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[0:00] James Mercy & Mia Vaile - Wildfire
[1:34] Far Out - New Beginning
[3:50] Magnifico & Taptone - Sonata
[5:24] Snareskin & Holly - Never Lost
[6:15] Fabian Mazur - Sun Goes Down
[7:33] T-Mass - Last One Standing (ft. Openwater)
[9:36] TELYKast & Lauren Vogel - Going Under (Villms & Medii Remix)
[11:39] Mickey Valen - Wildcard (feat. Feli Ferraro) [Whales Remix]
[11:39] Mickey Valen - Wildcard (feat. Feli Ferraro) [Nolan van Lith Remix]
[14:20] Not Your Dope - The Fall (feat. Mia Vaile)
[15:47] Sinner's Heist - Machine (feat. Heather Jeanette)
[17:01] WiDE AWAKE - Ready
[19:16] Take/Five - Requiem
[21:09] Mickey Valen - Meet Me (feat. Noé)
[24:15] KLOUD - Dark Down Below
[26:33] Aerreo & Stereohats - Speed Of Sound (feat. Matthew Steeper)
[27:47] Fairlane - Uncover You (feat. Ilsey)
[30:25] Not Your Dope - 5 A.M
[31:36] DROELOE - In Time (feat. Belle Doron)
[34:43] Take/Five - Tell Me
[36:40] smle - Overflow (feat. Helen Tess)
[39:11] Mike Hawkins - Let U Go
[40:37] Fairlane - Wildfire (feat. Nevve)
[44:09] Unlike Pluto - Worst In Me
[46:07] Kicks N Licks - World (feat. RULS)
[47:53] AWAY - Sleepwalker (feat. London Thor)
[51:33] JRND & VMK - Make Dem (ft. Kédo Rebelle)
[53:25] Lexxmatiq - Surrender (ft. Mia Vaile)
[55:20] Fabian Mazur & Snavs - Arena
[58:02] TARI - Best For You (feat. Lani Rose)
[59:57] Kyle Braun - Give Me Love (feat. Broderick Jones)
[1:01:40] BOXINLION - No Sounds (feat. MJ Ultra)
[1:02:59] AWAY - Honest To Gød (feat. Charity)
[1:04:24] William Black & Rico & Miella - Here At Last
[1:07:30] Devault & TWERL - Lishu
[1:09:24] Jordan Comolli - 4U
[1:11:23] EFF3CTS - Missing You (feat. Sarah de Warren)
[1:13:10] Neo Noir - Made For You (feat. Brooke Williams)
[1:15:17] Mercy X - Caught Fire (feat. Ashley Lawless)
[1:17:41] Mickey Valen - Meet Me (feat. Noé) [Maliboux & UNKWN Remix]
[1:19:10] it's different & Jaydon Lewis - Save You (feat. Hannah K)
[1:20:24] Massive Vibes - Burn The Stars
[1:22:31] Paris Blohm - Into Dust (feat. Elle Vee)
[1:26:10] WOLFE - Under The Covers Feat. Emma Sameth
[1:28:18] Unknown Brain & Rfen - Distortion
[1:29:35] SEAMS - seams
[1:32:08] JayKode - Wasted (Feat. Marco Foster)
[1:35:07] Taska Black - Nothing Lasts (feat. Pauline Herr)
[1:37:15] Nurko - Let Me Go (feat. Alina Renae)
[1:39:49] Take Five & Curfew - Kalahari
[1:41:57] BEAUZ & Luke Anders & Ducka Shan - Ceasefire (feat. Becca Krueger & Eliason)
[1:44:58] Meric - Take Off (feat. Paul Rey)
[1:47:26] James Mercy - Chemicals (ft. Keaton Vegades)


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21 Dez 2019



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Comentários 1 046
Trap Nation
Trap Nation 2 meses atrás
What was your favorite track of the decade? Who was your favorite artist of the decade?
xpxul_ x
xpxul_ x 24 dias atrás
Psycho-Post Malone Illenium
Thapelo Mabulana
Thapelo Mabulana 24 dias atrás
TELYkast - Going Under
PrinceNaim 26 dias atrás
San Holo - We Rise. Yeah, I'm an OG.
Sam Show
Sam Show 29 dias atrás
@Josh Garcia cool xD Do you have Discord? (srry for my bad english)
bluaaau blu
bluaaau blu Mês atrás
its been a decade i don't remember lol
Erik Goehler
Erik Goehler 9 horas atrás
lmao listening to this mix and thought my dorm neighbors were knocking on the wall because of 1:20:00 and i knocked back LMAO
Lord x R3C0N
Lord x R3C0N 2 dias atrás
Man these 3D sound knocks really be hitting at the wrong time of the night 😂
Dishaan284 3 dias atrás
Colored Cockatiel
Colored Cockatiel 8 dias atrás
Dude 1:20:00 scared me SO BAD
Melihşah Kerti
Melihşah Kerti 8 dias atrás
Melihşah Kerti
Melihşah Kerti 8 dias atrás
Melihşah Kerti
Melihşah Kerti 8 dias atrás
Webhistory 10 dias atrás
Render time: a decade
William Araujo
William Araujo 13 dias atrás
Back in 2016 I discovered Sonata and Loko and since that day Trap nation has made my decade so I gotta say much love to the fam
Energysistem05 14 dias atrás
this is my go to mix when doing uni work at 2AM in the morning with the deadline being 2PM on the same day.
Friskyboi _ 5002-03
Friskyboi _ 5002-03 15 dias atrás
Tbh the 2018 one was the best
redshadowpanda 15 dias atrás
it starts so good :D
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor 20 dias atrás
Benedict Gosling
Benedict Gosling 21 dia atrás
Cool, but 2019 Year Mix was better :/
Brandon Howard
Brandon Howard 21 dia atrás
1:20:00 tripped me tf out
J.H LEE 22 dias atrás
1:20:00 i thought some one knocked my door... What a sound
Mathias Belletete
Mathias Belletete 23 dias atrás
Best music ever
Ришат Султанов
[1:20:00] OMG your scared me!!
Thapelo Mabulana
Thapelo Mabulana 24 dias atrás
I seriously LOVE wat u did with the WILDCARD's ,
SCOTTY PIPPIN 26 dias atrás
first girl sounds like that one in that really popular tiktok song
Jbeast Mc
Jbeast Mc 27 dias atrás
big autistic song like omg
grace andrew
grace andrew 27 dias atrás
@trapnation what music mixing software to you use?
Ark Dragon432
Ark Dragon432 28 dias atrás
I HAVE BEEN BLESSED (thank you for all you have done Trap Nation TvT)
Perasak Demonic
Perasak Demonic 29 dias atrás
Amazing !!! Thanks you Trap Nation 🔥🔥
bluaaau blu
bluaaau blu Mês atrás
so between wildfire and sonata is custom ?
guiz Mês atrás
the amount of legendary songs i re-found on this mix is just incredible
Roger Lopes
Roger Lopes Mês atrás
@Trap Nation Who are name of this song in 1:36 please?
Daya Clite
Daya Clite Mês atrás
1:00:40 the melody kinda sounds like the one from I NEED U
Flacox23 Mês atrás
Good morning from Colombia, a question. your music is copyrighted? If not to see if I can use it in my videos. Thank you
Johnny Sins
Johnny Sins Mês atrás
*Added to Music Album*
Roger Lopes
Roger Lopes Mês atrás
Song 1:36 ?? pleaseee
Dmytro Serdiuk
Dmytro Serdiuk Mês atrás
Envious Wolf
Envious Wolf Mês atrás
I was kind of hoping for more older songs. Where are some of the classics or that 2013 Dubstep that was so distinct. I feel like a lot of these songs were taken from the past 3-4 years with a few exceptions.
Villy Zanej
Villy Zanej Mês atrás
here we go, was waiting long for it
Samin Faiz
Samin Faiz Mês atrás
1:16:08 ahhaha!
Samin Faiz
Samin Faiz Mês atrás
more like 1:16:07
WhoAmI _____
WhoAmI _____ Mês atrás
Fuck, decade ends in 2021!
Rizki Adi Saputra
Rizki Adi Saputra Mês atrás
1:20:00 Sh!t i thout somebody knock my door!
WarmMilk Mês atrás
Oh. Oh yes. Yes thank you.
Silent Rice
Silent Rice Mês atrás
Why am i just now finding out about this
Lost in the Dark
Lost in the Dark Mês atrás
Best set ever.
byZentrix -.
byZentrix -. Mês atrás
Jaakko Tuominen
Jaakko Tuominen Mês atrás
Wlodixpro Mês atrás
I felt in love with electro, techno ,dubstep during this decade... I was about 10 when i started to listen techno/ electro and i still love it ! But im kinda sad because life is going so fast :///
Black Obelisk
Black Obelisk Mês atrás
Beat drop so hard that it makes Kanye president 2020
Insane Inside
Insane Inside Mês atrás
Hi (Sorry for my bad English)
NIck Indellicati
NIck Indellicati Mês atrás
Just realized I had this on 1.25x .. Wild..
Monsaiku Mês atrás
Dad: Turn it off! Me: Why? ಠ╭╮ಠ Dad: We have bigger speakers downstairs Me: ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
Monsaiku Mês atrás
Perfect way to end off the decade.
RLLҰ BR十 Mês atrás
The decade ends in 2021
Dave Cunningham
Dave Cunningham Mês atrás
This is a great mix! i'm loving it!
Saza Farhan
Saza Farhan Mês atrás
1:20:00 fck man i'm alone use headphone i thought someone knock my door
Trey W
Trey W Mês atrás
How tf did I get here
Trey W
Trey W Mês atrás
I like it
Vilson Polese Júnior
ERROUUUU hahahaha o fim da década é em 31 de dezembro de 2020 e não 2019 hahahah
Bruno Motta
Bruno Motta Mês atrás
Hey! Always loved your mixes, but since I moved to deezer I couldnt find any Trap list as good as yours (in spotify). Do you have any plans to put the playlist on deezer?
Scarlaette Matilda
Scarlaette Matilda Mês atrás
[1:22:31] Paris Blohm - Into Dust (feat. Elle Vee) Ugh, kill me softly
João Vitor Sperandio
just baited on 1:19:59
Xenox369 Mês atrás
The decade end in 2021 actually so... you'll do it again next year 🔥🔥
Purple Konrad713
Purple Konrad713 Mês atrás
This is my mix that I listen to when I work out
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