Trinidad James Breaks Down Designing His Own Sneaker | The Complex Sneakers Podcast

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The Complex Sneakers Podcast is co-hosted by Joe La Puma, Brendan Dunne, and Matt Welty. In this episode, they are joined by Trinidad James, a member of the Complex family and Full Size Run co-host. Trinidad talks about his Hommewrk brand and landmark first sneaker collaboration with Saucony, explaining exactly how the shoes happened and reliving the moment he sold out of them at ComplexCon. Also, the co-hosts discuss Joe's squandered rollerblading career and reflect on the impact Virgil Abloh had in sneakers.

0:00 - Start of episode
1:00 - Guys discuss movie, House of Gucci
6:00 - Brendan loses $1,000 & JLP talks rollerblading
11:00 - Guys talk Virgil Abloh's legacy
16:00 - Sneaker Giveaway of the Week
24:00 - Trinidad James joins the podcast
28:00 - Trinidad talks designing his first shoe
35:00 - Trinidad on the research he did for his sneaker
43:00 - Trinidad talks the importance of not proofreading
50:00 - JLP talks Trinidad's marketing & ComplexCon booth
57:00 - Trinidad talks his next shoe
1:00:00 - Trinidad talks his memories of Virgil Abloh
1:04:37 - End of episode

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2 Dez 2021



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Comentários 279
Complex Mês atrás
What's your favorite Virgil Abloh sneaker design?
junho lee
junho lee Mês atrás
Jordan 5 Black, MoMA Air Force, the unreleased BC4, and the 2 Chicago
Jhony 99
Jhony 99 Mês atrás
The black zoom fly
RAWsanity Mês atrás
Off White Hyperdunk. Happy I got a personal pair before they spiked up in price.
RAWsanity Mês atrás
Off White Huperdunk. Happy I got a pair b4 the price spiked up.
Turi Rivers
Turi Rivers Mês atrás
Johnathan Quinones
Johnathan Quinones Mês atrás
I'm happy for Trinidad man it feels good to see someone being themselves all the time and being appreciated for it
DRock Mês atrás
People hated on James and he made his own lane 🔥 still able to make money and take care of his family if that's falling off then shit take me there salute to Trinidad
Pedro Molina
Pedro Molina Mês atrás
ZONBI Mês atrás
Great episode, definitely love seeing the podcast extended fam edition with DAD. Need more episodes with him
Henry B
Henry B Mês atrás
always a pleasure to experience Trinidad's perspective, energy and all round a quality individual. Super chill episode as usual, cheers to the crew!
Stuart Swanton
Stuart Swanton Mês atrás
If Virgil's family allow it and of course when the time is right - I'd really love to see what Virgil had planned. If they released any sketches of what he would do with his sneaker ideas or his plans that would be a great exhibition of work. Amazed at his work rate even more, he knew he didn't have long but kept pushing out amazing product.
Jeff Spence
Jeff Spence Mês atrás
I appreciate how you guys actually brought up the fact of having non sneaker knowledgeable people on FSR. I used to absolutely hate it . But if it helps expose you guys to a bigger audience then I’m all for it !
SquareBraceX2 27 dias atrás
Whatever gets FSR to a million subs, I'm all for it. I feel like the Sneaker Purist Crowd wants to see the Sneaker Space die with their attitude.
Corey N.
Corey N. Mês atrás
ngl i still hate it
JDGidd1970 Mês atrás
I've always thought Trinidad is an amazing person. Very happy about your success. Trinidad's daily IG inspirational videos keep me going. Are his shoes going to be available like commonly in stores or are they going to be special orders or what in the future? Cuz honestly if they only hit stock x in the end I won't be able to afford them...will be a sought after Grail at that point which is cool I just got rent I got to take care of my dog with cancer and that type of thing so basically what I'm asking is how's the common man going to be able to get these shoes? 🙂 Rest in Peace Mr. Virgil
TK Kirkland
TK Kirkland Mês atrás
I never believed Trinidad James, but then I just watched. 💯
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia Mês atrás
Tk shut yo old ass up 😡
Danny Lightning
Danny Lightning Mês atrás
Lmao this legendary trolling
unfiltered_ reaction
Didn't you give him the idea for "gold all in my chain" 🤔
dream317 Mês atrás
The fact that you are able to get onto every relevant BRvid channel to post is God level trolling.
MJ McGuire
MJ McGuire Mês atrás
Believed what?
Andy Mês atrás
I’ll be honest, when Dunne and Welty announced that James was going to be the guest, it was a letdown for me (disclaimer: I enjoy his stuff don’t get me wrong). But after listening to the podcast, major major props to him for really being thoughtful and letting his creativity flow with the release of his own show. AND tying it back to his roots AND taking care of the family…that’s true goat status. Respect
Kyle Bundy
Kyle Bundy Mês atrás
Welty’s face when he realized he fumbled the year the 5s came out was premium content
danny bae
danny bae Mês atrás
Given Virgil’s recent passing and LV’s recent willingness to collaborate with streetwear brands and icons like Supreme and Nigo, do you guys think a Nike x LV official collaboration could potentially occur to honor Virgil? And how would this collaboration make you guys feel and how influential do you think it will impact the culture of fashion and sneakers? Also, which shoes would you guys like to see? Thanks!
Simba reps
Simba reps Mês atrás
Waited all week for this episode. Long Live Virgil, it will never be the same.
Marcus O'Connor
Marcus O'Connor Mês atrás
First and foremost R.I.P. Virgil 🕊 Such a legend, gon way too soon man ! Damn, what a giveaway sneaker ! Such a beautiful sneaker Been waiting for another #DAD episode. Such an amazing talk Shout out to him for real, big congrats on the sneaker ! I can't until that dream comes true for me 🙏🏽
Adam Mês atrás
Just got my pair of Hommewrk's I'm hand SOOOO GOOD just started the video, excited to see what Dad has to say about what went in to them
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Mês atrás
Go back to the FSR episode with JLP - he is absolutely right about telling Welty and Dunne that good internet is good internet. 😂
Anthony Swain
Anthony Swain Mês atrás
My size in the hibiscus sold out, hopefully I can cop the black pair. Hearing Trinidad speak on this is inspiring. I would like to open a boutique that would also accommodate disabled people's footwear needs in a way that I wish other places would. I won't give the idea away lol. Also a brand/in house line, & I would love to do collabs
nofreehooks Mês atrás
Definitely copped me a pair. First time I was able to get something for retail in a long time! Can’t wait to get em!
Piglet Says Hi!!!!
Piglet Says Hi!!!! Mês atrás
Salute to Dad.. complex family ... artist.. has a good life respect
Mr. Vega
Mr. Vega Mês atrás
Happy for DAD getting his flowers. I loved all Virgil talk, I bet Complex could do a documentary about all those conversations and DMs with Virgil.
Ross Lewis
Ross Lewis Mês atrás
Everyone in our era was in awe of The Mighty Ducks and so we played hockey. Living in California at the time ice Hockey wasn't nearly as popular but then Gretzky moved to LA and everything changed. But yeah Roller hockey was huge in the 90's and extreme inline was just as big if not bigger. I played roller hockey for 10 years. Never got into the extreme stuff but its just as cool as a lot of the skateboarding stuff imo but it wasnt as hip or trendy as skateboarding and it kind of died out. I'd like to get back into rollerblading for exercise though.
Anthony Swain
Anthony Swain Mês atrás
I would LOVE to have those SB's, wanted em for a long time.
Keegan Mcpeters
Keegan Mcpeters Mês atrás
Trinidad congrats on everything. Awesome guest and episode
RAWsanity Mês atrás
My favorite Virgil sneaker is the Off White Hyperdunk. I like how it’s all white, upper has flyknit & translucent mesh with translucent sole & strap, amazing nike swoosh, tongue is amazing. Happy I got My pair when I did. They going for $3,000+ on StockX now. Shit’s Crazy.
tumelo fofo
tumelo fofo Mês atrás
Trinidad! ultra proud of you. Especially cos of how you rep Trinidad and the entire African diaspora! you've done amazingly and i pray you make everything you wish as successful as your collab. muchos proudos
Pretty sweet503
Pretty sweet503 Mês atrás
"I feel incredible. It's a great time in my life." - Dad I feel that so hard.
reydiation1 Mês atrás
How do you guys feel about new balance becoming the new “cool” shoe to wear?
Corey N.
Corey N. Mês atrás
NBs always been fly i don't get the hype...people just love tryna be like the next dude/chick i guess
JUMP 1 Mês atrás
Me personally, I say, welcome to the DMV. 😁
Jason Mês atrás
Unkle Dunk High definitely the #1 nicest shoe y’all have given away so far. Extremely jealous
Need worldwide releases of all of the new Hommewrk stuff
ななみ💖 Mês atrás
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Hernandez Markie
Hernandez Markie Mês atrás
Hell yea shout out to complex for his Dad deserves it and it's a clean ass design
Rashi 9k
Rashi 9k Mês atrás
Beautiful episode. Loved it
J Mar
J Mar Mês atrás
Hands down mine are the Blazer All Hollows Eve. That shoe is simply gorgeous
Papa Alpha
Papa Alpha Mês atrás
I live for y’all and love you guys!
Caleb Garello
Caleb Garello Mês atrás
I was literally thinking to myself “I wonder if Dad will come on the podcast.” when I was listening last week
Evan MacDonald
Evan MacDonald Mês atrás
There is only before and after Virgil abloh. Rest in peace, the top of the top tier. 🙏
Sole Planter
Sole Planter Mês atrás
Trinidad James is a real class act, he really does his hommewrk💐
Spurlynx K
Spurlynx K Mês atrás
Dude I literally say a kid today with the canary dunks on. Absolutely beat to shit. Kid said his friend has a skate shop, told him he could only have the canary dunks if he SKATED IN THEM. That was just so real and authentic to me.
TheBeautifulMynd Mês atrás
Good one! Shoutout Trinidad James … Doing a great job!
xekbixsi Mês atrás
The Unkle dunk was not designed by Futura. It uses artwork from Futura like the atoms and pointman etc but the shoe was not actually designed by him. He has said this himself in an older interview.
jakegetscake Mês atrás
Luckily when the 10 first dropped I bought them all except 3 and since then got the sail4s and metallic 5s. Glad i kept all them and didn’t sell them. I’ve worn the 1s into the ground crazy how mych there worth
Damaine Mês atrás
This man deserves his own shoes fr! He over came a lot. People counted him out and he pushed right through it.
Steve Owens
Steve Owens Mês atrás
If you could design a collaboration on any sneaker, which sneaker would it be, and with which designer would you like to work?
Louie Alouie
Louie Alouie Mês atrás
Wow! Congrats Trin! I’m getting those 💯
IsaacGDAWG Mês atrás
Brendan a damn menace for what he did to Joes shoes lol 😂
Watch It Happen
Watch It Happen Mês atrás
I'm not on social media other than BRvid and I forgot the release date. Went to try and find some today, and it was a no go. Already reselling for $200 and $300. $500 in my size 13!
jawsdood Mês atrás
Watching Welty grow is beautiful
YouTuber Mês atrás
This question is for everyone on the panel, back in the dayWhat was everyone’s sneaker freaker magazine issue? and why?
Sidharth Zacharia Vijoo
I’d love a pair too !🥲
TheGuyOnTheCouch Mês atrás
Congratulations Trinidad James ❤🙌🙏😎👍💯%> love the shoe 🙏🙌
JUMP 1 Mês atrás
I start the episode but then start scrolling through the comments and I’m just like piecing together in my mind where it’s about to go 😂
Mortadha Ouni
Mortadha Ouni Mês atrás
Best guest of the season
Bilma Soki
Bilma Soki Mês atrás
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Love how Welty is actually trying to grow his hair out…but boy do those other 2 know how to make a pair of Off-Whites look goofy.
marquis plez
marquis plez Mês atrás
Welty really showed his age bringing up the 1998 source magazine 😂
B Boots VivaHateInc
Brendan... Sloooooooow down. It's like he snorts Adderall right before the podcast starts. He can't not interrupt and chime in 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣😂🤣
Rachelssideburns Mês atrás
Dude I really Love DAD! Such a cool and humble guy... doesn't get any better.
joshua brown
joshua brown Mês atrás
Would love to know the book name that you read on the "how to" 🤔
btate91 Mês atrás
Saucony back in the day was a hit when I was growing up in the 90’s I think they gonna make a run an come back. The black and silver joints was the ones
Corey N.
Corey N. Mês atrás
Sauconys are fire they never left imo people are just hypebeasts...if it's not a Jordan/Dunk/Yeezy/Off-White they sleep on it
Steve Owens
Steve Owens Mês atrás
Love Saucony! I still have two pairs from the early 2000s, and both are in great shape! Great silhouettes and awesome quality. The Jazz is one of my favorite models.
Antoine-Samuel Mauffette Alavo
Nhlanhla Zwane
Nhlanhla Zwane Mês atrás
James = Well articulated! Nice one Gentlemen. Off-White, On-White RIP Virgil aka Deconstruct King!
DD Cash
DD Cash Mês atrás
Americans are weird man. We lost a creative mind who shared their vision with us, and all we can talk about is how they work themselves being limitations to be productive. RIP Virgil. I'm sure you worked hard, but I'm grateful you had fun too.
Courteous Analyzer
Courteous Analyzer Mês atrás
Extreme rollerblading!!! It was a thing
C jr.
C jr. Mês atrás
Bring Matt from Corporate on the show!
Lil Qa
Lil Qa Mês atrás
Great episode
GFEAST Mês atrás
When and where can we cop the sauconys!!
Hector Roman
Hector Roman Mês atrás
GET DON C ON THE SHOW!!! He’s the perfect guest for this show. And I know he would have some great stories to tell
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins Mês atrás
I was talking about Don today
crimnvL Mês atrás
wishing the best for trinidad always
JUMP 1 Mês atrás
GFEAST Mês atrás
I loaded up halo last week and thought that was crazy when I saw that 😂😂😂
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez Mês atrás
I have an extensive jazz and jazz low pro collection, and it goes without saying that i need to add these shoes from Trinidad to the fleet.
66Grand Tattoo
66Grand Tattoo Mês atrás
Favorite Virgil sneaker design Nike presto but full size run should have travie mc coy as a host too
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Mês atrás
Not sure if you knew this about Trinidad James. When he came out with "gold", he was actually a nobody, working at a boutique outlet on the outside of Lenox Mall, in ATL... IDK how FSR pick this guy up.... Must be some good connect
OSLO FORCE Mês atrás
I can’t believe there are not more people watching these episodes. Real gold for OG sneakerheads.
SquareBraceX2 27 dias atrás
tbh, the views are probably reflective of the size of the OG sneakerhead audience. What they need to do is push this more to a wider audience - this is a fun show for all levels of sneaker lovers, but it only lines up with the hardcores so far
cory caraballo
cory caraballo Mês atrás
So tell me if you got the chance to work with a sneaker brand what would that brand be and why
Danny Bali
Danny Bali Mês atrás
Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the stock market.
Danny Bali
Danny Bali Mês atrás
@George Miles Thanks for the recommendation. I'll text her now...
Odina Samantha
Odina Samantha Mês atrás
@George Miles I just contacted her and she's attending to me nicely. Thanks a lot🥳🥳
Barbar Maurine
Barbar Maurine Mês atrás
She's the key to crypto
Mutimbi Jarmin
Mutimbi Jarmin Mês atrás
Access to a good information is what the investors needs to progress financially and in life. Here is a good one and I'm grateful.
Mahl Hanabri
Mahl Hanabri Mês atrás
I'm from Germany I used to take loan from the bank for surviver but after trading with expert Mrs Sandra she changed my financial status for real
1LDC Mês atrás
That’s funny because I was about to hit them up on Twitter about halo stealing “drip flip or skip” lol
KRUZOYT Mês atrás
I really want to get some air force’s but we can’t afford it
abraham martinez
abraham martinez Mês atrás
I need that black pair 👀👀
Luke Sears
Luke Sears Mês atrás
Saucony did a shoe with Trinidad instead of Wale 😹 #EpicFail
Victor Leon
Victor Leon Mês atrás
The Full Size Complex Sneakers Podcast Run
06jj28 Mês atrás
Virgil did have his own Silhouette the forgotten Rubber Dunk.
Luke Sears
Luke Sears Mês atrás
Saucony is a great company If you don’t own a pair you a buster and ain’t really bout that
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez Mês atrás
Anyone know where I can get that shirt Trinidad has on??
2phonesss Mês atrás
Saucony did do a PlayCloths(Clipse) collab tho...
Omar Salim Abdul Aziz
The hibiscus is malaysia’s national flower so i need this trinidad.
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia Mês atrás
"I was Joe's rollerblade coach " TK KIRKLAND 🙏
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez Mês atrás
Where can I purchase those babies?
Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man Mês atrás
Can't believe me just watch. 👍
3400 Mês atrás
god please get dj bigboy cheng on this show
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez Mês atrás
Another episode of Full Size Run with special guest Joe Lapluma ::Jim Jones voice::
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez Mês atrás
@mike m 😂
mike m
mike m Mês atrás
Just watched that episode lol
Rayan & Ayat Playtime
bring tom holland to the show
Gabe Mês atrás
Welty and Brendan are always trying to talk over people. It’s so goddamn annoying. Let the guest talk man
True Journey
True Journey Mês atrás
at this they just doing it it on purpose
Godly Sovereign
Godly Sovereign Mês atrás
where can i get a pair retail?
Jarrett Rosales
Jarrett Rosales Mês atrás
Aggressive inline is the term you were looking for
Angel Flores
Angel Flores Mês atrás
It was called aggressive skating,lol
Luke Sears
Luke Sears Mês atrás
Dunn with the Eminem outfit on haha
mike pride
mike pride Mês atrás
Size 14 for your boy Trinidad? Please!
Tone Riggz
Tone Riggz Mês atrás
I was going to watch House of Gucci but I decided to buy Spider-Man tickets instead in honor of Ridley.
ななみ💖 Mês atrás
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MuchXpected Mês atrás
What dunk highs are those ?
Byran K
Byran K Mês atrás
back to footlocker guys™️, its over.
Kayvee Mês atrás
How do you benefit from people outside the US and not include them in your raffles🤔
Kayvee Mês atrás
@Chepe Rdz I guess so🤷🏽‍♂️
Chepe Rdz
Chepe Rdz Mês atrás
@16:30 … it is what it is 🤝
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