Trump, Senators meet with Erdogan amid first public impeachment hearing

Fox News
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President Trump, select members of the Senate meet with Turkish President Erdogan.
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13 Nov 2019



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Comentários 1 003
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 2 dias atrás
Why there is so much steam in the video/room? Because Trump is steaming forward XDD
Dave B
Dave B 26 dias atrás
Republicans are the party of lying liers and anti-patriots
6IMECNERWAL 26 dias atrás
PKK in Turkey YPG/SDF in Syria are the same, they sees Turkey as the biggest enemy and undermining Turkeys national integrity.
Rayz Marz
Rayz Marz 27 dias atrás
Can't wait until they remove this CORRUPT PRESIDENT OUT OF OFFICE!!
Unicorn B
Unicorn B 27 dias atrás
This is the 1000nd comment
What is Real?
What is Real? 28 dias atrás
Trumpwave 2020
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 28 dias atrás
They come against us Americans and our president with lies and deceit, we come against them in the name of the God of Israel...the God of Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob, the God of Donald Trump...
Irwin Saltzman
Irwin Saltzman 28 dias atrás
Erdogan is laughing at Trump. Graham knows it.
rich s
rich s 28 dias atrás
I never met the president of Turkey I've ever met him I don't know who he is I don't know anything
meteci keteci
meteci keteci 28 dias atrás
We dont get the patriots. Buying a S-400 from russia. And now why u are taking s-400? Funny american ideas xd
steve michael
steve michael 28 dias atrás
The Turk brought in some info for Trump against the democrats
steve michael
steve michael 28 dias atrás
Hey time for some diplomacy in between the Deep state witch hunt Baklava anyone?
Mr. Holbrook
Mr. Holbrook 29 dias atrás
Keep those S400's move
Steven Liszewski
Steven Liszewski 29 dias atrás
Wake up people, the united nations already taking over
John Black
John Black 29 dias atrás
The press corps erupted like a bunch of chickens in a chicken coop that were startled out of a deep sleep.
Tony D
Tony D 29 dias atrás
those reporters are like animals when he says no more questions, it is unbelievable they think they are going to get an answer from him
mari brenner
mari brenner 29 dias atrás
The news hyenas are totally disgusting and have no class!!
mari brenner
mari brenner 29 dias atrás
Why is Warmonger frootloop Graham in on these conferences?? He wants war and we and President DO NOT!! Get rid of this frootloop freak!!
Cleopatra Anu
Cleopatra Anu 29 dias atrás
The body language of translator showed he did not believe what was being discussed. Or what he said the Turks would do
carbo2950 29 dias atrás
A safe zone to drain energy. DUH
carbo2950 29 dias atrás
Trump is privy to their world game. NATO is money funnel that must be stopped. Everyone wants nuclear capability as fissile material is being sold to bidders with deep pockets funded thru political channels.
carbo2950 29 dias atrás
fu k NATO
carbo2950 29 dias atrás
Trumps playbook is not understood by his opponents.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 29 dias atrás
Turkey for thanksgiving. TRUMP for 2024 and ever
Martina Dewsnap
Martina Dewsnap 29 dias atrás
But Mr Erdogan wants is to control the oil/gaz fields in Syria to make Turkey great again: he supported and armed ISIS with fake Red Cross convoys - and jailed the Turkish journalists who gave his scheme away. Mr President Trump please tread carefully!
Sir Keith Richards
Sir Keith Richards 29 dias atrás
LaZer Troll
LaZer Troll 29 dias atrás
It's NOT an "impeachment hearing" - there was NEVER a vote to impeach, dummies!!
hottpoker 29 dias atrás
A meeting of despots.
Gaelle Maz
Gaelle Maz 29 dias atrás
Members of the press are rude. Just rude! What an embarrassing moment.
masterblaster 29 dias atrás
Yes sure F... You and obama and your deals and agreements ( obama is a scumbag like you) opportunist invader genocidal....!!!!The world is watching you. This guy is the messenger and Executioner of the dirty work for the new world that GWB senior use to talk about....!!!!! Don't trust scumbags that don't look you in the eyes when speaking with you .... !!! Your past is shameful your present is trahison and infiltration and your future will be even worse.....simply as this....!!!! 4 million Refugees.....??? Almost completely sure you counting them as voters for you of course...!!! That's the way dictateurs keep the power....!
Kay Scott
Kay Scott 29 dias atrás
Yikes. Looks like no one is happy in that room. Well, at least we can kick them of NATO.
samurai10000bc 29 dias atrás
There's a snake with a mustache right there in the yellow chair
ali schmidt
ali schmidt 29 dias atrás
but its not Americas fight........i just feel sad for the oppressed
ali schmidt
ali schmidt 29 dias atrás
What a stupid question about weaponry
G H 29 dias atrás
No one helps support the refugees in Turkey, oops I guess he forgot the 5 Billion Euros from Mama Merkel! ( or maybe that went into someone's pockets instead of helping the "refugees"!
The Truth
The Truth 29 dias atrás
"TRUMP " 2020 win
G H 29 dias atrás
Erdogan is the face of satan! If you want to see the anti Christ there he is!
Boricua 007
Boricua 007 29 dias atrás
Turkey Collusion!!! World leaders take Trump serious because he says what he means and does what he says. Pretty unconventional in America’s political history. No more tentacles of globalism
Ash n
Ash n 29 dias atrás
"We will work out something"? What the F? Sen. Cruz raised good points and Erdogan gave him lecture calling Kurds terrorists that is insulting. Trump says "we will work out something"?? Disgusting!!!
Ann Jordan
Ann Jordan 29 dias atrás
America America Our spineless republicans in the impeachment hearings come.up with this.evidence is all hear say. Ok so a.person sitting in the hearing room heard Jim Jordan say , and you.are their star witness. When the person tells someone outside.of the hearing. Jim Jordan Said, and you are their star witness. Hearsay is only if someone Said something. Right!?
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