Traffic Reporter Who Doesn't Understand Helicopters

Ryan George
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4 Set 2020



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Comentários 0
Ryan George
Ryan George 9 meses atrás
Head to to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.
Werbna Right
Werbna Right 3 dias atrás
I like your videos, but it's pretty disgusting that you take money from a company that preys on the ignorant.
Dead Planet
Dead Planet 2 meses atrás
Ripesy 3 meses atrás
My Dads gonna need this lol
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams 4 meses atrás
This is great, but how did the guy in the helicopter know that some "boxes" were taller that others instead of them just being bigger?
Jay Roberts Jr
Jay Roberts Jr 5 meses atrás
.....the cloud seem to be the size of my hand😂😂
Alistair George
Alistair George Dia atrás
Is the pilot's name Dougal Macguire by any chance?
N0rdlys_ 2 dias atrás
Jonathan sounded like Jackscepticeye for the first 6 seconds
FreekyPower 2 dias atrás
I dont get it he is explaining it to himself and still dont understand it i mean who could explain things better to you then yourself?
TheMarkster245 3 dias atrás
I loved the first have but I do have to disagree I think building housing too close just pushes for more urbanization. I personally prefer to commute and to live in the burbs. plus you either become heavily reliant on public transportation or private transportation.
Seronimo__ 3 dias atrás
Ryan: Breaks down the evils of capitalism (or at least corporatism) in a comedy sketch Also Ryan: Makes an ad for a company that profits off people's insecurities to sell them snake oil ...yeah, this was my favorite Ryan George sketch, but my least favorite sponsor/ad
Naohs 3 dias atrás
Yesbi like how he makes a kids video then talks about ball hair
The Colourful Jester
The Colourful Jester 4 dias atrás
Perhaps Jonathan would do better in a building adding up numbers. Maybe near the ocean...
Spirit teddy
Spirit teddy 4 dias atrás
Alternate title man doesn't understand perspective.
GlitchedSepGSTGM 4 dias atrás
Is it just me or did jonathon sound like jacksepticeye at first
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 5 dias atrás
What happened at the golf retreat man
Alan Hughes
Alan Hughes 5 dias atrás
That’s a brilliant sketch.
Vacuon 6 dias atrás
Couple o' decades.... lol.... *lost hair at 17*
Tomasz Iskierka
Tomasz Iskierka 6 dias atrás
He is not wrong. Those clouds really seems to be about size of his hand. Nothing to worry about.
Frank Chernesky
Frank Chernesky 7 dias atrás
You pull it off every time…👍
Grumpy Gavin
Grumpy Gavin 8 dias atrás
This started off as pretty funny. Wasn’t so funny towards the second half /:
Aubrey Bryant
Aubrey Bryant 8 dias atrás
I'm so glad the adstronaut is only at the end because it gives me an opportunity to practice my skip button smashing skills. Smashing the skip button is tight!
Jakob 9 dias atrás
This was was just infuriating
Luca Dynamo
Luca Dynamo 10 dias atrás
How many of his sketches end with the words , “oh my god”?
King Jest
King Jest 11 dias atrás
Flat Earther becomes traffic reporter.
5cloudwalker 11 dias atrás
Probably playing with fire here but you should do one on the stupidity of politicians LOL
R - G - C
R - G - C 13 dias atrás
This tells a lot about society,
JuryRigged 13 dias atrás
Micro Machines.
Silas 14 dias atrás
Confused Ryan is the best
ThatDudeWithBoobs 15 dias atrás
0:19 Literally me the first time I've ever been on a plane.
EnderDude 16 dias atrás
Plot twist: all the things the traffic reporter said were actually true, and it's the host that doesn't understand.
Aryan Banyal
Aryan Banyal 17 dias atrás
I just noticed... He had added a little mic lag in audio when the helicopter guy is speaking... The level of detail is pretty good
Zak 17 dias atrás
This is so meta
ProClifo 18 dias atrás
The host quickly changed subject once the traffic reporter started talking about inequality... sounds about right
The Riff Writer
The Riff Writer 18 dias atrás
Every kid I went to elementary school with.
Merik Lobo
Merik Lobo 18 dias atrás
Ah, I think I know this guy's problem. He has gone his entire life only being able to see out of one eye. He doesnt just lack depth perception, he has no concept of it.
DEPHORIX 19 dias atrás
Yo, I keep coming back to this one!
Juan Villanueva
Juan Villanueva 19 dias atrás
I was expecting him to open with “Omg, ants have taken over the world!”.
LADDY LAD LASS 20 dias atrás
Hit 1 on your keyboard to hear the first letter of the alphabet.
AmaziMotion Studios
AmaziMotion Studios 21 dia atrás
What is up with those subtitles!? Great job!
Hanif Ahmadi
Hanif Ahmadi 22 dias atrás
"Hi there hello" best words to start with
Josh Elbert
Josh Elbert 22 dias atrás
"Incompitant news room" would be a great series
Darkn3ss F4lls
Darkn3ss F4lls 26 dias atrás
Nothing to worry about, the clouds seem to be the size of my hand!
some guy
some guy 27 dias atrás
I want a real news station like this
Gabriel Northway
Gabriel Northway 28 dias atrás
Coding stuff 2108
Coding stuff 2108 29 dias atrás
We demand the rest of the homicide case🤣🤣🤣
MONKE KING Mês atrás
you seem to be having trouble with your green screen
Joe Mapes
Joe Mapes Mês atrás
You should do a weather reporter in a middle of hurricane!!
Ritsu Mês atrás
imagine the city watching this on their tv is questioning the reality of their existence watching a babysitter and a reporter talking about ant traffic and some polygons they're working in on live tv
AkshayShekhar Mês atrás
this is my favorite guy ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Big fancy
Big fancy Mês atrás
oh yes my favorite type of ants' "poorer Ants"
Michael Kowalski
Michael Kowalski Mês atrás
What if at the end he’s like “I’m gonna get out of this machine and he just dies”
Ila Feline
Ila Feline Mês atrás
Got real serious real quick....
Tuğra Tuğ
Tuğra Tuğ Mês atrás
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner Mês atrás
Unfortunately I don't have the money or the budget to take care of that (baldness, or losing hair)
Brown Mope
Brown Mope Mês atrás
Carlos E. Silveira
Carlos E. Silveira Mês atrás
the dude in the helicopter isn't even using the seatbelt cuz he doesn't think he needs it
that guy
that guy Mês atrás
I'd love to see how this guy reacts to skydiving
YayapLives Mês atrás
some strong QWERPline vibes with this one.
Eric Kissinger
Eric Kissinger Mês atrás
Omg it's Brick from The Anchorman!
TagGeorge Mês atrás
Wow. Your videos are eating my day up. Good job.
Zoerre _
Zoerre _ Mês atrás
Okay but did you see the glorious captions for this
Klive 5ive
Klive 5ive Mês atrás
Cus de clowd seem to be the size of my hand 😂
Angom Geetchandra
Angom Geetchandra Mês atrás
Just discovered today that Ryan has a channel of his own. This is pure gold!
Aaron Edvalson
Aaron Edvalson Mês atrás
I think this one is my favorite. Wanna hear more about the ants
Aethyrial Mês atrás
“Then he did a backflip, snapped three guys necks, and save the day”
Ilikefishing Mês atrás
This is so cringe
Don'tSpikeMyDrink Mês atrás
your comment is cringe
Babe BGTV Mês atrás
Super easy barely an inconvenience, NOT!!
Faiza Khalid
Faiza Khalid Mês atrás
Not understanding how reality works is tight
AstroTheProtogen Mês atrás
This man needs to buy depth perception, his free trial expired or something.
ThePlumpWolf Mês atrás
I wanted the weatherman to go out of the helicopter The colors it would make on the ground... So lovely
Edmond Williams
Edmond Williams Mês atrás
I wanted to shout, "Whatever you do, don't spend out of the helicopter!" Then the other guys response, "Oh come on! This is a joke! A trick! See, I'll prove it." The guy fell out of the chopper and to his death.
charles davis
charles davis Mês atrás
You're actually a pretty good actor. Like, I really felt like you were getting aggravated at helicopter you lol
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Mês atrás
I don't know how anyone could watch these videos in public and not look like a laughing idiot!
Alacernovum Mês atrás
He doesn't understand the concept, yet has the best solutions.
Kip Martin
Kip Martin Mês atrás
Is there anyone on BRvid more universally beloved than RG?
Kip Martin
Kip Martin Mês atrás
Little boxes on the hillside little boxes made of ticky-tacky....
Julian Damen
Julian Damen Mês atrás
It's fucking great he keeps calling him Brad
Julian Damen
Julian Damen Mês atrás
(in a passive agressive way)
Jonathan Mês atrás
You know, that explains a lot about why those guys were screaming...
Ggdh Dhdhf
Ggdh Dhdhf Mês atrás
Somehow its neat that the advertising is selected and even better allways at the end.
Kilian O'Hare
Kilian O'Hare 2 meses atrás
I like the detail that there is a delay between the reporters at 0:19
Ampoulgon 87
Ampoulgon 87 2 meses atrás
imagine being in a traffic jam and hearing this conversation on the radio.
MemeMan999 2 meses atrás
The way he presented the keeps ad makes me wanna apply for keeps even tho I am 14 lol
Nacht Films Productions
I need to hear about that triple homicide at the golf tournament
B3 Yumi Cruz
B3 Yumi Cruz 2 meses atrás
Hi Brett NewsCaster, my name is Brett NewsCaster
Villain Izuchi Midoriya
Guy: The golf tournament ended with a triple homicide Everybody: What the hell happened here.
The420Earthling 2 meses atrás
I tought he was gonna open the helicopter door and step out thinking he's on the ground 😂😂😂
Toggle Mutt
Toggle Mutt 2 meses atrás
Or maybe the ants don't like to live in the city. Country life ftw
Matthew Raven
Matthew Raven 2 meses atrás
they actually took people who lived their entire lives in a jungle out to an open plains savannah. The people thought zebras were ants. Their depth perception was attuned to close up jungle living. It is an actual thing.
Sam Redoloza Attar
Sam Redoloza Attar 2 meses atrás
Great job you're doing Ryan! I'm trying to figure out how do you have enough time to make all these videos in the channel plus the Pitch Meetings videos on Screen Rants and they still come out very high quality.
Alvaro Garcia
Alvaro Garcia 2 meses atrás
Best reporter in the bussines by far. Give the man a pulitzer already. A lot of hard thruths have been said...
Mike Waterfield
Mike Waterfield 2 meses atrás
Guy as an aviator I need to point out the two things the media is simply retarded about. Fire arms and aircraft. I can count on my fingers how many flight plans I’ve filed VFR for life! Yeah Students fly all the time, and just because you didn’t land on a runway doesn’t mean it’s a crash. Goin to the range I have yet to see a fully-semi automatic high caliber assault weapon fed by a concealed super fast clipazeen. The media is a vital thing for any society but 30 seconds of google searches and they might not sound like such idiots at times.
Troy Duren
Troy Duren 2 meses atrás
Appreciated the commentary. ;)
TheReaverOfDarkness 2 meses atrás
Pattern baldness is just baldness done halfway. Don't half-way your life. Get Dryad Razor today!
L&R II 2 meses atrás
"I've seen people, they're about my height" The implications...
Mr. Megalodon Megalodon
Alright, but tell me why the heck did a golf tournament ended in *3 HOMOCIDES?*
kingadamw1 2 meses atrás
ToastPandaPlays 2 meses atrás
What happened at that golf tournament? I need to know so I can tell that one kid in my class that golf isn’t as great as he thinks it is.
Willfrye1980 2 meses atrás
These are so damn lame... but I LOVE THE VIDEOS so much
just another fangirl
just another fangirl 2 meses atrás
The auto generated subtitles are amazing "My multiterminal depression and my pink incited deathstroke in very incorrect"
Nikolas Frisco
Nikolas Frisco 2 meses atrás
It’s this what aliens think when they visit
Heatmizer-Jim 2 meses atrás
Ryan, you are HILARIOUS! Thank you for never failing to make me laugh!
Pacific Northwest Pilots
How is it so entertaining watching someone argue with themselves?
helicopter 2 meses atrás
How does he even think of these?
Jack Theflash
Jack Theflash 2 meses atrás
russian pooch
russian pooch 2 meses atrás
wait golfing turned into a triple homicide?
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