , always need two people to hold him.. it's very dangerous when he keep moving and crying so hard😂
ConcreteAngelx3 19 dias atrás
Why is she shaving that infants head? 🤔
Rajeshwari chavda
Rajeshwari chavda 19 dias atrás
Maria Clara Neves dos Reis
That's cool, man
Rosi Cruz Mateo
Rosi Cruz Mateo 20 dias atrás
Cuanta inresponsabilidad darle unas tijeras,y máquina a unos niños
Emmanuel Cruz
Emmanuel Cruz 20 dias atrás
fazal khan
fazal khan 20 dias atrás
Sandhaya Mishra
Sandhaya Mishra 20 dias atrás
Debra Greer
Debra Greer 20 dias atrás
So adorable ❤️
Sumanth Reddy
Sumanth Reddy 20 dias atrás
Wow cute ☺️ reactions
Otoniel Ramos Teran
Otoniel Ramos Teran 20 dias atrás
TRATAR DE NO RÍE - Corte de pelo de bebés ✂️👶🏼 riendo o llorando | Bebé del vientre
Otoniel Ramos Teran
Otoniel Ramos Teran 20 dias atrás
TRATAR DE NO RÍE - Corte de pelo de bebés ✂️👶🏼 riendo o llorando | Bebé del vientre
Otoniel Ramos Teran
Otoniel Ramos Teran 20 dias atrás
TRATAR DE NO RÍE - Corte de pelo de bebés ✂️👶🏼 riendo o llorando | Bebé del vientre
White Dovey
White Dovey 20 dias atrás
can't relate had a afro as a baby
Emma Resch
Emma Resch 20 dias atrás
My cousin was at the doctors office ready to get a shot and he started crying saying I DONT WANT TO GET A HAIRCUT
marina kvaskov
marina kvaskov 20 dias atrás
Зачем уродовать деток?Такие есть красивые причёски!
I I 20 dias atrás
2:07 cute 😍2:40🔪🤯🥺5:23🤣🌼5:36🌟🌞6:24😴😴😴
Alexander Werstler
Alexander Werstler 20 dias atrás
Hahaha cool baby
Cat and Videos
Cat and Videos 21 dia atrás
Anshika 21 dia atrás
bisma 21 dia atrás
Asslamulakum so cute
Marc paded 96
Marc paded 96 21 dia atrás
Woooowwwww is very nice haircut, baby is very hard for haircutting but to do easy,i do this while im haircutting for the first baby,very goodjod, thanks guy for sharing your video
sbqntly awake
sbqntly awake 21 dia atrás
7:10 don't laugh at your kids..
regina 21 dia atrás
Ancestry natives & mysticism is forgotten in the modern world, looks like. You can find a lot of Information there why you should never cut baby’s hair. It’s connected with spirit. That’s why baby’s cry
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hello, i'm stupid..
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