Trapped in 100 Layers of MARIO vs SONIC!

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25 Nov 2022



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Comentários 4 459
Levi Monszi
Levi Monszi Mês atrás
Chase looks like young john wick doesnt he? 6:08
SuperRidersSonic25 28 dias atrás
I really liked when you were in the movie!
Tandica Benjamin
Tandica Benjamin Mês atrás
Both of them sound great because Mario makes me laugh when he reacts to memes and sonic is the best and I'm Mario is the best sonic is the best because like Ame
Jashuan Williams
Jashuan Williams Mês atrás
I Really can't decide . I love Mario and sonic equally.(Preston, you were just a backup in Sonic 2)
Minecraft Bertie
Minecraft Bertie Mês atrás
5:21 he would have fit if he moved the small ice block out of the way
Mersa Mujic
Mersa Mujic 27 dias atrás
Ako tails hit
The Minecraft gods
The Minecraft gods 25 dias atrás
Vincent Alexander
Vincent Alexander 22 dias atrás
Mary Rutherford
Mary Rutherford Mês atrás
Did anyone see the coin in the second room?
Channel on flameblasts
If you guys are real sonic and mario fans than you would know every mainline game and have at least know the name and personalities of every character
Channel on flameblasts
Channel on flameblasts 20 dias atrás
Im Bad it spelling at also thanks
I Love Cat and Dog plays
Do you mean know?
Jessica Underwood
Jessica Underwood Mês atrás
I saw you in the Sonic movie 2 movie!
Ronny C Siregar
Ronny C Siregar 18 minutos atrás
Preston: "We can only use things that are either Sonic or Mario themed" Also Preston: uses a harpoon gun less than 5 minutes into the video
Carrie Hi
Carrie Hi Mês atrás
In my opinion I love sonic way more then Mario
Sabina Klimanova
Sabina Klimanova Mês atrás
I love sonic and also sonic 2 and i liked when ive seen preston
DragoPlayz 2 meses atrás
Thank you Preston and friends for this amazing content I really appreciate it.
Svetlana Rangel
Svetlana Rangel Mês atrás
I love your vids Preston go sonic
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog Mês atrás
“A-not anymore” Best line sonic could say to Mario 🤣🤣🤣
Woolknot677 Mês atrás
One of the most iconic fights ever
Xfrever_yt Mês atrás
i opened fire merch but i cant seem to find chases case PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! I NEED ITTTTT
AidenFnaf😅🤣 Mês atrás
we not gonna talk about preston being in a maid outfit
Zakiatun Nufus
Zakiatun Nufus Mês atrás
Zinrith Tirngate
Zinrith Tirngate Mês atrás
no. we are not
ShoNuff1313 Mês atrás
Emily And Emma
Emily And Emma Mês atrás
That Is True- Like Why?
adam taubman
adam taubman Mês atrás
I saw you in the sonic movie
Wonders Mês atrás
Preston: jebus this is bananas
Nothing can change my opinion........ MARIO 4 LIFE!!!!!!!
Dan Underwood
Dan Underwood Mês atrás
Go mario!!!
I’m a cookie do not bite me
5:03 out of context 😂
Amberly Russell
Amberly Russell 25 dias atrás
I love your videos
E Lindroos
E Lindroos 11 dias atrás
To sonic help Mario to is 1s to win to sonic is fast is 10x more speed to Mario
E Lindroos
E Lindroos 11 dias atrás
E Lindroos
E Lindroos 11 dias atrás
Mario is too slow but Mario is Mario!
E Lindroos
E Lindroos 11 dias atrás
Mario vs luigi to mario win!
BomberHill_05 Mês atrás
I love this game
Kenjean Menzies
Kenjean Menzies Mês atrás
I love you
GraydenC. Mês atrás
Preston:: you have two I have three so what's that Me:: two + three = five
Tommy Mês atrás
“But Mario has a pet dinosaur” Tails: do I look like I joke to you plus I’m Sonic's sidekick
LazerDude playz 😎
LazerDude playz 😎 22 dias atrás
Sonic is not for me
Darryl Power
Darryl Power Mês atrás
Dinnuasr oyshy
por nut
por nut Mês atrás
i Love you Sonic
Roman Stevens
Roman Stevens Mês atrás
That ax through was amazing.
Zuleyka Melendez
Zuleyka Melendez Mês atrás
I love Mario and sonic
ZELDAISCOOL 9 dias atrás
That was so cool Preston I like your videos
LMS_Micah Mês atrás
“can i clap those” had me dying 😂😂😂 8:40
Sebastian Trägårdh
Sebastian Trägårdh 7 dias atrás
Incredibly Incredible
Incredibly Incredible 25 dias atrás
Give me that ring daddy-Preston
Irasha nimanthi
Irasha nimanthi 26 dias atrás
sonic is better
Lokibaloki12 Mês atrás
me to 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Electro Skeleton
Electro Skeleton 25 dias atrás
Bruh it’s so funny when u put it in 2x at the beginning of the video😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Ri¿¿le
Chris Ri¿¿le Mês atrás
Two in Sonic part 1 I've been watching that for a million times episode part 2 I watch a million I think Sonic is much better in disgusting Mario I hate Mario I love Sonic more I've been watching him Sonic
Ibraheem Halloum
Ibraheem Halloum Mês atrás
But both of them is great
IvanPlayz Mês atrás
You know Mario and Sonic are a team, right?
Joanne Mês atrás
1:16 that Mario cake tho😏
Penelope Howard
Penelope Howard Mês atrás
Mario and sonic are actually friends,so I take it as a friendly competition.
Olivia Lamb
Olivia Lamb Mês atrás
team sonic
3 + 2 = 4
Jake Buenaventura
Jake Buenaventura Mês atrás
At the end the music was from Sonic 06 Solaris boss fight phase 2
Bernadette Walters
Bernadette Walters Mês atrás
I Liek Both ov them
Sheri Underwood
Sheri Underwood Mês atrás
Mario and sonic
FlippyAndSunkyShow 19 dias atrás
"Mario has a pet turtle" Yeah that he kills all the time
Cody007 Mês atrás
Axleoto Aspinwall
Axleoto Aspinwall Mês atrás
1:21 I set as this so you can preserve your braincells for a few seconds
Tim Palmer Jr.
Tim Palmer Jr. Mês atrás
Hey, can I ask you something for Mario like the third or fourth challenge why is he using a battle ax? Instead of a 🔧and toolset
Montserrat ball
Montserrat ball Mês atrás
The thumbnail🤣🤣 so much experience tho
konnie woods
konnie woods 17 horas atrás
Team Mario all the way!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
robot gamer
robot gamer Mês atrás
what if they do a video where they do this but with the real sonic and Mario actors
Alangaming 2 meses atrás
Preston never disappoints and i want chase to voice one of the characters in the movie
Emily Myers
Emily Myers Mês atrás
You guys don’t have to fight about who is better just you have different opinions
Shizo Mês atrás
2:29 chase: thats tails' guts preston:how do you know? HOW DO YOU KNOW!?
Mojo1356 Mês atrás
Have you ever thought about doing a Sonic game on your let’s play channel?
Punk Pixie_Bound
Punk Pixie_Bound 13 dias atrás
Sonic has High Frequency quills that weaken stuff like the HF Blade from metal gear
Zackgaming1925 Mês atrás
Your welcome chase :D
Shannon Sexton
Shannon Sexton Mês atrás
Only watching this because the film Siri logo goppa in the episode
Matthew Parker -Bowen
Matthew Parker -Bowen 28 dias atrás
Keep makeing videos there amazing
Elliottplayz Mês atrás
Extra more like EXTRA COOL!!!!!
Dave Abes
Dave Abes Mês atrás
I love your channel and videos
Bentley Wagman
Bentley Wagman Mês atrás
I wish I could be in this video so bad
CFishingYT Dia atrás
Saskia’s channel
Me to 😊😊
Cyclone 79
Cyclone 79 7 dias atrás
Aysegul Guneyi
Aysegul Guneyi 7 dias atrás
Enzo Gomez
Enzo Gomez 9 dias atrás
SonlcisbtarD marodsonlcmomov
Braiden 26 dias atrás
I love when you said FBI open up
Anne Monie
Anne Monie Mês atrás
I love Kirby
Florence Tatro
Florence Tatro Mês atrás
I literally watched sonic and I actually saw prestin 😃🙂
Harfizz 1501
Harfizz 1501 Mês atrás
I wonder if Preston can be extra in Sonic movie ,can Chase also be extra in Mario movie?
SpidderFlash 8 dias atrás
@Zakiatun Nufus no
Vicky Hanmer
Vicky Hanmer 20 dias atrás
Thelibragirl_poppy 22 dias atrás
@@jacksoncobb5336HES AN EXTRA
Thelibragirl_poppy 22 dias atrás
@@jacksoncobb5336HES AN EXTRA
Moushumi Bar
Moushumi Bar 23 dias atrás
@Zakiatun Nufus BCM
Angelare Jackson
Angelare Jackson Mês atrás
Grace On Fire
Grace On Fire 24 dias atrás
Tbh I like Mario better I just grew up loving and playing his games he is so iconic to me even tho sonic is super cool as well:)
Kruz Snooze
Kruz Snooze Mês atrás
Sonic is way stronger then mario
Hector Valdez
Hector Valdez 28 dias atrás
Happy new year🎉
Anwen Lokier
Anwen Lokier Mês atrás
Imagine mario tearing kirby tonsils and liver out in smash bro
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos 10 dias atrás
👋 mane. Is. Jeremy
Giovanni Gaytan
Giovanni Gaytan 17 dias atrás
Anwen Lokier
Anwen Lokier 24 dias atrás
I'm quite actually surprised that I got this much thumbs up
Thomas_Playz56 27 dias atrás
@Sour Patch kids yes
Sour Patch kids
Sour Patch kids 28 dias atrás
Preston it's five
NightmareHacker 4 dias atrás
Heart to heart And eyes to eyes Is this taboo? Baby,we built this house on memories Take my picture now, shake it 'til you see it And when your fantasies Become your legacy Promise me a place in your house of memories
Sandie Billes
Sandie Billes 7 dias atrás
I love Mario but I would choose sonic just because tails is the most adorable character ever
Evelyn Schnaider
Evelyn Schnaider 28 dias atrás
That looks so fun
Ashley Allen
Ashley Allen Mês atrás
If there were a side I would pick team Sonic
Unsamable Gaming
Unsamable Gaming 2 meses atrás
Love the vid! Make more like it, have a great day.
J.A Tv Jewel
J.A Tv Jewel Mês atrás
J.A Tv Jewel
J.A Tv Jewel Mês atrás
청케일리 8 dias atrás
11:52 And That Moment They Knew they messed up
Tori's World
Tori's World Mês atrás
I always think that Sonic the hedgehog should be the winner!!!
Dale Jacob T. Quilloy
Bill cipher
Bill cipher Mês atrás
2 + 3 IS 5
Colin Wedig
Colin Wedig Mês atrás
Nicole Frigillana
Nicole Frigillana Mês atrás
Jack Hazlett
Jack Hazlett Mês atrás
Shannon Grody
Shannon Grody 26 dias atrás
Sonic's better than Mario They are pretty similar
Lucas McLean
Lucas McLean Mês atrás
Mr. Wolf
Mr. Wolf Mês atrás
From sonic to demon slayer in 1 second
Crafty Zach (Also I hate myself kinda)
Personally i agree with chase more then preston even tho he is the main character
Piegaming🍰 26 dias atrás
I saw u in the movie before I knew I was like “?IS DAT SONIC?”
Alex Volik
Alex Volik Mês atrás
If these two keep arguing over who’s better my head is going to explode I ain’t joking
Animal Squad
Animal Squad 25 dias atrás
this is what i think i think ..... THAT MARIO IS WAY BETTER THEN SONIC
Allana-Sarah Benjamin
Allana-Sarah Benjamin 2 meses atrás
This is so funny seeing Chase as Mario and Preston as Sonic. I played Sonic Dash on my tab a few times
Zuhaida Yusoff
Zuhaida Yusoff Mês atrás
Preston u are in sonic movie 2
sajitha Banu
sajitha Banu 29 dias atrás
Preston I seen Sonic 2 and I shocked that was so cool that I was shouting
CoolestLMan 15 dias atrás
Love your videos'
Quinn Phillips
Quinn Phillips 23 dias atrás
Great video
Abby Knott
Abby Knott 2 meses atrás
Happy holidays I love your videos they have gotten me through so much!!!!! Have a great Christmas
VENOM 2 meses atrás
RCB 3 dias atrás
I feel like it’s unfair everyone knows that sonic is going to win
The Doge Gamer
The Doge Gamer 16 dias atrás
the fact that it's not even 100 layers makes me cry of clickbait.
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