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Trey Songz
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Watch the official video for Trey Songz' "Heart Attack" single with leading lady Kelly Rowland. "Heart Attack" is off of Trey Songz' CHAPTER V album. Download it now on iTunes:
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Directed by: Benny Boom
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Welcome to the official BRvid Channel of Atlantic Records artist Trey Songz. Contemporary R&B vocals blended with hip-hop flows, the actor/singer/songwriter/producer debuted on the scene with his smash hit “Gotta Make It” in 2005. Within the first decade of his career, he released five albums that peaked within the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 chart, including "Ready," "Pain Passion & Pleasure," "Chapter V," and ""Trigga" as well as 15 solo singles that hit the Top Ten of the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart.
Songz’s top hits include platinum “Na Na”, platinum “Say Ahh”, RIAA-certified “Bottoms Up” featuring Nicki Minaj, gold “2 Reasons” featuring T.I., platinum “Slow Motion” and as well as platinum “Heart Attack." Songz lends his soulful vocals on featured hits from Twista’s "Girl Tonight" to J. Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough.""
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4 Mai 2012



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Love will bring out a person that you never knew existed.. positively and negatively
Kenneth Wilder
Kenneth Wilder 15 horas atrás
Who’s there in November in 2019
Lerato Jernnifer
Lerato Jernnifer 23 horas atrás
this song may be old but it really touches me
king randor
king randor Dia atrás
November 2019
dejahh gang
dejahh gang Dia atrás
2019 people u gotta be here
Lord Joey
Lord Joey Dia atrás
November 2019 anyone.? 💫👌🏾
tatenda nhumwa
tatenda nhumwa Dia atrás
Who is listening to this song in nov
Eustas kays
Eustas kays Dia atrás
it’s 12th November 2019 still playing on repeat 💪👌
Joanne Antoine
Joanne Antoine Dia atrás
2019 yes
Benjamin Ask Me
Benjamin Ask Me Dia atrás
Who is listening in November 2019! My jam always.
Brittany Martin
Brittany Martin 2 dias atrás
You dont understand how much I used to listen to this😂😂
Miguel Arnold
Miguel Arnold 2 dias atrás
what an angelic voice u have Trey Songz luuuv it 2019
Joshua Thorpe
Joshua Thorpe 3 dias atrás
farang diamanka
farang diamanka 3 dias atrás
Who's here november 2019?
Индира Жолдасова
A.T Squad
A.T Squad 4 dias atrás
I still love ❤️ 💕 this 2019, 2020 , I be in love 😻 with trey Songz I love him very since I was 9 years old , into 10 years old when I heard him every since little girl 👧.
MSTHOTIANA Bitch 4 dias atrás
Trey Songz is sooo fine he never ages
Mussa Sheila
Mussa Sheila 4 dias atrás
JameriA Greene
JameriA Greene 5 dias atrás
I still listen
Sea Swizzy
Sea Swizzy 5 dias atrás
who’s listening to this these days ? this song is so deep. i love it
James S Goodday Flomo
James S Goodday Flomo 5 dias atrás
Great music
Zyrus Galoia
Zyrus Galoia 5 dias atrás
Old songs better i swear
MSTHOTIANA Bitch 4 dias atrás
Zyrus Galoia fax tho
Marine Neto
Marine Neto 5 dias atrás
Listening in 2019???
Nakawoojwa Juliet Mary
MSTHOTIANA Bitch 4 dias atrás
Nakawoojwa Juliet Mary WORST PAIN I EVER HAD
jessica wairimu
jessica wairimu 5 dias atrás
La'Moni Lee
La'Moni Lee 6 dias atrás
Who listening in November 👀?!?
Shawnie quinny
Shawnie quinny 6 dias atrás
Am so inlove with this song❤💙💙
Shaventina Ashley
Shaventina Ashley 6 dias atrás
Taking this one with me to 2020😂😂
POWPOWGETTY 6 dias atrás
Linda Bita
Linda Bita 6 dias atrás
Trey songz I love you ❤❤❤❤💋💋
MSTHOTIANA Bitch 4 dias atrás
Linda Bita me too
Shana 7 dias atrás
November 2019!!
Marsha Daley
Marsha Daley 7 dias atrás
Everytime I hear this it brings me back to The Game season finale 😭😭😭
radwan abdi
radwan abdi 7 dias atrás
Who is listening to this in Novembre 2019?
Kawon King
Kawon King 8 dias atrás
Hell nawl Jacquees at no king
Jalen Ramos
Jalen Ramos 8 dias atrás
Shit hits different when u actually in this situation
Amel Tb
Amel Tb 8 dias atrás
I love this song
jason.T Mankina
jason.T Mankina 8 dias atrás
Who is here 2021?
Sherllyne Nafula
Sherllyne Nafula 8 dias atrás
November 2019 who's with me
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown 8 dias atrás
This song goes out to trace lothridge my heart and soul,he made me feel alive.he danced for me all the time to this song
AllAround Tv
AllAround Tv 9 dias atrás
Who still here in 2020 Ps , don’t worry about the date that this was posted 😉
Nabirye Theopistar
Nabirye Theopistar 9 dias atrás
Who's here In November 2nd//2019..... Cheers 👆 Trey Songz
Willard Nyoni
Willard Nyoni 9 dias atrás
Who else listening to this in November 2019? 🔥🔥🔥
naomi jefferson
naomi jefferson 10 dias atrás
november 2019 anyone??
Rathke's Pouch
Rathke's Pouch 10 dias atrás
November 2019👇🔥
Jennifer Mckinnon
Jennifer Mckinnon 10 dias atrás
This song say alot ..
Dorrianne Evora
Dorrianne Evora 10 dias atrás
Love this song ❤
kemi 10 dias atrás
Who’s here in November 😭 💔
Symone Williams
Symone Williams 11 dias atrás
This my favorite song and video this week. Didn’t realize until this song, that Trey Songz was such a great writer and artist! Now almost one billion views later, and he doesn’t even have to show us anymore. Lol
Jatu Doyleyee
Jatu Doyleyee 11 dias atrás
Who listening in November 2019💌
DAN DONNN 11 dias atrás
7 years in the future
Keiyeira Reyonlds
Keiyeira Reyonlds 11 dias atrás
Well you know what I'm doing here but I don't think it's just like this one day
Samantha Mingo
Samantha Mingo 11 dias atrás
Who else in November 2019❤❤😔
EdiLOM Store
EdiLOM Store 12 dias atrás
Who is listening to this jam in November, 2019?
Leah Richelle
Leah Richelle 12 dias atrás
Hate to do this but....November 2019?!
Seven Palm
Seven Palm 12 dias atrás
Still listening in November 2019 and will always be listening 🎇👍
Amber Scudera
Amber Scudera 12 dias atrás
Who’s watching this in November me
Akha Ndiaye
Akha Ndiaye 12 dias atrás
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee 12 dias atrás
Nov 2019 ♥️♥️
Tasha Libert
Tasha Libert 12 dias atrás
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