Trey Parker and Matt Stone talks real life characters behind South Park and more...

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Matt Stone and Trey Parker interviewed in The 7PM Project (February 2, 2017). They talk about the creative process, controversy,the best reaction they’ve had from a celebrity and the real life characters behind South Park.

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31 Out 2020



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Comentários 1 072
ncj 2 anos atrás
These two are among the greatest writers of all world history, and THE greatest satirists of all time.
“We’re thinking of owning restaurants.”
Jski 2 anos atrás
They should never stop creating these two are geniuses.
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle 2 anos atrás
Trey and Matt could just stand on a stage doing voices and it would probably be the funniest thing ever.
Chuck Touchton
Chuck Touchton Anos atrás
Trey Parker and Matt Stone are geniuses. They have maintained their integrity for over 20 years and I am a grateful, lifelong fan of their work...
Patrick King
Patrick King 2 anos atrás
The number of times an episode of South Park has ended with the town carrying pitchforks and running someone off makes me realize that Trey and Matt probably believe it will happen to them.
Berlyn Grey
Berlyn Grey Anos atrás
" we never set out to be controversial or offensive we just are offensive" excellent quote
Alexander High
Matt Stone and Trey Parker will go down in history as the greatest writers of sattirical comedy in human history. Their ability to parody current events is absolutely unparalleled. God bless these two and their contribution to comedy and media.
Kafen Anos atrás
I love how they’re like “no, we don’t feel bad about any of it”.
Brisild Velo
Brisild Velo Anos atrás
When I listen to Trey Parker is like I'm listening to Butters's dad
BlueJ Anos atrás
I bet Trey was the type of college kid who doesn't even start his project until like 1 hr before it's due.
LalitoTV 2 anos atrás
I like the lack of hesitation when they said "each other"
Kyle Erhard
Kyle Erhard Anos atrás
Day in and day out we have south park on constant loop. I have often wondered why watching the same episodes over and over never get boring.
These two just signed a $900 million dollar contract promising more seasons… this is inspirational and I never would have thought it would come from South Park creators.
Kay A. Alfa
These two legends right here we need to protect at all costs🙅 they've made our lives enjoyable thanx to Southpark. Life is a bitch and Southpark really does help with laughs. I can't imagine i life without Southpark
Man Sah
Man Sah 2 anos atrás
The greatest creative duo I have ever seen or known . They are just geniuses .
New York Giants Fan
The fact these 2 still write and perform together is amazing.
Irish Luck
Irish Luck Anos atrás
I like how they both stuck together as comic geniuses after all these years. I hope they never have a falling out with each other. It would be like what happened to John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
NegrO C0ck13
NegrO C0ck13 Anos atrás
I love you guys so freakin much...You've brought so much laughter , joy and amusement to me over the years..Your humour is goddamn hilarious and original. Thank you for not suing me for making a character based on your super funny show. I Fucking Love You Both. God Bless ✌💪👍😀
JM Anos atrás
Legends. Honestly these two get a free pass from me for any offensives jokes because they're just so well done and hilarious
Parker & Stone's subversive comedy
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