Trump expected to announce new gun legislation

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Michigan Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga says the substance of Trump's gun control legislation is a mystery at this time.
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15 Set 2019



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Comentários 3 685
Leo H
Leo H 27 dias atrás
Second amendment is not negotiable
Robert Ballard
Robert Ballard 28 dias atrás
By compromise they mean, gun owners loose, Americans loose
Chuck in Texas
Chuck in Texas 29 dias atrás
@Masson H - ALL you've got is PERSONAL INSULT and PROFANITY, PERFECT unalterable _PROOF_ from your own words that I'm absolutely on-target, and am absolutely CORRECT that you've fully and successfully self-outed. Its time for the GROWNUPS to take over. You're dismissed.
Evan Huffman
Evan Huffman 29 dias atrás
No red flag laws!!!! Come! Take!
johny boom
johny boom Mês atrás
and if you're not willing to let go of the guns we can just round up every white person with a mental disorder and ship them out instead?
Ronald Moore
Ronald Moore Mês atrás
Anyone who supports taking guns from Americans is Not going to be re-elected. That includes red flag laws which is unconstitutional
Non Ya
Non Ya Mês atrás
How about banning cigarettes? More people are killed by second-hand smoke than murders by gun.
Chuck in Texas
Chuck in Texas Mês atrás
@Masson H - So- SPECIFICALLY then, PROFANITY is - as expected - _AGAIN_ your fall-back response to simple unarguable truth, and to _THEN_ Lie and mis-characterize the length of my response and say that because of YOUR mis-characterization my post is _AGAIN_ irrelevant, self-outs you _FAR MORE EFFECTIVELY_ than _ANYTHING_ I could have said ! _THANKS_ ! Folks -I couldn't have shown this rabid hatred any better than Masson H did himself !
Chuck in Texas
Chuck in Texas Mês atrás
@Kaiser Soze - Oh THAT one's EASY - _FREEDOM_ , or more SPECIFICALLY _The LIBERTY of The Free-Standing SOVEREIGN AMERICAN_ . There, does THAT help ?
Chuck in Texas
Chuck in Texas Mês atrás
​ @Masson H - SPECIFICALLY then, rhetoric _YOU_ don't like - and _APPROVE OF_ because it may be salient and well placed _AND_ well focused, should _NOT_ be allowed because _YOU_ have decided it is "Bigotted". No - to your anticipated response, "bigotted" is _NOT_ a generally or _"broadly"_ accepted description of the groups you seek to marginalize and SILENCE. So to further hone the point - _ANY_ rhetoric _YOU_ don't approve of is _NOT ALLOWED_ . Folks- _THIS is the THREAT to the Liberty_ of the American Free-sSanding Sovereign. The FREE American MUST be subjugated _AND SILENCED_ for THIS (Mason H) kind of person to have what he wants. Folks- _FURTHER_ - that's _YOU_ . You've seen it here. _THIS_ is the threat - TOTAL TYRANNICAL CONTROL over _YOU_ and _ALL YOU HOLD DEAR_ so that _THEY_ can have their way, and _NEVER EVER AGAIN_ have to face the possibility of having to screech, bay and cry out at the MOON because they've lost - _AGAIN_ . We fought against those who first registered, disarmed and then _EXTERMINATED_ those +THEY_ deemed as "Bigotted and IRRELEVANT, at great cost to _THE ENTIRE PLANET_ . We are _AGAIN_ in the very same fight for _SURVIVAL_ with these tyrant-wannabes, and they _MUST NOT PREVAIL_ re: Beto . A Free American is _NEVER irrelevant_ , even if some (MassonH) wish to silence them by labeling them as "Bigots".
scottpyro fire
scottpyro fire Mês atrás
if you take guns away from 1/2 the people lets start with the liberals then 1/2 of the killings will go away RIGHT
scottpyro fire
scottpyro fire Mês atrás
what guns
i am deacon
i am deacon Mês atrás
ya he will anounce his wifes deportation before that happens
James Stepp
James Stepp Mês atrás
Consider this--If Trump WINS,we might get some gun control,but a LOT of GOOD stuff for America and the people of America. If Trump LOSES,we get LOTS of Gun Control/Confiscation,the quickly incremental loss of ALL our Rights and a Lunatic Socialist Democrat that wants to make America another Venezuela. Okay now-Who would YOU prefer? BTW-you've been hearing this for years,but it's TRUE-If you choose NOT to vote,you're casting a vote for the "enemy".
James Stepp
James Stepp Mês atrás
Consider this--If Trump WINS,we might get some gun control,but a LOT of GOOD stuff for America and the people of America. If Trump LOSES,we get LOTS of Gun Control/Confiscation,the quickly incremental loss of ALL our Rights and a Lunatic Socialist Democrat that wants to make America another Venezuela. Okay now-Who would YOU prefer? BTW-you've been hearing this for years,but it's TRUE-If you choose NOT to vote,you're casting a vote for the "enemy".
James Stepp
James Stepp Mês atrás
Consider this--If Trump WINS,we might get some gun control,but a LOT of GOOD stuff for America and the people of America. If Trump LOSES,we get LOTS of Gun Control/Confiscation,the quickly incremental loss of ALL our Rights and a Lunatic Socialist Democrat that wants to make America another Venezuela. Okay now-Who would YOU prefer? BTW-you've been hearing this for years,but it's TRUE-If you choose NOT to vote,you're casting a vote for the "enemy".
James Stepp
James Stepp Mês atrás
ANY form of "gun control" is Unconstitutional. But of course they ALL know that. As we've ALL heard a million times,Gun Control isn't about GUNS as much as it's about CONTROL. America can't become part of the NWO until we're DISARMED.
GODBLIN808 808
GODBLIN808 808 Mês atrás
Trump is smarter than that he’s playing smart chess He’s not going to touch the second amendment he knows that would be political suicide.
Sean May
Sean May Mês atrás
This is the problem. Congress is trying to find a solve-all solution. They need to release small laws that will lay down base work of what needs to be done. Then Congress can add laws where there needs to be. This might be a longer process, but it will not create a massive change within America. Also, Congress needs to stop with the Left and Right talk. They need to come together and remember we are all Americans.
I hope this is getting peoples attention because theirs a lot more to be concerned about? No Wall, ADL making hate speech legislation, Trump worried about Iran & the middle East while drawing up gun legislation.
YOU “CAN NOT” DENY THE RIGHTS OF THE CONSTITUTION TO THE VAST MAJORITY OF LAW ABIDING CITIZENS FOR SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE HAS DONE. Due process and the preponderance of evidence was created to protect the sanctity of Government and it’s People. The First Amendment was created for the People in order to express our lack of due process and liberty The Second Amendment was created in case the government arbitrarily denies these unalienable rights to the Law Abiding Citizen......
Ryan Wolfe
Ryan Wolfe Mês atrás
Red Flag Laws violate the "seizures" clause of the 4th Amendment, the "due process" clause of the 14th Amendment and the entire 2nd. Taking Constitutionally protected property by Magistrate without charge, counsel, cross-examination of witnesses, jury of your peers or conviction of guilt is AUTHORITARIAN. Anyone who obeys a Red Flag Law is a COWARD. COME AND TAKE IT. I will defend myself, my family and my liberties no matter how many idiots and ivory tower dilataunts say otherwise.
SC EM Mês atrás
Anyone else ‘The fArt of the Deal’ coming? Never forget that these greedy bastriches are all cut from the same (serpent-skin) fabric. Never forget....Trump family: “The Clintons are our close personal friends. They visit our home and attend all of our Weddings.”
Jack Meholf
Jack Meholf Mês atrás
"What gun control would you support?".....NONE!!!
Evan Dodson
Evan Dodson Mês atrás
I really hate politicians.
Jeff Kells
Jeff Kells Mês atrás
Government can't afford to buy my guns,and as far as the gm plants I think several manufacturers are putting out inferior auto and trucks,seen alot of recalls.,had several on mine,and as the commercial for nra,im a a proud supporter.
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows Mês atrás
He lost my vote, freakin liar just like the rest of them. FOX quit supporting this stinking liar.
Jarede Green
Jarede Green Mês atrás
Fundamentally for a do is teach our kids how I act
Amy The Predominant Patriot
Thank you, trump. I love ❤️ you!! Kag! 🇺🇸
David Mcnerney
David Mcnerney Mês atrás
1791 it was settled.
Cindy Coker
Cindy Coker Mês atrás
Shut up Leland! He did answer it! He said the laws being proposed by Democrats all involved too much overreach. The mental health background check would deny 2nd amendment rights to anyone who ever took an antidepressant! That's just wrong! No mandatory buy back will ever be allowed by the people...Congress and the Democrats be damned! And so you can imagine what our answer to confiscation will be. need to get over to CNN. You would fit in well there.
reginol invincent
reginol invincent Mês atrás
I am an independent red flag is red red red I will not vote for those who support war war war and grabbing our guns that means you respectfully, my beloved president, please keep your promises
reginol invincent
reginol invincent Mês atrás
on war war war and you guys red commie, gun grabs whoever it is we, voters are locked and loaded not to vote for you.
Kickin Rocks
Kickin Rocks Mês atrás
"What would you support?" "I support the 2nd ammendment." Instill values in morals, constitutional law, and or human life into these would be criminals. Thats the only way to prevent violent crime. You know, the same things that make you and i act like good people. Its not hard to figure out.
Wynette Greer
Wynette Greer Mês atrás
We already have laws , we cannot add anything to them. Freedom is lost by small increments , we can’t let it happen
Wynette Greer
Wynette Greer Mês atrás
Family’s know when a member is mentally ill , they can take care of this!
Taras Wertelecki
Taras Wertelecki Mês atrás
Red flag laws were employed before, in the USSR. The results were millions dead, millions more lives and families torn apart. They violate due process, and they will not deter the real terrorists among us. They are intended to thwart white Americans from asserting their legitimate interests as a people.
Barbara H
Barbara H Mês atrás
Trump is stroking his base to insure their vote, he will start mocking gun control to feed their fears its all a game to him
Chuck in Texas
Chuck in Texas Mês atrás
@​ NPC Masson H - except that those "irrelevant bigoted trash" are the very ones who _ANONYMOUSLY_ can report them - vets and religious people - to be disarmed, and they can't face their accusers because the proceedings are SECRET and they - _WE_ can't defend ourselves against being DISARMED. Put RED-FLAG power into the hands of LEFTist Democrats and ATHEISTS and see where this goes. We'll ALL be asking - Who has bought-out WHOM and WHO has _WHAT_ on them ? So no, that bigoted trash is NOT irrelevant to this conversation, in FACT - they are at the VERY HEART of _THE PROBLEM_ .
TheInfinitequest Mês atrás
Attacking our 2nd is the quickest path back to 1776!
Jr Costilla
Jr Costilla Mês atrás
Anyone has has any kind of intelligence knows the reason the second amendment exist and would never say a buy back is ok. People are either to stupid to realize what can happen losing the second amendment or they trust the politicians and government 100% with the well being of everyone in the country
Marc Padilla
Marc Padilla Mês atrás
Well is he or isn't he.
Kenneth Schauer
Kenneth Schauer Mês atrás
Most cowards will surrender, there's more of us then there are of them so grow some balls!!!!!
larry jackson
larry jackson Mês atrás
Is it me or did the congressman's eyes turn colors at the 4:30 mark?!?
Cali Dude
Cali Dude Mês atrás
Taking my Trump 2020 sticker off the 'Woodie'. Sellout. Don't tread on me. Abide by the U.S Constitution. Oath of Office ring any bells?
John Tafoya
John Tafoya Mês atrás
I think we ough to ban guns in all the blue states of the country. then Democrats would get exactly what they want lawlessness . Fake news could Report on how well they're doing without guns
RayGunz Mês atrás
Frankly these Democrats are trying to get him out of office that is what the plan is to get him to go against his own people
RayGunz Mês atrás
Well I was going to vote for the second time in my life, if he passes any gun legislation against the law abiding citizens of this country or anything to make it harder on them I will pass
Robert Harden
Robert Harden Mês atrás
You got to remember FOX is still just. MAIN STREAM NEWS . fake news is there also.
Robert Harden
Robert Harden Mês atrás
The second amendment shall not be infringed upon. You mess with our guns you will be making a big mistake. We ain't giving them up .the reason we have them is to protect ourselves from the government OK. You get it
Syzygy132134 Mês atrás
The second amendment is WRONG - why can't you see this folks? It is an anachronism which was put into the constitution due to conditions existing at that time (1780's) . BUT these conditions don't apply now. I seriously believe that the constitution needs to be revisited with the eyes of the 21st century; a lot of it is really, really good but some of it is way out of date.
Aizheet M’drours
Aizheet M’drours Mês atrás
americans will soon be defenseless and conquered breed and their wife will lay with a man with a beard
PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte
This just in: You can have ANY firearm you wish--the catch is NO TRIGGERS availabe! Triggers are against the law.
C B Mês atrás
Typical fox news deleting my comments Any gun control is an infringement on the second amendment. Trump will lose 2020 if he passes ANY gun control
Dennis Svitak
Dennis Svitak Mês atrás
That's AWESOME! Continue to fight against Trump!!!
American Patriot Who Hates Trump
The only thing Trump could say about guns that I would appreciate is the following: ""i will shoot myself in the head today'
Mr. D
Mr. D Mês atrás
Trump will make big mistake if he thinks doing something on gun legislation will help him.The media will hate him and his supporters will leave.
Alan Wylie
Alan Wylie Mês atrás
The deep state far left media already hate Trump, but Trump will lose a big majority of his supporters if he passes anymore gun laws of anykind.
Wreckanize Mês atrás
"He who sacrifices liberty for security deserves neither"
The Joker
The Joker Mês atrás
Andrew Yang 2020🏆🗽🏆
Jospeh Stalin
Jospeh Stalin Mês atrás
I think hunting with a assault rifle is cheating, a good ol rifle and maybe a handgun or shotgun will do.
Bob Weaver
Bob Weaver Mês atrás
Red flags ARE subjective and easily twisted. Incremental is what the dems want. Take rightsone increment at a time.
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