Trump Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Arabian Oil Facility

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i24NEWS DESK | President Trump and the US have put blame on Iran for the attack on Aramco oil facility in Saudi Arabia. Our Erica Jackson has the report.

Story: Iran launched a dozen cruise missiles and around 20 drones in the air attacks targeting two key Saudi oil facilities, New-York-based ABC News reported on Sunday, citing an unnamed senior official within the Trump administration.
While the attack was claimed by the Houthi rebels, an Iranian-backed group in Yemen, the channel cites its source as saying that "the Houthis are claiming credit for something they did not do."
President Trump is reportedly fully aware that Iran is the culprit, but expects Riyadh to call Tehran out before stepping in.

Earlier, President Trump tweeted that the US knew the likely attacker, but wanted to hear from Riyadh on their findings and the best way to proceed.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put the blame for the attacks that sent the oil price surging squarely on Tehran, saying there was no evidence proving the attack came from Yemen.

Tehran, however, rebuked the allegations as a meaningless and ultimately aimed at justifying future actions against Iran.

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16 Set 2019



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i24NEWS English
i24NEWS English Mês atrás
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Pat Rick
Pat Rick Mês atrás
Locked and loaded??? Is he playing with a full deck? Don't you load BEFORE locking? Like what's the hack?
Brian Stejer
Brian Stejer 25 dias atrás
US deployed Drones.. Blame it on Iran.. Ticket to World War 3. Fucking US.
Boona Mohammed
Boona Mohammed 29 dias atrás
Silly Arab leader Never want show tomorrow offer war.
Boona Mohammed
Boona Mohammed 29 dias atrás
USA they should stop Damage Arab country.
Sigh Kronmiller
Sigh Kronmiller Mês atrás
The West and Saudis SCREAM that attacking oil facilities is a crime against all Mankind. What will be sail of Israel's drones sent to kill Mankind. Plus a US drone just killed 30 FARMERS!
M Rahi
M Rahi Mês atrás
America attack on saudi Arabia oil refinery but still donkey Trump is blaming Iran..this is a game which the busters Americans are playing with the rest of the world they want the conflict in between Iran and Saudi Arabia.....Both of the countries have to be careful about this evil trap of USA.......
Emperor Solo
Emperor Solo Mês atrás
Trump will go to war only if KFC is bombed lol
Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Alfredo Mês atrás
Saudis and America are lying. Why are the missiles on display so clean. These missiles were shot down. If they had hit oil tanks they would of been burned up or at least black from the oil and fire.
Cant think of name Yeah
Another clown that has no clue about anything regarding physics
Paul Cawley
Paul Cawley Mês atrás
Jimmy Dore has 620k subscribers. I'll watch his show to find out what really happened.
Amirhossein Bahrami
Hey you liar trump? Wtf did your Patriot do there?! Where is Patriot?! Brooooo...
Shepherd Love
Shepherd Love Mês atrás
Hey stupid Muslim go in your bunker or your little toilets to hide when we destroy your nasty country off the map!🤣 oh and get off an American made website like BRvid ! Go eat pork it’s yummy 🤤
Omid Reza
Omid Reza Mês atrás
Bone sawing, head chopping, eye gouging, hand cutting, ISIS supporting, al-Qaeda breeding, child killing, 9/11 causing Saudis said it was Iran?? Well color me convinced!!!
Soumik Patra
Soumik Patra Mês atrás
Saudi Prince and Iran are behind of this. I think.
Tom Nolan
Tom Nolan Mês atrás
President Trump tells the truth against Iran . Iran's president is a liar and a Son of a Bitch !
Ahxed Mês atrás
So the kingdom says it’s the rebels in yemen and the us blames iran. So who’s gonna start this war
Dunkle Mês atrás
Drug enforcement administration America obviously
Suzann Puppies are precious
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Suzann Puppies are precious
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Paul Cawley
Paul Cawley Mês atrás
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Suzann Puppies are precious
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Paul Cawley
Paul Cawley Mês atrás
@Suzann Puppies are precious Bless you my precious sister! :)
Suzann Puppies are precious
@Paul Cawley ,Amen.
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
Hahahaha!!! It went from a drone strike to cruise missiles!!!! Saudi Arabia is a terrorist organization alone who enjoys bombing school buses in the name of humanitarian aid! But then again, so does zionist America! America created the terrorists we see today. They trained and still fund them to this day! America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia did 9/11.
majid salimi
majid salimi Mês atrás
trump and Saudi Arabia playing games they burned by themselves.
Cant think of name Yeah
You are a truly an idiot if you believe that
AC Spirit
AC Spirit Mês atrás
Seems too played out. Amazing how they throw it out in the eyes of the public. Nothin like misleading children to get your way.
CHE LIS Mês atrás
This is the biggest joke ever, it was a inside job.
Cant think of name Yeah
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Mês atrás
Swat Express
Swat Express Mês atrás
America and Israel is behind this attacks
Jawad H
Jawad H Mês atrás
Guys you can buy the drones for some 1000dollars, israel and saudi, US hate iran. So basicly we all know the plot. These actors have no shame anymore. But i guess large part of the poplation of the world is idiots so this stuff stil works.
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez Mês atrás
Jawad H and I hate Iran too if they get there hands on nuclear bomb we’re all fucked bc they brain dead
panji 16513116
panji 16513116 Mês atrás
i'll burn my house to get my insurance claim.. and say to the people there is someone who burned my house
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
panji 16513116 Sounds like Silverstein on 9/11.
robert pineau
robert pineau Mês atrás
Locked and loaded.
Tunes C
Tunes C Mês atrás
Was this attack on Saudi grounds a few days ago or last week? The news room is accusing trump of underreaction before the smoke from the first attack clears...
aa as
aa as Mês atrás
Damn, low-energy Iran, oil energy is running out, still frying chain oil plant The United States is rushing to rub rubbish Iran
sodapopinski Mês atrás
I know China and Russia said we should look more closely at this.....all im saying, the CIA has agents too start coups all over the world to overthrow governments, and have done in the past.... The DEMS are still so Butt hurt, and at risk of losing another election, there only chance of action was to use their liberal agents in the CIA to start a coup, to force Trumps hand, knowing Iran and Trump can't back down, so by the time the dust settles it will be Nov next year and we will be in another full on engagement, prime time for election, With the DEMS spreading FAKE NEWS for the better part of a year, hoping he loses favoritism by engaging us in another conflict resulting in REPLUBICANS losing the election.... there is a reason CHINA and RUSSIA are saying take a closer look...
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
sodapopinski Exactly. Thee elites pipeline through thee middle east is all about money and power. Because power means control. A one world police state if you may.
sodapopinski Mês atrás
@Ratchet Medic maybe, but at the end it boils down to one thing... MONEY....if they can benefit from it somehow, and if they can benefit and drive their agenda even better.... perfect example Multi millionaires trying to get a job that pays 200,000 grand year, I don't care who it is left or right... they are out for kick backs... perfect example how did MAXINE WATERS go from middle class to a 4 million dollar house on 100,00 yr in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in America? and Crook Waters bought a shit home in her "OWN" district to stay with in the laws, and now she's trying to redistrict California, she is a POVERTY PIMP!!!
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
sodapopinski It’s not about left vs right. Thee Zionists control thee majority of humanity.
pro boxers
pro boxers Mês atrás
All bullshit
TS Mês atrás
Allah burns arabia.
Marv Washington
Marv Washington Mês atrás
You about to loose support trump
Youtube Freak
Youtube Freak Mês atrás
If I didn’t know for a fact that the Saudis did it themselves, I would’ve suspected the Israelis.
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
robert pineau Being anti Israeli is not being antisemitic! Israel is a terrorist organization that is known for targeting children so I wouldn’t put it passed them, but Saudi Arabia and America and Israel need Iran defeated for their pipeline!!
robert pineau
robert pineau Mês atrás
You are an Antisemite. Rosco.
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday Mês atrás
Kellyanne Conway WHAT A PILE OF FECES.
DC STINGER Mês atrás
The US is waiting for the Saudi’s to make a decision? What
Silvio Manuel
Silvio Manuel Mês atrás
Klump is waiting for orders. HE said so. He answers to the Grand Nagus, among others.
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday Mês atrás
Napalm Iran
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
Burn America!
J Hussain
J Hussain Mês atrás
Create a storage of oil bump up the price .
weeds legalized
weeds legalized Mês atrás
Please no war I want peace world
g Mês atrás
That's very good for Saudi Arabia they killed a lot of Yemen they killed many people there that's very good for you're the awards
Ahxed Mês atrás
You want yemen to be full of rebellions you uneducated useless piece of crap
Usuario y tal
Usuario y tal Mês atrás
Curious Trump moral. He is indifferent to the murder of hundreds of thousands of Yemeni women and children with US weapons, but he is outraged that Yemen defends himself by destroying oil deposits in Saudi Arabia.
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez Mês atrás
Usuario y tal your point
Harley Toms
Harley Toms Mês atrás
Blame the flying spaghetti monster
Guna குணாளன் சுபெரியாமனி
Main culprit..America & Israel.
ultimate star
ultimate star Mês atrás
mEmE mAkEr
mEmE mAkEr Mês atrás
It was North Korea testing there missiles and accidentally hit them 💀
M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat Mês atrás
Iran and the world are not messing with a weak President anymore, they had better back off!! When this President draws a line you had better not cross it!!
M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat Mês atrás
@Ashkan Parsa what you think matters how? goodbye.
Ashkan Parsa
Ashkan Parsa Mês atrás
M18 Hellcat i thought trump was a smart person until he came out of the jcpoa
M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat Mês atrás
@Ratchet Medic weakling
M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat Mês atrás
@Ashkan Parsa Keep telling yourself that weakling.
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
M18 Hellcat hahahahahaha your head must still be stuck in the sand!
The Watchful Hunter
War = destruction of all oil refineries in region and new boom for electric car industry. So US and GB oil industry loving governments don't want war, but do want oil. So Iran has no fear of war and sees cutting off US/British oil supply as best move. It is a global chess game. But the next move should be made by Saudi Arabia, not the US if Trump wants to be re-elected.
Philippe Z
Philippe Z Mês atrás
Dude408f Mês atrás
Trump said he didn't believe his own intelligence agencies... now he does?
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
Dude408f Trump is a joke. His intelligence agencies are a joke. This war on terror is a joke. The fact that no one wants to stand for what is right is a joke. I refuse to trade humanity for patriotism and anyone who would and does is a joke.
Livia Evangelista
Livia Evangelista Mês atrás
Yeshua is the Messiah ❤️ “10 “And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn.” Zechariah 12:10
- Buehmann
- Buehmann Mês atrás
I'm surprised Trump didn't blame Mexico for the Saudi attack, the same way (And correct me if I'm wrong about this.) Bush blamed Iraq for 9/11.
Suzann Puppies are precious
Where are you coming from? Sorry but what your saying doesn't make any sense ? ( Oh you must be a Leftist Liberals Democrat, Who would blame anything on the Republicans.) That doesn't make any sense at all.
Jelly Waltz
Jelly Waltz Mês atrás
payam bagheri
payam bagheri 25 dias atrás
Jelly Waltz haha 😂 thats true 😎
WAKEUP!! Mês atrás
Trump lost an erection one night with Melania, he blamed Iran and the bitch believed it.
Shahin Shahi
Shahin Shahi Mês atrás
The terrorist and mafia and occupier regime of the Islamic Republic must be overthrown.
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Mês atrás
@Paul Zuegn Jesus is coming to fight Anti christ and Zionist are Anti christ
Paul Zuegn
Paul Zuegn Mês atrás
@Javed Khan Yes NC it hastens the coming of Jesus! Amen!
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Mês atrás
Yeah and you want American and mossad mafia in iran
Usuario y tal
Usuario y tal Mês atrás
Americans and Saudis saying that Iran is a terrorist state. If I didn't get so disgusted, it could be fun.
Ashkan Parsa
Ashkan Parsa Mês atrás
Why? so that the US can ruin Iran like they did to Iraq? Some of you Iranians are so simple minded that you dont realise that if this regime goes, the alternative is a second Iraq in the region! Now its not the time to bring back the Shah! Now its the time for the filthiest part of Iran to stand against the west!!!
Morteza Zarei
Morteza Zarei Mês atrás
So why usa says he is strongest army in the world??? Hahaha Saudi Arabia buying largest amounts of weapons from USA so .maybe they are buying from usa and selling to ISIS????!!!! Are you ready for ww3? See iran will destroy all USA allies in region and you need put all those weapons in bin.
Blue Lillies
Blue Lillies Mês atrás
just nuke iran...those grazy shit people….basta
Leroy J. Padmore
Leroy J. Padmore Mês atrás
President Trump just talking, he full of words, no action. He has to be man of his words. There is no negotiation between Iran and the U.S.A, Iran has made their intention cleared to U.S.A and Israel. They say death to America, death to Israel. What else does Mr. Trump needs to know?
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
Leroy J. Padmore That Iran is tired of being bullied by terrorists like Saudi Arabia and Israel and Canada and America; whose the biggest terrorist the world has seen.
DmonyaR Lao
DmonyaR Lao Mês atrás
Suzann Puppies are precious
Iran's Regime is at it again, first time they destroyed oil tankers coming into the Straits of Hormuz. that didn't work because we were using our military to protect oil tankers coming out the Straits of Hormuz . Now Iran's Regime is destroying the Oil Fields and Refineries in Saudi Arabia, because Iran Regime cannot sell its own Oil . Everyone knows it's Iran's Regime because of their own tactics in the very beginning , and everything they done since.
Suzann Puppies are precious
@Ratchet Medic , You're Sick please don't ever write to me Again.
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic Mês atrás
Suzann Puppies are precious Saying that everyone knows is not evidence. Use your brain. America is a terrorist organization and so are it’s allies. Jesus means hail zeus and christ is actually christos. Lord means ba’al, which means satan.
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Mês atrás
@Suzann Puppies are precious madam plz provide evidence
Suzann Puppies are precious
@Javed Khan , It's was already Proven the Rockets didn't not come from Yemen, It Came from the Iraqis side . I have already explained this more than one time.
Suzann Puppies are precious
@Javed Khan , everyone knows it's Iran's Regime, the evidence is already shown its Iran Regime by the Rockets that never hit it's Targets and the Rockets have been dismantle Showing they belong to Iran's Regime , This Is because of all the sanctions that Iran's Regime is going through for being Terrorists and paying Terrorists Proxies. Iran's regime is the ones that shot the Rockets to Saudi Arabia trying to force countries in buying Iran's regime oil. The only reason why Saudi Arabia hasn't said anything yet is because they don't want retaliation from Iran's Regine. I have a feeling that Saudi Arabia will be telling the truth now once the evidence is shown from the satellites in space. We will see what happens in the next few days.
Sheeshkebabz Mês atrás
More lies from the orange anus. Bernie 2020.
Benyamin Mazandrani
Yes We did it Any problem any question?
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Mês atrás
@Ashkan Parsa dumb Iran isn't that stupid. By the way how can Yemen even get such drone because they are in blockage ? This is all Saudi and American propaganda so America can get involved in Yemen
Ashkan Parsa
Ashkan Parsa Mês atrás
Exactly! It was Iran, I know it, you know it, everybody knows it! Why arent the attacking? Because the US is just a hollywood bluff!
David Matlaw
David Matlaw Mês atrás
hate forced, sing-song media voice
Moonless Night
Moonless Night Mês atrás
Why Trump cares about if Iran hit Saudi oil.
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Mês atrás
Because that oil company is owned by US and Saudi Arabia. They blaming Iran because Iran isn't a puppet state.
ultimate star
ultimate star Mês atrás
It will effect USA ECONOMY , USA wants oil of Saudi to be protected
Maurice Harting
Maurice Harting Mês atrás
IF it is proven that Iran funded this terrorist attack from Yemen what should America do about it? Nothing? Or targeted strikes against Iran?
adeel tahir
adeel tahir Mês atrás
I think USA behind this because usa want to attack on iran
adeel tahir
adeel tahir Mês atrás
@Mirquella Santos maybe
Mirquella Santos
Mirquella Santos Mês atrás
I think that Natanyahu and the Saudi Prince are behind this. They want war with Iran but are too coward to fight Iran.
indianrunner70 Mês atrás
omfg, just go back eating your hamburgers you corrupt fat fuck.
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