Trey Parker and Matt Stone on LSD at the Oscars (Full Video)

Blotter Art
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South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker on Acid at the Oscars in 2000.

The South Park due attended the Oscars very high on LSD wearing dresses once worn by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.

After changing clothes and sitting though the Oscars including a live performance of Blame Canada performed by Robin Williams now coming down from the the acid they were in the end beat by Phil Collins.

Robin Williams Blame Canada:

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8 Jun 2021



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Comentários 2 745
Blotter Art
Blotter Art Anos atrás
I sell acid art LSD Sheets online, feel free to check out my website:
Being at the Oscar’s on acid genuinely sounds like one of the scariest things , the set of balls on these guys
Jamie Owen
Trey Parker had a glimpse of the vortex during the interview and held his shit together. Pure class
Matt Murphy
The fucking willpower and mental capacity it takes to keep your shit together tripping at the oscars is one of the most incredible feats I’ve ever seen
That chewing gum is the only thing that’s holding his reality together
Roddy Dykes
The absolute balls on Trey to go without sunglasses… holy shit!
Sinn Sage
i absolutely love how the attitude is “fuck all of this bullshit”, yet he still treated that interviewer with kindness, like understanding she was just doing her job.
J Wizdum
Trey is a legend for being able to do that interview with literally hundreds of people talking in the background, I can only imagine how overwhelming that must’ve felt 😂😂
McManus Anos atrás
Imagine being so set in life that you can publicly trip like that with no repercussions what so ever.
Tanner Ulrich
“To lose to Phil Collins, it’s really hurt me a lot and I’m ready to do some heavy drinking” lmao
smelly lorenny
The fact that they were tripping AND rocked up looking as incredible as they did in dresses just makes me insanely respect them.
Car Silk
Them being high on LSD is more palatable than Hollywood’s A-list on their best behavior
Cotton Mouth
I used to get nervous going anywhere in public tripping. Going to the OSCARs, in DRESSES, complete center of attention. I can’t imagine
Macho Fantastico
I remember having so much respect for them doing this, so crazy.
Hamster Style
I absolutely adore these guys and the fact they did this is incredibly impressive, but wow the way that trey picked up his dr pepper at
Quarks Arranged
Whenever I tried LSD I would always laugh way too hard. IDK how they did this with a straight face id be cry lauging.
Robyn Morgan
You really have to have a sound mind and an overall positive outlook on life and yourself to do well with psychedelics. And to function so well around thousands of people.. Literally, these are the two guys perfect for this.
He went from being on Acid to being on ecstasy lmfao
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