Transforming into a SNAKE in Roblox!

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One of us isn't like the others... Time to Essscape!
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23 Nov 2021



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Comentários 6 126
Jamie Sanders
Jamie Sanders Mês atrás
fun fact: snakes dont have eyelids so they cant blink. they have a special layer on their eyes so they dont get dry
🍼roblox ideas🎀
UoU oooooooooooooooooool
𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚆𝚒𝚜𝚎 𝚁𝚊𝚝
Chameleons block with there bottom lid going up, they do not have a upper eye lid : )
Woah. Thanks for the fact
sunkiss .kiss110
sunkiss .kiss110 Mês atrás
sunkiss .kiss110
sunkiss .kiss110 Mês atrás
GiggleTub Mês atrás
Fun fact #1: Snakes hear with their tongues. Fun fact #2: The fastest snake can travel up to 12 miles per hour.
Olivera Radovanovic
Olivera Radovanovic 29 dias atrás
i love how they but smile on our faces every day when they uplode the funny and cool video
AAFS Store
AAFS Store 19 dias atrás
i love how funneh puts a smile on our face everyday
Power Gamer Mikael
Power Gamer Mikael 9 dias atrás
And the rest of the krew
Ungameable Evie
Ungameable Evie Mês atrás
i love how in the beninging draco smiled well being draged into a bush
jellycake Mês atrás
can we all appreciate that krew changes their avatar every day, and uploads every day?
hi Mês atrás
Gachabloxleighton Mês atrás
Jalapeño chips JAXON
Roiled 2f
Desiree hoover
Desiree hoover Mês atrás
Willie Talitiga
Willie Talitiga Mês atrás
Akira~Chan Mês atrás
I thought it was pretty funny when Draco was called " Draco the Snako ", it mekes me get Deja Vu from Draco Malfoy, and even more because he's slytherin 🐍
kaliyah129 Mês atrás
Hello krew I'm a big fan and I love watching your videos everyday.
shekerlerler 17 dias atrás
i love how they make such awesome vidoes
Can we take a moment to see draco as a snake in the thumbnail and how beautiful he is 💄💋💅🏻
Rini Joseley
Rini Joseley Mês atrás
i love how funneh puts a smile on our face everyday hehehehe
Jodie Gillon
Jodie Gillon Mês atrás
Nothing truer
Willie Talitiga
Willie Talitiga Mês atrás
that’s not really bad :)
Cory Gould
Cory Gould Mês atrás
brooke trinity
brooke trinity Mês atrás
I am saddddd
John Day
John Day Mês atrás
buhnny Mês atrás
Rainbow: why don’t snakes like coffee Funneh: *ITS SPICY?!*
Me and Lese gaming
Me and Lese gaming Mês atrás
Eh WhY Is IT So SpIcY🤔
Brooke Maddie
Brooke Maddie Mês atrás
I love there personallys there so funny and entertaining
Maria Romero
Maria Romero Mês atrás
I loved the part where draco was wiggling when funneh was telling snake jokes 🤣
Chelsea welsey
Chelsea welsey Mês atrás
Lol I love how they just put bob at the end of their names
Ethan Cuasay
Ethan Cuasay Mês atrás
Draco Bob: “Help me don’t let me get taken!!!!!!” Krew Bobs: *Continues to let him get kidnapped*
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Mês atrás
DaiJoe MioVlog
DaiJoe MioVlog Mês atrás
DaiJoe MioVlog
DaiJoe MioVlog Mês atrás
@Cindy Potts egeggsgdhhhdhhehhdhdhhdhd
Shreya Shethia
Shreya Shethia Mês atrás
i love how they always smile when they get taken away.
Sandy Alvarenga
Sandy Alvarenga Mês atrás
Caitlin Van Eenaeme
Fun fact snakes miss the affection part in their brain so technically they dont love
aaron arndt
aaron arndt Mês atrás
can we just appreciate that funneh tried soo hard to do those punsssss 🐍
Asaad Olayan
Asaad Olayan Mês atrás
they make my day even better =) :)
While the snake taking Bob i just realised that Bob is still smiling🤣
Krazy Kids
Krazy Kids Mês atrás
I love how funneh made Draco suffer in the bunker by telling snake jokes instead of killing him 😂😂😂 🐍 🐍 🐍 Edit: Thanks for the publicity glad people agree ☺️
Christina Aquino
Christina Aquino Mês atrás
@❄️•WhippedCream•❄️ 🐍🐍🐍
Christina Aquino
Christina Aquino Mês atrás
@Leech featherz✨🕊 the game name is snakey
Christina Aquino
Christina Aquino Mês atrás
@Cece Leigh ikr
Leech featherz✨🕊
Game name?
brooke trinity
brooke trinity Mês atrás
That is my fav too
•Maya• Mês atrás
I love how Krew support each other
Jeff Shaver
Jeff Shaver Mês atrás
Every time I watch your vids it makes me so happy tell rainbow I love her pun’s
Sweetspot Mês atrás
In banana he should be called “Draco the Snacko”
Moo! Mês atrás
they rock, they really deserve it
💤krew_donut💤 Mês atrás
I love how krew posts every day and puts a smile on everyones faces.
伊丽莎白 Mês atrás
Yes yes
chrisnel clarin
chrisnel clarin Mês atrás
Bun bun.... Bun bun.... Bun bun.... Bun bun....
#Beans Joined the bean  Squad
Yes yes 👍
HyperGamers Mês atrás
Rafael Or Quilifyu
Rafael Or Quilifyu Mês atrás
Ryan L
Ryan L Mês atrás
funniest part of my day is Draco getting pulled into the Bush
Serra Turan
Serra Turan Mês atrás
Yall Pls Appreciate like How Nice They Are And They Really make our day Their Kindness is to much
Rockyduke09 Mês atrás
Funneh: *making funny jokes* Draco: activates spinning mode Also draco: *Launches into the air and escapes*
valkvrie. ❦
valkvrie. ❦ Mês atrás
*”drayco the snayko”* has a nice ring to it
ItsWayz Mês atrás
I have to appreciate krew putting a smile on our faces
Andre Mês atrás
hello Mês atrás
Funneh liked your comment!!!!!!
lydiaidg Mês atrás
Maura Lazar
Maura Lazar Mês atrás
Me too
AAFS Store
AAFS Store 18 dias atrás
can we all appreciate that krew changes their avatar every dayAYT
•°C A M I L O°•
Draco: im draco the snakeo Krew: is he draco from hogwards? Me: yeees🙃
xBeanie gamingx
xBeanie gamingx Mês atrás
Im a potterhead
Lizzie Pads!
Lizzie Pads! Mês atrás
Let’s appreciate how they change their clothes almost every day for a video.
Andre Mês atrás
Eh sure
Anum khan
Anum khan Mês atrás
funneh is not gana never does that
its_Mocha Mês atrás
when i feel sick and i watch Itsfunneh video ;I FEEL SO HAPPY AD I FEEL BETTER :)
ItsKylieR Mês atrás
Krew: Transforming into a snake Me: I have a *tiny* feeling there going to be crazy and attack each other
KamalaGamingTeams Mês atrás
edric_blight Mês atrás
What game is it
ⁱⁱArxla Mês atrás
Them making videos daily is ✨ K R E W ✨ HISSTORY ✨
mwelodyguts Mês atrás
when funneh was laughing while chasing lunar it was so funny
🍀KrewFam☕Loves Dumpling's
I Laughed So Hard When Draco Got Stuck In The Bunker Door Loool! 😁🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
cg the assassin
cg the assassin Mês atrás
Krew is Like my soulmate they always make me smile
Krewfam Mês atrás
Can we all just appreciate that they have there original outfits?
Cayanan Veejhey
Cayanan Veejhey 6 dias atrás
Adblue a pink a powerful a green at yellow in a purple
Cayanan Veejhey
Cayanan Veejhey 6 dias atrás
Make jello
Cayanan Veejhey
Cayanan Veejhey 6 dias atrás
Funny crew members
Rindu Athaya Noor Amina
@冯玉琼 yup My keyboard is suck 😩
冯玉琼 Mês atrás
@Rindu Athaya Noor Amina hearing*
I get the joke “a sheep, a drum, and a snake fall off a cliff” Sheep: Baa. Drum: Dum. Snake: tssssss
-Krewfam -
-Krewfam - Mês atrás
I’m so exited to get my chirstmas funneh teddy!
Moo 16 dias atrás
Happy New Year!
sophia reis
sophia reis Mês atrás
No one: Lunar: being salty about draco Bob
Gewddys Morales
Gewddys Morales Mês atrás
funneh always makes my day i just fell on mud in school and was crying but once i started watch i was happy :)
Lesley Gomez
Lesley Gomez Mês atrás
Oh that’s nice but I feel. bad for btw happy thanksgiving
Pink Team
Pink Team Mês atrás
I started watch 😂😂
Chief Kenobi
Chief Kenobi Mês atrás
sara Mês atrás
Nice 👍
Nobody is Anybody
Nobody is Anybody Mês atrás
Chin Garcia
Chin Garcia Mês atrás
Funneh What's the game my friends and me are gonna play it's so cool!!
Bethany Harris
Bethany Harris Mês atrás
im playing krew eats its soo fun!
Have A Snakey Day 🐍
Maria Ysabelle Andaya
17:32 i can't stop laughing LOL
hana tbh
hana tbh Mês atrás
i see krew, i click, i click, i get a genshin ad, i SEE the genshin ad, a bird comes, i see the bird, it says krew should make more genshin content
--ZzennyY-- Mês atrás
Draco-the-snako best snake name EVER! 😎👍
Flameshear_ Gacha
Flameshear_ Gacha Mês atrás
Snake: "HHHHHiiiiisssss" Krew and KrewFam: *Makes snake very annoyed* Snake: *died from being annoyed* Krew and KrewFam: "Yay we did it"
i <3 cats
i <3 cats Mês atrás
17:38 was hilarious 😭
Naqibah Hj Md Isa
Naqibah Hj Md Isa Mês atrás
Let's appreciate that krew wears they're OG outfit ✨✨
Megan Smale
Megan Smale Mês atrás
yomari nunez
yomari nunez Mês atrás
sunset twins
sunset twins Mês atrás
I Love your videos krew, but what's the name of the game ?
Marvely Ribka Triputri Wullur 1836061
i love the way draco spin and got yeeted to the sky and then came back 😭😭👊👊💕💕
Funneh did the great job on the thumbnail 😂🤚🏻
Jojo Beka
Jojo Beka 25 dias atrás
Fun facts : Snakes can breathe when they stick out their tongue🐍🐍 ssssss
•Kimousluya• Mês atrás
I love how Funneh uploads funny and cool videos keep it up
SamVibes Art
SamVibes Art Mês atrás
Btw I am subscribed and put on all notifications:)
Charlotte Berry
Charlotte Berry Mês atrás
🐍Great vid krew keep up the good work🐍
David Lee
David Lee Mês atrás
The way Draco said Draco the Snake😂
Marz Mês atrás
Draco 2021: "I have become Draco The Snako" 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Me: I wonder what hes gonna be next🤔🤔
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez Mês atrás
drako the rato
What a lovely day to watch krew !whenever the upload my day is 100x better :D
Coolbree Mês atrás
So funny 😂
its Cathy
its Cathy Mês atrás
Krew makes my day 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐉🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Emma Santos C.
Emma Santos C. Mês atrás
''Draco the snako'' XD
✨ sea bunny ✨
✨ sea bunny ✨ Mês atrás
To all people that want to play the game here is the name Snakey 🐍
Courtney Oldrin
Courtney Oldrin Mês atrás
I love how Funneh made Draco suffer with her snake jokes🐍🐍🐍🐍
¡Insert Jelly!
¡Insert Jelly! Mês atrás
Keuannya Lee
Keuannya Lee Mês atrás
Jyren Pierce
Jyren Pierce Mês atrás
Same 😝😛😋🤪😜🐍
Janice McKenzie
Janice McKenzie Mês atrás
draco finally accepted people saying hes draco malfoy
0:57 Draco calling him Drako the Snako bruh
Eli Stoeva
Eli Stoeva Mês atrás
their vids are so so good
Aniyah's Channel
Aniyah's Channel Mês atrás
Once I had a snake in the bed came out the kids in a bit my house but I was so sad and when I went to get something to drink I found that was bleeding so that’s when I tried to call the hospital🐍
760919gp Mês atrás
can we appreciate that the krew are really nice and upload every day and are really kind.
Godzilla vs Kong
Godzilla vs Kong 12 dias atrás
Snakes cannot blink they keep their eyes open for a long time these are acient creatures they are slow but deadly
Allyza Alvarez 8 - DINAGYANG
your video is always gonna make me smile hehe💖💖💖💖
ืnutticha theerawit
When Draco said I am Draco the snakes I laughed so hard I almost died
Michael E
Michael E Mês atrás
i love how funneh tries to show love but she does not
ZoeiiViolette Mês atrás
Krew always makes our day better.
Sandy Caporale
Sandy Caporale Mês atrás
Yup they are the vary best
Centhelia Hughes
Centhelia Hughes Mês atrás
Baby Xiao
Baby Xiao Mês atrás
No they don’t They make our year better
chen shaojuan
chen shaojuan Mês atrás
Rayon Morrison
Rayon Morrison Mês atrás
Jeff Shaver
Jeff Shaver Mês atrás
I love watching your vids pls play banana eats it’s a fun game
Erika Larios
Erika Larios Mês atrás
Rip draco stuck on the door. No escape xD 17:29
Je’Miah Jordan
Je’Miah Jordan Mês atrás
What did the cowboy say to the astronaut? There’s a snake in my boot! Hahaha- ha😅 ok I’ll stop
JG3716 Mês atrás
Game: Snakey
伊丽莎白 Mês atrás
I'm going to appreciate funneh putting smiles in our faces😄
strawberry crepe cookie~☆
@Tiger Wiger 🐯 & Heather Weather 😁 type snake
stoopy legend
stoopy legend Mês atrás
Yes :D
Tiger Wiger 🐯 & Heather Weather 😁
What is the game name in roblox
Ah Huat Toh
Ah Huat Toh Mês atrás
Happy.0 Mês atrás
@luminz big.big.big.BIG!!!!! (゚▽゚*)
X-boxr Mês atrás
What is the game called i’ve been looking for two days straight and I can’t find it what is it called!!!!!!
_-_Amy_-_ Mês atrás
fun fact l love krew :)
Son Goten
Son Goten Mês atrás
Lol i loved how funny got Shhhhh🐍🐍🐍🔥
Xaianna H-U
Xaianna H-U Mês atrás
Draco: Now I Am Draco The Snako lol Draco-2021💞
QuietMouse Mês atrás
I love when one of the Krew is a survivor they try so hard to escape but when they are the killer they forget that they have been playing for hours trying to beat the game and then seek to kill everybody
Nobody is Anybody
Nobody is Anybody Mês atrás
mayra mendez
mayra mendez Mês atrás
Happy thanksgiving krew
Betty Cruz
Betty Cruz Mês atrás
it was funny when Draco said im raco the snako
Violet :D
Violet :D Mês atrás
🐍snakes to me look cute🐍
Erica Chisolm
Erica Chisolm Mês atrás
Ahhhhhhhh! Good gok funneh😂
Lunar Kitty
Lunar Kitty Mês atrás
No one: Not even Harry Potter Fans: Draco: I’m Draco the Snako
Hxzelnut Dreams
Hxzelnut Dreams Mês atrás
Leafie Mês atrás
Wait is Draco pronounced Dr•A•ko or Dra•ko-
jigme dorji
jigme dorji Mês atrás
What's the name of the game? Really wanna play it.
LiXpX Mês atrás
Fun Fact Snakes Are Called Bob In A Different
wei xing
wei xing Mês atrás
Wow the stun is so powerful.
ミントMint Mês atrás
I give claps to Krew, Everytime I have a hard day at school they always have a video that i can smile too
Drolin Uchiha
Drolin Uchiha Mês atrás
I was sick today but there videos made it feel a little bit better
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