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Have you ever wanted to hear two grown men talk about Tron for 40 minutes? If so, you're in luck. Jay and Jack talk about the original Tron and it's belated sequel Tron: Legacy!


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19 Jan 2020



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Comentários 4 661
EuromanMovieReport 2 horas atrás
Tron was the first movie to use CGI.
jac6995 10 horas atrás
"I got you secret of the Ooze".... XD
John Humphrey
John Humphrey 15 horas atrás
Closet Tron lovers unite. Beg Disney for a sequel.
Norman Stuive
Norman Stuive 15 horas atrás
2 of the actors would end up in Babylon 5, some 15 years later. Master Control's red ship looks like Babylon 5 space station give or take. Also The Red Star comic book Has giant airborne ships that look like MC's ship.
Jason Sikes
Jason Sikes Dia atrás
1:58 Atari and Nintendo both had contracts with the US Army. Atari made a training simulator called the Bradley Trainer that was based on the arcade game Battlezone. Nintendo made a special rifle light gun and game for the SNES that was called the Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator (or M.A.C.S. for short). So, it's not totally unrealistic in that regard.
Swagshoes68 2 dias atrás
The Tron being Rinzler “twist” was planned ahead. You can tell because Rinzler has the same specific square pattern on his chest that Tron had in the original movie.
Singing Tallit
Singing Tallit 3 dias atrás
Dont forget, Tron: Legacy released released in Digital 3D and that took away from its memorability because people dont really remember movies as 3D images. So much of the initial experience ended up confused in the minds of those remembering it (like myself). I rewatched on disney + and it was much better than i remembered.
matyourin 3 dias atrás
I remember watching Tron when I was a kid, I was absolutely fascinated... didnt know a lot about computers, but I kind of understood the premise and - believe it or not - the visuals! :) Even YEARS after I watched that movie I made sketches of similarly designed cars and houses... it really influenced my taste for design. But sure, if you watch it today, it looks very dated and it is hard to imagine the fascination that movie awoke in me. Watching the new Tron movie I thought they did an "ok" job with the story and I really loved the visuals again. The design language... it just felt like the old one did but modernized to todays visuals. I didnt even start thinking about the story or if it made sense :D
MyHairIsAbnormal 3 dias atrás
Crapping on Tron and then crapping on the Wendy Carlos score... that hurts
Kyle D
Kyle D 3 dias atrás
It's strange, but I loved this movie, despite the kinda weak story. The visuals and the score are enough. It just has a GREAT feel to it.
MagusRefia 4 dias atrás
I am so disappointed the joke at 0:40 didn't end "tron, tron again".
Wal Martian
Wal Martian 4 dias atrás
When i saw legacy i didng know about digital de aging I just thought it was some really ugly weird guy then i realized it was supposed to be jeff bridges
pjomayo 4 dias atrás
"In the 80;s .No body understood computers. there weren't personal computers..." The Atari 800, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64...all were home microcomputers!
Zeth Her
Zeth Her 5 dias atrás
I think the problem here is, that RLM are Nerds, but not IT-Nerds. A lot of friends of mine (all in some way part of the world of programmers or other IT related jobs) love the original tron. The time I watched it first, it's graphics were of the same quality like the graphics of the computer games I was playing at the time. And thats why the views in the movie are awe-inspiring for some people (who compare them with the graphics their home computer is able to generate) and boring to other (who compare them to miniature SFX like Bladerunner which are waaaay more detailed at the time) The same with the sound: The sound matches what my good old C64 was able to generate and makes me feel at home immediatly. Or the lingo. Of cource a great part of the viewers don't understand half of the technical terms used. But people who work with computers at the time have the feeling to see their world represented in the technical correct way (which is the most important way for them) So, I would say its simply the wrong movie for those two, but a great movie for everyone into computers at the time. A remembering them today :D
TheodoricFriede 6 dias atrás
I hope Disney never stops trying to make Tron a thing. It beats the hell out of yet another Marvel or Star War movie.
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark 6 dias atrás
I loved Tron: Legacy when it came out, I lined up for 4 hours with my brother for the midnight premiere. Amazing soundtrack. PLUS an incredible roller coaster in Disneyland Shanghai! I remember being in Disneyland Anaheim right before the premiere and they were pushing it HARD, they even had a nighttime 'dance party' with the themed lights. The aesthetic of the movie is top-notch. Glad to see some people out there still love it.
Tim Walden
Tim Walden 7 dias atrás
I saw this movie in its entirety growing up (the first one), several times... I do not have Disney Plus. I will never have Disney Plus. Hell, I don’t stream.
Herminbean 7 dias atrás
Jack: "You know you all have DisneyPlus" Everyone in the UK: "😐"
rad man stan
rad man stan 7 dias atrás
I would love you guys to do a Forbidden Zone re:view
Anthony Jorgensen
Anthony Jorgensen 8 dias atrás
Tron Legacy doesn't need a sequel. That movie is fantastic on its own!
BrawndoElecrolytes 8 dias atrás
Disney still using Tron IP in the parks for some pretty cool roller coasters.
Dra. Stanic Tham
Dra. Stanic Tham 8 dias atrás
Pretty sure Disney thought that the simpsons joke about Tron was just a joke...
Malcolm Nadeau
Malcolm Nadeau 8 dias atrás
This film was inspiring to me as a child. It was epic and its influence has been part of what's motivated me to make my own video games.
TheCBLingo 9 dias atrás
"No one cares about Tron but yet here we are talking about Tron." A perfect summation of Tron
baccy81 9 dias atrás
Hey Red Letter Media, can you PLEASE review Clive Barker's HELLRAISER
Soz Red
Soz Red 9 dias atrás
But Tron Uprising though!!!
vanyadolly 10 dias atrás
I really liked Tron:Legacy. Certainly wish they would have made a few more of those rather than beating the dead horse that's the Pirates franchise.
manzur abdala
manzur abdala 10 dias atrás
you know it´s tron because of the 3 squares in the chest
Fury VR
Fury VR 10 dias atrás
Cillian - the C is pronounced as a K
snmcfadden 11 dias atrás
Americans inability to say Cillian Murphy's name (or Irish names in general) correctly bothers me more than it should.
Jack Middleton
Jack Middleton 11 dias atrás
What is the extra cost of trying to make something a franchise? Nothing? So it is not really a failure. I think you can watch Tron as an individual that loves it and understand it is not a good franchise because most of what is awesome about it is seeing the main bread and butter for the first time. Kind of in my opinion like Avatar. We may have had a few of the greatest films of all time forever stolen from us because James Cameron felt like he needed to make Avatar sequels. Avatar is a stand alone for the same reasons as Tron Legacy.
ravissary79 11 dias atrás
Me at 6 years old "this is awesome" These guys "nothing makes sense, it's so boring! No one understands this". Me at 6 in the 80s "let's rent Tron from the grocery store again!" I love you guys buy you're such crotchety curmudgeons sometimes.
Viva LaMinion
Viva LaMinion 12 dias atrás
Sam getting caught by the helicopter in the beginning is actually mirrored by him getting caught by the recognizer when first entering the grid.
Jatzi 1
Jatzi 1 12 dias atrás
I love tron legacy. Tron is eh. It's not awful imo but tron legacy is so good imo. I feel shit during the movie, especially when tron comes back. That's kinda rare nowadays
Sharpson 13 dias atrás
28:05.....did he just call Cillian Murphy, Sillian Murphy!?!
zackdreamcast 13 dias atrás
Both movies are strong movies with good concept and execution. Curious why you're all hating on it.
Josh Jenkins
Josh Jenkins 13 dias atrás
The truth: both movies are good the first was an odessy, and I surmise that the effects still hold up, not because they are technically even close to what we have now days but because 80s people love retro gaming again. Also don't discount that the aesthetic was and is very unique. Tron legacy had massively updated effects that still kept the retro aesthetic to some degree and was paced in the way of an action movie.
Ino 13 dias atrás
The best part about mailing physical letters for Tron is of course that given the subject matter, physical medium is so archaic, so it's just a perfect juxtaposition, and absolutely will fuck with their heads.
rosenyne 13 dias atrás
Perhaps 1982 Tron is cropped badly on Disney Plus because it's one of the only movies shot in 65mm. It was also printed on 70mm film for special showings on its release.
cybasheep 13 dias atrás
Re. 1:58 - while it sounds kind of implausible, may I point you to a little video game company called Intrinsic Graphics, which spun out a little company called Keyhole to develop their tech-demo of a virtual globe into a full blown product, attracting venture capital from the CIA and eventually ending up getting acquired by Google and being responsible for the Google Earth and Google Maps products that everybody's using all the time now.
Wilpuri Films
Wilpuri Films 14 dias atrás
The Tron 2.0 game is still the best Tron product.
Slappap 14 dias atrás
Wait... ppl didn't like tron or tron legacy? I thought they they were great and that they did well.. huh.. most people I've talked to enjoy them.. OOF code is uncanny valley now
Ners Marte
Ners Marte 14 dias atrás
There's only 2 Disney movies that I absolutely loved in this last decade, one it's Tron legacy, loved the visual and scenery, sound effects and the soundtrack, Daft Punk absolutely nailed it, and there's another underrated movie called John Carter of Mars that sadly bombed at the box office.
SistemaGaming 14 dias atrás
Disney + this franchise.
DR Kojack
DR Kojack 14 dias atrás
I really liked the original Tron. It felt like a movie for nerds of a certain era and I was one of those nerds. I loved the visuals of Tron: Legacy, but it threw out the rules that made the original Tron feel like an interesting experiment.
SistemaGaming 14 dias atrás
Wow. These comments - you drippy, icecream licking, bugger picking basement dwellers cant take some criticism? They're right.
Dan DeVivo
Dan DeVivo 14 dias atrás
Tron was ground breaking
Dan DeVivo
Dan DeVivo 14 dias atrás
Tron was ground breaking
JCW 14 dias atrás
37:28 What do you mean "maybe we'll get a show"? We've already had a show! Tron Uprising! It was great!
Moxie 14 dias atrás
Mouse is to greedy to make a good movie.
Nicholas Luck
Nicholas Luck 14 dias atrás
1. Connect Tron to the MCU. 2. ???? 3. profit.
MightyMickey88 15 dias atrás
To be fair the company that makes Arma games literally did create a video game then receive government contracts to develop software specifically for military training.
skelespook 15 dias atrás
Tron: Legacy is 10 years old? Fuck I feel old.
Marcel Cevani
Marcel Cevani 15 dias atrás
Perlin noise! :)
Paul Cochran
Paul Cochran 15 dias atrás
I remember thinking at the time that the original Tron ( and the Black Hole ) could have been much better had Disney not been involved. Times have not changed.
Edward Malone
Edward Malone 15 dias atrás
LoL Cillian Murphy is pronounced like Kill-ian, not silly 😂😂
The moopies
The moopies 15 dias atrás
I don’t have Disney plus, not avilable in my country :p
The moopies
The moopies 15 dias atrás
I love these guys
Scott Sanburn
Scott Sanburn 16 dias atrás
Not everyone has Disney +, but the visuals and soundtrack to Tron Legacy are awesome. The plot was the major sticking point with me, but I might rewatch it again.
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson 16 dias atrás
you know tron legacy was good because it wasn't a smash hit. plus A E S T H E T I C
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